Dream Walking

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It had been a great day. Jenny’s sister Brenda had come home for the long weekend with you boyfriend Todd and the three of them hung out for the whole day. Intending to go to U of C in the fall Jenny had a million question of life outside their parent’s house. While Todd was off on his best behavior, and getting grilled over it, with their parents Heather and Russ, Brenda spared no dirty detail for her younger sister.

The eighteen year old loved her sister deeply but was still insanely jealous of everything she got to do before her. She got boobs first, had a boyfriend first, had had sex, and just like with everything before it, relished telling her baby sister every detail she wasn’t able to have had herself. Sometimes she hated her too!

Dinner was when their mother’s passive aggressive attacks came out. Today on the frontline was Brenda’s new hair color, purple, and the seemingly small amounts she was eating. For her part, Brenda fought back well with an air of acceptance that further aggravated their mother. Great Jenny thought. One more thing Brenda got to do before her!

Brenda’s new confidence was invigorating and well received by their father who none too shyly encouraged her to go into the family sales business. The meal ended politely as always and the girls cleared the table to leave poor Todd to be subjected to another round of scrutiny. Passing by Brenda bent in and whispered just loud enough for Jenny to her, “I’ll make this up to you tonight.” Then the two of them spent another spice filled hour washing the dishes.

By the time bed time came around, Jenny’s head was spinning with erotic tales that she new her fingers would be sore to solve. Slipping into the covers Jenny recalled the spicy tales her sister had related earlier. An all too familiar heat began to tingle up her body as she slowly began to tease herself. She loved to tease and take her time while masturbating. The longer she took the stronger the eventual orgasm would be and the more refreshed she would be the next day.

As her fingers first grazed the dampness through her panties, she heard a click of her sister’s door followed closely by the rhythmic beats of her old favorite dance CD. Jenny had to giggle as she pictured exactly what was going on in the room next to hers. While Brenda had tormented her younger sister with exhilarating tales to torture her hormones, Jenny had noticed it was having the very same effect to Brenda as well. Much to Todd’s fortunes she smiled to herself.

Paused with her hand still dangerously close to her moist mound, Jenny began to imagine her sister and Todd in the next room acting out one of the many stories from the day. A slight twinge of jealousy slipped into Jenny’s mind as she pictured the young co-ed who would ravage her sister. He was well toned being in a physical educations program at the local community college and with his charming good looks, he was certainly by juvenile definitions, a fucking hottie.

Jenny could see them vividly as they began to kiss slowly at first then as their passions grew, her sister would take momentary control to strip him out of his tight jeans and shirt. Pushing him hard down onto the bed she would mount him kissing him fiercely on the lips before moving down his neck

Jenny’s hands moved again working beneath the thin fabric to the boiling juices within. Dipping her fingers into the moister she spread her juices over her outer lips teasingly, circling her clit. As the images of Todd and her sister came more quickly, her fingers responded in kind.

Pulling away, Brenda would sit up teasingly grinding into his large cock as she slipped her shirt over her head, freeing her breasts to his warm caress. Grinding a little harder now she would encourage him to knead her sensitive breast more firmly. Listening desperately Jenny thought she could hear her sisters moans. “Good boy, Todd. Lucky girl Brenda.” Jenny though to herself, willing her senses to extend beyond the wooden walls separating the two rooms.

Breathing heavily from her own ministrations, Jenny returned to her fantasy as she could now see more vividly her sister in the throws of passion. A familiar look began in Brenda’s flush face. Jenny saw this look many times when she watched herself in the mirror. Lips swollen in heat, Brenda’s face flushed. Her eyes slowly squeezed together as she reached closer to the edge. Mouth wide, drawing in gasping breaths, neck muscles tensing tightly trying to hold on just one moment longer.

Jenny knew then they were both about to reach climax, desperately she wanted it to be her in Jenny’s place grinding heavily into that hard cock, she could even feel his slightly callused hands squeezing hard into her breasts. The folds of his palms pinching her nipples. She could feel the multiplied warmth of his bulging penis against her sopping pussy. Jenny could feel the flush over her face as she tried desperately to hold onto the raging orgasm within, and finally she felt the massive convulsions running through her body izmit escort as she fell onto Todd kissing him breathlessly.

“Holy fuck,” she breathed.

“You okay hun?” Todd asked, rolling her onto her back.

