DILF Addiction Pt. 2/3

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Bad Dragon

This is part 2 of a 3 part story.

All characters are over 18.

‘And I liked it too,’ he said. ‘Whenever you want, just ask me again.’

I held his face on my hands.

‘Tell me all about how you liked to be a cuck, Mr. Lupo. I wanna know everything. Maybe I’ll cuck your son too, to make you proud.’

He nodded. ‘You’re very good at this. You’d be a great bull. I see why Ben likes you so much.’

Dante opened up about his past,. He told me how he used to be a normal husband who took care of his wife, until he began to notice how man looked at her, and it made him hard.

He ignored this as much as he could, but eventually he masturbated for the first time, thinking about other men fucking her. It would shame him to the bone, but he did it all the same.

His wife noticed something was wrong and somehow we able to make him confess. She was indignant at first, but curiosity took the best of her too. She chose a man, and Dante was more than happy to allow her, because he would finally get rid of that monstrous desire. He was wrong.

His wife fucked another man in front of him, but the desire only grew. Eventually he started cleaning the mess the other man had made inside his wife, and it didn’t take long until he was sucking cock. He even admitted that he wasn’t sure if Ben was his or not. It didn’t bother him. Ben was still his son. But the thought of another man impregnating his wife was deliriously good and he still jerked off thinking about how he might have been raising someone else’s kid all along.

‘Doesn’t make you sad to think I might make him a cuck like you?’

‘A little. I failed him as a father. Maybe with a stronger man guiding him, he could be happier. I know personally that girls are not enough for men like me, and I raised him.’ He was talking while sucking me again, because his story made me hard.

‘You’re too far gone.’ I said, watching him bob. ‘Can I ask who was the man that reduced you to this state?’

He had a drunk face about him, and I suspected the alcohol wasn’t the only thing causing it. He was actually enjoying my wording.

‘My wife’s ex husband’ he admitted. ‘Mr. Angello. After she died, he still bent me over. I love pleasing him.’ He engorged on my cock. I cummed again.

‘You’re such a cumslut,’ I said, as he ate every drop.

We rested a little, side by side on the pool, drinking beer. The talk receded to normal topics, and I used that time to take in all the he said and how it completely changed my image of him.

He couldn’t be that scary dad figure anymore, the epitome of a strict father, an alpha male.

He was a cocksucker and a cuckold and he loved taking in the ass.

Dante was about to touch my cock again when his son called. He went naked to grab his phone, came back and grabbed my cock hard while he talked, a very hard and tight squeeze, as if to show me how much he wanted it.

He talked to Ben, said that he was with me enjoying the pool while drinking beer. Dante put his son on speaker.

‘I am a little drunk,’ I said, while Dante stroked me.

‘Enjoying yourself?’

‘Very much. Wish you were here, Ben..’

‘Sorry. Father must be boring’

‘Hey!’ Dante lowered his head and started to suck. And he wasn’t very good at being silent. His sucking was making crazy wet sounds. I held the phone a little away, worried.

‘Mr. Lupo is kind of cool. Aren’t you coming? Really?’

‘I don’t know. I actually think it would be good. I’m trying to convince Bi.’

‘Good luck, man.’

‘Where’s father?’

Dante was giving my bulbous head a good treat, trying to milk some cum.

‘He is getting something to drink.’

‘Oh. Alright. Well, talk to you soon.’

I turned off the phone and angrily pushed his head down until he gagged on me. I slapped his face and called him cocksucker. At my words, he moaned and went deeper. He cupped my balls too, trying to incentive ankara escort bayan

them, and I knew the cocksucker wanted to suck me dry. Dante got what he wanted.

He looked at me with triumph and happiness, then looked up at the sky.

‘Holy shit. It’s night already.’

‘And a very nice evening it is.’

We got up and left pool area, walking naked. I didn’t think either of us would be dressing up today. We entered the house and went straight to Dante’s bathroom. He laid down on the bed, then went on hands and knees, showing his tight ass.

‘Want some of that?’ he asked. His cock was hard, and he made it bounce, while his ass blinked at me. ‘I’m ready.’

It was the most gorgeous ass I had ever seen. I attacked it with my tongue first, making him moan softly my name. His voice got very high pitched, and husky at the same time. He told me to eat his hairy ass like it was mine. I obliged, sticking my tongue inside the tight hole, and he tried to make it hard for me, clenching his butt-cheeks. But it only made it better.

When I couldn’t wait anymore, I just pounded him. I held his head back, grabbing his hair, and fucked him as hard as I could. I had an urgent desire to be better than the man who had fucked him for years. It was tough competition. I seemed to be doing pretty good, for the way he cried out like a small girl, begging me to fuck him more and more.

