Divorcee Married Step-Son

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Jenni Lee

I had a loving relationship with a young man, much my junior, and now we are happily married. Mine can be classified as extraordinary being surprise I could ever get hitched again. I recollect the happenings, still vivid in my mind though it began many years ago. It was like a fairy tale came real to me. It began many years ago quite unexpectedly on the nudist beach. It was only later after we had spent time together enjoying each other’s company and got serious to meet his mother, I discovered he was the stepson of my ex-husband. I had seen him when he was young and when I saw him again accidentally on the nudist beach he had grown into a broad shouldered young man I could not recognize.

It was a mishap that got us to each other. On that day, I went to nudist beach with my usual group of friends. I went to get some drinks and on my way back tripped and injured my ankle. I couldn’t get up and walked. I had to sit on the sand rubbing my ankle to suppress the pain. Along he came out of nowhere and he saw me in a desperate condition. He asked if he could help. I was in pain and he squatted down and lifted me up and carried me to a bench. After seated me, he proceeded to massage my leg and ankle. I leaned back eyeing him as he tried to relieve me of the pain.

As he was squatting down in front of me, my womanhood was fully exposed in his sight. I sensed he was looking, albeit sheepishly, and must be aroused as I noticed his manhood slowly rose and stood erected. It was not unusual to see erection among men on the beach. It was a natural male instinct on seeing something that aroused his erotic sense. He didn’t so much as hide and felt naturally, carried on rubbing my leg and ankle.

I was flattered I could thrilled him though I was at least twice his age from my judgments. I was in exuberant mood. I was feeling sensual and closed my eyes enjoying his touch. I was feeling wet and aroused. It was an unbearable urging surge inside me. But I controlled. That being our first encounter. I mustn’t made him thought I was a wanton woman. I wanted respect too, to be treated like a lady.

He was most gentleman without doubt, barely touching me besides nudging my leg and ankle. Even doing that he could send me erotically high. If his hands crept higher up my thighs I surely could throw myself at him. Like a gentleman, he didn’t. Neither did I wanted him to reach further because that would put me in a dilemma as my brains said no but flesh said yes willingly. I had good feeling he was giving me such attention. I didn’t want to be seen as a wanton woman in his eyes.

He could see I was in pain and walked with a limp hardly able to take a few steps. I had to hold onto him. He said I needed to be treated in a hospital and would bring me there. What his intention was didn’t cross my mind. All I knew he was attentive to the point I felt obligated not only flattered that his penis rose erected to full attention seeing me at close quarters.

He carried me to my group of friends to get dressed. Upon seeing me carried in his arms, all of them uttered with gasps. I was more embarrassed than glad. Then again I never felt so envious by them. They asked the What, Why, How we got with each other. He said the important thing was to send me to hospital fast. My friends helped me dressed. He went to get his clothes.

Soon again I was in his strong arms, carried to his car. I looked into his eyes and smiled approvingly saying, “How could I repay his kindness.”

He said, “Just be my friend.”

“Were we not already?” I asked.

He smiled and I knew that he wanted to see me again.

Things just happened unexpectedly and I couldn’t ask for more.

I put my arms round his neck and snuggled close as we approached his car. I really felt wanted as a woman. My wild fantasy I should add at that moment. Our age gap would deter him and I didn’t give much hope we would be any more closer than at that moment in his arms.

I got X-rayed and luckily no fracture except a bruised bottom and sprained ankle. My ankle was put in cast. He bought me crutches and refused my payment. I was touched and it was not about the money. He could have good intentions but I needed to be careful in our relationship going ahead. I didn’t want to be obligated. Friendship would be marvelous.

He drove me to dinner and then home. I took a bath. In my condition it was a task bathing myself but I managed. Being knowing him such short time, I didn’t ask his help.

