Dream Cruise Ch. 03: Show

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After a wonderful first dinner on the cruise, which ended in a full orgy around the table (I still had the taste of cheesecake and Vernon’s cum in my mouth), I had starting exploring more of the “Dream Cruise.” I had now wandered into the theater to check out the “Bukake” show.

The theater is pretty full, so I’m stuck taking a seat in the back left. There are probably a hundred other people in here. Most of them are fellow guests, but some guys have a “staff member” on their arm as well. They’re remarkably easy to spot, not just because they’re all wearing a tracker watch on their wrist, but also because they’re usually almost-naked. I wish I had requested Evan or a new guy to meet me after dinner so I could someone in tight briefs to feel up during the show… next time.

The house lights go off and a sexy man takes the stage with the microphone. He’s wearing, what else, but tight gold briefs that sparkle under the stage lights.

“Welcome, welcome, welcome!” he calls out. The audience cheers and hollers. “Are you all having a great first night aboard?” I give a huge cheer myself.

“I’m David and I’ll be your coordinator for the night. Are you are definitely in the the right place. We’re not just doing any bukake tonight, but shooting to beat the Dream Cruise record of 82 loads! So we’ll need all your help.” More cheers, of course.

“Let’s meet our contenders for the evening!”

David goes on to introduce three different guys, who come out one at a time in costume and dance to a musical number. All the songs end with them ditching their clothes and coverings, and standing stark naked on-stage for all of us to admire. Even though I’m all the way in the back I can see pretty well, thanks to the screens on stage.

My favorite boy was Jared, who comes out last. He had a large shawl wrapped around his body and then danced in a ballet style around the stage, with much prancing and twirling. With each twirl, the shawl would fly up giving us a flash of skin. For his grand finale, he stood facing the audience, legs spread to make a triangle, and threw the fabric behind him and up into the air, revealing his toned body under a shimmer of sweat, a bit of chest hair, and his hard cock. On the screens, the camera man has zoomed in on it in all its glory, and we watch it bounce up and down.

“Now it’s time to vote on our star for tonight,” says David into the mic, “Text the name to Dream9 starting now!”

The screens now show a running tally of the votes coming in. I’d definitely stay to watch any of the guys get covered in cum, but I vote for Jared. Onstage the lights are off except for a spotlight on our three contenders, who have all turned to face the screen, giving us a nice view of their asses in a row (I make a mental note of all their names – maybe I can fuck all of them before the vacation is over).

“I think at this point we can call it for Jared!” David announces. Jared jumps up and down cheering, which gets the crowd all worked giresun escort up.

At this point the stage lights come back on, and center stage is now adorned with pillows and blankets. Jared prances over and takes a seat on the floor. David approaches him for a brief interview.

“Hey Jared, how are you feeling?”

“Super excited David, thanks to everyone for voting for me! I can’t wait to get started.”

“You’re a little cum-slut, aren’t you Jared,” David asks, laughing.

Jared’s eyes seem to light up, “Yes sir! This is a dream come true!”

“Well you heard him men! Let’s get started. To get us going, let’s get our second and third place guys over here.”

The two other contenders, still naked and hard, approach Jared. They take positions on either side of him, and Jared rises up to his knees so his mouth is level with their erect cocks. The guy on the left is most eager and grabs Jared’s head and starts to face-fuck him. Jared closes his eyes and takes it, while also starting to jack off the guy on his right. The crowd is in a state of continuous applause.

“While they’re going at it,” interrupts David, “we’ll start getting audience members up here. Listen to the ushers in the crowd and we’ll have everyone come up one by one. Try and time your jacking off so you can orgasm when you’re up here. We need all of you if we’re going to break the record.”

Up front I spot crew members instructing the first row to stand up and start forming a line to go up on stage. Looks like I’ll be one of the last since I’m in one of the later rows, which actually seems best in this situation! I start rubbing my hard cock through my jeans, but don’t take it out just yet.

All of a sudden yells erupt on stage. Both of the guys are cumming at the same time apparently, and the camera man is frantically trying to capture both their faces contorted in ecstasy, and their cock erupting in cum all over Jared. Jared seems absolutely gleeful and is switching back forth between the two cocks, trying to catch in his mouth as much cum as he can. Of course, most of it misses and coats his face and hair. A counter displaying “002” appears on the screen.

“Great start, next!” announces David, and five guys from the audience eagerly climb up on stage with their hard cocks out and surround Jared. He is an eager slut, and tries to give at least a bit of oral to each guy, while stroking off two others. After thirty seconds we get orgasm “003” as a man unloads himself on the boy. This one hits his chest and gets coated up in his chest hair, while still drizzling down to his happy trail. Shortly after, the man Jared is sucking off lets out a moan, and the camera zooms in to show tons of cum dribbling out of Jared’s mouth and down his chin. He gives the cock a final lick and then moves on.

As each man orgasms he leaves the stage, and the crew has a few more go up. What follows over the next thirty minutes or so is a yalova escort horny-blur to me. I’m full-on jacking off in my seat, but desperately making sure I don’t cum too soon.