“Oh yeah,” Jenny replied.

“Good,” Todd said quickly kissing her hard.

Beyond confused Jenny couldn’t react. When their kiss finally broke she caught site of the sunny clouds painted on her sisters ceiling, and the familiar stuffed animal lined shelving that lined Brenda’s room.

“Oh, Fuck Brenda. You’re so hot in that skirt, I could barely keep my erection hidden all freaking day.”

Craning her head to the side, Jenny looked into the full length mirror that hung on Brenda’s door. Staring back at her was the flushed image of her sister underneath Todd’s well toned frame. “I’m dreaming,” She said, sighing in relief. Confusion abated Jenny decided to enjoy the rest of this incredibly vivid dream.

Taking advantage of her distraction, Todd dropped his head down slowly licking down her breasts teasing each nipple with the moist tip of his tongue. As he drew closer his free hand slid a finger nail up her thigh resting firmly on her swollen lips. “Oh fuck,” she cried as the sensation of someone else touching her sensitive lips stuck through her body in fierce waves.

“Fuck me!” She cried, lost in the passion.

Needing no more encouragement, Todd pulled down her panties and slipped his torso between her legs all the while not letting up his attention on her sensitive nipples. Finally releasing her over stimulated nipple from his lips, Todd slid himself slowly up her body until his lips pressed in passionately, and his hot cock laid teasingly across her soaked pussy.

Slowly he started to grind his cock into her lips and over her swollen clit pressing harder with each circular thrust. “Oh, my god!” Jenny moaned loudly. Smiling Todd kissed her hard again. His left hand moved off her momentarily as he reached into Brenda’s night stand to pull out a condom.

“They use rubbers too?” Jenny thought to herself remembering her sister having a birth control prescription. Deciding that since it was only a dream and it wouldn’t matter either way, Jenny pulled the condom out of his hand tossing it away as she rolled Todd back over onto his back.

Giving a mischievous smile, Jenny slipped her legs over Todd and lowered herself into the same position that she had started with. This time after only cursory grinding, she leaned herself forward until their sex lined up and with a slow thrust back relishing the feeling of his hard member slowly stretched her outer lips.

“Oh Babe,” Todd moaned beneath her.

Encouraged by this, squeezed her pelvic muscles tightly as she slowly slid back the entire length of his shaft. Kissing him hard she rotated her hips back and forth lost in the feeling of his hot cock pressing against every surface in her pussy. Sitting up she groaned as the tip of his member pressed into her g-spot, causing her to flail franticly over him. Feeling her face flush again she knew her orgasm wasn’t far off, and by the building pressure in her pelvis it was going to be massive. Holding on desperately she felt Todd go stiff under her, not sure what was happening, she continued to driver her pussy down until she heard him moan and felt a pooling warmth inside her.

Sighing in disappointment, Jenny continued to bounce until Todd’s strong hands stopped her. “Sorry hun, I can’t.”

Unfulfilled, Jenny thought desperately. Coming up with a new plan, she kissed him hard, unable to withhold her passion as she slowly worked her way, down his body with kisses and passionate sucking. Reaching his pelvis she deliberately avoided the now semi-flaccid member, instead she licked balls beneath.

Encouraged by a renewed moan, she worked her tongue into the base of his penis, swirling it slowly upwards. Jenny was surprised at how much she enjoyed working his lovely cock with her lips, and with her gentle ministrations, it was rock hard again by the time her swirling tongue reached it’s tip. Unable to surpress the natural curiosity she took an inch into her mouth and sucked it gently allowing her tongue to swirl the tender flesh and prod it’s tip with long strokes.

“Holy fuck Brenda!”

Feeling his hands on her ass, Jenny moved herself around to startle his torso, allowing Todd to guide her hips back towards his eager face. Jenny jumped, as his mouth hit her clit for the first time, driving his cock two more inches into her mouth. Going with the flow she sucked hard on his shaft bobbing her head down farther each time. The two bodies writhed together in oral bliss mixing the still playing dance with a base tempo of their own.

Feeling the pressure rising again, Jenny pulled herself off of Todd to mount him once more. Having ideas of his own, Todd rolled her onto her back and pressed his massive cock into her pussy once more. Wrapping her legs around his strong hips, Jenny matched each thrusts, panting heavily madeinizmit.com as their tempo increased. Her nails dug deep into his back as the pressure built up.

