Don’t You Dare Come Ch. 02

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‘You came, didn’t you?’

She couldn’t lie to him and started crying. ‘Yes! Yes I did!’

‘You even made me come before I was ready! What the fuck were you thinking?’

‘Please, forgive me! I only want to please you!’ She tried bringing her hands to cup his face, but he refused and pinned her arms down. It hurt a little.

‘You can please me by doing what the fuck you’re told!’ Sliding his cock out quickly, he pulled her to stand near the bed. He then placed her over his knee and spanked her like she was a petulant child. She screamed and sobbed at this humiliation. After he was done, he threw her back to the bed.

Taking one of her arms, he moved her forcefully to lie down on her stomach. He took the cuff on her wrist and clipped it to a ring on the bedpost. He then moved to her leg and fixed her ankle to a cable extending from the lower bedpost. She was sobbing as she wondered what he was going to do. He landed the palm of his hand hard and fast on her buttocks. She screamed a little as he moved to fasten her other side to the bed.

Now she was spread wide, her legs apart and ass in the air. She breathed heavily as she realized her helplessness. She watched him go to the nightstand to retrieve both the lube and ball gag, which she had forgotten all about. He opened the drawer and pulled out a length of cloth as well. A blindfold, she realized. He wanted her completely unaware.

Moving behind her, he looked at her ass. The plug was still in and he pressed down on the base hard. She felt it move and grunted, but also found herself moaning through her tears.

‘You know, in all this time, I’ve never had your ass.’

Oh God! He’s going to take my ass! She knew it would come eventually, but she dreaded it all the same. She’d never been a fan of anal play and he’d respected that for the most part. It was a mental block that she couldn’t get past. But that didn’t stop him from sometimes stimulating her every now and then with a stray finger. Before she knew it, he had introduced beads and plugs into their repertoire, but that’s as far as it went. Nothing resembling a cock had ever been in there. He was ready to change that, even though she didn’t want him too. Not yet at least.

‘Dave…please don’t…’

‘You definitely don’t have a say in this. Speaking of which, let’s do something about that mouth of yours!’

‘No!’ she protested, but he leaned forward to fit the ball gag in her mouth. He tightened it around her head and almost immediately, she felt herself drooling excessively. Then he pressed the cloth over her eyes and tied it snuggly.

She couldn’t see or talk. This made her pay attention to every sound. She could only hear him rustling around the bed. From the feel of the mattress, she knew he was behind her. Then she felt the weight shift to her sides. He was leaning above her and she felt his hips on top of her ass, pressing the plug into her rectum again. The gag muffled her moan.

He moved his hips up and down on her cheeks. It was as though he was trying to fuck her ass with the plug while at the same time trying to get himself hard again. She continued grunting and moaning as she felt his cock start to fill up again. He dry-humped her like this for a little until he was fully aroused.

He rubbed his erection around her ass and moved it up to the small of her back while nuzzling the back of her neck. He bit her a little when he did and moved to bite numerous other places. All the while, the gag continued to suppress all and any noises she was making. He loved hearing her react with the gag. He loved the power he held over her now. He didn’t break flesh with his bites, but there was no tenderness in anything he did with her body. She truly was there only for his pleasure now.

She felt him move back behind her and before she knew it, he plunged two fingers inside her pussy, moving them around in circles. She moaned, pressing her face into the covers. To her dismay, he pulled them out.

‘Damn, baby! You’re practically gushing! I know I came in you, but still. I can hardly see any of it on these fingers. You’re lovin’ this!’

She couldn’t deny it, either. She loved his domination over her and though she dreaded the coming invasion, she was ashamed to admit her anticipation for it as well. She didn’t want him to just take her ass, she wanted him to claim it!

‘It’s okay, baby,’ he whispered in her ear. ‘I know you love me taking you like this. I know you love me talking like this. And I know you’re gonna love having me in your ass too! I’m gonna push it all the way in! Balls deep and to the hilt! Fuckin’ it hard and fast as if it was your cunt. It’s okay. I won’t force it in. I want you to love it. I definitely plan on fucking you there again and again from now on. Maybe sometimes fucking you only there. I want you to love it so much that you beg for it next time we’re together! Hell you might even beg for it tonight. What do you think honey?’

She could only make canlı bahis incoherent noises as she shook her head.