Jared takes on many positions throughout the show. Sometimes he lays on his back, and the camera angle is from above, as he gets showered with cum in all directions. Then he switches over to his belly so they can get his back. Five loads are shot directly onto his ass, and cum starts to pool up between his cheeks. The next guy mounts Jared, lathers up his cock with all the cum, and then fucks him for a little bit. Jared doesn’t resist at all, in fact in no time he’s screaming, begging to be fucked harder and for more cum up his asshole, and the guy doesn’t last long, orgasming shortly after.

“Wonderful, wonderful!” says David, “But everyone do try to cum on him, where we can see!” as the man shuffles off the stage grinning.

We reach “050” and David calls a break. He approaches Jared again with the mic.

“How are you doing, cumslut?” he asks with a smirk.

Jared is standing up, literally dripping with cum. Fifty loads in his hair, on his face, and coating his entire body.

“I’ve never been this horny in my life,” Jared exclaims. “I feel completely covered, completely violated and exposed, and look how turned on I still am!”

The audience cheers, and the camera zooms on his cock, which is still hard and covered in a gooey layer of other men’s cum. Drops of cum are literally coming off the tip of his penis and onto the sheet on the floor.

“Okay well then, let’s keep going!” David has opened up the floodgates again, a couple more eager men hop up on the stage, and Jared resumes the position.

The next dozen or so orgasms go by quicker, as now everyone going up from the audience has had more time to watch and jack off, and have trouble containing themselves. Jared seems to be getting a bit tired after sucking so much cock and being fucked over and over, but he’s still eager and into it. Even after the awesome fuck-session at dinner, I’m horny and slowly stroking myself again in my seat watching everything unfold. How could you not be?

As the counter approaches 082, the usher boys have reached my aisle and are motioning for us to head towards the stage. As I approach I take a look at Jared straight-on, instead of on the cameras, and admire how’s he’s glistening in cum – absolutely coated – under the stage lights. Whenever he crawls around on-stage to get into position for another fucking, or to get the next guy’s cock down his throat, he’s literally slipping around in a pool of cum.

The guy is front of me goes up, and I realize that I’m all set to be guy number 83! The record breaker! The man cums across Jared’s chest pretty quickly, adding to the thick, gooey coating.

“Hi sir! Come on up!” David says to me, motioning me to climb up the steps, “You’re going to be our lucky record-breaking orgasm tonight. yozgat escort Are you excited?”

“I’m ready to cum all over this bitch!” I yell into the mic. The audience cheers.

I quickly strip off, and I climb on top of Jared who is laying on the sheet. He’s gorgeous up close, and I take a minute to run my hands all over his cum-soaked body, teasing his nipples, and finally giving his rock-hard cock a stroke. Do they give him drugs, or is he really still horny after all this time, I wonder? He twitches and spasms at every touch. I decide to slip my finger up his asshole, which is loose and absolutely slippery with cum, and tease his prostate. He’s moaning like crazy, which everyone can hear because David is bent over holding the microphone up to him. The camera men zoom in on his cock, which is actually pumping out precum still.

I slip in my hard cock and start pounding into him. His back arches up to give me a good angle, and he is moaning like crazy, slipping all over the pool of cum on the floor, pushing the pillows everywhere. It feels so hot, fucking him onstage, with the attention of the crowd, and knowing I get to be the 83rd person to unload on his slutty body tonight.

I think David can tell I’m getting close, because he reminds me to try and cum somewhere on Jared where everyone can see, especially for the record-breaking shot. Right when I feel it coming I pull out. Jared scrambles on his knees and puts his face right up to my cock, and I start spewing cum all over his face. He’s rolling his face around trying to get shots of it everywhere. Then he gives me a smile, mouthes “thanks” to me, and David is calling up the next guy in line.

As I exit the stage and get dressed, I feel so satisfied. I turn around and see a huge line of men queuing up, some of them audience members going up for a round two, and I realize Jared is going to easily exceed a hundred loads tonight.

But at this point, I’m spent. It’s been an amazing first day and I it’s time to call it a night. I head back to my room.

While I was gone they had turn-down service, including a chocolate on my pillow. I smile imagining a cute crew member cleaning up the sheets covered in cum and lube from when I fucked Evan on them. Maybe it was even Evan himself who fixed up my room!

I climb into bed with the tablet on log on. I make sure to give Jared five stars, and I’m pleased to see photos from his bukake adventure being uploaded by various guests, including a video of Jared orgasming after it was all over. His hips thrust over and over, and he shot all the way up to his face, before settling down, panting heavily.

I pop back to the menu with all the crew members and spot a cute guy named Robert who is listed as available and near my cabin. I realize – why waste a night by sleeping alone? With the press of a button he’s gotten a ring to his smartwatch and I watch as his location approaches my door.

I greet him at the door. He’s wearing a pair of short-shorts and looks amazing. “Hey,” he says with a smile, “what can I do for you tonight?” I let me know I’m actually ready to sleep, and could he just cuddle with me for the night, and maybe we’ll fuck in the morning.

“Sounds good to me, anything you say,” he says, “do you want me in underwear or naked?”

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