Dig If You Will A Picture…

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Dig If You Will A Picture
– Or –
A True Story of Valentine’s Frustration

A special thanks to English Lady and Evil Alpaca for looking over my story. And another thanks to Rumple Foreskin for the words of encouragement.

* * * * *

OK, first the picture…

I’m laying on my couch, alone in my new apartment. The TV is on quietly issuing the sounds of a woman on the edge of an orgasm. I’m breathless, mouth slightly parted and eyes closed. Faint scratch marks are visible on the skin of my breasts while my nipples are distended and red from the torture they’ve endured at my hands. My belly is trembling as the physical tension mounts inside me. I am shaved, almost completely bald, and wet, and swollen. I am holding a small, purple vibrator against my aching clit while I slide a long, slim vibrator in and out my self. Both vibrators are covered with my juice, making it difficult to keep a good grasp on them. I am on the edge. I have gone past the tingle in the soles of my feet, past the tightness in my chest that precedes orgasm. I’m right there…

But let’s stop here for a moment while I tell you the true story of how I came to be laying on my couch alone in the dark last night.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I woke up incredibly horny and more than a touch lonely. I was reluctant to leave my dream behind because you and I were in the middle of doing what we seem to do best. I was dripping wet, and my nipples were actually aching to be bitten. Every time I closed my eyes I could feel teeth sinking hard into the place just where the nipple and areola meet.

I decided to play with my shaving cream and razor in the afternoon, and I went a little overboard this time. After I carefully shaved off all the hair on my labia, I decided to give the bush covering my pubic mound a little shape, but I messed up and in the end I had to shave most of it off. I feel very exposed! Being so bare made it difficult güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to keep my hands out of my panties so I busied myself around the house and on the computer for the rest of the day.

I had intentionally scheduled appointments for the evening. Knowing that you would be out of town for the biggest love holiday of the year was a little depressing and I wanted to distract myself. My strong desire to find you and demand that you fuck my lights out stayed with me all day. I decided that when I was done I would drive down to the adult book store and pick up a new vibrator (all three of mine have gone missing in the last few months… curious…).

Unfortunately, the fabulously warm weather that I wrote to you about earlier ended during my meeting and when I came out it was spitting snow and freezing rain. I drove back into town slowly on some of the worst roads I have ever seen. They were drifting shut as I drove. There was black ice under every overpass. It was more than a little scary. In spite of all that, I decided I would hit the adult book store anyway. I wanted to be ready to surprise you when you called to wish me a Happy Valentine’s Day. Every time I thought of your voice coming across the country to stroke me into bliss, my panties grew a little damper.

The place was deserted when I finally got there because of the weather. The staff was all standing around behind the counter. It was clearly supposed to be a busy night for them, as they had no fewer than five cashiers on duty. Each of them had on a Valentine’s themed outfit (one was dressed as Cupid, another was wearing giant heart shaped earings and matching necklace, etc). The store was decorated with lots of red crepe paper streamers and heart shaped paper doilies. However, the lighting was still dim and with the storm outside and the decided lack of hustle and bustle, it somehow failed to cheer the place.

It was a güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri battle not to let the gloom of the place invade my delicious anticipation of our upcoming conversation. A deep breath, a straightening of my shoulders, and then I plunged forward into the heart of the store.

I took my time to look around, something I’ve never really done before. I typically do lots of online research before I make the drive. Then, by the time I get there, I’m ready to go in, grab what I want, and leave. Immediately. But with no other shoppers, it was kind of fun. I must admit, I spent a lot of time bouncing back forth between feeling like a strong woman in charge of her own sexual satisfaction and a loser hanging out at an adult book store because she can’t get laid.

Anyway, I’m always amazed by the variety of vibrators and dildos out there. Big, little, thick, thin, spinning, bending, waterproof, with a suction cup, remote controlled, anatomically correct, fantastical… It boggles the mind! I narrowed the selection down to a few promising items and moved on.

I perused the used DVD selection for a while, debating about spending the money on more porn. But I decided I wanted to be really worked up when I finally heard your voice and took the plunge! I found what looked to be a promising all-girl movie that would appeal to both of us. Then I made my final vibe selection and headed for the counter. I dropped over $50, even though I skipped the nipple clamps and hand-cuffs which were calling to me so loudly that I thought the employees would hear it. I grabbed my bag and headed for home.

Once I got here, I checked my mail and listened to my messages. I was nervous that I had missed your call, but I was in luck! Thankfully there was nothing that needed my immediate attention, so I started setting up the scene I described above. I put the DVD in and turned it on. I put the batteries in my güvenilir bahis şirketleri new toys and moved the phone close to the couch to wait. I made sure I had both of the remotes handy for quick volume adjustment and rewinding if necessary. I put a towel down on the couch to catch any stray drips that might try to escape. I was on fire already, burning up and dripping wet. I lay down on the couch and start watching the movie.

I quickly come to edge, but decide to wait for your call. I back off the stimulation and look longingly at the phone. It doesn’t ring! I decide to call you instead of waiting. No answer. Another deep breath, and I decide that I’m just going to do it without you and make you beg forgiveness later. I scan back to a very hot scene with a blond, a brunette and a strap-on. And in very little time, we come back to where we left off above…

I’m right there… I’m right there… One more time, I’m right there… And nothing happens.

I start fantasizing again, pulling out all the stops. I think of a woman I slept with college, she was so beautiful and she tasted so good. I can still feel her bucking under my tongue.

But still no orgasm.

I think of the elicit sex I once had behind the bar where I hung out when I worked at the mall. He was standing, holding me up, crushing me into the wall of the building while he fucked the hell out of me and I screamed my head off.

But still no orgasm.

Finally, I pull up my images of you…You biting me, scratching me, tasting me, pulling my hand over my clit and telling me to touch myself. I think of my legs wrapped around your neck and the look in your eyes while we make love. I remember the Heineken you shared with me during that kiss, the oatmeal cream pie you smeared across my nipples and then licked off, the Altoids that made my orgasm a glorious burning release.

And still, no orgasm.

I stay on the edge like that for several minutes and then my poor over stimulated clit says no more and I loose my tiny erection. I lay on the couch, breathless and worn-out and even more frustrated than when I started. Finally I roll-over, grab the phone, throw it at the wall and click off the television. You have some serious explaining to do.

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