‘Aw, it’s okay, baby,’ he said as he kissed her cheek and patted her ass. ‘I’ll take good care of it. Just like you want me to. I promise.’ He then kissed her ass cheeks reverently.

I don’t want this. Oh why? Why did he have to let me come? She knew why, though. It wasn’t a secret that he’d wanted this for quite some time and now he was going to get it.

‘Relax, baby,’ he said as he continued feeling around her ass. ‘I’ll warm you up first.’ He loosened the lower straps keeping her legs in place so he could position her ass a bit higher, bending her knees slightly. He slid his cock in to her pussy and just kept it there, barely moving it, even though she wished he would. She wanted to be fucked, but not in the way he wanted.

‘Mmm, God you feel so good! Let me do something about this plug.’ He removed it and instantly she was surprised at the loss it brought on. She was disappointed. She found herself wanting to be filled there in some way. It was almost as if he had planned for her to get used to it so she would want his cock there even more. That clever bastard!

‘I gotta say, baby, I’m very impressed you managed to keep it in for so long.’

He lubed his fingers and used them to probe around her sphincter, especially the outer ring, going in slow tantalizing circles. It always surprised her how good this felt. She was starting to get worked up. She tried to keep her gag-muffled moans quiet, but she couldn’t help it sometimes.

‘Heh. I hear you moaning, baby! I know this feels good. There are a lot of nerves bunched up in those muscles. And this is only with my fingers. Imagine how my dick is going to feel going inside. Imagine how it’s going to rub those nerves every time I push in. I don’t think you’ll know what to do with that much pleasure. Who knows? You might even come from just that.’

Not a chance in hell! she thought. But again she was surprised at how much his words along with his fingers were turning her on. After so many circles, he pressed the pad of his finger on her rosebud and pushed it in.

He thrust it in and out, eventually getting it in up to his knuckle and moving it around inside her. He took it out and decided to put two fingers in. It wasn’t too much of a stretch compared to the plug, but she still had to relax and get used to it. Dammit why does that feel good? she wondered.

With his fingers inside, he pressed on the membrane that separated her colon from her vagina. He then pushed a few times into her cunt. Oh how delicious his thrusts felt to her. She wished he would just ravage her pussy right then and there.

‘Good lord! I can feel my cock going up inside you from here. God that’s so hot!’ He continued fucking her for a bit. He was getting worked up at the experience of it all and found himself pounding her vigorously. His other hand reached for her hair, pulling her head back. Drool fell from her gag as she moaned.

Oh don’t stop! Please just fuck my pussy! But he did stop, his cock still in deep while his fingers continued feeling inside her ass. He moved them around in circles trying to stretch her out more. Thrusting them a few times, he took them out and placed them near her nose.

‘That’s all you, baby!’ he said into her ear. ‘That’s what your ass smells like. I know you loved it too. You know how I know? Cuz you’re getting wetter by the minute. I don’t think I’ve ever felt you this wet, baby. My God, I almost couldn’t help myself. Your pussy’s like a fucking fountain right now. So warm. So tight!’ He patted her bottom gently. ‘But I think you’re ready.’

Oh God. He’s really going to do it. He’s going to fuck my ass! And dammit…I want him to! She moved her body against her restraints in light protest. In reply, he refastened the restraints on her legs, pressing her back down against the mattress. He smacked her ass to calm her down. She stopped writhing, realizing she had nowhere to go. There was no use fighting it anymore. This was going to happen.

He squirted a generous amount of lube on his cock. Spreading her cheeks, he squirted some here as well. He really did want her to love this and wanted her to get used to it. He took his time as he moved his cock in between to tease her, rubbing it up and down her crack and spreading the lube around. A few times, he pressed the head right at her sphincter as if knocking to come in. She dreaded him pushing that thickness inside. Again, he wasn’t huge, but his cock was fat enough to stretch her pussy every time they fucked. Now it would stretch out her ass.

‘Just relax, baby.’ He now started pushed the head in, but met with some considerable resistance. She was tightening up, though it was probably involuntarily. He slapped one of her ass cheeks lightly. ‘Baby, you have to relax or this is going to hurt.’ She did as he said and willed her body to go slack. It worked as he pressed in even more. bahis siteleri

The head popped in past her outer ring and started invading her colon. For him, the sensation was incredible. It was so tight that it was like putting his cock into a vice. He felt her hole quivering around him as she continued adjusting to his girth. And there was still the rest of his length to go.