After I bathed, he stayed a while for coffee before leaving. We exchanged contact numbers asking me to call him anytime when I felt like doing so. I didn’t have a serious relationship with a man for years. It would be a crazy fantasy I was going to have one then. What more with a young man might be half my age. I felt aged with him so I never expected any more than being mere friends coming together enjoying common interests and getting interested in each other’s past time activities. Others might think he was my toy boy or gigolo to spur up my loneliness. Rize Escort I had none of that. Without a man but not lonely with my group of friends of both sexes. I couldn’t help what others thought. Then I should stop seeing him? Which was not an acceptable idea for my egoism.

I didn’t want to impose so I didn’t phone him. He called me and enquired about my ankle asking if he could visit me that evening after work and have dinner together. He was such a sweet gentleman even to an old lady like me. How could I not accept his invitation. He came shortly. I was still having difficulty walking. I said let me tried walking but he insisted I shouldn’t aggravate my condition. He did the most tender caring action.

He lifted and carried me to his car. My neighbor saw us, smiled to me and asked how serious I was. I gave her the impression I was having difficulty walking to pre-empt further questions. I felt in cloud nines that she saw me in the arms of a young strong man. Was I that attractive to him that he spent his time caring for me I asked myself? Or I reminded him of his dear mama? My spirit sparkled if it was the former and sighed if the latter was the case. Well I told myself enjoyed while the going was good and let the natural course took over.

When we arrived at the posh restaurant, he told me he bought a wheel chair asking if I mind to sit in. I looked at him and smilingly replied he was so considerate. I asked him how would he liked to be seen, as a filial son pushing his mother in a wheel chair, a gentleman gallantly carrying his lady in, and before I could finish, he added or a spirited lady limped gingerly in on the arms of her lover. I giggled heartily at his humor and couldn’t help looking in his eyes lovingly. In the moment of excitement, he gamely lifted and carried me into the restaurant after handing the car’s key to the valet.

I hugged tight onto him not that I was worried I could fall but in a romantic way showing my appreciation. At the table, a waitress presented me a bouquet with a card – Speedy recovery so we can enjoy in the nature environment together soon. Yours With Love. No man had ever gave me so wonderful a feeling. He was the one and only. I gazed at his eyes, locked for an eternal few seconds. He had a captivating awe inspiring face. I bent over and kissed his lips. He responded eagerly, we locked lips lingering for a long passionate moment. I heard clicking of camera and flashes. While we were still locked lips, a violinist played a romantic sentimental music at our table. He really made me felt like his lady that evening.

Only later he confided he had made the dinner arrangement to celebrate knowing me and to start off our friendship. He added hopefully we could be compatible and comfortable with each other and maybe better things could come our way. I told him I had reservation because of our age gap adding peoples might say he were my gigolo and would hurt him then. Definitely we clicked as friends but going deeper and further might not be appropriate. His friends would make him a laughing stock making out with a woman old enough to be his granny.

He seemed to have rehearsed a reply saying, “Mature women could be as desirable as they age. Don’t write off yourself so readily. Why should only 20 year old be considered desirable? Society was not so kind to a May-December relationship when the woman was older.”

I said it would be best if we took one step at a time and considered earnestly should we venture deeper. I didn’t know we could be so frank and open in our early friendship. It was good that he spoke his mind. At least we knew where we were coming from, what expectation out of each other going forward. I didn’t want to misled him and ultimately disappointed him. He valued my thoughtfulness and said that was the main reason he found more comfortable with a mature woman and always wanted one for a girlfriend.

When he first saw me, he knew I might be the one for him.

“A natural beauty spared of make-up and physically attractive too with curves at the right places,” he added looking earnestly at me.

With our candid interaction so far, he was reassured he wanted to pursue friendship with me. I never knew I could be so captivating to leering eyes of a young man. I was flattered beyond words. I took his hands and said he would make any woman proud to be his girlfriend. An old woman like me was so touched, almost tearing I told him. He leaned towards me and kissed me passionately. I thought I was in fantasy world but it was reality in front of me. A dashing young strong man who found me, an old woman, interesting to befriend. It was a splendid evening.

After dinner and serenading by the violinist, we chatted like long time friends. Really we could click. Surprised me how wonderful a man I met and right there with me in a romantic ambience. We left the restaurant same way we came in.