“Oh YES!” she moaned. Unable to hold her climax back a moment more, Jenny’s orgasm rocked through her body, causing her to convulse wildly. Paralyzed, Jenny relished each new wave as they rocked through her, reinvigorated with each thrust of Todd’s cock.

Finally unable to handle it any more she rolled him over and pulled her self off him. His momentary disappointment was abated as she slid back down to his slick cock. Taking into her mouth she slowly began to suck her juices from his shaft. Reaching her hands beneath his ass, she dug her nails into his cheeks kneading them hard in counterpoint to her bobbing mouth.

His body writhed in pleasure then grew still as his leg muscles tightened around her. Knowing this time what was coming, Jenny pulled away in time to watch his cum spurt out onto his abs. Taking the twitching cock back into her mouth she teased it with her tongue as a few more small squirts flowed out.

Climbing back up his body, she kissed him hard again. “God Brenda, that was amazing!”

As the two lied in bed, Jenny pondered why the dream hadn’t ended yet. No that she was complaining since it was the most vivid sex dream she had ever had and if it wanted to keep going, it was more than welcome.

When Todd began to snore softly beside her she got board and decided to get a drink. Throwing on a silk robe over her naked body, Jenny made her way out of Brenda’s room and down the hallway. On the way past her own bedroom door, curiosity took she wondered, if she was in her own bed.

Peaking in the dark room she closed the door before flipping on the light. The odd sight before her was herself lying in bed with her hand slipped in her panties. Sitting at the edge of the bed she looked at herself. Seemingly asleep, her body lied still, her chest rhythmically raising with each breath. Brushing a hair off of her body’s face she smiled, removed her hand from what would be a rather uncomfortable position in the morning, and kissed herself gently on the lips. An odd sensation. Soft and yielding, it felt much different than Todd’s passionate kisses, and the untrained smooches of her high school boyfriends.

Feeling suddenly sleepy, she laid down beside herself and slipped into sleep.

Jenny slowly stretched her sleepy body as consciousness crept in. She jumped as she was suddenly jolted awake by her foot hitting someone else’s leg. There lying in bed beside her was Brenda in the same silk robe she had dreamt about last night. Now waking up herself, Brenda looked around confused. “I thought I dreamt coming in here,” she groaned.

“What’s with you?” she asked the stunned Jenny. “It’s not like we never shared a bed before. I must have been unconsciously been pining for the good old days,” she laughed adjusting her robe, as she stretched out the nights tenseness.

“Right,” Jenny said tentatively. “Did I dream that?” she asked herself. Deciding to try to get some answers she smiled sisterly like and asked. “So, you two got pretty hot and heavy last night eh?”

“Oh god did you hear? I hope mom didn’t. Well in a way I hope she did. Easier than going through another sex talk and all.” She laughed again.

“How was it?” Jenny asked reluctantly.

“Fucking hot. We actually went twice! Three if you count the sixty-nine. It all seems a bit like out of body right now though. Must just be because we were doing it until two.” Brenda smiled waiting for her sisters jealous looks to amuse her, but was greeted only by a shocked expression. “You okay Jen?”

“Yeah,” she said realizing she was acting weird. “yeah I’m fine! Let’s get some breakfast.”

“Good idea, I’ll go get Todd.”

Jen followed her sister down the hall intent on going to the bathroom. As they split at Brenda’s door she couldn’t help but seeing the long scratches on Todd’s back. The scratches she made last night. Running to the bath room she tried desperately to come to an understanding of what happened. She didn’t realize how long she was in there until a soft knock hit the door. “Jennifer, are you okay?”

It was her mother. “Yeah mom,” Jenny said flushing the toilet for effect and then washing her hands.

The day faded on strangely as Jennifer’s thoughts were dominated by the previous night. As bed time came once again, she decided to try to reenact the same circumstances as the night before. Similar to the night before, she ran her sisters erotic stories through her mind while teasing herself into a heat. It was harder to reach the same level as she found her mind constantly trying to be aware of what was going on.

Finally the moment came as she heard her sister’s door open a close, but this time there was no music. “Shit!,” Jenny thought. If it was so good last night why not a repeat performance? Because you were a bit loud last night, came her rational brain’s response. Still teasing her outer vaginal lips with the tips of her fingers she was someone disappointed in the sensation. It felt great, because she always new how to turn herself on, but it wasn’t the fucking she was secretly desiring to repeat.

