Double Trouble

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The hot water from the shower cascaded down her back, dripping gently down past her buttocks and between her legs. Steam filled the small bathroom. Terri lifted her hands upwards to wash the shampoo suds out of her blonde hair. The water from the shower had soaked her hair making it stick to the back of her neck and her shoulders.

Terri shared the flat with her cousin, Ruth, who was the same age as her. Terri began to lather herself up as she washed her body from top to bottom. She started to relax and unwind after a long hard day at work. The scent of lavender had filled the bathroom because of the steam from the shower. Her nipples became erect from the mixture of hot steam from the shower, the smell of the lavender and the cold air that circulated into the bathroom from the open window.

Her day at work had been stressful, she was the only woman in her office and her figure got her more attention than she wanted. Her 34D, firm, natural breasts always looked bigger and fuller than they were in her work suit. Downwards from her chest was her slender waist and flat stomach, and they led down further to her toned buttocks and legs. She had spent the day having to listen to the comments from her male co-workers. She herself was single and had been for a long time, work always got in the way. Plus, she didn’t want the attention from her colleagues.

Terri knew that Ruth was home and was waiting for the shower to be free. Turning the shower off, she stepped out and found her big white towel. She began to dry herself, and went to find Ruth.

Ruth’s bedroom was just down the hall from the bathroom in the flat. Ruth had said she would be there when the bathroom was free. Terri knocked on the door. There was no reply so she knocked again. With still no response, Terri gently pushed the door open to see if Ruth was there, she was shocked with what she saw.

Ruth lay on the bed, with her eyes shut. Her dark, curly hair was spread over the pillow. She was naked. Her breasts were slightly smaller than Terri’s but her dark nipples stood to attention. Terri looked down and realised for the first time that Ruth was completely shaven down below. Ruth had a long, pink vibrator inside her. She moved it around with one hand and played with her breasts with the other. Her breath was rapid and it was obvious as her torso rippled that she was in the throws of orgasm, and the high-pitched gasps she made only highlighted that fact.

At first, Terri looked away not knowing what to do, slowly though she turned back to face her cousin. Terri was embarrassed but for some reason she found herself aroused at the türbanlı escort same time. She had never seen another woman masturbate before; she herself would normally make sure her door was locked when she went to play with herself. She reached down underneath her towel and began to massage her clitoris, causing the redness in her cheeks to grow stronger. Ruth began to moan louder in ecstasy, her hips and torso started to buck with the pleasure she was giving to herself. This aroused Terri even more, who began to circle her clitoris quicker, until she herself began to gasp with orgasm.

Ruth startled at the extra noise in her room and looked up towards Terri, who had moved inside the door closer to the bed now.

“You made me jump, Terri,” gasped Ruth bringing her cousin round from the isolated world she had entered through self-pleasure. Terri jumped again, looking even more embarrassed than she had been fifteen minutes ago.

“S-sorry Ruth, I didn’t mean to dist. . . ” stuttered Terri, trying to cover herself clumsily as her cousin sat up on her bed, the vibrator still buzzing in her wet, bald pussy.

“That’s ok, I don’t mind. You seemed to be enjoying yourself nearly as much as I was, come here,” she stretched out her arms out to her cousin. Terri moved forward to embrace the cuddle she was being offered,

“I’ve never seen another woman playing with herself before, let alone with a dildo. It excited me more than I’d have thought. . . ” Ruth raised her finger to her cousin’s lips,

“Shhh, it doesn’t matter. I don’t mind.” She leaned in towards Terri and kissed her full on the lips. To Terri’s surprise she kissed her back. Ruth removed the vibrator and placed it on the side.

Ruth moved her hand to the towel covering Terri after her shower and pulled it, letting it drop to the floor with a thud. Ruth began to move her hands gently over Terri’s body, stopping at her breasts to massage her nipples, then slowly stroking down her stomach to below her naval. Ruth’s fingers found their way between Terri’s lower lips and began to circle over her clitoris. Terri’s neatly trimmed pubic hair gently rubbed against Ruth’s palm. Terri began to do the same to Ruth, and both women began to breathe in a more rapid way.

“Terri, lie down, there’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” whispered Ruth, gently pushing her cousin backwards onto the bed. She began kissing her cousin’s body, dragging her tongue around her nipples and her naval, firmly but gently moving south to her pussy. She kissed her mound and then inserted her tongue all the tüyap escort way between her lips, forcing an excited gasp of surprise to come from Terri’s mouth. She started to flick her tongue, snake-like across her cousin’s sensitive area and massaged her clitoris with her lips. Terri was now writhing in pleasure and her hips bucked up towards the ceiling. This was not what she had expected when she moved into her cousin’s flat last month.

