Discovered Passion

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This story took place quite some time ago. The world was different and life was much simpler. But despite the difference in the way people viewed life then and now, the sexes respond pretty much the same. If physical desire exists between two people, they have or will find a way to respond. Appearances, position in life, social outlook, political positions or difference in ages all take a back seat to that magic that can strike any of us and nothing matters except the need to satisfy that natural urge to get it on.

A young man had graduated from college as a mining engineer and accepted a job at a mine located in a remote area of the north. While there was road access to the new town, the drive was long and arduous and so if one was able to carry his life’s treasures in a packsack, the best way to get there was to fly in by floatplane, especially if his new employer was paying his travel expenses. The plane base was located on a lake some ten miles away from the town and the mine and he had been told that there would be someone to meet him when he landed.

As he climbed out of the cramped cabin of the small plane, he looked up at the airline office on shore for a sign of someone who might be there to greet him. This was a big step in his life and he was excited and curious about his future.

On shore, Barbara was sipping coffee and talking to the airline agent. She often came down to meet new mine staff employees arriving for the first time. She was the Executive Secretary for the Mine Manager and had worked with him for many years. He was an experienced operator and much sought after by mining companies especially in start-up situations or when mine operations were in trouble. He particularly enjoyed short-term jobs in remote sites although he did

restrict his choices to locations with a small town. His kids were out on their own in life and he only accepted positions where he could bring his wife and live in a comfortable home. He had one here although most of his employees lived single status in bunkhouses.

Barbara was an indispensible part of his team and she followed whenever he accepted a new job. The money was very good and the work exciting.

She heard the plane engine shut down as it drifted into the dock. She looked out to have a first look at the young engineer that she was tasked with introducing to his new life. He was a nice looking young man, tall and lithe, not muscular but athletic looking as he hefted his packsack onto his back and headed up the walkway to shore. She watched him search around nonchalantly for whoever was there to greet him. She said goodbye to the agent and went out to meet the new arrival.

Jim’s eyes moved to the doorway of the office as a smiling woman emerged and strode towards him with hand outstretched. She looked to be about 45 or so, quite thin and mannish in dress and movement, but with a very pleasant face. She wore jeans, checked shirt and heavy shoes, almost boots, and her grip was firm as they shook hands.

“Hi, my names Barbara, welcome to Fort James,” she smiled, “We’ve been looking forward to your arrival, there is lots of work awaiting you, you’ll be busy.”

“Good,” he grinned back, “Jim Landry, I can hardly wait, I’ve been reading all that I can find about the mine and can’t wait to get started.”

They had held hands throughout these introductions and each withdrew suddenly with a touch of embarrassment.

‘God’ thought Barbara, ‘what’s that all about’. She felt flushed at the very pleasant contact.

He followed as she turned to climb up the hill to the parking lot, “I’ll drive you around the town, not a lot to see, but it is new and exciting and you will find a lot of people in your age group, including married folks with young children. Then out to the mine, get you set up in the staff house and introduce you around the office. It’s my job to acquaint you with how we like to work and what you can expect. And of course you get to sign about ten documents before you’re really on board.”

This was a fresh approach for Jim, for although he was a recent graduate he was not new to mining and remote locations. He had taken on summer jobs at underground mines during his time in college and in fact had taken one year off to work to make enough cash to continue his education. At most new jobs one pretty well had to find your own way, including locating a suitable room in the bunkhouse. He quite liked being greeted as if he was somebody special.

And he quite liked the lean body and round butt moving in front of him towards the car. Hell, she must be married or have a lover, men outnumbered women in these places like ten to one. Sex had not been one of his concerns in accepting this job, but now for some reason it did assume its normal place in his thoughts.

They chatted easily as they made their way around the town, out to the mine to be introduced to office staff and the Mine Manager, who welcomed him and promised he would be called canlı bahis on to play a major role in improving the mine operation. Barbara took him down to the staff house, were single status senior and junior staff employees were housed. She stood in the doorway of his room as he settled in, then shook hands and told him she would be available for any help or advice in his new work. Once again, their handshake lingered longer than needed although this time they were both well aware of the clutch and pretty well milked it for all it was worth. Their fingertips sort of glided off of the others, as if reluctant to part.

