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“Denise adjusts the demon mask, getting the fit just right over her eyes. She smiles deviously at you, her chest heaving.”

Based on an image by Curveball.

It sat, grinning evilly, on a lighted pedestal nestled deeply inside the Tru Hollywood store, a perfect rendition of Mr. Twist, from last year’s cult horror. A young woman cautiously steps into the light for a better look, hand clenched on her chest, gulping involuntary at the fearsome countenance before her.

Fire red scaled skin, a hooked aquiline nose, thorny protrusions framing the jaw and eyes and two horns rendered Twist’s demonic nature obvious. But with his black lips twisted into a mischievous grin, there was more to Twist than that.

Denise bit her lip expectantly as the mask seemed to almost wink at her under the hot overhead lights. How she longed to put it on, stretch his scaly demon flesh over her own, become something… different…

“Hey babe! What’re you looking at?”

“Oh uh, just some movie memorabilia..”

“Everything in this place is movie memorabilia- hey! That’s a wicked looking sculpture!”

She began to roll her eyes. David had been great, really. She hadn’t met anyone like him. It was hard to describe; he had this suffusive charm that made everyone around him feel better, about him and themselves. He rarely stood out amongst other guys, but everybody liked him- and she couldn’t help but stop herself at his ignorance.

He had been really understanding so far, she conceded, about her interest in horror films. He had never liked them himself, but he still sat through all 6 parts of John Gonzalez’s seminal 1978 classic, The Rise of the Dead, and still deferred to her preference for campy teen horror every time they couldn’t agree at the cinema.

“Its a mask, actually.”

Denise found it difficult to explain what appealed to her about horror films. It wasn’t the plot, which was rarely nuanced, nor was it the characters, who generally filled stereotypical roles.

It was the monsters. The zombies, vampires, beasts… yes, the demons. The more gory, terrible, or evil they looked, the more they appealed to her. Hulking, shambling, grinning, cackling evil- there was a perverse pleasure in being a monster, something to be feared and terrified.

And she liked masks. In fact, in her most private moments she confessed she had a fetish for them. All that stretchy rubber clinging tightly to skin, giving her a new appearance…? She loved halloween, but for a curvaceous woman such as herself, she found herself limited to sexy variations on various professions. Which was a shame.

“Oh..? Hey, you’re right- wow. You think it was the one they used in the movie?”

“I doubt so, probably just a replica.”

“Well its really well made!”

It was. As much as she wanted to mask on Halloween, even if she did all that was available were cheap party store masks, with melty looking faces and poorly painted details. This was different. Anyone wearing the mask would be Mr. Twist. She wanted desperately to pull it over her head… transform…

“Damn, its expensive…”

“Well, even if it is a replica they probably made it off the original molds… you have to pay for quality.”



“You’re interested in it, aren’t you?”

David didn’t know. How could he? How would she bring it up? He’d think her weird, walking around the house like that… she didn’t want to ruin what they had together with some kink she had never confessed to anyone. But as she stared at it, it almost dared her…

Buy me. Put me on. Come on. Let the demon out.

“I liked the movie, and it might be a good addition to my horror collection, something to put on my desk shelf, you know? Anyway, yeah, its expensive. Lets forget about it.”


As his girlfriend turned away from the pedestal, David pulled out his phone and took a quick snapshot.

Yeah. It was expensive. But Denise was worth it.


David sat the mask down on the dining room table.

It was such a curious thing, staring back at him. If she was going to use it as a bust, why not get a sculpture? And that shelf of hers mostly had zombie stuff- Twist’s bright red grinning face looked seriously out of place.

But he was getting ahead of himself. This wasn’t just for anyone- this was for Denise, and what was important was that she wanted it and she’d be happy if he got it for her.

He gave a long sigh. It had been 3 years since he met her. He was fresh out of law school and working his way up in the firm, when Shelley asked if he was free Thursday night. He was surprised to find that Shelley hadn’t come alone- Denise seemed surprised as well at his appearance. In hindsight, knowing how nosy Shelley tended to be, she probably tried to match them up. Denise had just ended a relationship with a man only 6 months prior was her fiancé. At 28 and suddenly single at a time she never expected to be, she felt a bit uncomfortable about dating again.

