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All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depict heterosexual sex between adults, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


“Coral how could you. After the way my Mum died, my dad is going to flip” the adolescent youth proclaimed, the disappointment and hurt in his voice was plainly evident.

After stubbing her cigarette out, Coral followed her stepson into the house “Rickie, please don’t say anything to your father, I beg you. I love him dearly; I love both of you and I know how the ‘cancer sticks’ as you Dad calls them did for your Mum. It’s just I… I…” the pretty redhead stammered. ‘How do I phrase this?’ she wondered. “I have a lot of stress at work, I always have, but when I married your father, he was there to help me deal with it but since he took this new job he’s having to travel around more and isn’t around to help me.”

Rickie looked confused as he turned to look at her from the middle step of the stair case “So you’re saying it’s Dad’s fault, why can’t he help you over the phone?”

Coral winced as she tried to phrase that she badly needed sex, hard rutting sex, regularly but after getting married to such a wonderful man, had sworn that she would not take another man. “No, it’s not your dad’s fault at all sweetheart. Sadly, it’s something that can only be sorted in person. Look you have a wonderful Dad; he treats me like a princess; far better than any other man has ever treated me. He supports me in my career choices, he was broken after your Mum died, he loved her dearly. I hope in some way I’ve been able to fill a little of the void for him, if you tell him I was smoking I’d hate to think what it might do to him. Just give me a little time to get the Year End out of the way at work and I’ll quit for good, I promise with all my heart.”

Rickie scrunched his face up again and stormed off to his room, slamming the door for good effect on the way. Rachel slumped down on the sofa and wept, if Rickie mentioned this to his dad her world would well and truly be pulled from under her feet; all thanks to her own actions. She really did love Rick senior, he was a wonderful man, so giving, so caring, so supportive but she had needs that only he could relieve. She tried self-masturbation, she had bought a lot of sex toys to try and fill the void but there was something about being on her hands and knees while a powerful man was knelt behind her pulling on her long red hair while thrusting his length back and forth inside her. ‘Oh god’ she thought ‘Just analysing it in my head is making me horny again.

She was a good ten years younger than Rick but the dating app had found her a perfect match in him. They laughed at the same jokes, enjoyed the same TV and music and even enjoyed watching the same sports, plus when she was confident that she was falling in love with him, Rachel had confessed her inner most darkest sexual secrets and he had done his best to satisfy them. They had indulged in quite a lot of sex, in virtually every room of the house — as well as various rooms in public buildings — they used a lot of toys and gadgets to make the experience more profound. Rachel could only wish for one thing; that Rick was there to fulfil her needs. She climbed the stairs and gently tapped on Rickie’s room. He guessed who it was and shouted “Go away” the hurt was still evident in his voice.

Rachel took a deep breath and steeled herself “Sorry but that’s not going to happen. I’ve hurt you and that’s the last thing I ever wanted to do. I love your father but you even more so. You lost your Mum and allowed me into your lives to enjoy the times and occasions that she should have been there to witness. My heart swells with pride when I see what a strapping young man you’ve become and I feel I really need to make amends. The last thing I ever wanted was to hurt you especially.” There was silence from the other side of the door and so after a few moments Coral did what she had never done before, she turned the handle and stepped into his room. She had always been quite strong on making sure she and his father treated him with respect and that included leaving him to manage and clean his room himself and so she rarely stepped foot in there. She saw Rickie curled up on his bed and so she softly stepped towards him and sat on the edge of his bed.

Her first instinct was to reach out a comforting hand and squeeze his shoulder. At first, he flinched away but she was determined and he allowed her the first physical contact. “I’ve hurt you and know that when you tell your father he will feel the same. The two people who mean the most to me in the world will have been hurt by my actions and I can’t begin to describe how bad that bursa escort makes me feel, I was selfish and I’m truly sorry. I promise that I will never do it again, I’ve seen how much it has hurt you and I want to make amends to you. Part of me wants to head this off at the pass so your father doesn’t find out, I couldn’t bear the thought of hurting him too. I promise I’ll find some other way of relieving the stress without resorting to them ever again but I need to know that I can still save this and I have your support. At the moment these are just empty words until I have convinced you of my convictions. Will you give me some time to prove it to you?”

