Discovering Hannah’s Secret Ch. 02

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I had not intended to write a Part 2 for “Discovering Hannah’s Secret” but a Literotica reader approached me to do a follow up to the original for them and they liked it so much that they have convinced me to post it for others to read too.

You need to read Part 1 to know what the characters are all about and I really hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Thanks for the support Ben.

* * * * * * * *

When I arrived home that evening I reflected on the events of the day and especially what had happened with Hannah. I pondered if I had overstepped any boundaries, if I had forced her to do something she didn’t want to, maybe even if I was at risk of her bringing any accusations to bear of possible sexual assault or worse.

On balance I reasoned, although Hannah had initially fought against me she had very quickly submitted to the spanking, restraint, caressing and had responded positively (almost aggressively so) to my penetration of her.

Having convinced myself there could be no negative fallout from the days exertions I took a moment to think about Hannah’s parting wink and smile – maybe there was an opportunity for more mutual fun with this stunning woman, but if there was I needed to know a whole lot more about rubber fetish and bondage so I fired up my computer and spent a few hours surfing and researching, making notes and getting thoroughly aroused as I ran through mental scenarios of things I might get up to with Hannah one day if I had the opportunity.

I turned in for an early night as I had to be up at 5am the following morning for an early start on the lorry and was asleep by 9pm.

I was away from the yard by 6am for a string of deliveries that would ensure I was out in the perfect, sunny weather all day long enjoying my air-conditioned cab. Drop one was a fork-lift unload as was drop two with the benefit of free breakfast at their excellent cafeteria – this day was getting better by the hour.

Of course there is no way a perfect day is going to last and around 11am as I drove between the third and fourth drop my work mobile went off. In fact it went off 4 times in close succession before I could find somewhere to safely pull over and answer it.

All of the missed calls were from the main office number and as I was about to ring back the phone rang yet again and I answered to the pleasant female voice of Gordon’s Personal Assistant.

“Hi John, it’s Lorelei, I have been trying to get hold of you for ages.”

“Sorry Lolo but I won’t pick up the phone while driving & can’t find my Bluetooth anywhere. Why do you need me so urgently?”

“You need to stop what you are doing, forget the rest of your deliveries and get back here as fast as that lorry will go. Gordon is going mental and wants you back now, it is all kicking off here.”

Immediately I was gripped with panic – if Gordon wanted me to stop the drops and return it was major. What if Hannah had decided to make a formal complaint? Was this the call to a meeting that got me sacked or to waiting police officers. Shit! What was I going to do now?

“Hey John are you still there?”

“Sorry Lolo, the signal is fading in and out a bit. What were you saying?”

“I said that Gordon needs you back immediately because Matthew has stuffed up astronomically and you are the only one who can sort it out.”

“Well if the traffic is light then I can be back in around an hour – I will make a start now, see you soon.” And with that I hung up, set up my sat-nav for the shop address and headed onto the road again. As I drove back and my nerves stopped jangling from the shock I had given myself I began to wonder just what my so-called manager could have done that was so bad it warranted me upsetting valued customers by not showing up with their goods.

Thankfully the traffic was almost non-existent for a change and I was parked up in the yard in a little less than 45 minutes handing over my keys to a waiting agency driver they had miraculously procured. Two minutes later and I was standing next to Lorelei’s desk whilst knocking on Gordon’s office door.

An enormously stressed Gordon wasted no time telling me that a few hours before, one of our most influential customers Lord Arthur Haynes-Whyte had come into the gun room looking for me as he needed one of his shotguns serviced prior to a shoot this coming Sunday. Matthew had told Sir Arthur I was unavailable but he would book the gun in and on rudely wresting it out of his hands promptly managed to drop the walnut case breaking it open and causing damage to the gun as it fell out of the smashed case onto the floor!

I needed to see how bad things were and while Gordon was walking with me back to the gun room I asked what Matthew was doing about making amends. Gordon suddenly became very defensive but when I pushed for an answer he revealed that shortly after the incident Hannah had ordered Matthew into her office and conducted a debrief (management speak for a canlı bahis bollocking) during which he had burst into tears, thrown his keys on the desk, resigned on the spot and gone home! Currently the gun room had a hastily written temporary closure notice on the door.

