Door To Door Salesman

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I want to thank everyone for your comments both good and bad. It motivates me to write…I love suggestions…I’ve got a ‘Mary’ in one of my new series…Is she supposed to be a good girl or bad one?…Jenny is going to the gloryholes soon, very soon with a wonderful twist…Is April still out there? I love hearing from you…New readers, please feel free to contact me as I do read all my emails and answer them when I can. All readers, I will be adding new chapters to my series as I feel the spirit move me. In order to keep from getting bored with a storyline, I like to write new and novel stories, but I will get back to those series.

The art of the sale is overrated; selling truly is being in the right spot at the right time. I have spun the cleverest sales’ pitches and sold ‘dick’ and bumped into someone at a basketball game and sold them a complete line of Ginzu knifes, a cutting board, and a sharpening machine by just telling them that I’m a salesman.

It was Friday evening on December 9th, I was sucking air and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I’m 43 years old and about 6’2 and 200 pounds. I was dressed in my best ‘Going To Meeting’ suit. I had knocked on over 125 doors in this little suburban hamlet of Charlotte and not found a single person wanting to purchase the Power Suc Vacuum from Princeton Laboratories. I didn’t even find but 2 or 3 people even interested in hearing my goddamn presentation. One was an old lady who was looking for her cat. She asked me in but ignored my spiel and asked me to check her attic for ‘Whiskers.’ The second was an older couple who was sitting on their porch drinking martinis and asked me to join them. In a good month, I would have. I love to drink and the wife of about 40 or so had a wonderful little body on her and they appeared to like to swing. I’m having an awful month so I reluctantly turned them down. I didn’t think they’d be willing to pay my rent in trade for me giving the wife a test drive. The third lead was an older man who just seemed like he’d love to have some to chat with. Again in a good month, I would have willingly lent an ear.

So here I was with about half an hour of daylight and about 20 houses to go. I was tired and mentally spent as I take rejection personally sometimes. I gauged up the houses along the last street and quickly ruled out 7 or 8 of them as they were houses in progressive rate of decline and I figured the owners didn’t have the scratch to afford one of P-Labs vacuums. I started up the driveway to a green house and met a guy on his way out. He laughed when I asked him if he had a minute and then howled when I said it was to look at a vacuum. A simple ‘Not interested’ would have done.

The next house was bustling and I thought I had a chance when I spoke to the wife at the door but my speech fell on deaf ears when her husband came out. He was doing the Christmas lights and needed her to help hold the ladder and string the lights. I wished them a ‘Merry Christmas’ and left my card.

The following 3 houses were all ‘No’ for one reason or another. Christmas was the biggest reason today, as everyone needed money to buy gifts. I’d explain how a vacuum made a great gift but no one wanted to hear it.

I had about 6 houses left when I walked up to this very dark and quiet single story home at the right bend of a cul-de-sac. I had made myself a deal. If I got one solid lead I would allow myself to go out tonight and chase skirts. I didn’t have two nickels to rub together. It was a desperate deal but kept me motivated instead of deciding to pack it in.

The little house was modest in appearance and I almost walked past it except for a flickering light inside. The light was most likely from a TV inside but I couldn’t tell until I made it up to the door. I walked three small steps to the front door landing and peered through the window beside the door. It was a TV and it was on to some music channel. It wasn’t MTV because it was playing music videos. I rapped on the door and swung my heavy bag to my left hand so I could be ready with my right hand, to shake the homeowners’ hand and present them with my business card. A good thirty seconds passed before I noticed movement behind the ‘spy eye’ in the door. I’ve learned from a TV documentary on a ‘Mob Killer’ that many unsuspecting victims had gone to their door and thought they were safe looking through it to see who was there only to get shot in the head right where they stood.

I smiled big and adjusted my hat and awaited the front door to open. It did, along with the porch light clicking on and a cute little brunette greeted me. She smiled and asked politely if she could help me. I watched her look me up and down as I did the same. She didn’t seem as impressed with me as I was of her. She looked to be about 17 or 18, maybe 5’5 or 5’4 and 95 pounds. She was dressed casually with hip hugger jeans and a light blue t-shirt that didn’t reach her low-riding jeans and showed her taut little belly. She was bare foot and her hair swung around her Kadıköy Escort face.

