Down by the river; Lisa’s Turn Ch. 02

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*All characters are fictional and over 18years old.*

They finished preparing dinner, refreshed their drinks and gathered around the table and ate. They laughed and talked while they devoured Lisa’s special Shrimp Alfredo and the community salad they had prepared together. Lisa was so grateful that things had worked on this trip. She was no fool. She knew that things were about to change. April would be going home to Nevada with no reason to return now that she had graduated. Her and Rose would continue to be roommates (along with the other three slacker bitches/jerks who they shared space with) but it would be different. Lisa had an internship starting at the Chronicle in a week, Rose would go back to Los Angeles for a month then come back and start training for track again and once next semester started, she and Rose would not be spending near as much time together with Lisa working and Rose entering her Senior year. Marybeth had her jobs at the Zircon Lounge and at Rasputin Records (for now, that girl changed jobs like panties, if she wore any), but Lisa would not be able to hang out and party with her as much as she had. A crossroads was coming up and she knew her friends would be taking different paths. It didn’t mean they wouldn’t be friends, but she knew they would not be as close as they were right now. Lisa knew not to overthink it or dwell on it, just enjoy this time and burn these memories into her brain.

The dishes were placed in the sink, and they sat around the table. Marybeth had gotten her backpack and Long Tall Sally from the living room and brought them up to the kitchen table. Marybeth had a big shit eating grin and started to pack another bowl into Sally.

“Ok, prior to the all-girl pussy fest we had today, what was the craziest or weirdest or wildest sexual thing you’ve ever done?” Marybeth asked.

Lisa smiled. Goddamn Marybeth. Lisa knew half the time she just asked these questions so she could share a wild story of her own. LOL.

The girls all contemplated and had looks of deep concentration on their faces.

April surprised everyone by going first. “Well, today is the winner for wildest, before today it was Marybeth eating me out at Lollapalooza while Jane’s Addiction played.”

“What?” Rose and Lisa said in unison.

“Is that where you guys were for so long? I thought you just got lost after buying beer. Those mushrooms were intense!” Lisa said.

Marybeth was giggling her ass off. “I was soo fucking high, tripping so hard off the shrooms. I pulled April into this random tent, one of the side show ones that was empty at the moment, and just went at her. I got her shorts down and started munching her.”

April added “Fucking shocked the fuck out of me, but I was high too. It was really hot. I came fucking hard. Opened my eyes and two dudes were standing there watching. I jumped up and pulled my shorts back on. They were grinning, asked if we wanted to go party with them. I ran out!”

“Fucking abandoned me!” Marybeth yelled “I got up, April dripping off my chin, smiled and walked up to one of the dudes, looked like a total surfer guy, kissed him on the lips and walked out, didn’t say a fucking word to him.”

Rose and Lisa were laughing so hard they could barely speak. “Gave that surfer a taste of April! He probably is still telling that story to his buddies!” Lisa said.

“Can’t believe you guys didn’t notice my face smelled like pussy when we got back.” Marybeth said.

“All I could smell was skunk bud.” Rose said. “Ok, not near as funny as that, but I thought it was pretty crazy and risky. Gerri and I fingered each other under blankets on the team flight on the way back from a meet in Texas. Bit my fucking hand trying not make noise when she made me cum, I drew blood. MM, fuck, it was really fucking exciting and hot.”

Marybeth lit up Sally’s bowl and took a hit. “Fuck yeah that sounds hot as hell!” She said as she exhaled, blowing the pungent smoke across the table and through the room.

April and Lisa both nodded in agreement as April took Sally from Marybeth and began heat her bowl back up.

Lisa thought and said “OK, this was crazy and weird, and it wasn’t me, but it was sexual.”

“Finger banging cousins at Christmas is pretty wild, just saying.” Marybeth said.

“Please be clear, they weren’t MY cousins! “Lisa clarified “It actually happened here. Just down those steps at the dock, down by the river. I had gotten high with my brother Steve. We smoked a joint, it was like 11 at night. He had come back up to the house and I ended up falling asleep on the dock, all curled up, looking at the moon and being all stony happy. I woke up a while later, didn’t know what time it was, and was going to finish off the roach left from the joint earlier before going up to my room. I was just lighting up when I heard someone coming out of the house. I jumped and went and hid just off the dock on the shore, behind a tree and some bushes. It was my mom’s friend who was staying with us for the weekend. She came down the stairs and just stood on the dock, staring at the river and the moon, so I hid figuring london escorts she wouldn’t stay too long, it was kinda cold and late and she was in shorts and a tank top, so she had to be cold. A few minutes go by and I hear the door again and someone else is coming down the steps. It’s my fucking brother! He gets down to the dock and they start making out and in like 5 seconds they’re fucking!”

