Dumb Jocks Ch. 06

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Having only cum the once on Tuesday with Hunter, I was raring to go on Wednesday, unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for my jocks. I sent all of them test papers hoping to deliberately low score them so that I had a reason to fuck them all again.

However, it was football night and the seniors had a game of touch football with the freshers. While it was meant to be a bit of fun, it was taken seriously, especially by the seniors.

Spending the day doing my work and going to lectures, I started to feel like a normal college student again. Walking past the practice field at lunch, I saw the team warming up. Spotting Demarcus in his tight white leggings as he did his sprints, my cock lurched as his vast cheeks wobbled with each step. I needed him again, I thought to myself.

I got the three papers back only an hour before the match kicked off. Immediately I sent a reply back to Callum and Demarcus telling them that they had failed but there was no response. Though I was disappointed, it made sense when I learnt from Rocky that there was going to a party after the game.

Feeling a bit depressed, I decided to meet up with Colin to continue watching the Terminator films, we had got past the two good ones and were on Salvation. Sitting in his room and three beers down, I got a call from Demarcus. Apologising to Colin, I got up and took the call.

“Hey man, I need some help. Hunter said he passed the test with ninety per cent and I only got sixty. I really need you to help me go over the paper. Can you do a session with me tomorrow?”

“No can do, Demarcus, I’ve got to do a presentation by Friday, so I can’t leave my room tomorrow,” I replied.

While it was true that I had a presentation, and it was an important one, I actually wanted to get my rocks off now. My balls were full and my cock was already straining to be inside his magical ass.

“Look please man, I need this,” he begged

“Where are you now? I can give you my load then I can send you some more questions tomorrow and see where you’re tripping up.” I said.

“Aw man, I can’t do that. I’m at Jonas’s house party tonight.”

Jonas was the quarterback for the team. His parents lived locally in a mansion and everyone knew the parties there were wild. Obviously, I had never been invited.

“Hey, I gave you my offer. Either take it or leave it!” I answered shortly.

I had gone for the kill. Who didn’t want to fuck a hottie at a house party? As a nerd, I had never had the chance, until now, and I wasn’t going to let it pass me by.

“Fine. Meet me by the side entrance to his garden in half an hour.”

Though I knew Jonas lived in Lakeridge, the posh area of the town, I had no idea what his house looked like or if the side entrance was easy to find. So making up some bullshit excuse for leaving early to Colin, I hurried to Jonas’s house.

Luckily there were about fifteen cars parked outside one house. It was by far the biggest house there and I was dumbstruck at how large it was. There must have been over a dozen bedrooms inside.

Seeing a side passage to the left of the house, I crept up to it and waited by the door for Demarcus. I was still a couple of minutes early and I let my mind drift to the last time I was with the Latino running back and his jiggling ass.

My dreaming was cut short by the door opening and Demarcus peering around it.

“Get in then,” he hissed.

Shuffling into the side passage, I was greeted by Demarcus’s cherub face. He was so cute that it took me a moment to realise that he was wearing a French maid’s outfit.

My jaw dropped. The top clung tightly to his pecs and was cut off showing his toned tummy but it was the frilly mini skirt that had me drooling. It could have only been inches long and with him standing sideways to me, I could see that it barely covered his ass leaving his round cheeks teasingly peeking out.

“Wow! I mean… why?” I stuttered.

“I bursa escort have to wear it.” He replied tensely, “it’s maid’s night so all first-years have to dress up like a maid. Look you can see Hunter is too.”

He pulled me to the window and pointed inside. I followed his finger to see Hunter in an overly large maid’s uniform serving seniors some beer. Even on his huge body, it was too big and he had stapled it together. The outfit definitely suited Demarcus’s body better.

“We can’t do it out here as this is where people come to be sick,” Demarcus said, pulling my attention away from the muscly footballers in maid outfits.

“But we can do it in Jonas’s parent’s room. No one is allowed in there but you can get to it via the drainpipe.” explained the running back.

“Drainpipe?!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, I’ll go up first and lift you up. Don’t worry,” he scoffed at my nervousness.

Leading me to the back of the house, I spotted a large balcony about ten feet above me. There was a drainpipe next to it with several connecting pipes where someone, who was athletic, could use them as footholds.

Nimbly, Demarcus started to climb up. Moving to the bottom of the drainpipe I looked up and immediately lost my breath.

Above me, two gloriously round caramel coloured cheeks framed by a black skirt were shaking wildly as the running back scrambled up. It didn’t look like he was wearing any underwear and I definitely wasn’t complaining.

