DJ Pt. 26

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Chastity Cage

In Part 26

Jamal and Rusty explore their Feelings

Bryan and Phil ‘Borrow’ DJ’s Bed

Matt & Marie’s First Date

Randy & Daryl’s Party

DJ Part 26

Jamal arrived on campus about 8:45 AM on Wednesday morning, he parked in his usual area and was looking around for that ‘special’ pickup truck, and didn’t see it. He’s hoping that Rusty hasn’t changed his mind. Ah, there he comes, and Rusty parked right next to Jamal’s car.

Rusty, sliding out of the driver’s seat, smiling, “Good morning!”

“Back atcha,” Jamal replied, “Just seeing your smile is already making it a good morning, come here.” Jamal gave Rusty a hug.

“I guess we’d better head to class, or we’ll both be late,” Rusty said, as they walked together into the main building, “we’re still on for later aren’t we?”

“I’m looking forward to it,” Jamal replied, smiling.

The two split paths, and headed to their 9:00 AM classes. At about 11:00 they met up by their cars.

“Where would you like to go for lunch, that’s not fast food?” Jamal asked.

“I don’t know,” Rusty replied, “maybe Denny’s, or Applebee’s.”

“I like both,” Jamal said, “but I think Denny’s is a little easier on the wallet, we should probably drive there separately.”

The two guys headed to Denny’s, Jamal leading and Rusty following behind him, and once again they parked in adjoining spaces. The receptionist led them to a booth, and Rusty slid into one side and Jamal slid in beside him.

“I’m curious,” Rusty said, “why you didn’t sit on the other side?”

“Because,” Jamal remarked, “I wanted to sit WITH you, not across from you, do you want me to move over there?”

“No, I guess not,” Rusty replied, smiling.

The waitress took their drink orders, a Coke for Rusty and a Sprite for Jamal, and the two boys studied the menu together, and ordered a few minutes later. While they waited for their meals, Jamal took Rusty’s hand in his. Rusty was caught a little off guard at first, but then decided he liked the feeling of his hand in Jamal’s and smiled.

About halfway through their meal, Jamal reached over and picked up Rusty’s Mushroom Burger and took a bite.

“Hey!” Rusty exclaimed, “I’ve been eating off that.”

Jamal, grinning, “Do you have some kind of fatal disease that’s gonna kill me? We kissed Monday, and I’m still alive.”

Rusty then returned the favor, taking a bite from Jamal’s spicy chicken sandwich. The boys finished their lunch with a Large Sundae, with two spoons, grinning at each other with each bite. They added a $4.00 tip and split the total with their debit cards.

Rusty, as they were about to leave, “Do you have enough gas, it’s about 10 miles out, to where I live.”

“Yeah, I’m good, I probably got half a tank,” Jamal replied.

They got into their vehicles, and Jamal followed Rusty to his Grandparents home, out in the boonies. As soon as they arrived, Jamal called his Mom and told her that he and a school chum had just eaten lunch at Denny’s, and he was spending the afternoon with his friend at his friends Grandparents home. He didn’t feel the need to tell his Mom that Rusty had the house to himself.

“Rusty, I gotta piss, the Sprite is coming through.”

“There are no neighbors within sight, and I usually just water the grass when I’m outside, but I can lead you to the bathroom if you want.”

“The grass does look a little thirsty,” Jamal replied, as he unzipped and pulled his big cock out and let the pee escape, and Rusty did likewise, the two boys glanced at each other, grinning.

They were standing on the large deck, on the backside of the house, next to a swimming pool that was still covered for the winter.

Jamal, do you swim?”

“Yeah, in warmer weather.”

“Ever swim naked?” Rusty asked.

“No, never done that, do you?”

“Yep, but just when the Grandparents are away, and sometimes I sunbathe naked too, and get a full body tan. I love to be naked, and sometimes I go hiking in those woods, just wearing sneakers.”

“That sounds kind of—interesting!” Jamal replied.

“If we’re still friends, come warm weather, we can do both, swimming and hiking, au natural.” Rusty said, “It’s an awesome sensation of utter freedom, feeling the breeze on your body. Let me show you around.”

Rusty gave Jamal the grand tour, ending up in Rusty’s bedroom.

“Jamal, would you like for us to maybe take off our shirts, and just lay down and relax for a while?”

With no further conversation, both boys removed their shirts and t-shirts, and lay on the bed, facing each other. Rusty ran his hand over the top of Jamal’s head several times.

“I love the feel of your hair, Jamal, it’s so different than mine.”

Jamal, running his fingers through Rusty’s soft red hair, “Black’s and White’s have different hair types, and I kind of like the softness of your hair too.”

