Disrespect Requires Payback

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Some people are so fucking arrogant, their egos completely out of control, that it literally makes them clueless to the impact of their actions on others. Those people truly are pathetic assholes and only extreme measures, or consequences for their actions, will force them to stop and seriously reflect on what they’ve done to other people, they call friends and family, and the damage they have done.

My sister-in-law, Yasmine, Yas for short, is one such person. It was Thanksgiving day and we invited Yasmine, her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend over for dinner. She made it very clear they would all be coming, so of course we bought food for eight people. Come Thanksgiving day, Yasmine rings our doorbell and it’s only her. After a lot of interrogation, we discover that she never actually asked her daughter and boyfriend if they even wanted to come. SO, obviously we were pissed off to the extreme. Speaking for myself, I was ready to beat the ever loving shit out of Yasmine.

What made it worse is Yasmine thinking she had done absolutely nothing wrong and that it was ok for her daughter to utterly disrespect us. To her, disrespecting my wife, our child, our time, energy and money spent on creating a great Thanksgiving dinner and atmosphere was simply ok to do, because we should have just been grateful that she came. UGH!!! Fuck, I was so beyond fucking pissed off. My wife offered her some wine and then asked me to get it for her and I did.

Now, I’ve been irritated by Yas for a long time, years. All she thinks about is her and her daughter. No one else on planet earth matters to Yas and everyone should treat her like the queen of the world. Something inside of me just snapped and I was hell bent on making Yas and her daughter pay severely. A couple of days before, I had ran to the store and bought some gel sleeping pills, for other reasons. Quickly going to my bathroom, I took out six, broke them in half and placed them in a small squeeze bottle and added water. They dissolved rather quickly and I went back to the kitchen and poured Yas a fairly big glass of wine and spiked it good with the dissolved sleeping pill mixture.

Yas drank her wine at a steady pace while I wrapped up getting dinner ready. About twenty minutes later, we all sat down to eat. She ate and about half way through dinner, my wife notice her slurring her words and I looked at her and she was having a very difficult time keep her eyes open. Finally, my wife spoke to her.


She just looked up at my wife, her eyes half closed.

“YAS! Are you ok?”

Her response was very slow and slurred.

“This must be very strong wine. Usually, I’m ok after drinking one glass. Oh god, I think I’m going to pass out.”

And with that, she passed out.

“Holy shit! What do we do Mike?”

“Babe! Hang on a second!”

I checked Yas’s pulse and breathing.

“She’s fine, just passed out drunk. That must be some crazy strong wine or more likely she probably started drinking way before she got here.”

“What should we do?”

“She just needs to sleep it off, so I’ll take her home, lay her in bed, cover her up, but I’ll stay there about an hour or two just to see if she wakes up and make sure she’s really ok. I’ll come home once I’m sure she’s ok.”

“Ok! Sounds good! Please don’t hurry home, make sure she’s ok.”

“I will babe!”

“Thank you for doing that! She’s constantly causing problems for us!!”

“It’ll be ok. I’ll take care of her.”

Now, what I really wanted to do was pick Yas up, slam her on the table, tear her clothes off and fuck several loads of cum deep inside her, but I obviously couldn’t do that in front of my wife. I leaned down next to Yas and put her arm around my neck and my arm around her waist and lifted her up. Her being passed out made her dead weight, so it wasn’t that easy to get her up, but I finally did and walked her to her car through the garage. When I got into the garage, where my wife couldn’t see us, I moved my hand from her waist to her tit, making sure I had a good grip on it, and walked to the car that way.

Yas was wearing a red knit, stretchy type, dress that went mid-thigh, so when I put her in the car, I made sure to pull her dress up above her waist and got my first look at her lace bikini covered crotch. Grabbing a handful of her crotch, my cock went instant telephone pole, due to her panties being completely soaking wet. It was like she had peed her panties, but it was pussy juice. Yas was just like my wife, who automatically gets sloppy wet when she drinks. Both of their pussies turn into sloppy slush buckets when they drink, which makes them amazingly easy and fun to fuck. Then I grabbed my backpack out of my car and headed to her house. Once I reached her house, I opened the garage door and drove in, closing the door behind me. My cock was so fucking hard the pain was almost unbearable.