“Why yes dear, is your mother or father home?” I asked. I smiled as I noticed she had on a touch of makeup. I love makeup but only as an accent of a women’s natural beauty; touch of eye shadow, a little lip-gloss, and maybe some glitter. This cute blonde had just the right touch and a nice set of B-cups. Her shirt suggestively read under a fierce looking lioness, ‘Pet Me Nice, I Bite.’

“My father doesn’t live with us anymore and my mom isn’t home right now,” she said and smiled. “My mom should be home soon from work, if you’d like to wait,” she added, trying to be polite and helpful.

I smiled at her and said, “No, I think I’ll come back.” I wanted to finish the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. I don’t like to have to come back the next week to finish up the few houses I didn’t or couldn’t get to before starting a new area. Besides, I’d probably be getting her in trouble with her mom for letting someone in.

“Suit yourself mister, she should be home pretty soon,” she offered as I was turning to leave. She was standing with the door open and shrugging her shoulders.

“That’s a very kind offer,” I told her as I inquired, “Miss?”

“Miss Daisy, Daisy Darrow,” she smiled.

I backed myself down the steps and stood at the bottom, “Thanks again Miss Daisy, I was wondering if I could inquire what does your mom do for a living?” I asked. She didn’t know it but I was gauging her mom’s ability to buy one of our vacuums.

“She’s a nurse,” she answered and smiled. She had a beautiful smile and an incredibly hot body to match. I wanted so very much to accept her offer but figured I could get the rest of the houses done before her mom showed.

“Oh yeah, where is she a nurse?” I asked. Miss Daisy had turned to close the door but stopped to answer my question. When she turned I saw her wonderful ‘whale tail.’

“She’s a traveling nurse, she goes all over doing home care,” she answered proudly and I was impressed. Traveling nurses make big bucks.

“Really, where do you work?” I asked her. I was ready to leave but as long as Daisy was revealing, I was dealing.

“I don’t, I’m still in high school,” she said. She laughed as if it was a silly question.

“What? How old are you?” I asked, teasingly, “Teens these days making their parents do all the work.” I shook my head in fake disgust.

“I just turned 18 sir,” she admitted.

“Hey, you can work at 15,” I quipped and smiled at her.

“I know but my mom said I can’t work during the school year, she wants me to focus on my classes,” she explained me.

“Oh that’s smart of your mom, are you working really hard in school?” I asked accusatorily. Daisy had a beautiful smile and looked like she loved to be put on. I scanned the houses around me and frowned. I would love to chat with this lovely gal rather than go door knocking but her mom was due home soon so if she didn’t buy what would I have to show for it, I thought.

“Yeah, I got straight A’s last marking period but now I have a new math class,” she said proudly but ended in uncertainty.

“Pretty hard Ah?” I asked and remembered my Algebra courses of yesteryear. I really wasn’t much of a student. After about 10th grade I had ‘girls on the brain’ and couldn’t think straight. I guess that is why I was selling vacuums door to door. Looking at Daisy in the doorway made me want to return to those days of high school.

“Yeah,” she frowned and then smiled cheerfully. I looked her up and down again. She was stunning and incredible to talk to. Add to the fact that the cool night air was beginning to take its effect on her. Her young perky nipples were pushing against the cloth of her T-shirt and becoming very apparent.

“You keep working on it and you’ll learn it,” I replied and then checking out her lovely nipples again added, ” You know what I’ll take you up on that offer to wait for your mom, of course if you’re still offering.” I smiled at her and hoped the offer was still good or otherwise I’d feel like a buffoon. Her hot little body was starting to have an effect on me.

“I will, sure if you’d like to come in and wait, you can,” she said and opened the door wider so I could follow her in.

I wiped my feet and watched as she turned from me and her lovely little ass swayed as she walked down the hall. I closed the door behind me and felt the warm air of the house and was glad I had chosen to stay. I walked down the hall and turned to the right into the room Daisy had disappeared into. Their living room was there and it was the room where the TV was flickering.

Daisy had already plopped down o her belly on the rug in front of the TV and gone back to math homework. She smiled at me and said, “Take a seat and make yourself comfortable.” She watched me walk past her and then stood up. “Do you want something to drink?” she asked politely. She moved her feet inward and outward like she was dancing and Ataşehir Escort I could hear her hum something.

