Dr. Office Pregnancy

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Brett came over to where Amber was sitting and kissed her fully on the lips.

“Hello Baby” he said.

“Hey Sexy” Amber said with a smile.

“I was sitting out in the waiting room and I was thinking about how I got pregnant the first time” she said.

A smile came over Brett’s face.

“And what about the second time” he said.

“Well that was even better then the first time.” she said.

Amber and Brett had been officially dating for almost six months. They had a three month old baby and Brett was off to a medical conference in Seattle. Amber wasn’t working so Brett told her that she should come along so they wouldn’t miss each other. Amber agreed and they were on the next flight to Seattle. When they arrived at the airport they got their baggage and rental car and headed off to the hotel. When they got to the hotel they found out that it had been overbooked so they didn’t have a room. They went to a few more hotels and all of they found out that all of the hotels within a thirty mile radius were booked solid due to the conference. They didn’t know what they were going to do without a place to stay. They called Brett’s business partner who had come in the night before and asked him where he was staying. Dave, Brett’s partner, told Brett that his hotel was 50 miles away and that it too was completely booked. Dave told Brett about a campground not far from where Brett and Amber were at right now that had cabins that he was sure were not full. It was there last option so they called the campground and they got a cabin for the week.

They weren’t too happy about having to have to stay at a campground for the weekend but they didn’t have any other choice. They weren’t sure what they place was going to look like but when they arrived it was a very canlı bahis şirketleri beautiful campground and it looked very romantic. They drove up and parked in front of the office. Brett went in and checked in and the lady behind the desk took his information and gave him the key card for their room. Brett turned around to leave the office when he noticed something a little peculiar. He looked out the window out into the campground and he saw a man walking naked.

“Um, there is a man walking around naked over there” he said to the lady at the front desk.

“Of course” she said. “This is a nude campground.”

“Oh” said Brett.

“You do know that I have a baby, don’t you” he said.

“Of course. We don’t mind if you don’t” she said.

“Great” said Brett as he smiled and walked out of the office.

Brett got back into the car and Amber asked him what he was smiling about.

“Well” he said.

“It seems that ole Dave has set us up at a nudist colony” he said.

Amber started to laugh.

Dave drove through the private gate and into the campground. There were all kinds of people walking around in the buff.

Brett’s cock started to get hard when as he drove through the park.

They finally got to their cabin and they went in and unpacked their clothes.

“I don’t think we’ll be needing to many of these” joked Brett.

Amber took the baby and laid him down in the crib in the next room. She went back out to the living room where Brett was sitting on the couch totally nude. His cock was rock hard and he was starting to stroke it. Amber went over and sat next to Brett and took hold of his cock and took over his stroking. Slowly and softly she rubbed his cock from base to head. Brett laid his head on the canlı kaçak iddaa back of the couch and shut his eyes as Amber worked on his cock. Amber looked away from what she was doing for just a minute and as she did she noticed that there was a young couple laying on the beach having sex. A wonderful thought came to her mind.

“Brett baby” she said.

“Look out the window” she said.

Brett opened his eyes and saw the couple out on the beach having sex. A huge smile came over his face.

“Lets go” he said.

“What about the baby?” said Amber.

“He’s sleeping” said Brett.

“We’ll lock the room and no one will even know he’s in here” he said.

Brett grabbed Amber up in his arms and carried her out the door securely latching the door behind them.

Brett’s cock was still hard as a rock and he started to kiss Amber as they walked down to the beach.

“I want to fuck your brains out and get you pregnant again” he said.

“Oh baby” said Amber.

They got down to the beach and Brett laid Amber down on the beach. He laid down right next to her and got on top of her and in no time at all had his cock deep inside her wet pussy. They started to kiss as a crowd started to form around them as they fucked. Brett was pumping his cock hard and fast into Ambers’ cunt as she screamed out in pleasure. The waves from the lake were gushing under them as they continued to fuck. Amber looked up for a minute to see a crowd of people standing around them and three other couples on the beach fucking and four guys jacking off on a picnic table. She closed her eyes again just as Brett’s cock started to swell and he sent a hot shot of his young cum deep inside his Amber’s cunt. As his cock started to shoot his load Amber screamed out in canlı kaçak bahis pleasure as her own orgasm hit. Her pussy now drenched in cum Brett went down on her and started to lick up all of their cum. As soon as his tongue hit her cunt Amber went off into yet another orgasm, screaming and yelling. Brett finished licking up all of the cum and they got up from the beach and saw all of the people who had gathered around the lake to watch them as they fucked on the beach. Brett picked Amber back up into his arms and they walked back to their cabin.

“Oh baby. That was so fucking great” said Brett.

“I am so fucking turned on right now” he said.

He walked over to Amber and pushed her down on the sofa and got on top of her and once again drove his rock hard cock deep into her wet pussy. It didn’t take long until they were both screaming and moaning so loud as they came again. Then with his cock still raging for more, Brett turned Amber over and lubed up his cock with her pussy juices and then entered Amber from behind. When he got his whole cock in her ass he slowly started to move in and out of her ass. This turned Amber on so much that she started to finger herself. She slid three fingers into her cunt and started playing around as Brett started moving his cock faster and faster. Amber felt Brett’s cock swelling in her ass and she knew that he was going to explode.

“NO!” she yelled.

“Pull Out! Pull Out!” she exclaimed.

“What?” said Brett.

“Pull Out! Pull Out!” she said.

“Cum in my cunt so I can get pregnant” she said.

Brett hurried and pulled his cock out of her ass and turned Amber over onto her back. He slipped his rock hard and swelled cock into Amber’s cunt and in just a matter or seconds he exploded yet another load of his hot young cum into Amber’s cunt. As he did Amber once again was sent off screaming in pleasure as her orgasm hit. All of the yelling woke the baby up. Brett pulled his limp cock out of Amber’s cunt and she went in and got the baby up from his nap.

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