Still, David was only güvenilir bahis 25. He seemed a strange choice for Shelley to match up with her. Shorter than average amongst guys he never felt like he stood out, and hadn’t had that much dating experience whilst studying for his JD. He took care of himself, to be sure, but-

Denise was a bombshell. Exceptionally fit, with hips just the right size and frankly impressive breasts, she was hot, the sort of woman who drew eyes from all over the room wherever she went. She was beautiful as well, looking like a thinner Gina Lollobrigida in her prime. And that wasn’t all- According to Shelley, she did great work at the animal hospital and was a serious tennis contender. From the moment he laid eyes on her, David thought she was out of his league.

But somehow he won her over, and before she departed in Shelley’s car, Denise asked if he would be interested in going out again, just the two of them.

It had been 3 years and now he was wondering if she’d be interested in marriage again. But, getting ahead of himself again. She’d be home soon, and he wanted to see her reaction.

Turning off the lights, he carefully hid in the darkened living room, waiting for her to find Mr. Twist. He’d even parked a block down- she’d never even know he was here…



It had been a long day. She knew that euthanasia was the best call for cancer that advanced, but no matter what the documentation wrote about how painless it was, they never seemed to go easily. And where was David? His car wasn’t parked out front. He was more a work on weekends than work late sort of man, so where could he be? She could do with a hug and one of his jokes.

Still, it might be nice to be alone for a change. Make something simple… hell maybe fry something up, she deserved it… wait-

“Oh my god.” she thought, as the demonic face grinned at her, almost mouthing out those same commands…

Put me on. Come on. Let the demon out.

How did he know? Or did he? Maybe he did buy her excuse, that she wanted it for her collection… hardly, she had no place to put it. But- oh David. He was so sweet.

But he wasn’t here right now. Just her and the demon.

Her heart was racing and she was starting to hyperventilate. She had to put it on. Lifting it carefully off the mannequin, she watched it turn floppy in her hands. It didn’t just stop at the neck, it flopped down over her shoulders as well. She felt hot, in more ways than one. Well, it wouldn’t do to put this on over her scrubs. She quickly removed her top, exposing her ample bosom, barely contained by her sport bra.

Deep breaths. Here we go.

She had worn masks before, but never a full head, rubber and silicone ensemble like this one. She had dreamed about it, of course, sometimes even while making love- but never before had she imagined-

She was stalling. She put her arms into the bottom of the mask, lifted it up, and let it slide over her features. Cool latex wrapped around her hot skin as she carefully aligned it to her face. It felt even more amazing than she had ever dreamed, being encased like this. She slowly felt herself growing wet.

But first she had to see herself. Reaching in her purse for a compact, she quickly flipped it open, to see her completely transformed into Mr. Twist. At first she couldn’t help but laugh, but after pulling the usual extreme faces to test the mask, she couldn’t help but return the face to that evil grin, dripping with ideas of malicious mischief…


“What? David?!”

“Sorry! I had to see how you’d react. I thought of putting it on myself, but my head was too big, and I didn’t want to damage it”

“Err, I”

“Yeah, that mannequin head is pretty lame, I got you a better bronze one for your display case-“

“Thanks, David…”

“Is it… hot in here, or…?”

What was she going to say? He really didn’t know, did he? Here she was, topless if not for her bra, wearing a demon mask… he wouldn’t jump to conclusions and he’d probably take whatever excuse she gave him, but….

“David, I love you.”

“Well, um. I love you too?”

“I have a confession to make…”

The fearsomely demonic face softened into a tender expression, reflecting the feelings of the woman underneath…

“I lied to you before… I didn’t want it for my display…”


“I… like masks. I’ve always liked them, along with creature and monster costumes. Its part of why I like horror.”

“All right..? Is that it?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s it.”

“Well… I’ll see if I can find it in my heart to forgive you… Demon.”

With a laugh and a smile, he walked over and embraced her tightly. “He doesn’t understand…” she thought. But did he have to?


For the next week or so, any time Denise found some time alone, while David was at the office on weekends or while he was out paintballing with his friends, she became Mr. Twist. Or Dominic, as she named him.

