Drew Ch. 09

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“Hey Marci, come grab something to eat. Carl’s cooking, and it’s to die for!” Brian called through the slightly open door. After Drew had left she had fallen back asleep. Glancing over at the clock beside her she found that it was about 10.15am. Groaning groggily Marci started getting out of bed.

“Just clean up your face a bit. It’s just me, you, and Carl; and we’re still in our PJ’s.” Brian added helpfully before closing the door behind him.

Moving into the bathroom she tied her hair into an untidy ponytail, quickly washed her face, and then joined the boys in the kitchen. Carl was busy slaving at the cooker in just a pair of cargo shorts. He looks yummy! Lucky Brian, Marci thought to herself.

“That’s how I like them Brian,” she said with a nod at Carl who was busy rummaging through her fridge, “barefoot and slaving at the stove.”

Carl threw a table wipe at her and she ducked; but not quite quickly enough. It still caught her square in the face. Settling down to watch them get busy preparing brunch, Marci couldn’t control the overwhelming emotions that washed over her. It was warm, smelt great and the chatter flowed easily between everyone in the room. It was all so very cosy and easy to get used to.

“Hey, you alright sweetheart?” Carl asked her with concern in his voice, noticing her distant gaze. Shaking her head slightly, she told him she was ok and grabbed the knife and fork set in front of her.

“I’m waiting.” She stated looking at both the men expectantly.

Breakfast was a noisy affair. She suspected that Carl and Brian were just trying to fill the obvious void by chattering, but she too distracted wondering what Drew was up to too pay much attention to the conversation. Most importantly, how had Keri gotten her number? Marci hated how accessible she felt. She was usually in touch with just a few people on a social level, and mostly kept to herself.

Work, of course, was a whole different story. By its very nature she came into contact with more people than she could count daily; hence her need to isolate herself a little when she wasn’t working. It had been one of the reasons she loved the house in Malindi so much.

“Who knows how Keri got my number?” she asked abruptly as Brian was clearing the dishes and Carl was audibly listing all the healthy foods Marci should make an effort to eat.

“Not from me.” Brian quickly answered, looking at her curiously.

“She called you?” Carl asked with a deep frown wrinkling his face.

“Not really. She called and asked to speak to Drew. I really don’t want to get involved with those two, I get the feeling I’m the one who’ll get shafted.”

“Not while we’re alive, Marci. Keri’s pretty devious; I wouldn’t put it past her to have skimmed anyone of our phones for it. She’s not above petty spying.” Brian told her with a shrug.

“What’s their story, really? Drew just skims over it and you know him, I can’t really push him into telling me anything he doesn’t want to get into.” She muttered resignedly.

“That’s for him to tell you Marci, don’t put Brian in a weird position with his bro.” Carl advised from his end of the island.

“True that, although to be completely honest, I’m not sure even I have all the details. You know guys; we don’t have talks about our emotions or relationships. I suspect you are the only one he’s going to really tell. I may know a little more than you do, but I can bet my life you’ll be the best informed of us; if you asked. The man has a weakness for you, trust me.” Brian finished with a wink.

“Hmmm….why can’t I like a man who isn’t lusted after by half the female population? I’m jinxed and I hate it. I used to be so drama free!! Now I can barely show face in my hometown.”

“That’s your choice Marci.” Brian chided gently,” as far as I can tell, the only person in Malindi not feeling you is Mila. Which reminds me, I should call Nate; I told him I’d speak with him later today about something. Should we invite him over?” The last question marked with a laugh.

“Why not? The more, the merrier.” Carl said, laughing along with Brian.

Thinking it was probably about time she took a shower; Marci excused herself and went to her bedroom. A bath would be excellent, she though to herself as she filled it, pouring liberal amounts of bath cream in. It was still a bit nippy outside and the bath would do her good. Maybe she’d stop obsessing about what Drew could possibly be doing with Keri right now. She had tried so far not to show her jealousy too much. She wasn’t a very emotional person as a rule but this whole Keri business was definitely getting to her.

“Outrageous, When I move my body, Outrageous, When I’m at a party, Outrageous, In my sexy jeans, Outrageous, When I’m on the scene, Outrageous, My sex drive, Outrageous, My shoppin’ spree, Outrageous, We on a world tour, Outrageous, Let’s be it, girl, Outrageous!”