This was crunch time and thankfully almost immediately Rickie nodded his head with an accompanying “Ok.” He turned to look at her and her heart shattered at seeing his red ringed eyes, although she caught him giving her body a furtive look, it wasn’t the first time. Although she wasn’t very tall, she always classed herself as nicely rounded. What she hadn’t thought through was the fact that having turned slightly to look at him, the angle of her legs and torso bunched her breasts together and lifted her skirt up to reveal a hint of stocking top. Rickie eventually raised his eyes to look at her and asked “What is the stress relief that Dad can only do in person? Is it some kind of massage?”

Coral gave a slight snigger as she said “Yes it could be construed as a kind of massage but somewhere more intimate. Not sure if you’re going to be comfortable with this conversation.” She caught his eyes wondering again and it heartened her that a man far younger than her would cast his gaze over her so approvingly.

“Ok, I kind of get what you mean. I’ve done the biology classes and know what married couples get up to” he stated.

Coral raised an eyebrow and thought to herself ‘You may know the textbook details kiddo but what your father and I get up is only available in top shelf publications.’ She decided to say, “Let’s just leave it at it being something only your father can do.”

Rickie chuckled for the first time in their conversation, she always thought how handsome he was when he smiled, and he asked, “Something that only Dad can do or something only a man can do?”

Coral raised her eyebrow in reproach “Something another man could do but I only allow your dad to do. Look I promise I’ll start exercising more or take up some hobby to distract me.” She couldn’t shake how often his eye’s wandered down to her chest but especially lingered on her legs. The conversation thankfully steered towards more mundane matters and Coral left his room some twenty minutes later relieved that he was going to give her a chance to prove herself although that night in bed she couldn’t shake the image of Ricky staring at her stocking clad legs.

Two days later and Coral was struggling, she was snappy at work and worse, she had been snappy at Rickie from the moment she had set foot inside the house. Half an hour of playing with her rabbit toy had calmed her a few degrees and she had gone to Rickie’s room to apologise. After wrapping her knuckles on the door, she raised her voice and asked “Can I come in? I want to apologise for the way I’ve been today; you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong and it’s all down on me.”

She could make out a huff from inside and then the door was wrenched open as Rickie slouched back to the bed and flopped down on it with his back to the headboard. Coral took her usual place on the bottom corner of the bed with her left leg raised leant on the bed inadvertently showing off the top of her stockings once more. She reached over to pat his ankle and said “I’m sorry, please forgive me. I’ve had a crappy day at work and the last person that should have to endure that kind of attitude is you.” Again, without realising, leaning forward had bunched her chest together accentuating the curve’s.

She saw Rickie’s eyeline travelled from her legs once more, up to her chest before settling on her face. “It’s dad not being here again, isn’t it?” Rickie asked.

Coral winced at his words “It’s not your dad’s fault, he took this job as it meant a lot to him and he did it for you and I to be more secure. He supports me in my career choices and so I want to do the same for him, I just miss him sometimes.”

“In the meantime, you get grumpy at work” was Rickie’s instant retort.

She shifted her position and sat next to him so she could put her arm around him. Without thinking the position immediately displayed her stocking tops peeking from the hem of her short skirt and Rickie’s eyes were glued to the sight. His masturbatory fantasy’s nowadays seemed to be exclusively of older women wearing stockings. If he craned his gaze to the side, Coral’s ample chest sat mere inches away from his face. Trying to console him Coral replied “Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I don’t want to revert to the cancer sticks but it doesn’t matter how much exercising bursa escort bayan I do or whatever I sit down to do I can’t seem to focus for more than five minutes and it’s so frustrating.”

“So your hinting that you need to have a cigarette, is that what you are asking?” was Rickie’s response.

