Dinner For Two Ch. 02

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Big Tits

On shaky legs I walk around to the other side of the car, but you beat me to it and open the door and hand me into the car. As I sit down, my dress parts once again and you can see my pussy glistening from the hard cum you’ve just given me. I go to cover up, but you stop my hand and almost pleadingly ask me to leave it like that.

I look up at you and can see the desire in your eyes, and also the excitement. I know that you have a little bit of an exhibitionist tilt and the look in your eyes tells me that if I accede to you on this you will make it well worth my while. I nod my assent and do my seat belt up.

You walk around to your side of the car and get in, your eyes glued to my glistening pussy. I can see the bulge growing in your pants again and I know that we are in for one hell of a time when we get back to my place.

We start on the journey home, and I can feel your eyes drifting to my uncovered pussy. You reach over and run your finger up my slit, teasing me with what you’re going to do once we reach our destination. Whilst I am turned on, I am also feeling slightly apprehensive with my pussy on display.

This comes home really quickly as a 4WD pulls up next to us and I can see the driver take a second look as he realises what he can see. I immediately pull the skirt of my dress across, but not before he has got a look at you fingering my pussy. I blush profusely as you pull your hand away and make a great display of licking your fingers for our uninvited guest. I silently vow to make you pay for that one.

It’s not long before we get back to my place and I am hot, horny, wet and ready to go. As we pull into the driveway, I reach across and give you a hard squeeze on your rapidly hardening cock. You feel so big under my hand and you’re still not at full hardness. I know I am in for a workout tonight — but not before I have had some fun with you.

We get to the door and my hands are shaking as I try to put the key in the lock — knowing I am going to come hard and long and more than once when we get through the door…little did I know…

I finally get the key in the security lock, and then open the front door. I lock the security door and then close the front door, and no sooner do I do this than you spin me round and shove me back against the door and start kissing me.

As I start to reach for you, you grab both of my wrists and pin them to the door above my head. You start licking my neck, and biting it — not enough to leave marks, but enough to let me know that you mean business and that I am in for some fun.

Whilst holding my hands above çekiç ve gül bir behzat ç hikayesi izle my head, you start moving further down my neck and to the crease between my tits. My nipples are so hard now and you can see them poking out under my dress. You take one in your mouth and suck hard!

You’re rewarded with not only a groan from me, but my hips bucking forward…I can feel how hard you are now and all I want to do is get you inside of me, but you have other ideas.

You release my hands and bring both of your hands down to my tits. Whilst you are sucking on one nipple, you are twirling the other one between your thumb and forefinger. They are so hard and I am literally squirming, wanting some sort of secondary stimulation. You don’t disappoint. You take your hands from my tits and I groan in disappointment. You run your hands over my stomach then grab the edges of the skirt of my dress and part them.

I can feel you looking at my pussy, and I can feel how wet I am. You gently blow on my pussy and I shudder, parting my legs slightly. You take this as an invitation, and grab my calf and hook it over your shoulder. I am now totally on display to you, and whilst I am blushing, I am so turned on.

You don’t waste the opportunity of seeing me completely on display and at your mercy, and run your tongue up and down my slit. Time and time again you do this, pausing every now and then to see what effect you are having on me. I am plastered to the back of the door and my breathing is really heavy.

You can see my nipples sticking out — even harder than they were when you were sucking on them — you didn’t think that they could get any harder. You were wrong. You dig your tongue deep in my pussy, fucking me with it, and then move up to my clit, sucking on it. I am literally gushing now and you’re licking it all up.

You can feel my legs shaking and can tell that I am really close to cumming. You stick two fingers in my pussy and probe around, trying to find my G spot. You know when find it when I place a hand behind your head and start pushing your head into my pussy. I need to cum and I need to cum now.

You take my clit in your mouth and start sucking on it. Almost immediately I start to thrash about and then you can feel me tightening on your fingers and I start to scream out loud. It feels so good! I am cumming so hard and juice is running down your fingers. You catch me as I start to fall…

You rise off you knees and offer me your hand. As you do I realise that your crotch chasing waves izle is at the perfect level and I can see you are very hard. I raise my hand but only as far as your cock and start running my hand over you through your trousers. I hear the sharp intake of your breath.

