Double Date

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A one-sided conversation with my wife while we wait to go on a double date…


“They’ll be here soon honey. Aren’t you excited? I know I am.

“Sebastian simply is just the best. The way he holds me. Touches me. Seduces me. Kisses me. I haven’t felt this attractive in years. He truly wants every inch of my mind, body, and spirit. You don’t mind, do you?

“Ah, yes. You’re right. He gets everything except for my love. That’s just for you, isn’t it? I love you. My husband. My soul mate. The man I want to spend the rest of my life with. Just not the man I want to spend the rest of my night with, if you get my drift.

“Now, as you know, we’re getting all dressed up for a double-date. We haven’t been on a real date in about a year, have we? It’s time. We’re a couple and going out with friends is important. We get to be like real adults tonight. No kids. No jobs. No responsibilities. Just fun with friends.

“But this one’s a bit different than the double dates we had in the past I think.

“I know, I know. I’ve been keeping you in suspense all week, haven’t I? You’ve been wondering what this is all about. Well, sit down and let me explain.

“I’m going out with Sebastian tonight. We’re going dancing, drinking, flirting, the works. You see these panties? Ha! You’re right, no panties tonight and I’m already wet just thinking about him. Well, tonight, you get to join us. It’s a double-date after all.

“Who’s your date? Great question and this is the best part. Sebastian has a friend and they are really interested in meeting you. I told Sebastian to share your picture and, well, personal ‘interests’ and he did and let me tell you this, you’re going to have a ton of fun tonight. It’s about time that you got to have some fun too.

“But first, I want to teach you a little bit about dating. From a woman’s point of view that is. Dating is quite simple really and I expect you to treat your date with the same dignity, respect, and attention that I pay mine. This is truly a rare opportunity for you and I do not want you to embarrass me.

“In fact, I want you to watch what we do. No. I want you to watch every thing we do. Then, I want you to mimic us. I want you to treat your date the exact same way I treat mine. Do you understand?

“By the end of the night, my date is going to be stuttering with arousal and I want your date to be in the exact same state.

“What do you have to do? What a silly question. Your number one job is to get a second date. It’s always all about getting your date to want to go out with you again. Then, the power is in your court. You get to decide how far you go. When you go. Where you go. And even if you go. You want your date going home and thinking all about you while they, well, pleasure themselves.

“That’s why we sometimes put out. And sometimes we don’t. That’s why we dress a certain way or say certain things. It’s all about giving your date the anticipation of what’s to come next and if you give it all up on the very first date then canlı bahis they won’t be back. Now, do you understand?

“That’s why I had you trim and shape your beard perfectly. Buy new clothes. Even get a pedicure. I want you looking your best and getting that elusive second date. Prove to me that you can do this. Prove to me that you can seduce someone. Do you think you can do that?

“Why is this important? It’s important to me. I want to see you in action. You’re my husband and I want to see that you have the skills and knowledge to seduce me and get me to a second date. I’m trying to teach you so we can date together. This is what I am going to want you to do with me. I want you to flirt with me. I want you to seduce me. I want you to have the skills to get me to second base, third base, even a home run. Most men only think to swing for the fences. They aren’t willing to put in the time and energy to get a lady to want to get to home plate. I want you to be different. You’re my husband and I want you better than most men. Please tell me you understand and you’re willing to take this seriously for us?

“Okay! Great! This is where it gets exciting! Some things to watch for because I want you to mimic me exactly. Whatever I do to seduce Sebastian I want you to do. Believe me, it all works. Men and women are the same in this regard. We all want to be desired and pursued.

“First, we’re going to dinner. Order something light. Like a salad or soup. Something that lets you eat while still maintaining eye contact and having a conversation. A beer and steak just takes too much work. You don’t want to have to worry about your food getting cold. Your focus is on your date. Not your food. We’re not going out to have dinner. We’re going out to find dinner. Catch my drift?

“As for your date. Hang on their every word. Every story. Find humor and meaning in it. Be captivated. Let them subconsciously know that you’re interested in them on a personal level. Then, you flirt. Just a little. ‘Accidentally’ brush their hand. Touch their leg. Play a little bit of footsie and see if they play back. Get some food on your hand and gently lick it off while looking in their eyes. That one may be a bit bold but believe me, it works like a charm.

“This all works wonderfully and I’ll tell you why. Dates are always trying to impress each other. Guys talk about how much money they make or how much power they have in the office. They want to puff up their chests and seem strong and important. Women talk about going to the gym or how difficult it was to find the right dress for the evening. They want to come across as interested in looking good while not being too narcissistic.

“You do all those little things. Touching. Flirting. Smiling. Even licking your lips and tilting your head towards them. It’s all very, very subtle but just watch me. I’m going to do it all. Remember, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Or, in many regards, how you act it. You want them to get the message and that message isn’t something that’s spoken outloud.

“What bahis siteleri ‘message’? The message that you’re interested in first and second base of course. We’re going dancing afterwards and you’re going to have your hands all over each other.