Walking around the car and opening her door, I pulled her out and leaned her against the car and then closed the door. Shoving my hand down bursa escort into her panties, I easily buried my middle finger in her sloppy cunt, fingered her for a bit and pulled it out, which was now dripping with her pussy juice. Wiping it all over her lips and sliding it into her mouth, I then kissed her deep and hard. Yas’s pussy juice tasted amazing. I began undressing her right there, but remembered that I wanted it all on tape, so I stopped and made sure she was dressed properly.

Once I got her into the house, I took her to her bed and laid her down. Grabbing her phone, I put it in a place where it would record everything. My phone was going to record all the close up shots and take pictures. Going to my backpack, I pulled out my black long-johns, that I use for winter camping, and my stocking hat which only has a narrow slit for my eyes and mouth. Once I changed clothes, I went to her laundry room and found a box of black latex gloves and put on a pair. This would ensure that there was no way I could be recognized.

As I walked into her bedroom, Yas had not moved an inch, so I started her camera recording and then picked her up and went out her bedroom door. When I walked back in the room with her, I acted like we were both drunk, making it look, as best I could, like she was still conscious. We fell on the bed together, me on top of her and I began kissing her and feeling her up and eventually pulling her dress up above her waist. Then I grabbed my phone and recorded me pulling her panties off, making sure to get a close up of her dripping wet panty crotch. Then I got a close up of her sloppy pussy and pulled her cunt lips wide open so I could get a good view of her pussy hole.

Not being able to stop myself, I dove face first into her sloppy cunt and began attacking her cunt with my mouth and tongue. Purposely, I slurped and sucked loudly because I knew she would find it appalling and disgusting when she sees it. Yas’s cunt tasted fucking amazing and I ate her loudly and deeply for over thirty minutes, licking the deepest parts of her cunt. My close up video showed my tongue disappearing into her cunt hole. As I was licking her deep inside, her pussy exploded all over my face and in my mouth. It was fucking amazing and all caught on video!

Even though Yas was passed out, her breathing became very heavy, especially after she exploded. My cock hurt so badly that I had no choice but to mount her and fuck as many loads inside her cunt as I possibly could. Almost ripping her dress and bra off, I mounted her getting my very first penetration of her sloppy slutty cunt on video and very close up. It made me feel like a virgin again. Once I hit bottom, I slowly pulled my cock out and it was literally dripping wet with Yas’s cunt juices. For over ten minutes I filmed my cock slowly fucking in and out of her cunt hole and you could clearly hear the slurping sound it made because her slutty cunt was so sloppy wet.

As I fucked her, I became worried that she might be waking up. Her body was moving, as if she was trying to fuck me back and I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing my cock. After fucking her deep for fifteen minutes, she exploded again, but this time she gasped out loud. It scared the fucking shit out of me, but that didn’t stop me from dumping a huge load of cum into the depths of her cunt. Once I came inside her, she calmed down and showed me she was still completely passed out, but her body seem to know and like me fucking her.

Pulling out of her, with a very loud slurp, I rolled her over into a doggy position, with her head on her pillow and her ass up in the air, and I mounted her again. As I fucked her, I couldn’t take my eye off her asshole, so I began playing with it. To make it easier, I covered my index finger with slippery pussy juice and within ten minutes, had my whole finger buried in her ass. With that I began fucking her ass and her cunt at the same time. After a while, her asshole became loose, so I looked in her nightstand drawer and found a bright pink vibrator. Sliding it into her pussy and turning it on cause her to gasp loudly again, so I just fucked her cunt with it for a while, making sure to push the bunny against her clit.

Within minutes she softly screamed, her body jerked and her pussy exploded all over her toy. I pulled it out, mounted her and pushed the vibrator into her ass. Because it was so slippery wet with her cunt juices, it disappeared into her ass with ease. Once again, I began fucking her hard and deep, but exploded deep inside her within minutes, partially due to the vibration I felt in her ass. Both loads of cum were huge and you could now see my cum leaking out of her well fucked pussy around my cock. Yes, I got a very good close up picture.

