Don’t Look Back Ch. 32

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Anime Porn

Lee gave no indication he’d noticed Marshall’s entrance. Marshall realized it was up to him to make the first move, and that knowledge was thrilling to him. This was it, the time was now.

Lee had turned on the bedside lamp in order to read. Marshall rounded the bed and clicked it off, gently removing Lee’s paperback from his loose grasp. Marshall glimpsed the corner of Lee’s mouth go up, as if he’d been expecting as much. He never said a word when Marshall thrust a bookmark inside and laid it on the table. He never moved either, comfortably reclining on one side, his back to Marshall.

Turning back to Lee, Marshall lowered his head to Lee’s neck and kissed the soft flesh. He inhaled Lee’s skin, growing hard at the familiar scent. His hand moved down along Lee’s body, tenderly stroking and caressing. He heard a soft rumble issue from Lee, which only served to inflame his desire.

His swelling cock was issuing an ultimatum—get inside that hot body right now or else… But Marshall had no intention of making this into a quick fuck just to get his nuts off. This was so much more than a matter of simple satisfaction. This was a watershed in their relationship, and he knew it. This would mark the beginning of their true partnership. Not that Marshall didn’t feel himself to be Lee’s partner already—his equal in every way. And not like anything would overtly change between them.

This would be the final step bursa escort bayan on the road they’d chosen to take together, the one begun when they realized how much deeper their relationship was than mere father and son. Partners forever, lovers forever… two men with one heart and soul. Nothing else mattered.

Marshall lightly skimmed his fingertips over Lee’s toned ass, marveling at the feel of his musculature. Not a bit of flab; soft in all the right places and hard where it counted. He cupped one cheek in the palm of his hand and squeezed. The only thing better than touching was…

“On your stomach and spread’em,” he said.

“You going to let go of that?” Lee snarked. Marshall couldn’t help but grin. He squeezed Lee again for good measure then released him. Lee rolled gracefully onto his stomach, pillowing his head on his hands as he spread his legs for Marshall’s benefit.

“Did you want anything else spread?” he asked in a pseudo-innocent voice as Marshall settledbetween Lee’s legs .

“Yeah, but I can handle that.” Marshall applied one hand to each of Lee’s cheeks, revealing the dusky pucker in between, producing a swift intake of breath. His mouth filling with saliva at the sight, Marshall quickly swallowed before diving in between the twin mounds of flesh. He raked his tongue gently across Lee’s hole, felt him quiver in response then repeated the action.

He loved to rim Lee as görükle escort much as Lee enjoyed being rimmed. Loved the taste and feel of his hole, loved delving inside the tight muscles, relaxing them with his touch. He could easily lunch on Lee all day and night…

But not tonight.

When he’d gotten enough of a taste to satisfy that particular need, he raised his head and lapped at the crease before moving back onto his haunches.

He wasn’t going to take Lee from behind. No way. He wanted to look into those gorgeous eyes as he topped him for the first time—hopefully not the last. Besides, the missionary position offered better opportunities for kissing without twisting around quite so much.

However, there was something he wanted to do first…

He scooted up Lee’s body, straddling him on his butt. This would be the perfect position to reach what he wanted. He’d sat on Lee like this many times, so he knew he wasn’t too heavy for him. Marshall wanted to make sure Lee was good and relaxed. He intended to massage any tension from Lee’s body before he entered it for the first time.

Placing a hand on either shoulder, he rubbed at the muscles beneath his palms and was happy to find them at ease. He’d concentrate on massaging for pleasure, then. Sometimes they liked to use warm oil, but not today. There would be many other days for such things ahead of them.

“How does bursa escort bayan that feel?” he asked, leaning closer to Lee’s ear.

“Feels wonderful. Aren’t you afraid you’ll put me to sleep?” Lee teased.

Marshall chortled. “I think I can keep your attention, old man,” he riposted. “Don’t you worry about that.”

“Wasn’t worried at all, boy.”

Marshall read the message beneath the words. Lee’s way of saying he trusted him.

He finished his massage by peppering kisses across Lee’s back, from shoulder to shoulder. “Ready for me?”

“Bring it on,” Lee replied in a lust-filled voice.

Marshall swung one leg over, moving off Lee’s ass. He crawled on his knees far enough to be able to reach the lube he’d left on his night table. With his free hand, he swatted Lee’s ass. “Roll over,” he directed.

“Can’t make up your mind?” Lee snickered, even as he obeyed. Marshall proudly noted Lee’s dripping cock standing proud and tall, just begging to be touched. Such a beautiful sight.

“Just putting you through your paces, seeing what you can do,” Marshall countered with a wink. He flipped the top on the tube of lube and squeezed some onto his fingers.

“How about I rub some on your cock?” Lee offered. “Before you grease up my ass.”

Didn’t that sound like a plan?

Lee held out one hand, and Marshall poured some of the scented lubricant into his waiting palm, then capped it and set it aside. Lee rubbed his hands together, then reached for Marshall, engulfing his cock in his clasp. He gripped it tightly, sliding his hand up and down the swollen shaft.

At that moment, Marshall felt as though he’d done died and gone to heaven.

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