Doctor Treats His Nurse

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I was having an affair with a nurse that worked at a hospital where I worked. She told me that her husband was getting suspicious about her. He did the laundry, since she worked a lot of mandatory overtime, and found cum in her panties.

She told him that it was his, and since he had no way of proving it wasn’t, he dropped the matter. A while later, he started complaining that her pussy seemed loose. She told him that after having five children, her vagina was probably stretched. “The kids? That’s bullshit,” he told her, “you are fucking someone with a bigger dick than mine, a lot bigger.”

She told me that I was A LOT bigger than her husband, and she could hardly feel him anymore! She told me that she loved it real deep, and after having five children, she needed a big cock to satisfy her. She was so horny, she even let Lester, the black janitor, fuck her with a rubber one late night at the hospital. She said he was big, but didn’t quite satisfy her, and that his dick was like a big finger compared to mine.

After hearing about her husband’s suspicions, I told her that we should “cool it” for a while. She said no way, and that she would give him up first.

Her husband started following her and “caught” her having lunch with me several times. He told her that he now knew “who” she was fucking. He told her that she better stay away from having lunch with a doctor, particularly an Italian. She told him that we are just friends, and she needs a friend in her corner at the hospital. He didn’t like this but said he understood with all of the bullshit hospital politics.

I told her to do a better clean-up job after we fucked. I think she let the cum go all over her underpants on purpose. I think that she wanted him to know just to taunt him, but she told me that she just wanted to keep some of me with her as long as possible.

She told me that he started wanting to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri fuck her more often. She told me that on days when I fucked her she would try to avoid having sex with him. He must have known because he insisted on fucking her that night. She told me that he would eat my cum out of her pussy like crazy. She said he would cum real fast after he ate her, and could only last about 1 minute because he was so excited.

One day, I got a call from him at work. He asked me to meet him at a local bar for a drink just to bullshit. I reluctantly agreed, and figured he wanted to confront me. I went in to the bar, and he was there already and called me over to join him. We had a few beers with some small talk, and of course, I needed to piss. I went to the restroom and a minute later he showed up. The restroom only had one urinal. He came up behind me, and asked me if I need some help holding that big “thing”.

He told me that he knew that I have been fucking the hell out of his wife, and he now knows why she likes me so much. He asked me to let him suck my cock and feel the pleasure I was giving his wife. He confessed that he had been eating my cum out of his wife, and thinks he might be gay. He then asked me if he could just hold my cock. “I can’t figure out how you even get it into her,” he said.

I just walked out of the rest room and went back to the bar. I finished my drink and told him I was leaving. He asked me if I was mad; I told him no. He asked me if I was going to mention it to his wife or anybody; I told him no. He thanked me and told me it’s OK if I keep fucking his wife!

One day his wife called me to come to her house. Her husband had started work for a new company, and they were sending him out of town for training. Her kids wanted to stay at their auntie’s place. She said that it would be a perfect time for us to fuck!

I güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri went over to her house after I finished my rounds. We showered and headed straight for their bed. We were eating each other, and then I heard a noise; someone was in the next room. Then one of my worst nightmares came true! The husband came into the room naked and said, “Now I caught you two!”

His wife sat up, and I thought she was going to run! He said, “Doc, I want to watch you fuck my wife!”

His wife, told him he was crazy if he thought that she was going to fuck me in front of him. She then blamed him for “forcing” her to find someone else because he wouldn’t fuck her enough, and didn’t satisfy her when he did. “This is the size cock I need,” she cried as she handled my cock like a Louisville Slugger.

She got back in bed and cuddled up to me, she was facing her husband and I was facing away from him. He told her, “Go ahead, Sheila, I know you want to continue sucking his big cock, I want to watch you.” She looked at him with contempt, and reach around and grabbed my cock and went down on me and licked my balls, and then took the head of my cock into her mouth!

His dick sprang straight up in the air, and he kept saying, “Suck him honey, suck that big prick good!” She told him to leave the room and go play with himself. He kept jacking his meat getting closer and finally starting feeling his wife’s ass. I got hard as a rock, and went back to eating his wife’s pussy! I figured if he was going to kill us, he would have done it by now!

He got on her and started telling her how happy he was that this was happening! She turned around and told him that she was glad that he approved. He was kissing her face while she was sucking my cock, then he went for my cock with his mouth and she pushed him out of the way and said, “this is mine Terry!” This is when güvenilir bahis şirketleri he shoved his cock in her pussy from behind. I wondered why he didn’t use her ass, and I surmised that she did not like anal sex! She would never let me fuck her ass, said I would hurt her because of my size.

He gave her about 7 pumps, then pulled out and came on her ass. He said it felt so good, and then started crying and saying how much he loved her. He told her that I could move in with them if she wanted me to, anything but he was afraid she would leave him! She told him to get dressed and to leave us alone. She said she loved him and would never leave him and the five kids.

I was very excited, and had to finish the job he started. I jumped on her from behind and fucked her good for about 10 minutes of hard pounding. I came really hard, and I could feel the tip of my cock smashing her cervix. When I started to come, she told me that she could feel it “flooding” her cervix, and she went into a massive, explosive orgasm!

I pulled out, and she started sucking me again. She kept on sucking and stroking me. I turned around and could see her husband watching us through the door, playing with himself.

We fucked for about 3 hours on and off that night. The husband kept trying to get back in with us, but I told her to tell him “No.” He finally ran in the room playing with himself and shot his wad on her back!

She told him to get the fuck out and no fucking for him for 2 weeks! She held true to her promise. She invited me over several times that week, made the husband watch their kids, told them that I was tutoring her on the computer. I fucked her about three hours every night, upstairs in “their” bed.

Sheila told me that she caught her husband Terry, sucking the cum off of her underpants at night after she went to sleep. She felt sorry for him, because he was grumpy with her and the kids, so she told me that she let him eat my cum out of her after I left. She said he put the kids to bed as soon as possible because he liked to get the cum while it was hot and fresh. Needless to say, I kept the cream a “coming” for a number of years, and still enjoy a visit when I’m in the area.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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