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I used to get around the country in my work as a land agent and would sometimes come across single women, either unmarried divorced or widowed. On a few occasions romance would blossom. This is a true story of one of those romances.

I drove up the farm driveway on a sunny late summer afternoon to a modern house, and getting out of my car I knocked at the door. It was answered by a woman in her early forties. I explained who I was and that I needed to speak to the landowner concerning the oil pipeline that ran under their land.

“You need to see my mother-in-law, Mrs Launchbury, who lives in that bungalow over there.”

I moved my car over to the bungalow and going through a pretty little private courtyard to the house I found who I presumed to Mrs Launchbury sitting at a table having a cup of tea. I introduced myself and found that I was indeed speaking to Mrs Launchbury. I explained who my clients were, and that they needed to gain access to her land to do major works to their pipeline, and as their land agent it was my job to deal with the relevant landowners.

“You’d better sit down and have cup of tea,” she smiled, and she went indoors to get another cup.

I studied her as she filled my cup and refilled her own. I guessed about 5’7″, neat build and quite slim. Nice breasts, not too small or too large and I’d noticed good legs when she went indoors. Dark collar length hair, which I thought was coloured, dark eyes, and as for age, I thought maybe another ten years more than my own 52.

We chatted away about the work that would be involved, and once she realised that there would be lots of workmen about she chuckled, “My sister and I could set up a tearoom for all those lovely men!”

My ears pricked up for she was attractive, and I wondered if she would fuck. I remarked idly, “Is your sister a naughty girl then?”

“She might have been at one time, but she’s 75 now.”

“And what would your husband say to you making tea for lots of horny handed workmen?”

“My husband died twelve years ago.”

I asked for all the other information that I required for my dossier, and in doing so I found canlı bahis out her son’s age, and calculated that she must be at least in her late sixties, so I thought perhaps I’d read her wrong.

Nevertheless, she was quite fanciable, so on leaving I asked, “I wonder if you’d like to come out with me one evening for a drink?”

“I don’t drink, but I do like to go to the pictures if you’d like to come with me.”

We agreed that we’d go out the following evening, and she told me that “Tea with Mussolini” was on locally.

Just as I was leaving she asked, “What do you want out of this?” She caught me on the hop, because I couldn’t just say ‘A shag would be nice’ so I burbled, “Well, I’m away from home, and I’d enjoy your company. You know…”

As we walked from the car park to the cinema she surprised me my taking my hand and she continued to hold it during the film.

I sat in a small armchair in Doreen’s bungalow, and much to my surprise she came and sat on my lap facing me, hitching her skirt up as she did so. Leaning forward she kissed me. Very quickly tongues were flickering in mouths; I had my hand inside her blouse and under the bra cup. Her tits were just a nice handful and surprisingly firm. Her small nipples quickly became hard under my hand as I caressed her. I opened the front of my trousers and eased forward in the chair so that our crotches were touching.

Unfortunately I’d had a very hard week and I was extremely tired, so although my old chap showed a bit of interest he refused to rise to the occasion. I apologised, and she said that she understood and she seemed quite content to continue as we were. Eventually I left saying that I’d see her the following week.

I drove back eastwards on Monday morning, thinking all the time of Doreen. I knocked on her door shortly before ten, and she greeted me with a kiss.

“I’m just going to have a bath,” she said.

“Shall I wash you back?” I asked, half in jest.

“Mmm, that would be nice.”

She led me to the bathroom as and as she filled the bath she took of her bathrobe as naturally as if she’d known me for ages. Her tits were as bahis siteleri I’d remembered them – not too large and still firm for her age. She had a bit of a tummy and between her legs was a dark bush, which I suspected that she trimmed just a bit for it was very neat, but nicely hairy, just as I like.

She got into the bath and washed herself, and I soaped and washed her back, then reaching around I gave her tits a good soaping as well and her nipples hardened most satisfactorily. She wasn’t the only one for my cock was wide awake that morning and wonderfully hard.

She got out of the bath and dried herself and without a word she led me to the bedroom. Clearly it wasn’t her own room for the bed was undisturbed until she pulled back the covers and got in. Swiftly I undressed and joined her and we kissed deeply while I enjoyed her breasts. I sucked gently on her nipples as my hand stroked her belly and then on down to her bush. She sighed gently and parted her legs in invitation, while feeling for my hard cock. Gently she stroked it then murmured, “That’s nice.”

I slid a finger down into the crack of her cunt, but it was dry.

“Just a minute.” She slipped out of bed, leaving the room only to return a moment later with an enormous pot of lubricant which she proceeded to smear liberally all over her cunt.

I continued to explore her cunt, and with the liberally applied lubricant I was able to slide a finger into her and very gently massage her clit. Doreen seized another handful of lubricant and smothered my cock before saying, “Let’s try.”

I rolled on top of her and she guided the tip of my cock to her entrance. I pushed slowly and felt the head of my cock go into her so I slowly pulled out a bit and pushed again, going in a bit deeper Once I’d got a couple of inches into her she asked me to pull out so that she could apply more lubricant. Once again she guided me in and over the next minutes I slowly worked at her as she gradually opened up to me. After ten minutes or so I was fully in her, but she was tight and dry still so we used more lube. “It’s been a long time,” she said in explanation.

I entered bahis şirketleri her for the third time but it took a couple of minutes for her to once more take the whole length of me.

At last I was able to move in her so we settled down to some long slow fucking as she moved under me. All too soon I knew that I couldn’t go on much longer although I knew she wasn’t ready. “I’m sorry Doreen, but I can’t wait much longer.”

She didn’t say anything but she kissed me wetly with her tongue fully in my mouth while continuing to move under me. Her hands were on my arse, pulling me into her so I guess she wanted me to come. I felt my cock expand so I pushed deep into her and she sensing I was there pushed up hard against me to receive me. My cock jerked hard as my spunk gushed into her and she gave a great moan of satisfaction as she felt it splash inside her.

Knowing that I hadn’t satisfied her, I pulled out after a while and masturbated her, paying attention to her clitoris. It took another 5 minutes or so, but all of a sudden her body stiffened and she moaned, “Oh, Oh, Oh you, Oh you.”

We lay in each others arms an eventually she said, “I needed that. My husband and I had a good sex life and I wasn’t ready to give it up when I was sixty. I had a lover after he died but that was a few years ago.”

I lay there thinking. So she was 72, which was ten years older than I’d thought. She didn’t look her age, and although it hadn’t been easy, she wasn’t a bad fuck. I certainly wanted to try it again, but I had work to see to. We parted having agreed that I’d see her that evening.

There was no messing that evening for she led me straight to bed. We went through the same procedure with the lubricant again before she straddled me and slowly took me inside her. It was a bit easier this time and I held her breasts and massaged her nipples as she slowly rose up and down my shaft. I didn’t think I’d be able to come again as I’d given her my best shot in the morning, but the sensations she was creating on my cock were wonderful. After about quarter of an hour, without any warning she suddenly cried out, “Oh, Oh, Oh you, Oh you.” I felt her cunt twitching on my hard cock, and then she slowly lowered herself to lie on top of me. Within a very few minutes she was fast asleep, so I lay there with my arms around her, and still firmly embedded in her sticky cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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