He carried me to the car.

I jokingly uttered, “A bit heavier.”

He replied jokingly too, “I needed Rize Escort Bayan a massage later and should I obliged.”

Laughing he carried me out of the restaurant with a standing ovation from the staff. A few days later, he showed me photographs of us in that restaurant. We looked a very romantic couple spending the evening lovingly. We looked at them, admiring them like they were honeymoon photo shots, showing our affection poses. We liked some shots and he suggested enlarging and framed up a photo or two to hang in my house. That what I was thinking too. How we thought alike and communicated with our minds intuitively. We picked three though I wanted more but he said we would be having many more togetherness photographs in future to hang. Three was a good start to look at and raised our desire to see each other in real more often.

He had his way to ease my uncertainty about his sincerity and honesty. He put it so romantically. I thought to myself he planned to such details. How could I not be swooned by him and tried my best to make good progress in our friendship. I was game progressing our friendship. I was infatuated. I was love stricken. I could feel a little bit of sexual tension creeping up.

I was jostled from my positive thoughts by my group of friends when they visited me to see how I was recovering. They queried why I did not contact them for so long. After seeing the photos of us hanging in my house they probably guessed whom I spent my time with. I told them I was recuperating and I went out with him numerous times.

Some congratulated me. Some I sensed envied me. Most of them threw cold water and said he might be a stalker pretending to court old women, sweet talked to gain their confidence with motive to siphon old women’s money. He was preying on me and I was snared by his charms. That was a possibility I never considered. Was he setting a trap for me? I got worried. His attention and the speed things moved were too good to be true? He was closing up on me with determination. Could my friends be right he was after my money. I must tread cautiously.

The next few day’s outings, he noticed how tensed I was with him. Not my usual bustling mood and reserved almost like strangers. He did most of the talking unlike previously we would banter cheerfully without a care. He said I looked worried and things were troubling me. He added what were friends for if not to share and help each other. He asked if money was the issue. He could give me if it was not too much an amount. If not enough he would think of ways to help me.

I didn’t know how to make of it. My friends said he was after my money and now he was willing to give me should I need. I was puzzled and confused how to proceed. Was he tricking me to gain my trust and confidence in him and then made off with my money eventually. I looked at him and asked what I had to interest him. He replied he liked my old self in earlier days when we talked and joked openly then suddenly I was at arm’s length keeping a distance. He enjoyed my company, so refreshing and endearing. Did he do anything to offend me he asked. I was in a fix how to answer him. Wasn’t those words he just said that got women swooned over a man. I got more clamped up.

I was afraid he was a conman after my money. What he said just reinforced what my friends told me. My fantasy of us shattered. I was in despair only wished he wasn’t there in front of me. I felt nervous. He showed concern and brought me a drink to calm down. After that I was more collected and I asked looking in his eyes intensively if he had hidden agenda befriending me.

He locked eyes with me and replied he had made known his intentions on me already and still was be a friend and looked forward to grow and reinforce a meaningful relationship with me should we found ourselves compatible. And we were going fine and well. Then my change of attitude and doubting my intentions. If he was too stressful a character for me, he suggested we stopped seeing each other and stopped communication. But he hoped we could get back to our bubbly selves. He wanted to send me home and let me thought over it.

I was still in cast. He lifted and carried me to the car.

I felt safe in his strong arms and clanged tightly as we walked to the car. Once he carried me into my home, he set to leave after seeing to my comfort. He kissed me. We locked lips passionately.

Somehow I got the feeling he wasn’t after my money. I asked him to stay for awhile so I could tell him what was upsetting me. I related what my friends said. He looked into my eyes and asked if I believed him or my friends. Without losing time, he added my friends was right doubting his designs on me. I popped out into your life so abruptly and we carried on like long time friends in such a short time he added. Whereas they were my long time friends with much life experience and had my interest at heart. It was only natural I believed them more than him.

He added “Someday everything will make perfect Escort Rize sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself everything happens for a reason.”