Unlike türkçe bahis Mr. Twist, who was capricious and cruel in the movie, Dominic was… more mischievous. A ladies man, an aficionado of practical jokes, a perpetual kidder- he was David turned up to 11. She loved her beau, but sometimes she wished he wasn’t so cautious, so polite and reserved.. sometimes she wished he would just take her in his arms… be bold…

Dominic was her incubus, and she couldn’t resist. With all that rubber stretched over her face, she set a mirror in front of the couch. Utterly naked before her new form she stuck a finger deep inside herself and began to masturbate. Grinning viciously, the demon face taunted her aloud as she got into character.

“Yeah babe… you like wearing my face? You like being fucked wearing a mask, you sick freak?”


“Come on slut, fuck yourself…”

“Ahh, mmm..”

“Yeah, play with your tits babe, bounce for me. Cum for me, dirty girl..”


“Your pussy boyfriend never talks to you like this, does he? Well you’re mine now… you’ll never want to take off the mask… he’ll be stuck with Dominic forever

She felt a little ashamed after these.. adventures… I mean what would her poor catholic mother think of what her daughter was doing, fucking herself while wearing a mask literally of the devil? But her Dominic was always sweet and smiled at her after she orgasmed, and she hated to take him off.

One Saturday afternoon, David came home early from a match. Luckily she was still dressed, in a sweatshirt and jeans, but as he came through the door he caught his beloved on her laptop while wearing the demon mask.

“Hey… lovely. Feeling… horny?”

He had no idea. She gave a sheepish smile and rose up to give him a hug.

“Hah, just checking some emails… you’re home early…”

“Yeah they were a no show. All that trash talk at last month’s tourney and they don’t show up. Anyway… was I missing something?”


“Do you normally wear the mask when I’m gone…?”

Baby steps.

“I like… the way it feels. I’m… a bit kinky about rubber, you see.”

“Its news to me… doesn’t it get hot in there? Don’t you want to take it off?”

“Not really, hah…”

“You’re really a big fan of Mr. Twist-“

“Its not… Twist I’m wearing…”


“Could you… call me Dominic?”

Denise gave a shy smile underneath her mask.

“Um, okay babe. Hey… Dominic..”

She prepared her best guy voice as she grinned…

“Sup bro. So why’d those douches flake out on you?”

“Hah! That’s really great!”

“Dominik” gave him a light punch on the shoulder.

“What you talking about man? Anyway, you gonna move up in the league tables?”

“Totes man. Today the Northville Rangers, tomorrow, the VA Hitmen.”

“Awesome, wanna grab a brew?”

“Sure… Dominic.”

For the next couple of hours, the two pretended Dominic was an old college buddy hanging out while Denise was with her friends. They did guy stuff, had guy talk, played some videogames and had a couple of beers. David seemed amused by the whole thing, but for Denise it was incredible… and maddening.

She loved getting into the role, pretending to be Dominic… but the whole time the woman underneath was nearly shaking with lust. She wanted David to take Dominic right now, hell fuck him in the ass- she’d do anal for him, as long as he let her wear the mask. She’d suck him off too, wrap those black lips over his shaft…

No, that would be too weird. Have to take it slow. Don’t want to freak him out. He’s worth too much for that.

At the end of the night, as Dominic beat David for the second consecutive time at Fuerza Racing, she finally broke character and looked lovingly into his eyes.

“Thanks, David.”

“No problem. You’re really good at being Dominic! You’ve got to show Shelley tomorrow!”

“Oh my god! I’d love to!”

“I know! The girls will really get a kick out of it!”

She was so happy with his suggestion that she could kiss him. So she did. But that night the mask went off- reluctantly, but with the promise that very soon, Dominic would return.


It was good to see Shelley and the girls again. While Shelley could be nosy sometimes, she always meant well, and if not for her then they’d have never met.

“So David, Denise, what’s up with you two?”

“Well… apparently, Denise has an alter ego.”


David gave a wide grin as Denise reached into her unusually large purse, to pull out Dominic.

“Is that a mask?”

“Just wait, put it on dear.”

Denise complied, stretching Dominic’s features over her own.

“Omg, you look just like that guy from that movie last year.”

“No way beautiful, that poser’s got nothing on my swagger.”


“Its Dominic, but you can call me Dom. What’s say you and I go out for drinks later?”