By now everyone’s faces are in shock, wide eyed and mouths agape.

“No. Fucking. Way!” April says.

Marybeth is chortling and almost choking she’s laughing so hard.

Lisa said, “Fucking way! Boom, his pants are off, her shorts are off, she’s bent over leaning on a dock post and he’s ramming her from behind. Once the pants went down, I spun around, back against the tree, eyes clamped shut and hands over my fucking ears, not believing what the fuck was happening like 12 feet away from me! I can hear her trying not to moan too loud, the sound of his hips smacking into her echoing off the fucking water could not be ignored. Jesus. Fucking torture. I wanted to dive in the goddamn river and float out to sea!”

Rose was gasping with laughter but managed to ask, “Did he at least come quick?”

“FUCK NO!” Lisa shouted and the girls all busted out laughing even harder. “He turned into this like goddamn fuck machine porn star, she came like three times based off the noises she was making. Finally, I heard her say something like “Not in me!” and I heard him grunt and moan, they’re fucking lucky they didn’t wake up my folks, they were not as quiet as they thought they were being, and he came on her tits. After he quit grunting, I peeked around the tree and saw him standing there, his dripping dick waving in the fucking wind and her giant beach ball tits all shiny with his spunk. Jesus. I spun back around and was thinking ‘fuck, go to bed already!'”

Rose asked, “How could you see them in the dark?”

“Full fucking moon. It was like daylight out there. I wish it had been pitch black, then at least it would have just been the sounds I can’t unhear and not the sights I can’t unsee too!”

Lisa’s 3 friends laughed until they were crying. Lisa’s retelling and obvious distress over what she had witnessed was just too goddamn funny.

April said through tears, “Oh, oh fuck. I’m gonna pee my pants!”

Marybeth was gasping “My fucking sides, goddamn this hurts” through her laughter.

Lisa was smiling but trying to still play the part. “Glad my trauma could entertain you bitches!” and she grabbed the bong and took a hit from it while the girls tried to wipe away their tears and stop laughing.

“Wow, your brother. Nailing an older woman. Wow. Friend of your moms you said?” Marybeth asked.

Lisa answered through a bong hit “Yeah, she had been widowed for like 3 years, likely horny as hell.” And she blew out the smoke “My fucking brother had been walking around with a boner in his jeans for two days, she had to have noticed. She was totally eye balling him all weekend, I knew they were gonna bone. You could cut the tension with a knife.”

April asked, “Did your parents find out, or know?”

“I don’t think so. Mom and Brenda are still friends, and I can’t think that’s something my mom could forgive.” Lisa answered.

Marybeth said “Shit, your brother was doing a good thing, helping out a widow like that. Horny old broads need dick too. I’ll go on the record right now, when we’re old, If I have a son that’s of age and one of you horny old bitches need a good dicking, feel free to do my son. I’m sure if he’s my kid he’ll be up for it.”

More uproarious laughter ensued, and Lisa thought she might hyperventilate.

Finally, as they all calmed down and a couple of them had to go a relieve themselves after all the giggling, Lisa asked Marybeth “Ok, c’mon MB, tell us yours.”

Marybeth had a big stoned grin. “Ok, you remember the bartender at the Get Down, where I worked before the Zircon? Bill?”

“The guy who looked like 70 but was like 30?” April asked, cringing at the memory. Bill was, just to be honest, an ugly motherfucker and April was having a hard time believing Marybeth fucked him.

“Yes, Bill had an unfortunate face for sure, but he was really good guy if you took the time to talk to him.” Marybeth answered.

“So, charity fucking an ugly guy is the craziest thing you’ve done? No way.” Rose said.

“Nope, I did him and his wife. Threesome.” Marybeth grinned.

Lisa started clapping and whooping and April sat mouth agape. Rose asked, “Was his wife homely too?”

“His wife was fucking hot! She was like a skinny bitch with tits as big as mine, tiny little waist, blonde hair, looked like she crawled out of a Motley Crue video. She came into the bar one Wednesday, slow as fuck, no one in the joint. Bill and I were closing up. We started talking, joking, drinking on the clock. Just before we were about to lock up, Bill asks me if I think his wife is hot. I said fuck yea, good pull Bill! He says, ‘Wanna come back to our place? My wife likes chicks too.’ And smiles.”

“Ballsy move,” said Rose.

“Hot. What did you london escort say?” Lisa asked.

Marybeth gave Lisa a ‘whaddya think?’ look. “I said let’s fucking go!” and the girls laughed.