“No I’m fine,” I said and smiled at her.

I looked around their lovely home and was impressed. Their furniture wasn’t expensive but really nice and everything went together perfectly. The big couch across from the TV is where I chose to sit and this put me in a wonderful position to view Daisy’s wonderful backside when she faced away from me towards the TV.

“Are you sure? We have soda pop and beer or water,” she asked again. Her feet moved again and I could tell she had a song playing in her head.

“So when does your mom usually get home?” I asked as I envisioned her without clothes on.

“Oh it depends if she does overtime or gets called back,” Daisy started and my mind reeled. I pictured myself sitting here forever and wasting the rest of the night. “But she won’t tonight because its Friday, so she gets off at her regular time,” she said as if I should know her mom’s regular time. She was still rocking slightly to the song in her head.

“Which is when?” I asked. I looked her up and down and thought about dancing with her.

“Oh,” Daisy exclaimed as she realized I should have no idea. She giggled and without thinking, tugged at her tight jeans to dislodge them from her crotch. “She is supposed to get off at 6:30 every night but can get called back or asked to do overtime on every night but Friday,” she said as if she was reciting her mom’s instructions to her.

“6:30?” I asked and frowned. I looked at my watch and grimaced. It was 5:38. I thought of those other houses. I looked out the front window and knew I was stuck. There are worse places to be stuck but I wasn’t going to get that solid lead tonight unless it was Daisy’s mom providing it.

“I think I’ll have that beer,” I said, resigning myself to staying there. I looked at Daisy and she smiled. She was a wet dream come true and I couldn’t believe I was sitting in her living room, watching her tap her feet and dance to some unknown tune.

“Sure, do you want it in a glass or straight from the bottle?” she asked.

“I’ll just drink it from the bottle, no reason to dirty a glass,” I told her and she sauntered off toward what I presume was the kitchen. Her hips shook gently as she disappeared through the doorway.

Within seconds, she was back with a long neck Coors light. I thanked her as she handed it to me. Our hands touched in the transfer and she shocked me as her feet scuffled on the rug. Her hand felt soft and her fingers delicate. I twisted off the top and thanked her.

“Your welcome,” she answered and got down on her knees over her homework.

I sipped the beer and gazed around the living room. I wanted to just study the lovely Daisy but she was always looking up at me and smiling so I didn’t want to get caught staring.

“Ah cripe,” she swore as she looked like she was working hard on her homework.

“Got a hard one there?” I said and glanced at her round derriere as it rested on the backs of her heels.

“Yeah, I get so confused with what to do next,” she said and rolled her eyes.

“Let me take a look,” I said as I took a long drag on my beer. I really didn’t know if I could help her but to get Daisy to come and sit with me, I’d try to tackle Calculus.

She frowned at her book and scooped up her homework and dragged it over to me. Rather than sitting down next to me, she put the books on the couch beside me and kneeled in front of me.

“Aw that’s easy,” I teased even before I looked at the problem and Daisy giggled.

After looking at the problem and the examples in the book, I was happy to find out it was actually a pretty easy problem to figure out. Once I was able to get that one completed and showed Daisy how to do it, I was able to teach her how to get all the rest of the problems after that.

“Thanks mister,” she said as she hastily wrote the problems down as if to get it on paper before she forgot it.

“Call me Manny,” I said with a smile. My name is actually Steve but I always thought Manny sounded cool so I gave it out instead.

“Okay Manny,” Daisy said as she looked up from below me. She was smiling and I looked down her T-shirt at the tops of her young breasts.

“Now remember all of Algebra is steps and you have to remember all the steps as you go along or otherwise you’ll be lost,” I told her as she leaned in and watched me do the problems. She smelled absolutely heavenly. “See you have to get the X alone, or any unknown for that matter and then you can do the math to figure out what it is equal to,” I explained.

Daisy smiled and watched me and seemed pretty impressed with my know-how. She grinned and blushed when I told her she’d probably never use Algebra in her career as a model.

“Oh I could never be a model,” she said and smiled. Her eyes diverted mine and she seemed shy suddenly.

“You kidding? You could be a great model,” I told her and looked Maltepe Escort her over.

She seemed surprised by my assuredness. “You really think so?” She asked and looked down at herself as if she was trying to see what I saw.