“Jamal, can you maybe teach me more about what it means, and what it’s like, to be gay?”

“I think, Rusty,” Jamal tried to explain, “it’s bursa escort probably a little different for each individual. For some guys, it’s just a matter of finding a guy you like, hopping into bed and getting each other off, and it’s all about having sex. Wham, Bam, thank you man! That’s what most of society thinks gay is all about.”

While Jamal is softly speaking, Rusty’s head has found a home on Jamal’s shoulder, and his hand is caressing Jamal’s ribs. Jamal’s arm is around Rusty’s shoulder, and he is caressing Jamal’s chest.

“A lot of guys never think about the beauty of love, it’s just sex. Rusty, I’m not looking for a fuck buddy, I want a boyfriend, a boy that I can call mine. Someone to love, that can love me, that I can build a relationship with, maybe even for life.”

“Jamal,” Rusty commented, “I’ve never felt this comfortable before, I’d like to lay here like this with you forever. Do you think you could stay over, and sleep with me tonight?”

“That’s a tough question,” Jamal stated, “my heart says yes, but I feel my parents would say no, and be really upset. They’re just starting to understand me, and beginning to accept me. Maybe in a couple of weeks, after we get to know each other better, I could take you home to meet them. I told Mom a couple of days ago what I really want, but I’m not quite ready to prove it to her yet.”

The two boys lay there for a few more minutes, and Rusty started to undo Jamal’s belt buckle, button and zipper. Jamal wasn’t hard, but got that way quickly once Rusty had his hand on Jamal’s cock.

“Rusty, what are you doing?” Jamal asked.

“I just wanted to see if I can make you cum.”

Jamal had no more objections, and Rusty, after adjusting his own hard cock inside his jeans, started to slide his hand up and down on Jamal’s now throbbing tool.

“That’s not fair!” Jamal blurted, pushing Rusty’s hand off his cock. “If you’re gonna do me, I want to do you.”

Jamal quickly opened Rusty’s jeans, pushed his boxers down and had his hand on Rusty’s leaking erection. The two boys worked each other’s cocks for several minutes and Rusty blew his wad all over his stomach. Within about 1 minute, Jamal followed, shooting several healthy ropes of semen onto his own stomach.

Rusty, jumping off the bed, “Let me get some washcloths.” Rusty was compromised, and slid the jeans and boxers down, and stepped out of them, then headed to the bathroom, and got some warm, wet washcloths, and returned to the bedside.

“I gotta try this!” Rusty exclaimed, and lowered his head down over Jamal’s body and licked up some of Jamal’s cum from his stomach. After the first taste, he went back for seconds, and thirds.

“Oh,” Jamal said, snickering, “you’re turning into a cum-gobbler too! How was it?”

“Not bad,” Rusty said, grinning, “I think I could acquire a taste for it! You know that was the first time I ever tasted it. Do you think we ought to shower?”

“Can we shower together?” Jamal asked.

“Why not, that sounds like fun.”

The two boys enjoyed showering together, and washing each other, especially those oversized cocks. Both of these boys are hung pretty well, about 8 or 9 inches in their flaccid state. They dried and returned to Rusty’s bedroom, lying on the bed naked, their bodies touching, and their arms holding each other.

“Oh My God, Rusty,” Jamal remarked, “I want to sleep with you so fucking bad! I’ve got to try something, I need to make a call.”

Jamal grabbed his phone, and pressed 2 to speed dial his mother and she answered.

“Mama, I’m going to stay over with my new friend tonight, so I won’t be home for dinner.”

(Question on the phone)

“His name is Irwin, and he’s a fellow student.”

(Question on the phone)

“Yes Mama, there is a spare bedroom here.”

(Question on the phone)

“Mama, I can’t talk much more, my I-phone needs charging.”

(Question on the phone)

“He has a class at 2:00, so I’ll be home by then, I love you.”

“Whew!” Jamal exclaimed, smiling, “She bought it, I’m sleeping with you tonight!” Rusty grinned, and gave Jamal a big hug.

“What was that about the spare bedroom?” Rusty asked.

“She wanted to know if you had a spare bedroom for me to sleep in, I didn’t dare tell her I was sleeping with you. I didn’t really lie, since your grandparents are away, isn’t their room a spare?”

Rusty, snickering, “I guess it is, but I wouldn’t want to stash you away in there, all by yourself, I’m too greedy. I want to feel your bare skin touching mine, like we are right now, it just feels so terribly good.”

“Rusty, aren’t you afraid the black might rub off on you?”

“Oh,” Rusty remarked, grinning, “I kind of forgot that you’re black, what if my white comes off on you, like chalk on a blackboard?” Both boys giggled.