The good thing about getting milked all day was that I was able to last for more than twenty minutes just continuously fucking him. Dante was laying face down, as if in a state of shock, just taking the cock with trembling lips. That’s when I came again, and laid down on top of him, slowly fucking him until I stopped.

‘Fucking bull,’ he called me.

I woke up still naked to an empty bed the next day. I used his bathroom and then I went down the stairs to look for my cocksucker.

My cock grew hard just by thinking about what happened yesterday, so when I walked into the kitchen, I walked with my cock swinging.

Dante was very surprised. He looked very busy, talking in the phone with someone from his work back home. He shook his head slightly, not denying me, but instead begging me to let him at least finish his call.

I kept standing there. My hard cock bounced up and down, and Dante closed his eyes. He didn’t open them as I took down his pants and used both my hands inside his underwear, one going for his cock, and the other between his butt-cheeks. I caressed him while he talked about work, his words getting sloppy and stuttering. His lips began shaking, and as he tried to focus on the conversation, his hand slowly stroked my cock.

Once I knew he was willing, I guided him to the table and made him bend over. He only got off the phone when I started to rub my finger very roughly on his anus. His thick bubble butt trembled with the movement. All I wanted was to make him give himself up to me, and once I achieved that, and he was already moaning and asking for more, I pulled him up and told him to kneel. His mouth was open the moment his knees hit the floor, and his tongue was out like a dog. So I told him to act like a hungry dog, and smiled when Dante obeyed promptly.

My plan was to make him think about my cock all day, even if Mr. Angello tried to make him forget. I wanted him to worship my dick, and thrust my balls on his face, forcing him to smell them, smell my sweat from down below, my muskiness, and to leave my scent so strongly in his mind that he wouldn’t be able to forget.

‘Let me suck you,’ he said, still on his knees, cock out and hard.

‘Later. When you’re back from your friends. I’ll make you gag.’

Dante had a glow in his eyes when he heard that.

‘Oh, please. Make me gag now, I don’t care about them.’

‘Yes, you do, old man. You still want to pretend you’re one of them, one of the guys, mature and accomplished. A real man. It makes it even better, don’t it?’ escort bayan I took a little cum from the top of my cock and then I rubbed it on his lips. ‘If only they knew the hungry slut that you are. If only your son knew.’

He squeezed his eyes shut, as if the truth hurt and gave him pleasure at the same time. I pressed my cock against his closed eyelids. He licked me but he didn’t suck me, and hummed in pleasure as he sniffed and inhaled the smell of my sweating balls.

‘Please,’ he said.


He got up and I saw that his cock was harder than ever before he covered it, and even behind clothes, the erection was obvious, a bulging mountain.

‘I won’t get rid of this for a while,’ he said, still trying to convince me.

‘And you better not jerk off in the car.’

‘I wouldn’t dare.’

Maybe he was lying, maybe telling the truth. Maybe I was in serious danger of delivering a good and ready Dante to the arms of his long term lover. Hopefully, he would come back to me untouched and very horny.

Before he left, without me telling him to, he came to place a kiss on my cock.

‘My bull’ he said. And left.

It took a while for me to get rid of my hard-on too. Once I did, I left for my morning walk on the sand and searched for my friends. I found them when they waved at me from a bigger crowd the usual. However, there was someone bathing alone and he also waved at me. Hugo.

I made my choice and entered the water. He was a bit far away, but the water was still shallow enough that he could be sitting down.

I looked back and saw that I couldn’t see much from our friends, which meant they couldn’t really see much of us.

‘Hey, man,’ I said.


Hugo was an incredibly attractive guy, well regarded by every one, so far as I noticed. Specially by his girlfriend, who seemed to love him very much. And when he was around her, he seemed to love her too.

But now that we were alone, there was no mistaking the playful flirting in our voice, his overly friendliness; and even when we were silent, we smiled to each other.

He was very curious to know me better, to know what kind of person I was. I told him about my friends from back home, my college, and how I came to be there on the city.

‘It’s all cool and pretty, but it gets kind of boring, you know?’ I said to him. ‘I’m starting to think the people here are boring. They don’t know how to have fun.’

Hugo shook his head, smiling. He was hanging back on his hands, the water calm enough to not bother his balance.

‘You just haven’t met the right people, dude.’

‘You’re local. Mind giving me some tips?’

He shrugged.

‘I’m not so bad myself,’ he said.

‘Don’t know, man,’ I said. ‘You have a girlfriend. I don’t think you can offer me what I want.’