‘My goodness,” Barbara mused as she walked back to the office. ‘It’s been a while since I have had those types of stirrings with a man.’ It had been several years since Barbara’s last romantic involvement. It had ended badly for her and she had since stayed clear of similar entanglements. One of her defenses was to dress like a tomboy and act like an old maid. Despite his pleasant touch she had no intention of pursuing this young man although she would not avoid him either.

Jim immersed himself in his work, returning after dinner to work late in the office each evening, up early to spend time underground to gain an understanding of the operation and the men who worked there. It was invigorating work, this production of wealth not only for the company but also for the employees and the country as a whole.

He saw Barbara regularly throughout the week. Her role at the mine was as much about measuring the pulse of the mine as control of the Manager’s time and appointments. She was suspected by many to be the Manager’s spy, but she was never encouraged to report on individuals but simply to recommend and inform about group issues from a human relations aspect and to provide contact with the town administration. She always had a warm smile for Jim and a few minutes of easy chat. Her appearance was constant, she made no effort to appear feminine, jeans and work shirts were her regular attire. But to Jim’s eyes there was an appealing woman lurking beneath the drab clothing. She could sense his interest in her and while not encouraging him, did nothing to discourage it either.

Barbara had rented a small log cabin on a large lake a few miles from the mine site. She loved the outdoors, a big change from the city life that she lived between assignments. The company had upgraded the little cottage, adding a bath and shower, running water, a source of power and telephone. A canoe was tied up to the small dock at the shore of the lake. Access was by a dirt road that wound through the heavy bush with only Barbara’s cottage at the end of it.

One day she asked Jim if he liked to fish, and he responded enthusiastically. She invited him out one Sunday to go out trolling with her in her cedar strip canoe. They spent a glorious early morning paddling and fishing. She knew the waters and she knew how to fish. Jim was very impressed as fishing had always been his favorite outdoor pastime. They were back in the cabin by noon hour and cooked up a Walleye for lunch. They talked constantly, easy unforced conversation. He made no effort to disguise his interest in her and her body and Barbara enjoyed the attention.

The goodbye that day was awkward. They stood facing each other and shook hands while both of their minds were thinking kiss. Their eyes locked, Barbara licked her lips softly in what Jim assumed later was in invitation, but it never happened. “That was great Barbara, what a day,” he said.

“Good, I enjoyed it as well, not everybody can fish together so easily. Let’s do it again sometime,” she smiled.

“When?” he shot back immediately.

She was not ready for that quick a response and said, “Well, some time when we are both free, but soon.”

During the days following the fishing date, Jim got hard fantasizing about might have followed a kiss. She had to be thinking the same thoughts as he. His eyes followed her as she moved through the office, imagining what lay beneath her mannish apparel. He was by no means certain that he would ever get his bare hands on what the clothes covered but it was pleasant to allow his fantasies to flow.

Barbara had an out, someone with whom she could discuss very personal issues. Donna, the Manager’s wife and she had been together in many different situations and locations, living through the pleasures and disasters that were the part of life in remote mining communities. Barbara’s love life, or lack of it, had sometimes been a topic of discussion with Donna since her last disastrous romantic affair. Her lover had just disappeared one day following several months of passion and promises. Donna had been a source of strength for Barbara. Her direct approach to life itself helped Barbara refocus and recover. Donna did not mince words.

Barbara confessed to Donna that she was thinking about having an affair with a man. Donna shrugged and said, “Good, so what? Enjoy some tenderness and affection; bahis siteleri enjoy some sex, you deserve it. I was thinking that you have looked more relaxed lately, the Barbara of several years ago. Just be careful of your commitment. And his of course.”