Now that he knew the reason why I was so reserved he would leave me alone and he would take leave adding to call him when my mood was better. He would do all he could to convince me he was sincere since day one we met. I shed tears and hugged him. We kissed. It was a long passionate locked lips kiss. We remained coddling, kissing and fondling. I muttered I believed he was sincere and sorry for doubting him.

As it was quite late and he had to work next day he left. I promised I would call him. We would resume our relationship and picked up from those happier days. Was I too hasty to accept what he said I pondered. I told myself knowing him was my opportunity which I should try to work on not doubting him which put a barrier to going forward. I got a call from him when he reached home. I turned more jubilant on hearing his voice. Jokingly as usual telling me not to worry he arrived safely at home.

Sooner than expected, we went back to our norm and looking for better things to come.

He came visiting me often after work and we would go dinner or had delivery pizza. Sometime after dinner he would bring me to a pub for a drink and listened to music.

I was still in cast and difficulty walking. At all times he carried me around to places. People would look at us. Some smilingly, other frowned. But I enjoyed his attention and never bother what others thought.

We chatted like previously without care or felt bothersome. He was caring to the point of perfection. I wished he were my boyfriend.

I was thinking, if only I was much much younger, I would not fear a compatibility issue and could spend all my energy in knowing and discovering him. He did tell me about his family and growing up times. He had a number of girlfriends but none lasted long due to incompatibility and different interests. I told him mine and jokingly said I was married divorced more times than Elizabeth Taylor. I reverted to using my maiden name.

He asked my marital status, paused gazing at me for my reply. I drew close to him and said single and available. Adding slowly only to the best man who love me and matter most to me. I said I rather remained single than had all the heartache again which I had gone through in marriages. No suitors, secret or known, he asked inquisitively.

I answered one maybe I knew but he had yet to declare he was outright wooing me. Though he was showing all the signs discreetly I said. Until he told me, I stressed no suitor, still single and available. Then he quipped that hanging our photographs in the house was to incite him to be jealous and made him court me seriously. That said he anxiously awaited my reply.

I said, “He must be taking his time because quite likely he had many other choices as he was handsome. I hung up the photographs for us not for anybody.”

I hoped he got it that all the while I was hinting the suitor I wished for was him. He didn’t seem to think so. Instead he wished me luck and be hitched fast and our being seen together would not affect my courtship. He looked sad but composed soon after. We were back to bantering happily on other subjects.

After a month in cast, it was time to go for checkup and hopefully to remove it. He came to fetch me to hospital. As usual he carried me out to his car and drove to the hospital. At the hospital, an attendant fetched a wheelchair and pushed me to the X-ray clinic. That was the first time after my fall and in cast he did not carry me. He wanted to push the wheelchair but the attendant said it was his job. I glanced at him and tapped his hands. I knew he wanted to kiss me but didn’t.

The X-ray showed my ankle bone had healed and had the cast removed. I could walk with a slight limp. I got pushed to the car in the wheelchair. To celebrate my recovery, he drove to an alfresco restaurant for tea and cakes. We joked about how he would miss carrying me around. I could let him held my hands instead.

“And wrapped my hands round my waist, hips or bums,” he said cheekily.

We chuckled at his crankiness, chatted freely and canoodled the time away. It was a happy ambience. Later he took me back to the restaurant. The staff recognized me and congratulated me for recovering after presenting me with a bouquet. We were seated in a cozy room and ate in privacy. The violinist came to serenade and after dinner we spent a while more chatting. We left arm in arm and at the doorstep posed for photographs. It was dinner in an enchanting setting.

I wanted to walk, really I wanted to stay longer with him, so he suggested a stroll in the sea front. It was a moon lit night with lot of stars gave a breathtaking view of the sky. We walked in a relaxing mood, hand in hand initially, progressing to wrapping hands round the waists, later slided his hand onto my hip and soon down fondling my bums cheekily asked if my bums still hurt. I was excited as I was expecting him to hold me the way he said earlier in the day. I was thrilled and hugged tight squeezing on his waist. It was a romantic atmosphere. I was captivated by his gentle touch and caress.

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