Oh he’s inside! Oh God it actually feels good too! He feels so enormous in there! She grunted a little, but moaned as well. After the initial discomfort, she adjusted with only pleasure in the wake. This pleased him quite a bit.

‘See? I knew you’d like it.’ Now he was starting to lightly push into her, beginning with slow shallow thrusts, but before they both knew it, he was three inches deep. He leaned over her, kissing her back and neck.

‘How does that feel, baby?’ She could only give more incoherent noises. There was no protest, only concentration on what was happening. She couldn’t admit to herself that she wanted him to go in deeper. In fact, she wanted him to plow her. She found herself trembling a little, yet still moaning at the same time. She hoped this would translate her unwanted desires.

‘How does my cock feel up in your ass?’ he asked. She moaned her need through that gag. ‘That’s what I thought,’ he replied. He kept pushing in, further and further. She felt herself getting filled up with his hardness. Her colon welcomed him in as her asshole was starting to basically suck his cock in. She also noticed the covers beneath her pussy. They were soaked! She hadn’t stopped gushing since he began this venture! And to top it off, she felt an orgasm building, even though her clit hadn’t been played with. Was this really turning her on this much? Being splayed on the bed, bound, blinded and gagged, with him now five inches deep? Oh yes! She was starting to work on another orgasm. The main question was would he punish her even more? What could he do? Take his cock out? Oh please don’t let him do that! she thought. At the same time, she surrendered and decided to let it happen.

His thrusts became deeper and only a little faster, gaining parts of an inch every time he fed her his cock. Meanwhile, her ass never stopped its welcome, constantly contracting around him and still sucking him in. He was in heaven and she definitely wasn’t protesting now. He laid his weight on her as he grabbed her body, still fucking her ass deeper and deeper.

‘Goddamn, baby! Your ass is so fucking tight! It’s just sucking me in now! Any more and I’ll be all the way in! Balls deep like I promised. What do you think, baby?’

Grunts and moans were all she had. He was still pushing until finally, all seven inches of him were inside. The kink of it all was too much for her. This was beyond filthy, but that only added to her arousal. He was so deep and she felt so full. She had never felt so full in her life! She was drooling uncontrollably from her gag as she gave even more moans. Every time she felt him withdraw, there was an emptiness that was unbearable. But he always filled her right back up. God, please don’t stop!!! It feels so good! I’m okay now! You can fuck me harder now! Though, she had no way of voicing these requests intelligibly.

All the way in, he just lay on top of her, savoring the mental and physical control he had over her. He knew her body and he knew she was loving every minute of his cock being lodged in her wanting ass. He withdrew all the way with just the head still in. She was so disappointed that she was about to really protest when he shoved it all back in with one swift thrust. She gasped in surprise. Each inch of her stimulated colon catapulted her up to an unexpected orgasm. For the second time that night, her hips bucked violently as her body shook.

‘What the…ooh…ahhh!’ He felt her asshole contract hard on him. Her pussy muscles contracted and she actually felt herself ejaculate onto the bed. The covers went from being soaked to drenched and he could only hold onto her as she rode out this latest climax. The sensation on his cock was incredible as her ass continued spasming along with her cunt. He found it hard to believe, but he was damn close to cumming right in her ass. But he controlled himself and focused on holding her as still as he could. Eventually, she came down, breathing heavily with tears rolling from behind her blindfold. He found his breathing heavy too.

‘Holy shit! You came? Again?’ She made ‘uh-huh’ sounds from behind her gag. ‘Damn, I hardly even touched you. That was all from your ass?’ Again, the ‘uh-huh’ sounds. He laughed in astonishment. This was way more than he expected. However, he noticed she was crying even more now. All she wondered was what would come from this failure. She went to full on sobbing now, trying desperately to bury her head in the covers.

‘Hey, baby? What’s wrong? Here,’ he said as he unfastened her gag.

‘I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!’

‘Sorry for what?’

‘I came. I wasn’t bahis şirketleri allowed to, but I came again!’ she said hysterically.

‘Babe, are you kidding me? That was incredible! I didn’t expect that at all!’

‘You’re not mad at me?’ He leaned to kiss her.