Marci was practically shouting along to the song. It was game of thrones izle probably why she didn’t hear Drew enter the bathroom a few minutes into her bath. She almost drowned herself in surprise when he pulled the headphones out of her ears. Looking down at her, laughing, she couldn’t tell if he was laughing at her situation, or her singing.

“You sing like Britney.” He commented dryly and she threw a wet sponge at him. He’s probably right, she thought

“You still buy 9 million of her badly sung albums, so I’ll take that as a compliment.” She retorted as he picked up the wet sponge and placed it at the sink.

“Has money solved all your problems?” she asked pointedly when he didn’t speak for a few seconds.

“Feeling confrontational, or jealous, or both?” he asked, fixing her under his intense stare. It was a particularly intense stare, considering she was naked and vulnerable under the water. A quick glance told her that he’d picked up a change of clothing somewhere. He looked nice, even if a little bit too covered up for her taste.

“Jealous.” She said confirmed, looking absolutely miserable.

“Baby, you have absolutely no reason to be jealous of her. It’s funny, you make her absolutely livid. She’s intensely jealous of you.” Drew told her as he started to strip off his clothes.

“What are you doing? And what do you mean intensely jealous of me?” she asked as she watched him undress. Drew ignored her questions and got into the bath as soon as he had pulled off the last of his clothing. Ignoring any further protests from her, he arranged her between his legs, and pulled her back towards his chest so that she was leaning against him. This feels awesome is all she could think.

“Pull your legs way up sweetie.” Drew whispered into her ear gently and she folded her legs, doing what he had asked. He stretched his leg out to reach the tap and turned it on, warming the water in the tub. When the first currents of blistering water reached her feet, he turned it off. All with his foot too! Talk about dexterity.

“Wow, you’re dextrous!” she muttered as he tried to mix the water in the tub without spilling too much outside of the tub. Her tub was small, but when she had bought the house she wasn’t thinking that a 6″2″ Drew was going to be sharing a bath with her.

“Ooooh Marci, you haven’t the faintest idea what I can do!” Drew told her, placing a kiss on the top of her head. “Although, to answer you, let’s just say that Keri is persistent; but I’m handling it. I’ve told her to stay very, very far away from you. I don’t want you upset by anything, least of all Keri.”

“Uhm, thank you; I think. I was just telling Brian and Carl that if I somehow ended up in the middle of your battle with Keri, I’m the one who’d get totally crushed.”

“I doubt it. You’re stronger than you let on. I can always see your temper just boiling. Must kill you to keep it bottled up so well.” He commented, rubbing her arms gently. She smiled at him ruefully.

“I have to hold my temper in if I’m going to work in litigation. Judges aren’t polite, and contempt of court is so ambiguous a crime I wouldn’t want to test its boundaries.” She told him while still smiling up at him. He chuckled above her, the resulting vibration making her tingle.

“So are you going to tell me what she wanted, or will I find her lurking in my doorway one of these days?” Marci teased.

“She’s negotiating alimony and shit. It’s getting tedious to be honest.” Drew said with a long, drawn out sigh, “She’d called from her lawyer’s office. Some technicality. She wants pretty much everything I have!”

“You must have really hurt her.” Marci reminded him quietly.

“I did absolutely nothing of the sort. I was faithful up until I met you, and at that point the marriage was pretty much over anyways. In any case she’s the one who abandoned me, if we’re keeping score here.” Drew responded haughtily.

“Ok, defensive boy, let it go. Let your lawyer deal with it. Though I find it hard to believe a sane woman would leave you. You are such a good package, after all.” Marci relented, sensing that he was getting worked up. She was still sure there was more to the story than he was letting on, but she would press for details later. Keri was really getting to him and in turn, getting to her.

“I called my dad’s lawyer in. I think you know him…..I’m a good package? You make me sound like something off a car hire advert!” Drew complained.

“Who doesn’t?” Marci answered, ignoring his complaining. “He’s a bit ruthless. I faced him once in court, and I was humbled by his talent. Anyways, don’t you want to be my Gucci handbag? I could show you off to the rest of the female population. It would give me so much joy! ” Marci told Drew with a feline smile. He rewarded her with a deep, guffawing laugh, breaking the previous tension. Marci loved hearing him laugh. It was a great sound. gibi izle She started thinking about trawling the internet for jokes for him. He needed the laughter.