“I won’t lose any sleep worrying about that, you’ve already left imprints all over my body, mostly inside, and invisible, but I can feel them, like little warm spots.”

“Jamal, I’m having görükle escort feelings that I don’t understand, and I can’t explain them. I think I could be falling in love with you.”

“Rusty! That’s a dangerous word, and how can you even speak of love for another boy, when you don’t even know if you’re gay?”

“I think that has been resolved,” Rusty answered, “I don’t just think I’m gay anymore, I know fucking well that I am! I can’t even fathom having feelings for a girl anything like the ones that I have for you!”

Rusty, are you getting hungry? I think my lunch has run out, and it was a few hours ago.”

Rusty, taking Jamal by the hand, “Let’s go see what’s available,” and led Jamal toward the kitchen, and opened a cupboard door.

“I’m not exactly a gourmet cook” Rusty said, “can you handle some Hamburger Helper?”

“Rusty, I’m not fussy, just hungry,” Jamal stated, “whatever you fix, I’ll eat.”

Rusty then opened the freezer door and retrieved a package of frozen ground beef.

“Do you like broccoli?” Rusty asked.

“Sure, I told you I’m not fussy.”

Rusty took the broccoli and the ground beef to the sink, placing the frozen ground beef into a pan of cold water to thaw.

“It’s going to take the meat about half an hour to thaw enough to cook, meanwhile I’ll prepare the broccoli to steam it.” Rusty said.

While Rusty was washing and cutting the broccoli up, Jamal stood behind Rusty, wrapping his arms around his torso, his chin resting on Rusty’s shoulder, and his flaccid cock against Rusty’s crack. Rusty was smiling, loving the feeling of their closeness, and Jamal’s affection. Rusty’s heart was starting to melt.

Rusty dried his hands on a paper towel and turned around, facing Jamal and placed his lips on Jamal’s, and wrapped his arms around him. The two boys shared a romantic and passionate kiss, causing both of them to feel some arousal down below. Rusty reached down and gave Jamal’s half-erect penis a loving squeeze, making Jamal grin. Both boys are excited that Jamal is sleeping over with Rusty tonight, not so much a sexual excitement, but more the idea of just being together.

While waiting for the meat to thaw, they ended up lying on the bed together, just feeling and exploring one another’s bodies. Jamal noticed a scar on Rusty’s abdomen and Rusty told him that was from having his appendix removed, when he was about 8 years old.

“Jamal, have you ever loved anyone, or had a boyfriend?”

“No, I’ve had some sex with a few guys, but I’ve never been in love, and never had a boyfriend,” Jamal answered.

“Do you think—never mind,” Rusty said.

“What, Rusty, do I think what?” Jamal inquired.

“Well, do you think you could possibly love me, if I loved you?”

“I think I could ask the same question of you,” Jamal responded, “honestly, I’ve never had the feelings for another boy that I’ve got for you. After we talked on the phone last night, I finally fell asleep, hugging my pillow, and pretending it was you!”

“So, maybe,” Rusty asked, “we could become boyfriends?”

“I don’t know, but I won’t say it couldn’t happen,” Jamal replied, “I think we need some time to get to know each other better, and time is on our side. I feel incredibly comfortable when I’m around you, and this day will be one I won’t forget easily. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute we’ve spent together today, and I hope we can maybe do it again on Friday, maybe we can spend the whole weekend together, if you would like to.”

“I think I’d like that, let me get our dinner started, the meat should be thawed enough to cook by now.”

The boys returned to the kitchen, Jamal sat at the table while Rusty put on his Grandmother’s apron and cooked the Hamburger Helper, and then steamed the broccoli, and they shared dinner together.

After dinner, they sat together, naked, on the sofa and watched a movie on Netflix, both boys periodically touching each other, not in a sexual manner, and both enjoyed their serenity, and just being together. When the movie ended, about 11:00 PM, Rusty rose from the sofa.

“Snack time,” Rusty announced, grabbing Jamal’s hand and leading him to the kitchen.

Rusty took a box out of the fridge, got two dessert plates, and placed a slice of Cherry Cheesecake on each plate, putting the rest back into the fridge. Rusty used his fork to take a bite of the cheesecake and held it in front of Jamal’s lips, Jamal accepted the offering, and copied, feeding a bite to Rusty. The two repeated the procedure until the plates were empty, just having fun together.

Rusty cut the lights off, and the two boys headed to Rusty’s room for the night. They didn’t need to undress, as they were both already naked. They slipped into bed and Rusty killed the lamp on the bedside table.

Jamal slid close to Rusty and put his arms around his torso, spooning Rusty. Rusty snuggled as close as possible to Jamal.