“Have you ever noticed that I never bring any men back home, Terri?” Terri responded by nodding her head between gasps of air, “it’s because – and I’ve known for a long time – they don’t turn me on. You always did. Just imagine how glad I was when you asked me if you could move in with me last month.”

“But, this is wrong. . .”

“Maybe, but it’s so much fun. You can’t deny that, can you?” Terri shook her head as Ruth continued to flick her tongue around her body. Taking two fingers and placing them where her tongue had been Ruth continued to fuck her cousin and leant back in for another kiss. Terri carried on kissing her back, but this time forced her tongue into her cousin’s open mouth. Exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues, the kiss was passionate and lustful. Ruth was finger-fucking Terri in a ‘come here’ motion, moving her fingers upwards, backwards, down again in an almost circular movement. She obviously knew what she was doing. Terri began to breathe heavily and rapidly;

“Fuck me harder, I’m going to cum!” Ruth stopped what she was doing and went to her drawer by the side of the bed, she pulled from it what looked to Terri like another dildo, but it had some kind of strap hanging from it. Ruth stepped into her fake hard-on and fastened it around her waist;

“How about I fuck you now?” Terri nodded, knowing she was wet enough to take it, Ruth’s tongue and fingers had seen to that.

Ruth mounted her cousin as she continued to spasm with orgasm, as if she were a man in the same situation. She gently – but firmly – inserted the fake cock into her and pushed deep with her pelvis so the tip was constantly rubbing her ecstatic cousin’s mound. Her short hair around her opening had stuck to her skin with the wetness from her own sex. Ruth rocked her waist backwards and forwards to move the cock in and out of Terri’s dripping pussy. She started with a slow rhythm and then sped up, using the strength from her buttocks to push and pull her cock across Terri’s clit and into her pussy. Terri gripped the bed sheets as hard as she could as she could feel herself orgasm multiple times, they felt like earthquakes tuzla escort whose epicentre was her clitoris. Each orgasm sent a wave of excitement, pleasure and spasm across her body. Her breathing was uncontrollable and she suddenly realised she was screaming in delight. She had not cum this many times in one sitting ever. She could feel her knuckles going white as she gripped the duvet harder and harder, trying to stay in control of her wild, shaking body. Where the fake cock had penetrated her, Terri felt her cousin’s warm juices flowing down and dripping onto her legs. Ruth was getting just as excited being this dominant, hard-fucking bitch. Ruth was also letting out loud gasps of breath as she could feel her own body weakening the more she fucked her cousin.

Ruth pulled out and fell to her knees to play with her own pussy. Terri decided then that she was having too much fun to stop now, so she stood – wobbling as she did so – and lifted Ruth onto her feet. Lying her down, Terri then started to work on Ruth’s bald pussy the way her own had been worked what seemed like years ago. Time had stood still for this pair as they revelled in each other’s presence and lust. Ruth bucked harder than before as she also began to experience the climatic pleasure of multiple orgasms. As Ruth lay there, her cheeks, her chest and her pussy flushed red as all the blood rushed there to heighten the stimulation they were getting, she felt Terri’s tongue between her lips, circling, flicking, hovering and fucking her intensely. Suddenly, Terri’s tongue left Ruth’s mound and found its way into her asshole. The sensation was incredible! It alone brought Ruth to another orgasm. Moving back up to her sibling’s pussy, Terri resumed flicking and circling her tongue around, making Ruth’s legs tingle and begin to shake.

Terri slowly then moved her tongue up and across Ruth’s body. Sweat had begun to bead on both of the girls. Terri took Ruth’s nipple in her mouth and sucked, flicking her tongue around the areola.

Both girls were running low on stamina now, as they both continued to ripple with orgasm, each one tremoring across their body and setting one off on the other body.

With one last gasp of hot breath, both girls fell into a heap on Ruth’s bed. Both had flushed faces and chests and both clitorises were erect and peeking through their owner’s labia, pulsing red and angry with blood and excitement;

“I never knew sex with girls was so much fun!” whispered Terri through a number of deep, heavy breaths.

“I know, and to think this all started with me imagining you in the shower, all soaped up. . . ” gasped Ruth back, her dark, curly hair in a state that said ‘I’ve just had a raw fucking’. Terri’s blonde hair was still wet from the shower and clung to her shoulders and breasts like a limpet on a rock. Both girls were tired now. They embraced once more in a passionate kiss and slowly fell asleep in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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