Drinking Sabs at Uni in Manchester

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When I was 18 I went off to University in Manchester. During the first year there I shared a house with two lads and three girls. The girls were all pretty sexy but my favourite was Sabrina. She had a dark, olive complexion, midnight black hair and big, conical nipples on fairly small conical breasts.

Sabrina had a boyfriend, Danny, who lived about half a mile away. I loved living with Sabs. I saw her coming out the shower. I saw her at breakfast and we all shared the washing machine, so I saw (and smelled) her dirty knickers.

One Friday night we were all in the lounge, smoking, drinking and talking. Danny was there too, as was my girlfriend Suzy and some locals from the pub. Most people left about 10.30 to catch last orders at the pub. I was pretty wasted and Sabs and Danny were getting quite passionate so we stayed behind.

I staggered off to bed and passed out into an alcohol and cannabis powered super snooze. I woke the next morning to an almost empty house. There was a note on the fridge to say that the others had gone off to the pub for a decent lunch. I didn’t feel able to take any more beer so I made myself a fried egg sandwich and had a shower.

As I came out of the bathroom I heard Sabs and Danny hard at it. I went down to the kitchen canlı bahis şirketleri and put on the kettle for some tea.

A few minutes later Danny joined me for a cuppa before shooting back to his flat to get started on an essay due for the Monday morning.

As I went upstairs to my room I noticed Sabrina’s door was open. She looked asleep and barely covered by the sheet. I called her name to see if she was awake. No response. I went in and knelt down next to her. No response. I touched her shoulder and gently shook her. No response.

I lifted the sheet and saw her naked body. Her dark black bush was covered in cum and her moist thighs reflected the hall light. I lowered my head to her thighs and licked. She murmured and separated them. Her cunt lips were still puffy and wet. There was a sheen on cum between them and a trickle of clear liquid leading to her ass hole. There was a strong smell of sex.

As I began to lick her pussy she moaned quite loudly. My tongue began to slurp the cum from her. It tasted really strong, salty and fishy, and there was lots of it. It started thick but thinned out. Danny must have put a lot in her the night before. Several loads at least.

Eventually, I reached an end to Danny’s cum and Sabs seemed canlı kaçak iddaa to cum in her sleep. Realising what I’d just done I decided to go back downstairs to the kitchen. While I was drinking my tea, I heard Sabs get up and go into the bathroom. Five minutes later she was down in the kitchen, hair full of shampoo, cursing the shower. The water had died.

We called an emergency plumber who was based a couple of roads away. He was round in about 20 minutes and Sabs followed him up to the bathroom to see if she could get all the soap out of her hair any faster. There was thumping and clunking of pipes for a bit and then a happy yell as the shower started back up. A few minutes later there were squeals and laughter.

I crept upstairs and peeked through the bathroom door. Sabrina was in the shower with the plumber. She was up against the wall and he was fucking her hard and fast. After a couple of minutes I saw his buttocks clench as he came inside her. Quickly, he pulled her out of the bath and knelt her on the floor with her tits hanging over the tub. He slid inside her and started banging away again. Then he slipped around so he was sitting with his back to the bath tub and had Sabrina mount him and go at her own speed. She went at it like a rabbit canlı kaçak bahis on speed! Five minutes later the plumber doused the fire inside her with another blast of cum. I moved back to my room and waited for Sabrina to finish up with the plumber.

A few minutes later Sabrina came to tell me that she had somehow managed to negotiate a special student discount 🙂 Then she told me that she knew I had a taste for licking her out when she was full of cum. She’d been awake when I’d eaten her creampie earlier in the morning. She told me she’d let me east out the plumbers cum if I didn’t mention anything to Danny! Sounded like an excellent deal to me 🙂

I swung Sabrina onto my bed and she opened her legs. Her pussy was starting to leak. I began to lick the cum coating her thick black pubes. It was creamy and quite sweet. She smelled of her strawberry shower gel and raw sex. I pulled open her lips and began to jab my tongue in. There was a lot of cum and it was coating the whole slit, right up to her clitoris. I licked, I lapped, I sucked. My tongue was all over her pussy and the plumber’s cum was all over my tongue! All over my mouth and down my throat.

Quite soon Sabrina came and there was no more sperm left in her. She quickly got up and put her gown back on. Neither of us said anything and she left the room.

We never spoke of that morning again. But I think Sabs must have mentioned something to Suzy about me liking creampies. But that’s another story.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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