Another wince from Coral “No, that’s just it. I so desperately don’t want to let you of all people down. You lost your Mum to the big C and I certainly don’t want you worrying about me on top of that.”

“So, if dad isn’t returning anytime soon you’re going to have to take another man?” was Rickie’s next line.

Coral shook her head “No that’s never going to happen. I love your father and this family too much to risk breaking all this up. No, I’m just going to have to find my distractions somewhere else.” At this point Coral was rubbing her thighs together which only served to intensify the pressure between her legs.

Rickie sat watching her move her legs in unison and without thinking reached out his right hand and stroked the inside of her thigh just where the silk of her stockings gave way to the soft flesh above. “Oh god” was her anguished gasped response. He would never have dared do this to another living soul but he was well aware of Coral’s desperation and figuring her love for him would have countered any negative sentiment she might have. The fingertips inched higher and were causing her even more torment but their trajectory hinted that relief was close at hand for her. Boldened by her lack of protest Rickie stroked higher into he encountered the molten hot silk surface of her panties. As the fingertips danced over the lace Coral rolled her head back against the headboard and ground her hips forward so that the touch on her pussy intensified.

Coral sealed her own fate when she reached her free hand up to rub her nearest nipple driving her ever more towards the climax that she so desperately needed. The sense of relief was palpable and then Rickie’s fingertips tickled over her very sensitive clitoris making her shout at the top of her voice “Ooooooooh.” As automatic reactions go, pulling Rickie’s face so that his lips were nestled against her other nipple certainly shocked the young lad. Strangely enough it gave him an unusual sense of daring as he wormed his index and middle finger into the leg of his stepmom’s panties.

He had never tried this with any girl his own age but he had studied online porn enough to get a basic understanding. The heat radiating from her crotch was the surprise for him but the fleshy nub his fingers encountered first was obviously her clit, especially when he judged her next reaction to the touching. Coral humped her pelvis up and down to intensify the touch which encouraged him to press more determinedly at the same time as he nibbled at the bump in her blouse roughly where her nipple would be. It had been less than a minute since her first orgasm and her stepson was working her like a conductor steers an orchestra but it was when his enquiring fingers slipped inside her that her vision blurred and the whole room seemed to spin as she humped her pelvis as the sensations deep inside her mushroomed up to suddenly explode.

Rickie couldn’t believe he was actually stimulating his masturbatory focus and was determined to see how far he could push things with her. Coral looked a dazed mess but he continued to work his fingers in and out of her pusssy to good effect, the squelching sounds generated were almost music to his ears and certainly unexpected. The juice that flowed around his fingers as he worked the two digits had a strange hypnotic effect on him that he was determined to continue. He continued to gently nibble his teeth against her nipple which she seemed to approve of if the way she gripped his shoulders was anything to go by. She humped her pelvis up and down, she thrashed her head from side to side and her legs kept working around and around in tempo with his thrusting fingers but it was her animalistic groans and whimpers that really told him when he was hitting the right button’s as his fingertips kept bashing against the firm muscle deep inside her pusssy — he was later to learn Coral referred to it as the g-spot; something men usually had to learn to manipulate but he was a natural at stimulating.

Her groans were building in intensity until she gave one final anguished cry and then her whole body seemed to go rigid as she flopped back on the bed breathing very heavily. Rickie decided now was the time to face the music and left her to rest for a short while; extracting his fingers from deep inside her, he was fascinated to see them sparkle in the half light and he instinctively brought them to his mouth to taste the flavour of his stepmother. He had seen enough videos online to know how oral sex worked and he was keen to try it out for himself. Some of the videos he had seen indicated only wimpy types avoided performing the act on their escort bursa partners, in fact his favourite videos were those that showed extended content of the glorious act being performed with gusto.

Very slowly Coral recovered and lazily tipped her head to the side to look at him, thankfully she wore a dazed smile with no obvious sign of being upset with him. She slowly spoke “Oh god that was amazing but you shouldn’t have done those things to your stepmother.”