‘Did I offer something?’ he said, obviously enjoying the direction the conversation was turning to. ‘I don’t remember offering anything, bro.’

‘Is your girl any good?’

He raised his eyebrows.

‘Hell yeah. She’s sweet, though. Innocent.’


‘You know. She is kind of shy in bed. When she sucks me, she doesn’t even swallow it. She thinks it’s disgusting.’

‘Do you?’

Now he smiled at me, shaking his head. I enjoyed the sight of him flushing, redness cheeping up his whole neck and face.

‘Get out of here,’ he said weakly.

‘You can trust me. Come on, say it. You like it? Just nod.’

He gave me a quick nod.

‘Now say it,’ I told him.

‘I like it.’

I could see that he was holding back, but expecting a few pushes. I wanted to give them to him, but it excited me even more to make him push himself.

His girlfriend was right behind us, maybe wondering why we were taking so long and what we were talking about. Certainly, it didn’t go through her mind that Hugo was telling me he liked the taste of cum.

After a while in silence, escort ankara Hugo sighed.

‘I like it warm, straight out of a hard dick,’ he said. ‘I like when it’s salty, it makes me go crazy.’

‘That’s better,’ I said, making our legs touch below the water. ‘Your girl knows nothing about it?’

‘Of course not,’ he was a little afraid.

‘Relax, I was just asking. I prefer it that way too. When I feed you my cum, I want you to kiss her and let her taste it too.’ Hugo nodded to me, while he bit his lower lip. ‘Do you like that?’

‘Yeah,’ he admitted. ‘I’m so hard.’

‘Does she think you’re a good boyfriend?’

‘I think so,’ he said, voice going very soft and submissive.

‘But what are you, really?’

His breathing was getting hard.

‘Fuck me, man. I’m whatever you want.’

‘I want a slut.’ He nodded. ‘A cocksucker.’

‘Yes, yes,’ he said.

‘And what about your girl?’

‘I’ll leave her someplace, I’ll lie to her. I wanna suck your cock. This town is boring, you’re right about that. Four years I’m dating Elaine, but on the side, I’ve just met two guys who Ben fuck me.’

‘Poor you. Cucking your girl.’

‘Fuck. Keep talking to me like that and I’ll cum right here.’

‘Tell you what. Let’s go back and you find some excuse to take me away. I’ll give you something to taste.’

‘Alright. Shit, let’s wait a bit. I’m too hard. They’ll see.’

I was also hard. So we waited for our cocks, and when it was okay, we joined the rest of the group. They joked about us, saying how was your date? But fortunately they were just jokes. Hugo didn’t panic.

Hugo explained that I wasn’t very familiar with the town yet, and offered to show me around in his car, show some places were the friends liked to meet. His girlfriend asked to come, but he soon told her, after kissing her, that he wasn’t going to be long and there was no need for her to come. She seemed very much in love, and he was very convincing.

On the way to the car, after everyone was left behind and far away, I took a moment to appreciate his behind. No man would go to such lengths as to have big tight butt like that if they didn’t like to be appreciated. When I slapped him, I wasn’t surprised to see he didn’t mind. In fact, his smile was broad.

When we got to his car, he told me it had been a gift from his dad. It made me even more eager to feed him my cock in the very car his daddy gave him.

We never left the beach, but his car took us to a completely empty area. He was a very good boy when I pushed my shorts down and told him to start sucking.

His face was buried on my underwear, taking a whiff, when his phone ringed. He looked at the picture of his girlfriend, whom he had left all alone at the beach, and ignored her. The sound of his phone vibrating while he hummed on my cock was a nice touch.

He finally took out my cock was gave me a surprised noise, sounding very pleased. My cock was brown and big, and on the top there was some cum leaking already. He licked the cum first, then took the head inside, looking very skilled in the art of sucking cock. I couldn’t help but compare him to Dante, who didn’t get the chance of sucking me today. Poor Dante.

After a while, when the phone was done ringing, Hugo whipped out his smaller cock from his bathing underwear. He was so hard that there was no doubt of his liking cock anymore. Only true cocksuckers could be so hard at just servicing another man.

Every time I called him something derogative, he would just moan and push my cock deeper inside, even gagging a few times. I liked it so much I made him stop before I could cum so soon, and then I fucked his mouth slowly, holding his head against my belly and moving my thighs, as if making love to his mouth. I told him many times how much of a good cocksucker slut boy he was, and he seemed to love that. I made sure to cum inside his mouth, and he did eat everything with pleasure, as he had promised he would.

The look he gave me after was pure gratitude and adoration. I would dare say he had looked the same way to his own girlfriend, but then again he had just cheated on her.

3rd and last part coming up.

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