I unlocked with my personal set of keys and we went into my workshop. I had been shocked to hear what had happened – initially Gordon was only worried about potentially dealing with an upset customer – but as soon as I saw the case and gun on my workshop bench my shock turned to horror. I had to break the news to Gordon that this was no ordinary gun, it was one of a matched pair of handmade vintage Purdey shotguns that I had appraised for Lord Arthur the previous year prior to him purchasing them at auction for £150,000!

I told a now ashen Gordon I needed just two things, uninterrupted time to try and rectify this disaster and I asked that a specific member of staff from our garden centre, Melanie, be sent over immediately to open up and run the gun room for me before we started to lose more customers and sales. Gordon said she was too young and the garden manager would object but I countered with the fact that not only had Melanie turned eighteen just 3 weeks before but that she held a valid firearms certificate and was also the current county junior clay pigeon champion as well as a British team shooter.

A beleaguered Gordon capitulated and I ushered him out of the workshop and set to sorting out the mess that Matthew had created. Thankfully it looked far worse than it was and within a couple of hours both case and gun were back to showroom condition. I was just cleaning the shotgun before going through to the range to test fire it when my phone rang – it was Lorelei, “Just to warn you that little miss ballbreaker is heading your way – she has just finished a business meeting, is very pissed off and on the warpath. Time to go and hide if you can.” But with that there was a harsh knock on the workshop door.

A very different looking Hannah was standing there barely keeping her temper in check. Rather than the shop uniform she had been wearing yesterday she had on a tailored fire-engine red, long-sleeved silk blouse with a black knee-length A-line skirt and matching gloss black high-heeled shoes. Her long blonde hair was tied up in a bun and she was wearing make-up, which with her complexion and natural beauty was a waste of time and effort.

She was incensed that I had ridden roughshod over Gordon by demanding a staff transfer without going via her and gaining her approval but I ignored her outburst. Instead I told her to sit down opposite me as I exaggerated how bad things had been as well as what I had done so far before telling her she was welcome to watch me test shoot the gun on the range if she wanted to. I tossed a spare pair of electronic ear defenders to her & motioned her to follow me.

Access to the range was through the rear of the gun room – it was the only concession I had managed to get when we were moved into the site after the buyout, a custom built 50 metre long range suitable for shooting any weapon from an air pistol to a high velocity hunting rifle. The only door was secured with a keypad entry and once inside I set the “range live” safety switch preventing anyone entering unless I buzzed them in via the intercom leaving the two of us alone and undisturbed.

I laid the Purdey down on the first of the three shooting stations and went to retrieve some items from the locked cabinets that lined the rear wall of the safe zone tucked between a couple of large comfortable chairs where customers could relax between rounds of shooting. As I busied myself Hannah began to speak, but in an odd manner.

“How is it I have never been in here before? I was never shown around here as part of my orientation when I was hired.”

“Apart from myself, only 4 other members of staff ever come in here. Three of the lads on site are mad keen competition airgunners so they come to practice using the moveable targets and Melanie does a fair bit of shotgun work which is why I asked Gordon for her to come over. No one comes in without me though and primarily this facility is for me to safely test my work and for customers to try before they buy.”

There was no reply but more than that I became aware of hard, fast breathing from Hannah. I turned quickly to see her leaning back against station two, her hands tightly gripping the counter top white knuckled as she held on for support with her eyes closed.

“Are you OK?”‘ sometimes people suffered a little claustrophobia in the range as although it was brightly lit and painted light colours there were no windows or natural light. I thought this was the case for Hannah and stepped to her side placing a comforting hand on her silk clad upper arm to lead her back out into the shop.

She stayed rooted to the spot apparently unable to release her grip on the wooden worktop and was mumbling to herself in a voice so quiet I could not make out her words.

“Sorry bahis siteleri Hannah I should have checked if you were claustrophobic, let’s go back to my workshop.”