On legs that are still shaking, I rise to my knees and look up at you. Your eyes are full of passion, and I know that you really want to fuck me now, but I am not going to let you off that lightly. I want this to last a while and I know the perfect way.

I take my hand off you and raise both hands to your belt buckle. All the while looking at you, I undo your belt and then undo your trousers. They fall to the floor and I can see you hard cock jutting out at me. It is glistening with precum already and I can’t wait to taste it, but decide to tease you a little first. I run my thumb across the head of your cock and you jerk hard at that first contact. I feel you reach down to grab my head and guide it your cock, but I stop you. I tell you that you have to keep your hands still and behind your back. This is to be about me pleasuring you in my own way, and your hands are not to be involved. You growl in frustration, but agree.

Once I am sure that your hands are behind your back, I repeat my action, just running the pad of my thumb across your precum covered head… I do it a couple of times, ensuring that the head of your cock is glistening with it. I can hear your breathing getting slightly more ragged.

I know you that you want me to get you off with my mouth, but at this stage you just don’t care — you want to come and will do anything that you can to achieve it.

I look up at you one last time before lowering my head to your crotch, and as you wait for me to take your cock in my mouth I surprise you. I lick over your right nut and then I slowly and carefully take it into my soft mouth and lick all over it. I then do the same for your left one. Each time I remove your balls from my mouth you can hear the slight pop sound that it makes. I playfully lick figure-eights around your balls… up between them… down the right… up between them… down the left… up… down the right… up… down the left… and I can feel you getting more frustrated, but I want this to last for you and make you come hard.

You get so frustrated that you release your hands and grab my hair trying to move me up and closer to your cock for some relief. I warn you that if you do that again, I will tie your hands behind your back and you will be completely at my mercy.

You put your christina in the country izle hands behind your back again, and I decide to have some mercy on you, and while I start palming you in my hand, I take you into my mouth, relishing the taste of your precum. I can feel you trying to push into my mouth but I stop you with a hand on your stomach. I take my mouth off your cock, look up at you and tell you that if you let me do this my way, it will be all the better for you.

Eyes glazed over, you agree. I start licking up and down your cock, little feather strokes that drive you insane. I run my tongue up the underside of your cock, tracing the path of that hard vein that leads to the underside of your head. I lick just under your corona knowing that it drives you insane, and I am not disappointed. Your cock almost hits my nose as you jump at the sensation. I take just the head back in my mouth, and bring my hand up to the base of your cock. I start running my hand up and down your cock, twisting my hand as I do. At the same time I start to suck on the head of your cock. You can see my cheeks hollowing and then I add to the feeling — I start running my tongue over your slit. My tongue is like a little point trying to get into the head of your cock and you start bucking wildly.

I haven’t finished yet…I spit on my hands to get them more lubed and start running my hands up and down your cock — giving you a double handed wank, every now and then giving you a little lick on the head of your dick. I keep doing this for about a while.

I can tell that you are close, and I want to make your cum memorable. You can’t see it, but I have covered my finger in spit, and as I take you all the way down my throat, I put my finger in your ass and wiggle it around a little. I can feel when I hit the sweet spot as you clench your ass on my finger and start thrusting hard at my mouth, trying to get as far as you can down my throat. I take you time and time again down my throat, every time needing to come up for air.

I hold you back a little, I want to taste you. I keep moving my finger, and move my mouth back to the head of your cock and start to seriously suck. My other hand reaches down to your ball sac and I pull down — enough for you to feel it and enough for you to moan. I add the final touch and I start to hum around the head of your cock…you can feel the vibrations clear down to your balls and you start to cum hard. I am swallowing as quick as I can but even still it is too much and your cum starts to leak out of the corners of my mouth.

I keep swallowing as much as I can, and after you give me the last burst, I pull of your cock and lick my lips. I bring my finger up to my lips and gather the cum that has leaked and suck it up greedily. I then proceed to clean your cock. I am greedy and want all of your cum in my mouth…

I’m new to this so any feedback — unless downright nasty — is welcomed. Thanks for taking the time to read me. I appreciate it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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