The water was starting to cool again, and by silent consensus they both got out. Drew wrapped Marci in one of her towels and swept her off her feet, carrying her into the bedroom.

“Shhhhh.” He commanded when she made a protesting sound while he wiped her off. Taking his time, he started by gently patting the water off her face. Then he went down to her chest, massaging her tender breasts dry, and then turning her around so he could dry her back. At this point, Marci wasn’t quite sure he was the one with mens rea. She was suspended in a state of semi arousal.

When he was done towelling her, he reached for her lotion and liberally poured some into his lightly calloused hands. It was incredibly arousing to watch him idly in her dresser mirror, applying lotion to every inch of her body then rubbing scented talc on her.

“You smell pretty!” she murmured when he rubbed a small amount of lotion on her face. She reached up and lightly cupped his hands to her face. Inhaling deeply, she snuggled up to his naked body and relaxed into his arms.

“Are you coming onto me?” Drew teasingly asked her when she pressed as close as she possibly could.

“No, it’s cold and you’ve not dressed me up.” She whispered into his ear. Even on tip toe she was much shorter than him, and had to pull his head down to hers for a kiss. She kissed him slowly, enjoying the feeling of his cold lips on hers.

Marci pushed him onto the bed with some force, eliciting a laugh from him. Taking her cue, he lay still on the bed while she climbed over on top of him. His cock was hardening as she hovered above it. As her hands skimmed lightly over it, it throbbed slightly, making her inhale in triumph.

“Smug cat.” Drew murmured from beneath closed eyelids.

She threw him a quick glance and relaxed slightly when she found that his eyes were closed. A rapt audience wasn’t going to cut it for her. She was still somewhat shy about her sexuality.

She moved slightly, taking his cock in one hand. Sucking the tip slowly, she was intensely interested in the way it grew in her hand. Her lips went into a classic pout as she moved her wet mouth up and down over his hard shaft. Experimentally, she ran the tips of her fingers across his balls oh-so-lightly. He quivered and moved his pelvis, pushing more of himself into her mouth. He was large, and Marci was a little frustrated by the fact that she couldn’t take all of him in. I probably just need more practice, she thought to herself with a smile.

Straddling his thigh for better leverage, she continued to suck his throbbing member in alternating hard and soft slurps. He groaned and jerked off the bed a little. Chuckling, Marci felt the familiar heat pool at the pit of her stomach, translating into wetness further south. She ground herself against his thigh and could feel the warm trail she was leaving there. He must have sensed how wet she was, because his hand delved straight for her pussy. He was touching her, but not quite the way she really needed to be touched. I have to shift to give him more access, she thought.

“Uh uh, you finish what you started, Marci. I like this dominant side of you.” Drew hissed at her, holding her down when she tried to move. She shrugged off his thigh and stood beside the bed. Drew did not like that. He growled at her.

“Relax soldier. I’ll be right back.” She told him with a hungry kiss. He obliged grudgingly.

She went to the kitchen and was startled when Carl happened to be there, already preparing lunch.

“Do you cook all the time?” she asked incredulously, making her way to the freezer.

“Brian’s out and I was bored. You can only watch so much tv.” Carl answered her with a laugh.

Marci took some ice cubes and plonked them into a bowl. Carl shot her a questioning glance which she answered by batting her eyes at him, lasciviously. Taking a small ice cube into her mouth, Marci sucked on it as she walked back into the bedroom. Drew was still laying in the same position as when she had left.

“You’re such a good boy for staying still.” She told him with a laugh.

“Do I get a cookie?” he retorted playfully.

Laughing, she resumed her position on top of him and took the head of his positively hard dick into her mouth. She stroked him slowly, up and down, all the while playing with the ice cube against his head. He impatiently began to move his ass, getting off the mattress with increasing frequency. She knew he wasn’t going to obey her for much longer. She’d seen him when he wanted something.

She continued sucking at a much slower pace. His pelvis moved up, again pushing his cock further into her mouth. She pulled back and smiled at him. It wasn’t time for him to cum yet. She wanted it to end with him inside her, not outside. gökyüzunün üzerinde 3 metre izle

Marci straddled him roughly and rubbed her dripping wet pussy against his hard cock; eliciting a groan from both of them. She sat up further and slid him slowly into herself. Drew suddenly sat up and started to tease her breasts with his mouth. When he pulled at her nipples gently with his lips, she shuddered as an electric jolt shot through her frame.