“This is awesome,” Jamal remarked, “I’ve never slept with another boy before, but it’s already bursa escort bayan feeling great.”

“You told me you’d had sex with other boys.” Rusty stated.

“I have,” Jamal replied, “but I was usually on my knees, never in bed, have you ever slept with another boy?”

“Kinda Sorta,” Rusty responded, “sometimes, when I visited my Aunt, I slept with my cousin, Raymond, but we were only like 9 and 10 years old, not even into puberty, and we wore pajamas. This is my first time sleeping with an adult boy.”

The two young men just cuddled, and caressed each other, spoke some small talk, and both were in ecstasy, just high on each other. Neither one of the boys made any attempt to do anything, sexually. They were both very comfortable, relaxed and soon fell asleep, leaving no room for so much as a sheet of paper between their bodies.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

That same Wednesday morning, at the Seldon home, everything was pretty normal for a school morning. Karen prepared breakfast for the three boys, and they left for campus in the Tracker a little after 8:30 AM.

“Bryan,” DJ stated, grinning, “we’re planning a little switch up for tonight. You’re working until 10:00 aren’t you?”

“Yep,” Bryan replied, “What do you mean, by a switch up?”

“Well, if you and Phil can find your way to my Dad’s house, Dad and Joe will be expecting you guys to arrive there after work and spend the night.”

“Wow!” Bryan exclaimed, smiling, “They said it was ok? I can’t wait to tell Phil!”

“I think they are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces. Dad said that he and Joe may go out earlier, but they should be back by at least 9:30. If they go to bed before you and Phil get there, they will leave the back door unlocked for you.” DJ replied.

“I’ll tell Mom,” Jamie said, “when I get home from work tonight, so she won’t be concerned, and so she’ll know you won’t be there tonight or in the morning, because you’re at DJ’s house.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Neither Joe nor I had anything pressing that Wednesday, February 7th, and we slept in until after 10:00 AM. Once we’d had coffee and a leisurely breakfast, we decided to take care of some domestic duties. Somewhere along the way, I informed Joe that Phil and Bryan was planning to use DJ’s rent-a-bed that night, and Joe grinned.

Joe took both of our cars, one at a time, to the car wash, and got them detailed as well. I gathered up all the soiled towels, the sheets from our bed, and all of our family’s soiled clothing and did five loads of laundry. In between loads, I prepared and baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Usually I just gather the boy’s clean clothing and lay it on their bed for them to sort and put away. Since their bed was being ‘rented out’ tonight, I actually hung up their shirts, and folded and put away their socks, t-shirts and boxer-briefs.

Joe and I decided to splurge, and have a quiet, romantic dinner at the Hometown Café, and then treat us to a movie. We arrived back home about 9:15 PM, made certain the back door was unlocked, and crawled into bed, just to cuddle and enjoy each other. Joe turned the TV in our room on, and we got into watching it for a while.

At 11:00 PM, when the shows ended, we decided some hot cocoa would be nice before bed and returned to the kitchen, no need to get dressed, as we were in for the night. I made a large pot of cocoa, anticipating the boys would also enjoy some before bed.

About 11:20 Bryan and Phil entered through the back door, locking it behind them. I informed them that I had made a large pot of hot cocoa, planning for them to help us drink it. It would have been highly unlikely that they would not observe that Joe and I were both naked.

“That sounds good,” Phil remarked, “baby, lets get ready for bed and then have some hot chocolate with Doug and Joe.” Getting ready for bed probably means getting naked?”

About five minutes later, the boys reappeared in their birthday suits, Phil with that massive cock dangling, and Bryan already half erect from anticipation. I poured them cups of hot cocoa, and placed the Christmas cookie jar on the table. They sat together on the opposite side of the table from Joe and me. I love this glass- topped table, the scenery underneath can be quite interesting.

Bryan became rather occupied, one hand holding the cookie he was munching on and the other playing with Phil’s growing erection.

“Baby, stop that, you’re making me hard!” Phil complained, probably too late. Joe and I could see that Phil was nearly, or maybe completely, at full mast. It had to be nearly 10″ long, but only a little bigger than it is soft.

Joe, grinning, “Bryan, what do you do with that, put it over your shoulder and burp it?”

Bryan, red faced and grinning, “I have a garage big enough for him to park it in.!” Bryan is still fondling that big prick.

“I hope you guys practice safe sex,” I said.

“Doug,” Phil replied, “neither Bryan or I have ever had sex with anyone else, so I’m certain we’re both clean, why waste money on condoms.” Phil had a point, Joe and I nodded in agreement.

The two boys rose from the table, both of them sporting very hard and obvious erections. There is no way to ‘hide’ an erection, not when you’re butt naked, anyway.

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