“I am not claustrophobic” she whispered, “it’s the smell – can’t you smell it? You MUST be able to smell it!”

I didn’t understand her – I came into this room dozens of times every day and it always smelled the same. It was humidity and temperature controlled because of the storage of ammunition with huge silent extraction fan systems to cope with any smoke and fumes from live fire so as far as I was aware there was no smell of any kind in the range.

Then it struck me – rubber!

The range was basically a giant steel-lined concrete box with walls, floor and ceiling covered entirely with ballistic rubber blocks and mats between 2 & 3 feet thick. Even though the area we were stood on was carpeted with tiles and the walls clad with painted softwood, the range floor, ceiling and far wall were a giant expanse of uncovered rubber designed to trap fragments and ricochets during shooting as well as rendering the room entirely soundproof.

The rubber blocks were periodically replaced & recycled as they became contaminated with metal fragments and the entire floor had been relaid only 10 days before so I guessed they had a stronger than normal aroma.

For me I had spent so many hours in here it was nothing but a background odour along with burnt gunpowder and gun oil but for Hannah, a girl with a rubber fetish it must have been causing some sort of sensory overload. Her breathing was rapid, her face was flushed and Hannah was also rubbing her thighs together in a highly animated fashion – could it be that just the smell of rubber had been enough to trigger an arousal response of such magnitude?

There was only one way to find out so I moved to directly in front of Hannah to hold her by her upper arms, squeezing gently through the thin silk to get her to open her eyes and focus on me, revealing dilated pupils in her gorgeous baby-blue eyes as I slipped my right leg between hers to lightly rest my upper thigh against her groin.

As our eyes locked I felt Hannah trying to stop herself from wantonly humping my leg but her urges were overpowering her self-control. Her thigh muscles were clamping my own thigh and Hannah was rocking on her feet to rub her groin up and down my leg. Although I could never possibly have envisaged this particular scenario last night I knew precisely what I intended to do next – I was going to take control of Hannah and see exactly how far she was prepared to go with me.

To prevent her from stimulating herself any further against me I leaned more of my weight against her, effectively forcing her gorgeously tight little bottom hard against the counter of the shooting station and I trapped her right leg firmly as I closed my legs together – this had the added effect of causing a raging erection to form rapidly alerting Hannah of my intentions.

I leaned forward and whispered into her ear “I want you to do exactly what I tell you without hesitation – do you think you could do that for me?.”

The look in her eyes was a mixture of excitement, fear and expectation and she responded “Oh my god, yes, I will do anything you want me to, I am all yours.”

I smiled at this gorgeous young woman and slid my hands lightly down her arms to her wrists and told her to let go of the counter edge – her compliance was immediate – allowing me to slide her hands back along the thirty inches of counter top and gently rotating them, stopping at far edge then telling Hannah to grip the counter tightly again.

I stepped away from Hannah and turned to the lockers once more to quickly remove a few items and stuff them into the large pockets on my cargo trousers before turning back to face her. I paused a moment to appreciate Hannah in her current pose. Holding the counter as she was had the effect of leaning the upper half of Hannah’s body away from me at an angle of some forty-five degrees and stretching the sheer silk of her blouse tightly against her flat stomach to highlight her stunning breasts.

Ahh . . .those magnificent breasts, the object of so much speculation amongst the male store staff, breasts I had toyed with the previous afternoon and whose engorged nipples I had tormented whilst framed in that erotic rubber peephole bra. Now I wanted to see them in their entirety, in all their glory so I moved back to her and began to unbutton the blouse with infinite slowness and precision. As each button popped open it was accompanied by a little gasp of pleasure from Hannah. Firstly the top two buttons then I went from the bottom upwards – 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd leaving just a single button struggling to retain any degree of modesty.

Unbidden Hannah began to attempt to move her groin against my thigh once more and as a quickie orgasm was not in my plan I took a step backwards to remove the body contact pressure before quickly using my right foot to spread Hannah’s bahis şirketleri legs a few feet apart which was about as far as the hem of her skirt would allow. This elicited a low howl of frustration from Hannah but I silenced her in a commanding voice, “You will only have an orgasm if and when I allow it. This is your first and only warning – any attempt to do something like that again and I swear you will be out in front of the staff and customers exactly as you are now before you can blink.”

