Discipline Correspondant 06

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Big Tits

Tammy cooked an excellent meal and after sharing the washing up, I announced it was time to play. I instructed Tammy to go shower the dried cum off her cunt, after she had licked the dried cum from her knickers, to dry herself and then join me in the guest bedroom. Meanwhile I retrieved the ice cold cucumber from the fridge and pick up an aerosol can for whipped cream. As I waited in the guest room for Tammy, I phone six friends and invited them to a party at my place, briefly explaining it would be a mouth and cunt party. They new me well enough to understand this and agreed to be at my place as soon as possible; Geoff even agreed to pick the others up so they would all arrive together.

I had finished the calls by the time Tammy arrived at the bedroom door, sheepishly looking around the items I had laid out. Pointing to the St Andrews Cross, I instructed her to press her back against it and proceeded to tie her limbs to the extremities of the cross. Taking a length of soft silk rope; I then tied her abdomen to the centre of the cross. Next I fitted the blindfold and headphones to Tammy; but first reminded her of her safety word of ‘TEMPERATURE’.

Having duly secured her to the Cross, I took a 3 meter length of the soft silk rope and laid it between her breasts with a quarter of its length over her left shoulder. The other end I then wrapped three times clockwise around her right breast and tied it securely. Returning to the other end of the rope I wound that anti clockwise three times around her left breast securely tying this to the other end of the rope. Her breasts were now bulging around her nipples; I lightly flicked her nipples to test their bounce and once satisfied I slowly lightly licked ever decreasing circles on her breasts until my tongue lashed her nipples. Tammy was moaning in a low guttural pleasure sort of way. Perfect I thought.

Just then the front door bell rang; I looked at Tammy’s reaction and nothing. So I slipped silently away and let the six guys in: leading them into the living room; I began Ümraniye Grup Escort to explain the rules before they met Tammy.

Rule one. You can fuck her mouth or her cunt only, but must cum initially in a pint sized glass, provided. I would prefer you to fuck her mouth on the first round.

Rule two. If you’re not being sucked, you may lightly but firmly spank her arse but try not to exceed a deep pink colour. This means that two of you will have to hold the cross she is attached to in order for her mouth and arse to be available.

Rule three. ON NO ACCOUNT, are you to try fucking her arse. Period.

Rule Four. Only after everyone has had a turn at her mouth, can you decide upon a second round with either her cunt or her mouth. Again I ask you to cum in the glass, why? well you will see after the second round. To achieve this we will have to adjust the cross.

Rule five. After Tammy has finished with the glass, you may if you desire fuck her mouth or cunt and shoot inside her.

Remember that if you’re not involved in fucking, sucking or holding the cross you may spank her arse, firmly but not too harshly.

Finally we will release her from the cross and two by two you may fuck her mouth and cunt, whilst I punish her tits.

Everyone agreed. Everybody did agree. I asked them to wait until I called them up and I returned to Tammy. As I approached the bedroom, I heard “Master, are you still there!” and “Oh master please let me know your still here and have not left me like this!” she said in an anxious voice. I reached out and lightly ran my finger along her cunt lips; she was soaking and let out a low moan.

“Oh thank you, master, I was beginning to dread that you had left me here like this and wondered if you would return before tomorrow” she cried.

I placed my soaked finger against her mouth to calm her and she instinctively slipped her tongue out and tasted her cunt juice. I moved back from her and cutting the cucumber into two halves I split length wise one Ümraniye Manken Escort half and traced the cold wet inners across her tits.

The other half I eased into her arse cut end first and secured it in place with some sticky tape.

I eased myself out of the room and called sown to the guys. Putting my finger to my mouth to indicate for them to be quiet, why I don’t know because Tammy had already proved she could hear nothing.

The guys quietly stripped off and following my directions two of then took the cross and rotated it until Tammy’s head was pointing straight down, the setting the head of the cross on the floor, they held it firmly upright. Tammy panicked as the cross was move and was further disorientated when she was literally turned on her head. The first guy knelt down and moved in front of Tammy, his semi erect prick was just about the right height to slip in to her mouth. He nudged her mouth with his prick; she opened her mouth to allow just his head to enter. Her tongue went in to over time swirling around the cock head in her mouth. Just As the first Guy began to fuck her mouth the first Slap landed on her arse. Her head shot forward swallowing his entire length in one go. The guys spanking her settled into the same pace of slaps to match the fucking of her mouth.

After five minutes, the guy indicated her was ready to cum and pulled out just in time to shoot a cum load into the glass I passed him. He was quickly replaced by a second guy, Tammy must have realized there was more than just her and I present because this guy was un circumcised where as the previous guy had been circumcised. Again her arse was spanked in the same rhythm as the cock was fucking her mouth. Soon the four free cocks had fucked her face and the two guys that were holding the cross were replaced to enjoy their turn fucking her mouth. The glass was collecting their initial loads and was already about one eighth full. By the time these last two had added their amounts and then the cross was turned Ümraniye Masöz Escort through 90 degrees and she had endured her cunt taking on six cocks, each lasting longer than they did in her mouth, Tammy was in one giant multi orgasm.

The trophy glass was already half full, her arse was a deep cherry colour from its spankings and she was moaning begging for more. I asked the guys if they wanted another round before we released her and they declined but two of them suggested that she be released and made to lie over one guys lap whilst one guy fucked her cunt and another fucked her mouth.

The guy over whose lap she was lain could then hold her down whilst playing with her tits, then as the one cum up her cunt her would then be the one holding her down, the one holding her would move to her mouth and a new one would begin fucking her cunt, sort of a round robin. Everyone agreed on one condition that her tits were left bound.

I agreed and went to fetch the camera for some photo’s to show her tomorrow. After several hours everyone except me had thoroughly fucked her and deposited two loads in the glass and one up her cunt. Tammy was so whacked that she was like a rag doll for the two changes. I released her tits and massage the circulation back into them. She was babbling like a brook, hardly making sense but never used her safe word.

I sat her in a chair, removed her headphones and told her to open her mouth wide! I got one of the guys to take pictures of her I tipped the half full glass of spunk into her mouth and it slithered its way towards her mouth before plopping in one mass on to her tongue and over flowed on to her tits. She swallowed as quickly as she could.

I then removed her blindfold and allowed her to see the guests she had entertained for the last few hours. They all thanked her for the fun they had enjoyed. Before beginning to dress and depart. I made each one kiss her full on the mouth as a reward for her efforts.

When they had left I tied her hands above her head and tied her legs together before fucking her arse with the cucumber still up there. I removed this after 20 minutes and after allowing her to suck me off; I left her to sleep and re-couperate.

Next morning I returned with a breakfast tray and untied her; allowing her to eat before running her a nice hot bath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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