Dominating Deb Ch. 05

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After discovering Deb’s online stories and her fascination with a wider variety of pain experiences, I thought about how to satisfy her desires. I decided not to confront her about her online stories. With these stories I had a window into her thoughts that I didn’t want to close. I hoped to learn more as she wrote additional stories. She was more inquisitive than I realized and the idea of some really unusual experiences turned me on, especially if it was combined with intense sex.

The weather became colder. I arranged to get the fireplace cleaned so we could enjoy a really warm living room. When the cleaners finally came, they spent an afternoon cleaning the fireplace. When they were done, it was well worth it. I can not remember the room being toastier. Sitting a few yards from the fire, I could feel myself sweating. My mind turned to thoughts of Deb and me and I wondered if this might be a way to discover new experiences. I wondered how close we could get to the fire and how long it would take to roast her body. Her nipples were so responsive to touch and she loved the raking of my teeth on her taut nipples. What if the nipples were tender from the heat? I imagined her squirming and being charged with anticipation as she sat near the fire. How could I enhance that experience?

I had some free time at work the following week and started searching the internet. bahis firmaları After wasting hours on countless medical sites, I finally found an over-the-counter drug that actually enhanced pain. It was hard to find a local source and the only store that was convenient required a syringe to administer the medicine. I wasn’t familiar with using a syringe, but a syringe with its sharp needle might actually enhance the domination experience.

When Deb came home that evening, she was in a positive mood. We opened a new bottle of wine in front of the fireplace to celebrate the warmth. As Deb lit a cigarette, I suggested that we try some new experiences in front of the fire. As she took a long drag on her cigarette, she nodded her head. I knew that the heat from the fireplace would excite her.

When Saturday arrived, Deb was bubbling with anticipation. She asked if I had been influenced by a video from the internet. I told her that this was a unique creation inspired by the fireplace. We cracked open a new bottle of wine and Deb chain smoked her cigarettes. I kissed her lips and neck and then slowly removed her tee shirt and shorts, leaving her naked except for her underpants. I tied her hands and feet with a rope and left her sitting alone in the room. When I returned after a few minutes, I had the bottle of medicine and the syringe. I could see that Deb’s attention was kaçak iddaa fixed on the syringe needle. I slowly drew out the medicine using the syringe and instructed Deb to display her arms. She was shaking with anticipation.

“Are ready for me to shoot you up?” I asked. This drug will take a few minutes to take effect.

Deb nodded and closed her eyes as I injected the medicine into her arm. Then Deb started to get excited. “The fire seems a lot hotter now.” She said. “I am feeling things more intensely.”

“That is how you should be feeling.” I said. “Everything will be more intense, especially pain.” The effect of the drug on Deb was giving me an erection. I removed my shorts and underpants so that Deb could see my cockhead. I gently moved her onto a soft rug closer to the fireplace. Even the movements against the rug were painful for her. I could see some tears forming. As I worked my cockhead into her from behind, she was bravely struggling to hold back tears. As I continued, I pushed her a little closer to the fire. I could feel her actively strain against me and I kept thrusting, pushing her closer to the fire. I noticed that her nipples were already rigid. I began to kiss her neck and gave her neck a tiny nip. Normally, that would have been received with a smile and a sigh, but Deb winced as if I had really bitten her. Her nipples were warm to the touch kaçak bahis when we started, but now I noticed what seemed to be a small blister on her left nipple. That must be a sign to back her away from the fireplace. Strangely, Deb seemed to resist moving her.

“Deb, I am proud of you. This experience must have been very difficult for you to endure, but you made it through without breaking down.” I said. I lit a cigarette and placed it between her lips. She welcomed it and took several deep drags. I gave her two Tylenols to ease the pain and wondered how long the drug was supposed to last.

Deb was quiet most of the evening. After dinner I went to bed early and noticed that Deb was still on the computer. On Sunday Deb likes to sleep in. Sometimes she sleeps until noon. I made some coffee and then looked on the web site where Deb had placed her stories. As I hoped, there was a story about our experience. Deb had loved it but she was disappointed that I had not pushed her farther. She expected to pass out from the pain, but she didn’t. The effects of the drug had taken hours to disappear. Deb had secretly punished herself by rubbing against the chair before the effects of the drug had ended. She mentioned in her story that she wanted to find the drug and try it again on her own. She was fascinated by the thought of injecting drugs into her arm.

As I was reading Deb’s story, someone commented on her story. A woman named Lori from the same state. Lori turned out to have a lot of the same sexual desires as Deb. She was a few years younger and not as experienced. Lori wanted to meet us.

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