“It was fucking great, she ate pussy really good, and Bill had a big fucking cock and could really go at it. His wife, Darlene, or Delfina, or something like that, I can’t remember, had a shit load of toys. We’d fuck each other with these vibrators, I’d eat her while Bill fucked me, and she’d eat me while he fucked her. She had a strap on, you guys know what I mean, right? And I rode her fake cock and they double stuffed me. I came so goddamn hard. Fuckin’ A, it was a great fucking time.” Marybeth sat back and looked wistful as she drained her MGD.

April looked around and hesitantly asked “Double stuffed? Like you had them (she paused and almost whispered) both in your pussy at the same time?” April looked horrified as she asked her question.

Marybeth chuckled. “No honey, I had her dildo in my cunt and his cock in my ass.”

April’s eyes were as big as saucers. She had never considered such a thing, or even seen a porn video with something like that. “I feel so…. naïve.”

Lisa patted April on the shoulder shook her head and said, “You can be, babe.” and Marybeth said “I’ll give you some of my porn tapes to take back to Nevada with you. Watch and learn. You can show them country boys and thing or three.”

Rose said “Vibrators can be a lot of fun. Dildos too.”

Marybeth said “Really? Funny you should say that….” And reached down and picked up that infamous backpack. “This magic bag not only houses Long Tall Sally, but Big Bad Brad as well” and she pulled out a big red, ribbed 7″ vibrator and laid it on the table “and Big Dick Rick” as she pulled out a fat 8″ realistic black dildo, “for when you want to get your hips into it, Strapping Steve!” and pulled a harness with a 9″ veiny white fake cock, a little slimmer than Rick, already loaded up, and she announced as pulled out a purple double headed dildo that had to be 2 feet long from head to head “and lastly, the star of the show, Double Dong Dan!”

Lisa put up her hand. “No, not Strapping Steve. My brother’s name is Steve. Stan. Let’s go with Stan.”

“Call him whatever you want, but these are fun as fuck!” Marybeth replied.

Rose picked up Big Dick Rick off the table. “How do you afford all these? Sex toys are fucking expensive!”

“Oh, I got them when I worked at that porn shop up off Potrero a while back.” Marybeth said.

April asked, “Employee discount?”

Marybeth shook her head no. “Five Finger Discount.”

Lisa laughed, “Is that why they fired you?

“They didn’t fire me, I quit because the owner kept trying to get me to blow him.” Marybeth said defensively. “My last shift I slipped these into a trash bag and stashed them in my car when I took out the trash. Quit at the end of my shift. Shame too. I liked that job when he wasn’t around. I’d go watch married guys give each other blow jobs in the theater. Watching guys suck cock is hot.”

April shook her head, “OK, sensory overload.”

Marybeth laughed “It’s a crazy world April Honey, I’m gonna check all that crazy shit out!”

Rose was examining the toys on the table very closely. “You’ve washed these, right MB?” she asked.

Marybeth looked at Rose mouth agape. “Fucking c’mon. I know I’m a freak and bit of a fuck up but seriously? I take my sexual hygiene and health seriously! Maybe the only things I do take seriously.”

Rose smiled, “Just fucking with you MB.” And winked.

Lisa had another big, wicked smile, the booze and bong hits having taken full effect. “I want to be just fucking with all of you, like, right now.” And she stood up, taking off her plaid button up shirt as she walked towards the front of the house.

“I guess we should follow her.” Rose said and got up from the table, picking up Big Rick and the double dong as she did. Marybeth jumped up grabbing the other two, and April stood up, still reeling a bit but getting a devilish grin of her own.

Lisa went to a closet by the front door and got out a couple of blankets and walked back to the center of the living room, dropping the blankets on the couch. “Someone help me move this table.” She said. April grabbed the other end of the big coffee table and Rose grabbed the side by the couch and they moved it about 4 feet, towards the stereo cabinet. Once the table was moved, Lisa started spreading the blankets out on the living room floor. Marybeth had set the toys down on the chair at the top of the living room and walked over and popped in her Prince tape.

Rose grabbed a couple of pillows off the couch and tossed them on the floor and the girls all ended up in the standing together in the center of the blankets. April kicked off her sandals and everyone started taking off each other’s clothes and kissing. T-shirts pulled up and over heads, bras unclasped, kisses being exchanged, breasts caressed and fondled, shorts pulled over hips and dropped to ankles, buttons opened, and zippers pulled down and pants shucked. Soon 4 nude young london escort agency women stood together kissing and caressing each other.