Pulling out of her cunt, I rolled her over on her side, so she was facing her phone and I mounted her scissor style, making sure her camera could see my cock disappearing into her sloppy cunt. As I fucked her, the scissor position allowed me to fuck her even deeper than before. bursa escort bayan Yas’s cunt was going to be very sore in the morning and very full of my cum. The other thing I loved about this position is that it allowed me to instantly switch holes and that’s exactly what I did. Sliding my sloppy wet cock out of her cunt, I immediately pushed it into her asshole and instantly slid three inches of my cock into her ass. Her body jerked at the violation, but I didn’t give a fuck!

Pulling it out of her ass and reinserting it into her cunt, I got a fresh coat of pussy juice all over my cock and pushed it back into her ass. Three quarter of my cock disappeared into her ass. Repeating this process one more time, this time, with a hard push, my entire 9″ cock disappeared into her ass. I was now the owner of Yas’s cherry ass and I just left it there for a minute, allowing her ass to adjust to having a telephone pole shoved up it. Then I started fucking her ass slowly and gradually sped up. Once I got a good speed going, I thought about her vibrator again. Grabbing it, I buried it in her cunt hole, the rabbit pressed hard against her clit.

Yas’s cunt clamped down on the vibrator and her ass down on my cock. Fucking her for another ten minutes was all my cock could handle and I exploded up her asshole, which caused a massive eruption of her cunt, spraying pussy juice everywhere. As she exploded, Yas screamed and went into convulsion, with my cock still buried in her ass. I lost it and began raping her ass and then pulled out of her ass and slammed it up her cunt. The next thing I know, I’m switching back and forth between her ass and her cunt and within ten minutes I launch my last and biggest load of cum deep inside her cunt.

Completely exhausted, I collapse on top of her and we just lay there for over thirty minutes. Feeling her body twitch, I got scared again and pull out of her and got up. Fearing I had very little time left, I worked at a fever pace and airdropped her video on her phone onto my phone and deleted it from hers. Then I found a picture of her as she was exploding, showing my cock buried deep inside her and her back arched and mouth open, as if she is screaming in orgasm and airdrop it to her phone and make it her wallpaper and locked it with my own password so she couldn’t change it. Quickly duplicating the video from her phone, I make three two minute clips and airdrop them to her phone and put them in a text to herself. I also sent her the following text to herself.

“Dear Yas! Thank you for the amazing night! I have never ever been fucked, by anyone, like you fucked me tonight. I still can’t believe you made me shoot four huge loads of cum inside your pussy and ass. Just so you know, you have the absolute best tasting cunt I’ve ever eaten as well. Please understand that you are not the person I want to destroy. Please believe that!!! Therefore, I’m giving you a chance to make me destroy all the pictures and video of our amazing fuck session. Unless you want all of your family, friends and coworkers to see all the pictures and videos in my possession you need to go see your brother-in-law Mike ASAP and let him fuck you however he wants and for as long as he wants. If he refuses, which I’m sure he will, and you don’t have sex with him for at least three hours nonstop, everything I have goes out to ALL of your contacts and then I’ll do the exact same thing to your daughter Katie. You have 24-hours!”

To finish the night off, I found her bra and panty sizes and order her twenty new, slutty sexy bra and panty sets and took all of her current bra and panties with me when I left. Before I walked out to go home, I laid her under her covers, slid her vibrator up her ass, with it still on, cover her up and wiped everything down with sanitizer wipes, including Yas’s body.

The next morning, around 9:00 am, my doorbell rings. I open the door and it’s Yas, who looks like utter shit. She almost looked like a homeless person or someone who binged drank all night long.

“YAS! What happened to you?”

She burst into tears, crying like a baby. Taking hold of her hand, I led her into the house and took her to the couch and we sat next to each other, but she couldn’t stop crying.

“Please tell me what happened. I might be able to help you, but won’t know for sure until you tell me what’s making you cry.”

She could barely talk and as she began, her crying made it difficult to understand her at times.

“I was raped last night.”

“WHAT THE HELL??? When, by who, how? Oh my god! I’m so sorry Yas! Let me call the police.”

“NO! Please don’t!”

“WHAT? Why not?”

“If you do, the same thing will happen to Katie!”

“OK YAS!!! You know how much I care about you and Katie! As difficult as this is, you have to tell me everything, including why we’re not calling the police.”

Yas took several deep breathes, helping her to go from crying to sobbing.

