Dirty Me

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Woke up and it was dark still. Just a little yellow strip from under the door. And he was in my bed. He probably just got there cause he wasn’t touching me. I didn’t move. I wondered what he was going to do. Hoped he wouldn’t kiss me. He knew I was awake. And put his hand on my thigh. I felt warm go There right away. I wanted it. I wanted him to fuck me. Even though he fucked me every day I never got tired of it. I was always ready. And I always wanted it in my mouth.

His hand wasn’t moving There, but just stayed on my thigh, touching hard and making it warm. Making me hot everywhere. He moved fast and pressed up against me with his mouth next to my ear and his hand moved up to my breast. His leg was heavy on top of my hips and I could feel it hard against my side. His lips reached he put them to my neck and bit my skin. Slow to let go. He moved his hand. It went down and under my nightie to my breast again. He held it and touched my nipple and o God I wanted it. I was already wet. He squeezed it. Pressed his leg to me his cock felt bigger and I reached out to grab it. Mmm and he was naked. Naked naked hot skin touching me hard. I put my hand around it. I grabbed hard and felt all the veins stand up straight. He moved his hips and helped me jack him off. I was getting wetter and wetter.

He wiggled down under the covers and under my nightie and put his mouth his lips and atakent escort teeth on my nipple. He touched the other. It was between his fingers and he squeezed hard and rolled it. He bit. Moved my hand from his penis and pressed it into my side. He moved his hips. And I couldn’t help but moan. I tried s hard not to, ’cause we’d die if anyone heard.

So I bit my lip and moved my hips and that helped a little. My panties touched There soo lightly it made me mad. I put my hand there cause I had to come. I rubbed but oh God I was too wet to feel it. So I just let him suck and bite and grab. Until he sat up. He was gonna fuck me now. But he didn’t.

He kneeled over me and rubbed it on my breasts. He rubbed it on my nipples. And pressed it to my lips. I opened and reached my tongue out. Mmm and he put it in and I sucked and licked and put my hand around and squeezed and stroked. He moved his hips back and forth and I moved my hand back and forth fast and fast and fast but then stopped. He took it out of my mouth and left me reaching for more. He rubbed it lightly down my chin neck between my breasts my stomach. And I ached down there for want of it. He got it down between my legs and I grabbed my nipples and pinched I wanted to get fucked. But he just rubbed it up against my clit. He just rubbed and rubbed. It felt good. Better ataköy escort than me touching ’cause of the wetness. Mm and I moved my hips and squeezed my nipples and had to try now not to come. ‘Cause he was rubbing just right. His cock was right up against my clit and he was breathing wet on my neck and ear and his hips were digging into me I had to hold back hold back don’t scream don’t come shut up don’t come don’t scream don’t come don’t come. But I was whimpering and he kept whispering all shaky, “Shh shhh. Shut up”.

So finally I was too loud and he got off of me. He lay there, masturbating now. I could hear him moving his hand through my wetness. I listened and I didn’t touch my nipples and let myself calm down. I said after a while, “Okay, I’m better now. I won’t make any noise”.

He stopped and wiggled back down underneath the blankets. Down. With his shoulders under my thighs and licked and licked clean all the wet. It felt nice and not insane so I wasn’t going to come but it was nice. And then he stopped and lay back down next to me. He touched himself and breathed hard and I touched myself not slippery anymore. He rolled over and kept masturbating and bit my neck bit my arm and squeezed everything. I was getting wet again and crazy close close to the end. I needed something bigger and heavier than my hand. I rolled atalar escort on top of him and just rubbed it against him like he did to me. I just rubbed and rubbed while he put his mouth on my breast and breathed hard and bit and sucked when I told him to.

But then I was too close. I wanted to come and I wanted more. I stopped cold and he held me close and let me calm down. My lips on his neck tongue up and down against a little stubble I said, ” I want to come with you inside of me”. And slid down, it went right in and felt so good. I sat up a little and stroked and stroked my clit was pounding and his teeth were on my nipples it felt so good so good so good I went fast and his cock just seemed bigger and bigger inside of me. Bigger and bigger and one hand was on my waist making me go faster go faster faster my clit was connected to my nipples fucking fucking at that rhythm then I couldn’t’ hold back anymore I just came and came I squealed and came fast and went. Ahhnd then I was done. I stopped. Fell down on his chest for a bit but he wasn’t done.

He was mad that I squealed I could tell. So he fucked. His hands back on my hips and his cock was bigger than ever and he wasn’t sparing me. He fucked and fucked faster and harder and I couldn’t help but moan some more so he put his hand on my mouth for a while. Hand on my mouth while he fucked but it was too much he took his hand from my mouth and fucked some more then picked me up and threw me to the side of the bed. I heard the wetness and heard him jack off and breathe hard and jack off and come all over the place.

He did it and then lay back. he put his hand on my stomach and let his breathing slow down. Then got up and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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