Barbara paused, smiled weakly and continued, “There is a complication. He is about 20 years younger than I. He works for us. It could cause some embarrassment for you and Bill. Anything that we do together can only be for sexual pleasure, nothing else makes sense, people would suspect.”

Donna raised her eyebrows and said, “That’s a first, we have always been surrounded by young men, it’s the nature of the business. I don’t recall you ever commenting on dallying with a young stud before despite all of the opportunities that must have been available to you. As far as embarrassment is concerned, forget about it, you need some happiness too and I am sure you will be discreet.”

Barbara smiled and said; “There are advantages to living in communities with men outnumbering single gals ten to one or something. And I have been approached several times in the past. And damn it I enjoyed the attention. But I knew it was for sex only and that there would be nothing more to it than that. So I basically turned the opportunities down hoping for a more meaningful relationship, although there were a few times when a little too much wine wiped out my resolve. Never with such a young guy however.”

“So what’s different here? What makes this guy special to the point that you are obviously ready to go to bed with him?” Donna’s question was more enquiring than accusatory.

“I don’t know,” replied Barbara, “he is more gentle and considerate than most I guess. He has not made a deliberate move on me, although his body language and hungry eyes speak otherwise.”

Donna interjected, “Hm, I like hungry looks. Always makes me horny.” They laughed.

Barbara continued, “I feel a little ‘motherly’ about him, in a sexual way of course. I feel as if it is my duty to fulfill his needs. I am not looking past the sex part, not thinking of the future at all. I dream regularly of being bare naked in bed with him!”

Donna grinned and said, “Ah, the truth comes out. I would love to experience first time love again, but I can’t even flirt being the Manager’s wife. Be careful though, are you on the pill again? Make sure he has condoms if you’re not. Other than that, you have already decided, so have fun.”

Barbara smiled, “You’re right of course, I’m ready to do it, although I have been cautious with him so far. I started back on the pill a few days ago. I don’t think that he suspects that he is close to getting some soon but he will have to take the first step, it will be his decision.”

They giggled and Donna responded, “Neither does my hubby suspect what’s waiting for him tonight. Damn, you made me horny. I want all of the details when the deed is done. I deserve it for listening to your tale of woe. If things don’t work out, it’s not the end of the world.”

While Barbara had been considering a tryst with the young man, Jim simply assumed that he would accept it if offered. He desired her and fantasized regularly about taking her to bed. He was a little nervous about making a miss step in this situation, but if she indicated she would welcome an advance, he would certainly go for it.

It remained with Barbara to at least set the stage and she did so by inviting him to join her that weekend for another day of fishing. He was there bright and early and they paddled off in the canoe on a calm warm morning. Once again, they had an easy time chatting about local and world events, interspersed with occasional excitement as one or the other tied into a fish. They were back at the cabin by noon, their bodies hot and sweaty in the suddenly warm and humid day.

“The water is very cold but let’s have a swim. We could shower but my water supply is no hell,” Barbara said.

“As long as you don’t mind me swimming in my undershorts, let’s do it,” Jim said.

“Why not,” Barbara replied, “no one here but us chickens. I’ll do bra and panties. How about you, will you mind,” she said archly.

Jim smiled at her, trying to weigh the intent in her statement, “You know damn well that I am dying to see you in bra and panties.” He immediately felt an erection developing and the thought, ‘what the hell will I do now’ ran through his mind.

No need to wonder further, Barbara immediately stripped off her shirt to stand in front of him with her small breasts snuggled into a pink lace trim bra. She looked defiantly and expectantly at him, daring him to follow suit.

And he did, now reasonably certain that more pleasure awaited him and quite anxious to expose his desire for her now evident in his bulging shorts. He kicked off his shoes and dropped his jeans. Barbara made no effort to ignore him, her eyes dropping immediately to his lower belly.

‘Oh God,’ she thought, ‘he’s hard, bahis şirketleri what did I expect?’ She bit her lip as she fumbled with her belt and forced her jeans down around her hips and butt, dropping them sensuously to the ground before stepping out of them in a slow and deliberate manner.