“That’s great Yas. Now, I know this is very emotional and painful, but you must tell escort bursa me everything.”

“Did you take me home last night?”


“Had you been drinking before you came to our house for dinner?”

“Yes, several glasses of wine.”

“Ok! That explains the first part. When you got here, you had a fairly large glass of wine and in the middle of eating, you passed out. Your sister and I decided the best thing to do was take you home, lay you on your bed and cover you up and let you sleep it off. I stayed with you for about two hours, just to make sure you were ok, and then I went home. You were very ok when I left and I even set your alarm, so I don’t see how anyone got in without your alarm going off. That is, unless you’ve given other people your alarm code.”

Yas just looked at me and I knew immediately that she had done just that.

“What the hell were you thinking Yas? That’s the craziest thing you could ever do!”

She immediately started bawling again hysterically.

“I’m sorry Yas! It’s just that’s going to make it almost impossible to find out who did this.”

“I know!”

“Ok! Let’s continue. So I put you to bed, stayed for a couple of hours and left. What’s the next thing you remember?”

“I woke up naked in bed around 3:00 am and discovered I’d been raped.”

“Were you all alone?”


“Did they leave any evidence that you could visibly see?”


“Are you physically hurt anywhere?”

“No, but I’m very sore in places, both of my private places.”

“Both? Could there have been two people?”

“Yes! I don’t know! Why are you asking me all this Mike?”

“Because you won’t let me call the police and these are the questions they would ask you and need a very direct and honest answer to, so they can find the person or people who did this.”


“Did they put any marks on you or doing anything to you when they left?”

“I can’t tell you that part. It’s utterly humiliating.”

“I understand how hard this is Yas, but you need to help me out here and tell me everything.”

“They put my vibrator in my ass and turned it on before they left. Then they must have left. They raped my ass Mike!”

“Oh my god Yas! I’m so sorry you had to go through this. Any other clues, notes, etc.”

“They took all my bras and panties and used my phone to send me several texts from myself. They even put a picture of me on my phone!”

“What? Let me see the picture.”

“NO! It’s of me naked and I can’t get it off my phone.”

“Fuck, these guys are experts.”

“Why do you say that?”

“They wanted to leave you a note or message, but these guys did it in a way that makes it impossible to track it to their phone. They know what they’re doing.”

“So we’ll never find out who did it?”

“You and I won’t. This is going to take some serious and professional detective work. Did you smell funny when you woke up?”

“No. I did feel really clean though.”

“Fuck! They wiped you down to eliminate any evidence that might be on your body. Damn!!! This guy is a professional for sure.”

“There’s more.”


“One of their texts told me to do something and if I don’t do it within 24-hours, they will do the same thing they did to me to Katie.”

Yas burst into tears again.

“HOLY SHIT!!! We have to call the police Yas! We have too!”




“Of course not, but having sex with you ends my marriage to your sister! It destroys my life!”

“That’s what they want Mike!!!”


“Their text clearly states they don’t want me or Katie, they want you! What did you do that would cause someone to want you this badly?”

“I have no fucking clue whatsoever! Now I really am going to call the police Yas!”

“NO YOU ARE NOT!!! You are going to fuck me for three hours straight and get Katie and me out of this fucking nightmare!!! Now take me to bed and fuck the hell out of me.”

“So you’re just going to strip naked and let me fuck your brains out Yas. I know you well enough that you’d never do that. You’ve never ever had any interest in fucking me.”

“Oh yeah??? Well, now I do!!!”

Yas stood up and almost tore her clothes off. She was completely naked and had no bra or panties on, so clearly I had gotten all of her underwear. Her new underwear would be coming later tonight. Since I used her card, I had it overnighted to her. As I stared at her naked body, it was great to see her shave pussy again. It allowed me to see her golden brown pussy lips, which were clearly still swollen from the fucking I gave her last night.

“Listen! I know I should be embarrassed standing her naked in front of my brother-in-law, but if we don’t do this, my daughter, your niece, is going to get brutally raped once the 24-hours are up! There’s no time to be embarrassed or shy! It’s time to fuck!!!”

“YAS! You realize that if we do this, we’ll erase any evidence that was left on your body and we’ll never ever catch this asshole and he’ll keep doing it to other women.”

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