“Wow, that’s incredible… hey you’re pretty handsome… güvenilir bahis siteleri Dom…”

The sight of this grinning, macking male Demon hitting on Shelley and friends, incongruously attached to Denise’s very curvaceous body, breasts nearly spilling out of a red cocktail dress, was something to remember. For the rest of the night “Dominic” stole the show as he cracked jokes and flirted with the girls. For once David wasn’t in the spotlight, as he sat to the side, beaming at how happy Denise was to be roleplaying for an audience this time.

After the night was done, and the pair had returned home, Denise, still masked, gave her boyfriend a tender kiss.

“I love you, I love you so much. Thank you.”

“Once again, its alright! I didn’t know you were so into acting.”

“I would… call it more roleplaying…”

“Anyway, I’m just glad to see you having fun. I’m into whatever you’re into, baby.”

She bit her lip.

“I want to show you… my appreciation… will you meet me in the bedroom?”


That night they had wild sex, with Denise still wearing the mask. Despite her killer body, Denise was generally pretty reserved in the bedroom most of the time, but tonight she was insatiable. She rode him on top, screaming wildly underneath the rubber, before smothering him with her jiggling breasts. When he finally came, she did something she had never done before, and sucked his member clean with Dominic’s black latex lips.

Afterwards they cuddled, with her laying Dominic’s face on his chest as they embraced.

As Denise drifted off to sleep, David began to re-examine what Denise had said over the last couple of days. She said she was into rubber, but didn’t own any PVC or latex clothing. And it wasn’t “acting”, she said, but “roleplaying”. And she was still wearing the mask-

He wasn’t bothered by it per say. Denise was a beautiful woman to be sure, but it was enough to know that that face was underneath Dominic’s. And besides, tonight she was incredible- he’d never seen her like this, and he had already resigned himself to believing blowjobs were off limits to her.

Eventually it dawned on him. This wasn’t a hobby, or an interest. This was a fetish for her. She liked masks not because they were interesting, but because they turned her own. “Dominic” was a roleplay fantasy, not just some parlor trick act.

What was he going to do about it? It was weird, yeah, but he did say he was into whatever she was into. And tonight was incredible…


David had Monday off, and after Denise left for work in the morning, he went online to see if he could bring Dominic to life. He didn’t know quite what he was looking for, he didn’t even know if such a thing could be done, but eventually he found a website offering full body suits.

“Shenzhen Body Manufactory”. Now open for business. It looked like they used to make sex dolls, but now had branched out into… bodysuits? For much fun disguise and prank on family have.

It seemed a bit dodgy, but they did offer custom work for a reasonable price. They also did creature suits. He picked up the phone, hoping to get someone who could speak English…


Another long day.

She sighed. But she took solace in knowing she had next week off, and that David was working tonight, and that meant she could turn into Dominic again. She hadn’t masked in front of David since that night out with Shelley. He didn’t seem to get the hint, that maybe this was more than a “hobby” or “interest”, but you know, that was okay. He was still amazing, and he did get her the mask.

Soon she could put on her rubber face and have another little affair with her incubus. She’d go up to her display case, take him out and-

No. No way.

The face was on the table again, grinning that same evil grin. But draped on one of the chairs was…

Oh David. It was a scaly, red, muscular full bodysuit of Dominic the demon. It was matched perfectly with the Mr. Twist mask, down to the color of the rubber. With it and the mask, she could encase herself entirely in her new identity, and bring Dominic totally to life.

He knew. He figured it out. And he was probably hiding somewhere in the dark, watching her. She should throw her arms up, and call him out on this, but she’d be asking him to play along later, so she had to play along now.

The mask was looking at her, daring her. Come on, slut. Put on the suit. Be the demon. Shove your tits under my pecs and turn into what you’ve always dreamed of.

Her chest was heaving with excitement. She picked up the skin and gave it a closer examination. A small flap concealed a backwards zipper, which she quickly pulled down.

Wait, she was getting ahead of herself. She put down her purse and began to strip. Knowing that somewhere David was watching, she put on a show as her yoga pants fell to the floor and her bra and panties were discarded with a flourish.

She noticed that the suit had a neck… she surmised that this meant she slid it over the neck of the mask, which had to go on first. With glee, she picked up Dominic and stretched the demonic features over her own, before picking back up the skin and sliding her feet into the clawed feet of her new form.

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