As her mind wondered in this state she wondered briefly if her parents still had sex. She figured they did since they were all rather snuggly all night. Maybe they heard us last night and it got their motors running.

She thought about how they must have grown somewhat use to each other and wondered what they do to keep it all interesting. In her mind she pictured her mother at her dressing table going through her nightly rituals. One of many reasons she maintained a slim and athletic figure was the care she took in her little rituals. Jennifer pictured her father in their room come up behind their mother. Whisper in her ear and caress her lovingly

The dream began to take on its own life as Jenny watched the two embrace passionately. As her father guided her mother to the bed. He took more control in the initiation than Todd did the night before, slipping off her nightgown allowing it to pool on the floor before kneeling down in front of her.

Kissing her hip bone hard she saw her mother moan as his goatee scratched her flesh slightly. His tongue was quick to work as she collapsed onto the floor gasping. Dipping deeply into her sex, Jenny was amazed at the sheer size of her fathers tongue as all four inches of it’s moist protrusion slid deep into her mother’s pussy.

Her hands latched firmly onto his head grinding him hard into he pelvis as her breathing started to become erratic. Jennifer increased her own ministrations as she watched her mother close in to her own orgasm.

The image became more vivid as she saw her mother’s lithe form flush, one hand smothering her cries. Jenny could hear her fathers moans of delighted as his tongue flicked quickly along her Mother’s clit. She could feel her mothers hand pressing tightly against her mouth and she felt her mother’s body go rigid as her orgasm shuddered through.

“You get sexier everyday Heather.” He said sliding up to meet her on the bed. Jenny looked about the room taking in all the familiar sights of her parents room. “Wait here,” he whispered gently in her ear.

Jenny watched as her father left the room striping cloths off on the way. She felt her mothers body react to the sight and enjoyed the eroticism that still was between them. He returned with something hiding behind his back and a blindfold in his free hand. “First this,” he said slipping it over her head. ” Just relax”

With her sight gone, Jenny was intensely aware of each brushing kiss as he made his way down Heather’s body. Reaching her pelvis, Jenny could feel her pussy growing hot and very wet anticipating that long tongue again. Sure enough it protruded out and teased her outer lips. His hands lifting her ass up to slide a small pillow beneath.

The silk material felt amazing beneath her, but as she was reveling in it’s smoothness a completely different feeling hit her. South of her aching pussy she felt her ass cheeks spread slightly and a small slick form slide into her ass. Instant pleasure filled her before her mind allowed her to object to the anal protrusion. Slowly it slid in and Russ kissed her pelvis hard reworking the tender skin around her pussy.

“Oh, God that’s amazing,” she gasped. And further the toy slipped into her anus, slowly expanding her with each bulb. Jenny echoed each new bulb with a gasp as her orgasm began to grow. Just when she though she could not take any more of the toy within her, she heard a small click and it all began to vibrate.

Forgetting that her mother normally covered her mouth, Jenny screamed in ecstasy. “Oh Daddy Fuck that’s OH FUUUCKK!!!” Her body convulsed violently as the orgasm ripped through her.

After removing the anal beads and shifting up to kiss her gently, Russ smiled. “Daddy eh?” Realizing the mistake, Jenny panicked. “You haven’t called me that in a long time. I’m glad you like the new toy.”

Breathing a sigh of relief Jenny smiled. “I loved it.”

The two kissed passionately again and rolled amongst the gloriously smooth silk sheets. “I want you to fuck me.”

“Gladly,” he responded, pressing his manhood into her pussy lips.

“No, Daddy” she said to continue the earlier theme. “Not there.”

Rolling onto her stomach she rose up onto all fours, presenting her lovely ass for his hard cock. Thicker, his shaft spread her ass painfully at first, but with the existing stretching from the beads and the lube left behind, there was little resistance, as it slid inch by inch into the tight hole.

Once he worked the entire length into her, he slowly picked up his pace. Thighs slapping together, Russ took the initiative and began to slap her ass cheeks. Jenny groaned as her mothers body responded to the sensation. Digging her head into the pillow she screamed “harder, Fuck me!”

The intense pleasure continued on as Russ’s pace became frantic. Slipping his hands around her waist her thrust violently into her. Then in ones sudden motion, he pulled out spurting cum all up Heather’s back.

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