Jim pulled his tee shirt up over his head while his eyes focused on her panties, pink and lace trimmed like her bra. He gazed at her crotch. Was that her dark bush showing through? She had a space between her legs, so frigging hot.

“C’mon,” Barbara cried, “the best way into cold water is to jump right in, beat you.” She ran to the end of the dock and dove neatly into the water, with Jim immediately behind her.

It took them a few seconds to recover from the shock of the cold water before they turned to find and face each other, big grins on both of their faces as they inched closer while treading water.

There was a little beach area about 500 feet from where they were. Barbara said, “We need to change the subject here, race you to the beach,” she laughed and turned to swim effortlessly away from him.

Jim swam competitively and caught up to her quickly. But she also swam well and it took all of his effort to crawl up on the beach first. He turned to watch her emerge from the water and thought ‘she’s gorgeous’. Her eyes were bright and shiny, mouth smiling and best of all, two dark nipples and a bush showed through her wet undies.

He lay on his back in the warm sand and watched her crawl up to lay face down beside him, out of breath but excited and turned on by his obvious interest in her body.

Her ribs showed at the sides of her bra, making her small soft breasts all the more appealing, her belly was hard and trim, her hips angular and her butt nice and round, and god, that space between her legs was even more appealing. She looked like a triathlon athlete in some way, albeit a turned on one. She pushed up on her arms, as if inviting him to inspect her tits dangling down loosely in the pink bra.

She followed his eyes to her breasts and murmured, “They’ve shrunk a bit in the cold water.” God, did she just say that?

Jim responded, “They look very tasty, and they’re not the only thing that has shrunk.” It was meant in jest, but they were not smiling as their eyes both dropped down to his bulging shorts.

She wanted to touch it, it moved as if responding to her thought, ‘want to see it’ she anguished.

“It’s going to cool off soon,” she said, “we better start back to the cabin,” and pushed herself to her feet, staring down at him as he lay there thinking of something other than a swim in cold water. The bulge in his shorts had moved upward and threatened to emerge from under the band. She knew that he wanted to take her there in the sand, but her thoughts lay towards a more comfortable location to sample what was now inevitable. The cold water would tighten up her weakened loins.

He watched her walk down to the water’s edge and slice smoothly back into the lake. He was uncertain now, he had been sure that she was ready to respond to a move from him. He followed her into the lake and they swam leisurely back to her cabin. She glanced behind as she strode deliberately up to her cabin and directly to her bath and shower room.

She was not surprised when he followed her in and grasping her hips kissed the back of her neck. She turned her head; her soft lips ready to receive his in a kiss of recognition. He unhooked her bra and she shrugged it off of her shoulders. Soft moans as his hands cupped her breasts, his fingertips seeking her nipples, their tongues intertwined.

She turned towards him, stooping to tug his wet shorts down to the floor. As she rose back up she allowed her hair and cheeks to brush his erect cock. He knelt down in front of her to pull her panties off, kissing her nipples and belly as he did so. She pressed his head against her mound as he removed the panties. He kissed his way back up her body and they enjoyed their first full-bodied embrace. They reached for towels as one.

They kissed; eyes open, watching the other’s expressions while gently toweling each other, the electricity mounting as their senses heightened. His erection rubbed her belly and hips as they twisted and turned. He dropped his towel, found her nipples with his fingers while her lips parted for his hungry tongue. They explored each other with their hands as their passion mounted.

It became mutual masturbation, she sliding her hand up and down his hard throbbing shaft as his fingers toyed and teased her mound and bush. He pushed one knee between her legs and slid two fingers in along her slit. There was very little room to move but they were both anxious not to break the spell by separating for even a second. She pushed his knob down and allowed it to slide between her legs as she crushed her breasts against him, his hands cupping her ass cheeks, squeezing and fondling them as their kissing became desperately passionate and lustful.

“Time for bed Barb,” Jim said, jolting the both of them out of the dreamland they had entered. He lifted her up, her arms around his neck, and carried her to the bed.

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