I paused briefly for her to calm down a little before recommencing my ministrations. I did not immediately undo the remaining button, rather I peeled back the red silk exposing Hannah’s taught abdomen before placing my hands on her hips. I lowered my face towards the pale pink skin and placed the lightest of kisses just above the dead centre of the black waistband of Hannah’s skirt. My lips crept upward, delivering featherlight kisses at quarter-inch intervals until I reached the perfect indentation of her bellybutton.

Here I changed tactic and began tracing tiny circles around this super sensitive spot with my tongue before plunging the tip deeply into it’s depths, all the time bracing Hannah’s feet apart with my own and pressing her against the counter with all of my bodyweight making her cry out loudly in pleasure. I repeated this move twice more and by the third time the cries diminished in volume to moans as Hannah’s head hung back limply. Having brought her to the edge again I stopped once more for her to regain a little composure.

Hannah lifted her head after just 2 minutes to meet my gaze indicating to me it was time to carry on and I reapplied my lips to her super sensitive skin. It took just ten tiny kisses for me to reach that final tantalizing button at the centre of her breasts and as I pulled back my head I drew my right hand upwards from it’s bracing point on Hannah’s hip grazing the tips of my nails against her taught abs all the way. With a deft flick the blouse flew open under the high tension and slid down her arms displaying the thing I had been waiting for so long to see and eliciting a little a gasp of surprise from me.

It was more that I could have hoped for as not only were Hannah’s heaving breasts every bit as perfect as I had envisaged, they were also presented to perfection within the tight confines of a glossy red latex demi-cup push-up bra generating a divine cleavage and revealing a tantalizing segment of each previously unseen dusky pink areola!

I took a whole minute to savour the sight, reached out slowly and hooked my thumbs under the soft narrow rubber straps to peel them from Hannah’s shoulders and leave them loosely hanging against her upper arms. The thin rubber material was warm to the touch and pliant with a high degree of stretch which meant I could slide my finger tips inside the cups to ease each firm globe free from its constraint leaving them presented high and proud on Hannah’s chest.

Her nipples were every bit as aroused as they had been the previous afternoon but now I was able to see them in all their majesty framed by inch and a half diameter areolae only a shade darker than Hannah’s flawless skin. I longed to take the nipples into my mouth, to suckle and chew and tease them but I could see that Hannah’s arms were beginning to tremble from the effort of supporting her body so it was time to move on.

Taking Hannah by the shoulders I drew her upright and slipped the blouse fully off her arms leaving it lying on the counter, before telling Hannah to take off her shoes. A flash of confusion passed across her face but she complied without hesitation giving me the added bonus of watching her breasts bounce & sway freely as she bent forward to slip off her high heels & straightened.

I led the now barefoot beauty through a door marked “Strictly No Entry – Authorised Persons Only” into a small hallway then through a second door made of heavy steel secured by a digital combination door lock. This door provided access to the inside of the range itself so I moved behind Hannah, took her slim naked waist in my hands and steered her into the range. Within half a dozen steps after the soles of her bare feet came into contact with the springy coarse textured rubber flooring she stopped dead in her tracks. Hannah’s body went rigid and she stopped breathing, almost as if she had received a massive electric shock.

Steering Hannah forward using the pressure of my hands on her waist I positioned her midway between the centre lines of shooting lane 1 & 2 facing up the range away from the counters. As soon as I took my hands away she once again went rigid with her arms down at her sides, standing with her eyes closed but breathing slowly & deeply.

I drew from my pocket a wide neoprene rifle sling and placed the unresisting right wrist of Hannah in the centre of the 3 inch wide stretchy rubber material which I crossed 3 times around before lifting her arm and securing the nylon webbing ends of the sling around the ceiling target rail of lane 2. I repeated the process on her left wrist with a second sling I had taken from the lockers and secured this to the rail above lane 1. To complete my work I readjusted the rubber bra straps back onto her shoulders.

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