Lisa turned to Rose and leaned in to suck on her breast. Rose stroked Lisa’s hair and moaned. April followed suit and did the same to Marybeth. Marybeth rotated slightly, moving her back towards Rose and reached out and rubbed Rose’s black pubes and mound while Lisa sucked on her nipples. April dropped to her knees and began eating Marybeth, and soon Rose had rotated so her and Marybeth were back-to-back. Lisa then dropped to her knees and started tonguing Rose, pausing now and then to kiss all around Rose’s hips and thighs.

Rose loved the sensations, of course of the amorous attention Lisa was paying to her but also the feeling of Marybeth’s naked ass and back against hers. Rose lifted one leg and placed her foot on the couch and Lisa responded by running a hand along the raised leg and then placing her hand on Rose’s ass for a few moments before slipping her hand down and sliding a thumb into Rose’s slit. Lisa pulled her face away from Rose just long enough to spot the red vibrator on the couch to her right. She leaned away from Rose just long enough to grab it and place it to Rose’s wet lips, rubbing the head along them and teasing a moment before turning it on the slow setting and holding to Rose’s folds without actually penetrating her and placing her mouth back on Rose’s clit. Rose moaned and said low and sexily “Fuuuuckkk yeessss”.

April was as tongue deep into Marybeth as she could manage and Marybeth held April by the side of head, looking into eyes and grinding her teeth together and her hips against April’s jaw. Son of a bitch if April did not have the sexiest fucking eyes Marybeth had ever seen. Big, kind of brown, kind of hazel, they looked like sunflowers. It was at that moment that Prince sang over the speakers “I sincerely want to fuck the taste out of your mouth” and Marybeth felt as if the gods had planned this moment. Shivers ran down Marybeth’s spine and she just could not take any more. She could see the strap on lying on couch and made herself push back from April. As the suction was broke from Marybeth’s pussy, April gasped and took deep breaths, smiling a happy smile with a shiny wet mouth and jaw.

Marybeth grabbed the strap on and began to fasten it around her waist and buckle the strap that ran under her crotch. April’s eyes widened a bit as she asked, “Is that for me?” Marybeth nodded and responded as she cinched up the last strap “I’m going to butter your biscuit baby!”

Marybeth knelt on the blanket and gently pushed April back, so she was lying down on her back. Marybeth walked on her knees, so she was positioned between April’s legs. She lifted one of April’s legs up by the ankle and ran her fingers along April’s glistening opening, loving the slick wet feel of her desire on her fingers. Marybeth brought her now wet fingers up and licked them while looking April in the eyes once again. She rubbed the toy against her lips and got the head just inside her. She then grabbed April’s other leg and lifted up by the ankle as well, then proceeded to slide this long fake cock slowly but steadily into her friend. She watched April’s eyes and face change the deeper she got, the pleasure washing over her face and her deep breaths become short bursts. Marybeth stopped as she was into April to the hilt of her added appendage and said, “Breathe April, just breathe.” Then put April’s legs on her own shoulders and start to pump her hips like she had always had this phallus swinging in front of her.

By now, Rose had moved to the floor, on her back with hips and legs up. Rose was actually more on her neck and shoulders with her pussy in the air as Lisa was on her knees, one armed barred across Rose’s legs keeping them up and back while working the vibrating dick with her other hand. Lisa would plunge it in to the end, pull it out so very slowly, then let the buzzing head rest against Rose’s clit and tongue fuck her a couple of strokes before pumping the vibrator in and out of Rose rapidly for a few strokes, then slow up and resume changing up her speed and duration, driving Rose wild and making her moan and grunt unintelligibly. It was a language no one could understand, but everyone knew what it meant. Rose was in heaven and being overwhelmed with pleasure at the actions of her best friend.

Lisa glanced up to see Marybeth’s big round ass pumping away, thrusting into April. She couldn’t see April, but she knew April was enjoying the attention as much as Lisa enjoyed the view. April and Rose’s vocalizations of ecstasy were filling the room at a level louder than Prince in the stereo. She was working hard to bring Rose right to the edge of sweet oblivion then back again. Rose was sputtering and muttering and whimpering needily, begging to cum. Lisa finally obliged, turning the vibe speed up and placing it about halfway into Rose, stopping where she thought head of the toy would be pressing right against Rose’s pubic bone and g-spot. As she did that, the thumb of her other hand began to rub on Rose’s clit and as Rose began to yell and moan even louder, right before Rose was about release Lisa stuck her tongue to Rose’s ass and swirled it all around Rose’s tight anus. That was the final straw and Rose came with a scream of “YYYYYEEESSSSS YYYYYEEESSSS YYYEEESSS!”

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