“Lean back.” Drew pleaded, “Please.” He added when she hesitated.

When she had complied, he thrust himself upward into her, hard and fast. Their bodies moved well together, but Marci refused to open her eyes. She knew Drew was looking at her intently and she wasn’t sure she could handle that kind of scrutiny comfortably. Drew’s thrusts increased in depth and strength causing her to gasp and whimper in pleasure.

“Fuck me!.” Marci moaned out loud as she opened her eyes. Her body was shaking and all of her nerve endings were tingly. Her skin seemed more alive at that moment than any other she could remember. Her legs clenched around his pelvis as she let go and gave in to the orgasm.

“I really wanted you to cum first” she whispered when she noticed Drew was still watching her. She couldn’t manage to close her eyes. His were entrancing, holding hers with the various colour changes she could see swirling through his eyes. Delightful. He wasn’t as unmoved as he’d have liked to be.

When she was done shivering in ecstatic bliss he changed their positions with ease. Placing her legs on his shoulders, Drew thrust himself into her hungrily several times. He wasn’t too long in cumming and Marci felt the shiver of a second orgasm shoot through her with his release. She didn’t bother fighting it.

“Drew!” she cried out when it washed over her in heat filled waves. He smiled smugly and dropped his weight onto her, knocking the wind out of her. A few seconds later, he got up and led her back to the bathroom for a hose down. It was a welcome occurrence as Marci was feeling a little sticky from the intensity of the session.

“Your parents are coming in tonight. They said they’ll see you tomorrow. I want to be there when you announce our child.”

“What?!?” Marci sputtered as she tried unsuccessfully to get the shower jets out of her face. Drew didn’t move an inch as she struggled, resulting in her pretty much drowning in the deluge of water.

“We’re going to the doctor’s after lunch.” He added, walking out of the bathroom. Marci turned off the shower and stomped after him in shock and disbelief.

“What’s going on?” Marci asked him, ignoring the state of undress she was in; as well as the dodgy cold running through the room.

“Get dressed. You’ll catch a chill that way.” Drew advised calmly from the dresser where he languished, also nude.

“Fuck off Drew. My parents?”

“I called them. I told them we wanted to talk to them.”

“Why would you do that Drew?” Marci shouted at him. She hadn’t thought of a game plan for her parents. She couldn’t deal wit that disappointed look all over again.

“I really want to hit you right now. So instead, I’ll dress and go talk to Carl. Feel free to not join us.”


“Seriously, won’t you ever talk to me again?” Drew asked her for the millionth time during lunch. She ignored him and continued to chat casually with Carl. Brian still hadn’t come back, so she offered to take him out to the mall.

“The weather is such rubbish, though, I am not sure you’ll enjoy it that much. But they do serve a mean coffee at one of the eateries there.” She warned as she looked for her cars keys.

Handbag ready and keys in hand, Marci closed her apartment door behind the boys and the little group walked to her car. The ride to the mall was stiff because Drew insisted on sitting in the front with her, and she still wasn’t ready to talk to him. That left the only option as a rather loud conversation with Carl in the back, which she quickly gave up on

“Bathroom.” She announced after they sat down in the open court area to plan what they wanted to do at the mall. Walking in small steps towards the bathrooms, Marci inhaled deeply a couple of times. Her stomach was in knots, she had a lot to think about in a short time.

“Hey Marci.” A familiar voice called out from behind her as she entered the bathroom. Turning, she leaned into the wall for support when she saw who it was.

“Keri. Are you stalking Drew?” Marci asked, regaining her composure while trying to figure out if she really needed the bathroom. She wanted to run away from this woman. Conversation with Keri did not bode well for her. She couldn’t really see herself getting the better of the worldly, wise, bitter Keri.

“You have the wrong end of that stick, darling.” Keri snorted derisively with a smile. The smile wasn’t as creepy as the last one she’d accorded Marci, but it was equally potent. It had a wealth of meaning, or in Marci’s case, mystery behind it. Keri moved closer to Marci, until the shorter girl had to actually crane her neck upwards to see her face. Oh Dear Zeus, Marci thought, I really don’t want a punch out at the mall.

“You’re the one I’m after, gorgeous.” Keri said simply, leaning in to kiss the incredibly stunned Marci.

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