“We’re going dancing at Techno’s. As you know, it’s all about touching. Touching hands. Touching hips. Touching lips. Just lots and lots of touching. You’re going to be out there and let me tell you what I’m going to do with Sebastian. It might be hard to see in the dark so you might have to use your imagination.

“Get out on the floor quickly and put your arm around their waste. Here! Stand up. I’ll show you.


“It’s ironic but the whole idea behind dancing on the floor is to get over to the tables. It seems ass-backwards but you want to get them hot and bothered enough to go over to a secluded spot. Then you can kiss, touch, rub, and basically get to second base.

“That’s it. Spread your legs and let your thigh rub right there. Put your hands here. Stare into their eyes. Turn your head to kiss but don’t kiss. Tilt your chin up more, it’s too low. You’re not a vampire. You’re not the hunter. You’re the prey. At least, that’s what they think. You want them to lunge. You want them to make the move. You go in forty percent and let them make up the difference. Let your date feel like they are the hunter and you’re the prey. You and I know different but that’s our little secret.

“Put your hand behind their neck, like this. Notice, I’m not pulling you in. I’m not leading you anywhere. I could at any point but I’m not. I don’t have to do anything but you know exactly what I’m thinking, don’t you? You feel my fingers on your neck? You feel my hand touching you where it’s really soft there? When I do this with Sebastian, his hands just can’t get enough of me. They rub everywhere. It’s almost obscene but that’s where I want my date. And it’s where I want you to get yours to.

“That’s it. You’re grinding quite nicely. You’re going to do just fine when it’s your turn to date me. Now, breathe in my ear. Don’t blow. Breathe. Let me hear your lust. Nice. This is where you can let me know what you’re thinking. Tell me you want me. Tell me you need me. Tell me you’re ready to do anything with me. Nice.

“Let your hands roam. Not there. Not there either. There. This is your chance to find where on my body the sensitive zones are. Might be my lower back. Might be my neck. Might be my thighs. Don’t just go for the obvious. Rub gently and I’ll respond to let you know that you’re in the right area. Good. Very good.

“Now, the power’s in my court and I know it. I know that I can get that second date if I want it. I know that I can go as far tonight as I want. The hunted has become the hunter. But, now is when you go get a drink. The idea now is to stay at the club for one more hour.

“Sit and listen. You’re learning nicely. I hope you’re taking good mental notes. The next hour at the bar is the most important of the evening.

“The sweet spot now is right about one hour. The longer bahis şirketleri you stay, the hotter your date gets. The more excited they get. At this point the anticipation is killing them. But you can’t stay too long or else they’ll get the thought that nothing is going to happen. You’ll have to be the judge and this is when you come and find me. Let me know that you’re at this point and we’re only going to stay for twenty, maybe thirty more minutes. Just long enough to dance, flirt, and grind a little bit more and then we’re coming home.

“Of course we’re not leaving them at the club. We’re all coming back here for a night cap. We’ll ride in the Uber and, well, you know second base is about to happen, right? Yup. We’re all going to make out. You’re going to get to kiss someone other than me! Exciting, isn’t it?

“I thought so. And I give you permission. I want you to make out. Use your tongue and hands to bring them right to the edge and then pull back. This is where you can also be a little bit of the aggressor. Remember, you just switched roles from hunted to hunter so you can take their hand and put it wherever you want.

“Remember, at this point they are hot for you. They are thinking it’s a home run and the only thing between them and bliss is time. It’s your job now to slow down that time to just the right speed. Your speed. You’re in control at this point so tell them where you want them. Put their hand where you want it. Put their lips where you want them.

“Yup, even there. Encourage your date. The clothes are on and it’s time to get hot.

“We’ll get home and this is where I want to see your skills. After my dates with Sebastian, I sometimes like to do a striptease dance for him. Get right up and stand in between his legs. Stare him in his eyes and just pretend that my hands are his hands. I let them walk all over my body. Touching all of those right places. I let him undress me. I let him pleasure me. Then, just when he’s ready to jump out of his seat and throw me down on the floor, I kneel down. I go right down between his legs and make sure that he knows we’re going to third base.

“Two hands right on his knees. I push them apart and coax out him out of his pants. This is where we get to show off our oral skills. Yours and mine. And I want them moaning for us. Don’t let your date climax at this point. This is just teasing. Use your tongue. Your lips. Try to resist using your hands. Hands are boring. Use your eyes and mouth. Be creative. Don’t be boring.

“That’s something most men just do not know. Hands are boring. Use your eyes. Seduce them with everything but your hands.

“Look in their eyes. Try to seduce them right then and there. Frustrate them. Get your date right to that point where you can stand up, take their hand, and just walk to the bedroom. Then, well, I’ll let you decide how far you’re gonna go.”


“Oh, goody! They’re here! Come on.”

I walked with trepidation as my wife skipped to the front door like a teenager ready to go to prom. She opened the door and my jaw just dropped.

“Honey. You already know Sebastian. This here is Sebastian’s good friend from work, Tyrone. He’s into, well, guys just like you.

“Are we ready to go boys? I’m famished!”

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