Rickie winced slightly at her words and tried to put up a stout defence “I was doing it to try and help you. You obviously needed it and you’re determined not to stray with another man, hopefully this way you get what you need without resorting to cigarettes or other men?”

Coral was actually flabbergasted for a moment as she considered his response. She pulled a strange face and replied “Well I can certainly confirm it produced the required result — you are very good at it — and yes I suppose it ensures I don’t resort to anything harmful to my health or our marriage… ” she went silent for a moment and Rickie was holding his breath, not daring to distract her train of thought. “… I’m just a little concerned what it means for us two and when your father comes back from his project, us three. Am I making sense?”

Rickie felt it a suitable time to breath out, he was dreading her losing her temper but the orgasms had ensured she was suitably chilled. Rickie nodded “You’re making perfect sense and I hadn’t thought that far ahead if I’m honest. If it eases your conscience, I will move mountains to avoid you and Dad splitting up as long as you steer clear of the cancer sticks. You’re good for him as he is good for you — when he is here. When he is, I will happily take a back seat so that the two of you can proceed as before. As for the two of us, when he isn’t here, well, I will be here for you; whatever is asked of me.”

Coral reached over and tenderly stroked his forearm “Ahhhh, you have become such a sweet young man and I’m so pleased to hear you supporting your father and I. I ought to warn you about making promises about ‘whatever is asked’, I can get a bit freaky sometimes if I’m being honest.”

Rickie looked at her sternly and replied, “I watch porn and so I’ve seen a fair bit of freaky, with that in mind I will underline ‘I will be there for whatever’, and I mean whatever, is asked.”

Coral raised an eyebrow and wore a tantalised expression “Mmmmm, now that does get the mind boggling.” She looked down at the impressive tent of his trousers as she added “I can’t help noticing that you’ve done a lot to alleviate my needs while asking for nothing in return.”

Coral reached down and determinedly rubbed the obvious slump as Rickie replied, “It’s not about me, this is about getting you in the right frame of mind for the office; for the year end.”

Coral continued to work the lump as she replied, “You will make someone a wonderful husband/partner with that attitude however I think you deserve a suitable reward.” Once she had finished talking her nimble fingers drew the zipper down and unbuttoned the waist before delving her fingers inside his underwear. She gave a surprise gasp as she extracted his diick “Mmmmm. I can see I’m going to enjoy this.” Coral leant forward, opened her mouth and swallowed his dick before clamping her lips tightly around his girth. She pulled her head without slackening her lips to draw the soft warm flesh from inside her giving off little contented Mmmmm’s.

With just the head left in her mouth she worked her tongue around the head, briefly teasing the head with the tip of her tongue before plunging her face forward to engulf his length once more. Rickie leant his head back against the pillow and gasped “Oh god” as he rested his hand on the back of her head. He had never experienced a blowjob before; he’d seen plenty in movies but it wasn’t until he had experienced it for himself did, he finally get why people were so fascinated by them. Coral’s mouth worked his flesh constantly making his groan’s increase in both volume and intensity. Sadly, for him the excitement of the whole situation got too much for him and he started to feel his climax start to rise. He just had time to gasp “I’m about to come” but Coral didn’t let up with her oral attack; if anything, she intensified her actions as he gave a final hip thrust and groaned out loud as he shot a series of ropes of come at her throat.

Coral gave an approving “Mmmmm” as she pulled her head back. As his diick cleared her mouth, she tilted her head back and gave an exaggerated swallow before announcing “Mmmm, now that was delicious. I’m going to be needing a lot more of that from here on in.” She pulled herself upright while maintaining her grip on his cock which effectively stopped it going fully soft. With a serious expression she said “You know I love you as a stepson, I’ve never wanted to replace your mother I just want to be the best surrogate as I can and I’m so proud of the man you’ve become but I want it made crystal clear I love your father. Sex with him is different than with any other man but what you and I have done is just as special if different from your father and I. Am I making sense?”

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