‘Hell no. I wanted you to enjoy this. I just didn’t expect you to enjoy it that much.’

They both laughed a little and kissed again.

‘God, I love you baby!’ he said emphatically.

‘I love you too!’

They lay still for a bit until they became aware again of their bodies.

‘Hey, you’re still inside me,’ she said simply.

‘Ha! That I am!’

‘You’re not done, are you?’

‘No, not by a long shot. Why?’

‘It’s just…’ She found herself getting shy.


‘I want you to keep fucking my ass!’ she finally admitted.

‘Oh really? Why would I want to do that?’

‘Well, apart from the fact you’re already in there, I want more.’

‘You mean to tell me you’re begging for it?’


‘You going to come again?’

‘I don’t know. I really don’t. This is so new I don’t know what I’m going to do.’

‘Well, alright. I’ll let you come from now on, but on two conditions. First, you tell me how it feels in explicit detail and second, that you really beg for it! Deal?’


‘So, how does it feel?’

‘Oh fuck. It feels dirty, naughty, forbidden. Your cock fills me up so good every time you fuck me. And it feels so big in there that I can’t believe it fits. It’s like a mental mind fuck. All of you is inside me in a way I’ve never felt before. It feels so fucking good and I want more!’

‘Tell me again!’

‘I want more! I want you to fuck it more! Fuck my ass, David! Feed your cock into it! Fuck it until it’s gaping open. Pound the shit out of it until you come! I want you to fuck it so deep that I taste your cum in my mouth!’

He chuckled as he kissed her cheek. ‘Alright! You asked for it!’ Raising himself on his forearms, he slid himself out with only the head in again. ‘I love you, baby!’

‘I love you t….huooooohhhh!’ she moaned loudly as he thrust all of himself inside her. He began his onslaught, fucking her ass hard and deep just as she had begged him to. There was nothing tender in it. They were essentially animals now. He was outright trying to stuff as much as his cock inside her and her ass only begged for more. Pulling on her restraints, her moans turned to screams and were filling the room. Eventually, he did as he promised and fucked her ass like it was her cunt. The slap of his hips against her cheeks was loud as his hanging balls also slapped around her pussy, sometimes making contact with her clit.

‘Huoh! Huuooh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! FUCK MY ASS! DON’T YOU FUCKING STOP! JUST FUCK ME HARD! UH! UH!’ She had little control over her words. She only wanted more and she was ready to say anything to make that happen. He happily complied and kept plunging in again and again, slapping her ass every now and then. Eventually, he felt himself reaching that edge again.

‘Oh fuck, baby! You’re gonna make me come talking like that! Fuck I’m getting close!’

‘Then fuck me faster! Fuck me harder! I’m getting closer too! Just pound my fucking ass!’

‘Fuck!’ he yelled, grabbing her arms as he concentrated on nothing but pumping into that ass. He was jerking his hips almost uncontrollably as he enjoyed her. At one point he thought her ass would swallow him whole. What had he unleashed? he thought to himself. ‘Fuck, baby!’

‘Yeah! Yeah? Are you close?’

‘I’m so fucking close, baby! Your ass is amazing!’

‘Come in it, baby! Fill me up! Coat my ass with your cum!’

‘Fucking shit!’

‘Fuck me! Come for me!’

‘FUCK!’ he yelled as he exploded inside her bowels, his fingers digging into her arms as he just kept cumming and cumming. He didn’t know he had this much left in him. It was like her ass was drawing every drop out of him.

‘OH GOD!’ she yelled as now her hips bucked. She was cumming and now her ass was squeezing the life out of him, milking his cock for all it was worth. He buried his face in her neck as he rode with her. She even ejaculated onto the bed again.

‘Oh God!’ she said breathlessly. She had never felt so satisfied in her life. Coming down from her high, she loved feeling him on top of her, his body doing nothing but breathing.

They both lay there, utterly spent and hardly able to move. He reached out to undo her clips and took the opportunity to lie next to her, holding her close. So comfortable they were that they dozed off for a few minutes right there. Eventually, he started nuzzling her and slithered his hands around her spent body. She stroked his hair and buried herself into his chest. She then took off the blindfold and found his eyes waiting. They kissed deeply.

‘So? What did you think?’ he asked simply.

‘I think I want more!’ she said.

They both laughed.


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