“Yeah, you got the look, you could easily make it,” I said and looked down her top while she was fidgeting and taking all of it in. “Here stand up,” I told her and leaned back on the couch.

She looked at me and smiled. She stood up and stood before me with a big shy smile on her face.

“Back up a little,” I told her, as I looked her over. ‘How tall are you?” I asked.

She giggled and said, “I think I’m 5’5, my mom says I’m too short to be a model,” she told me as she stepped back two steps.

“Nah, that was the old days. Models come in all shapes and sizes now, you have to have the look of health and vitality,” I explained. First, I’m a math wiz and now I’m an expert on modeling.

“Really?’ she said as I told her to spin around. She did and went way too fast for a model and my tastes.

“Make a slow turn, like you are a queen and everyone should be looking at you,” I advised her. It sounded pretty professional, too.

“Is this better,” she asked as she spun more deliberately.

“Better yeah, good no,” I scolded her. “This time put you right hand on your hip and do it but at half the speed you did it the last time,” I said and sipped my beer. “Also put in a slight swing of your hips, too.” I hadn’t drunk any water today and was feeling dehydrated. The beer was having the effect of 3 or 4 beers and tried to keep my composure.

Daisy did as she was told and spun around again. I checked out her lovely ass and couldn’t believe my luck. I sucked as a salesman today but didn’t care.

“You know something is missing,” I told her. I put my hand to my chin and pondered what it was.

“What?” Daisy asked, concerned. She was trying hard to get me to evaluate her as a model and wanted to know what it was she could do to help with my assessment. I looked at her bare feet and had the answer.

“Do you have any heels?” I asked and drained my beer.

Daisy was all smiles as she wiggled excitedly, ” My mom does, let me go get them,” she said and turned to go.

“Oh Daisy, if it wouldn’t be any trouble, could you get me another beer?” I asked as I waggled the empty at her.

“Sure,” she answered and came and took the empty from me. Her perfume and womanly scent caught my nose and I inhaled. I looked at my watch as she ran off to get another beer and some shoes. It was now 6:01 and her mom still wasn’t due off until 6:30.

I stretched out my legs and ran my hand over the front of my trousers. Mr. Happy was semi-hard and felt great to the touch. It had been awhile since he had been called to action and he seemed ‘roaring to go.’

When Daisy returned, I was fixated on a music video on the TV. It was the Rolling Stones doing “Like A Rolling Stone” and I was mesmerized by the stop action film work. Patricia Arguette doesn’t normally do it for me but she looked good as a drugged out model or socialite.

“Wow,” I heard myself say as I glanced at Daisy standing there. She had another tall one for me but it was what she was wearing that ‘wowed’ me. She giggled as she stood there and watched me drink her in.

Daisy had on six-inch heels and they were the stiletto style. She had changed out of her jeans and put on a short black jean skirt.

I took the beer from her and cracked it open with a snap. She must have shaken it walking in her heels because it nearly exploded and I had to throw my mouth on it to keep it from getting all over the place.

“Sorry,” Daisy told me as she waddled on her heels. She stood close to me and I didn’t tell her to move away this time.

After containing the beer, I set it aside. I swallowed almost half the bottle in foam form as it shot down my gullet. I asked her to turn around. She wasn’t good at maneuvering on the heels and nearly fell. As she spun around to face away from me, I peered up her legs and under her skirt. She was still wearing the thong and I admired her tight little ass cheeks and legs.

“That’s great,” I said and asked her to do it again only this time slower. Daisy looked at me and smiled and began her slow spin. I looked up to see her glancing away and bent over to see up her skirt. I eyed her heavenly pouch, tucked away there and dreamed of a peek inside. Sitting back, I watched her finish her turn and applauded.

Daisy smiled and steadied herself on the heels. She was dreamy and with her heels on, her ass jutted out just right.

“Could you do me a favor?” I asked her, I was emboldened by the beer and her exhibitionism.

“What?” she asked and smiled as she used her hands to smooth out her short skirt.

“Could you dance to that song you have playing in your head?” I exclaimed.

Daisy thought for a moment and then realized I had caught on to her little dance and giggled. She started the dance again and laughed.

“It’s a song my friends and I have been working on, we have made up some dance steps to it and I can’t get it out of my head,” she explained. I didn’t think I’d be able to get her moves and the sight of her in the heels out of mine.

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