Soon, he managed to hop onto the balcony and the show was over. I waited while he looked around for something until finally, he told me to stand back.

Moments later, a rope ladder came down nearly hitting me in the face. What a bit of good luck, I thought. Though my mind quickly changed, when I tried to climb. I’m not the most coordinated person but I doubt even an acrobat could have climbed that rope ladder any quicker or more dignified.

“You took your time!” Demarcus hissed at me when I eventually clambered onto the balcony. Unable to talk, I gave him the finger instead.

“I can’t get into the room so we’re going to have to postpone.” Demarcus continued, ignoring my response

“No fucking way!” I huffed, still short of breath, “we’ll do it here.”

I turned around, and, what little breath I had, was taken away by the view. You could see the whole town from the balcony. To the right was the university with the football stadium lit up for cheerleader practice. To the left was a golf country club where a big party was taking place.

Immediately, I knew I was going to fuck him while overlooking the town. It was too good an opportunity for me to pass up.

Facing Demarcus, I noticed not only was he wearing a maid’s outfit but he had stockings and heels on too. The light from the bedroom, though faint, was enough to see him in all his beauty.

While I had been taking in the sights, Demarcus had been silently biting his bottom lip and it only made him look cuter.

“I got to get back to the guys soon,” he muttered.

“In that case, if we’re going to do this quickly then you’ve got to do everything I say, without questioning it.”

He went to speak but decided to nod his head clearly unsure whether my demand to not question me had already started.

With his heels on, Demarcus was taller than me so I had to reach up to grip his shoulder. Adding pressure on him, he got the idea and squatted.

Though I had started to get hard just thinking of fucking him on the balcony, I wasn’t close to my full length. I looked down to see the way he had slicked back his hair. Running my fingers through the soft hair, Demarcus looked up at me with his big dark gold eyes

“You might want to hurry up,” I said, “we don’t want the seniors to see you on your knees, do we?”

Quickly, his hands gripped my jeans and he tugged them down. Opening his mouth, he took my soft cock inside.

“That’s it!” I sighed.

While bursa escort bayan he wasn’t as enthusiastic as Hunter nor did he have the full teasing lips of Callum or the experience of Rocky, he was incredibly sloppy and, more importantly, didn’t protest when I pushed deeper.

With his plump ass sticking out, I took hold of his head and held him still. My cock was now at full mast and tickling the opening to his throat. I felt him gag but I kept the pressure and with a sharp thrust forward, I entered his tight throat.

Demarcus coughed and sputtered when I let him up. His eyes were watering but he didn’t look angry, in fact, he looked ready for more.

After I felt he had enough air, I pulled him towards me and obediently he resumed sucking my cock. Without any prompting, Demarcus soon had the head pressing against his throat.

He tried to deep throat me but without my added force, he couldn’t do it. Gripping his head, I let my cock find the entrance to his throat and then I drove forward until his nose was pressed against my groin.

Holding him there, I felt him tap my thigh frantically and I let him up. We repeated this over and over until he could easily take me balls deep, though he still needed a little help from me.

I knew that with another couple of minutes of his mouth, I would be exploding but his ass called to me. I needed to be back inside and watching those glorious cheeks jiggle.

“Get up,” I demanded.

After a little wobble on his heels, Demarcus stood in front of me. My hands went to his sides and slowly slid down the lacy outfit. I looked him in the eye, as I continued to edge closer to his ass. The feeling of being able to dominate a larger man-made my balls tingle.

He was biting his bottom lip again and let out a whimper when my cool hands slid up his skirt and cupped his large round ass. His skin was so silky smooth yet his ass cheeks were so heavy in my grip.

I jiggled his ass for a bit, marvelling at how much they wobbled. He was so sexy that I was sure my cock would explode from just fondling him.

“Now I’m going to give you my cum. Is that what you want?”

“Yes please, I want your cum… to make me smarter” He hurried to say the last part, though he couldn’t look at me when he did.

Grabbing his chin, I made him face me. Gazing into his golden eyes, I leaned in and kissed his soft lips. After an initial hint of reluctance, he sunk into my arms and kissed me back.

Breaking away from him, I told him to grip the balcony railing. As he had to reach down to do so, his ass pushed out.

Edging behind him, I admired how the skirt barely hid it. With more light, I could see that he was wearing a thong, though it was hard to see, as his large juicy ass swallowed the thin fabric. Running my hand over his cheeks, I groaned at the softness of them.

Spotting some lube on the balcony floor, I picked it up. Clearly, Jonas’s parents had done the exact same thing that I was about to do. Pushing him further down, his ass jutted out more spreading his cheeks and giving me a glimpse of his tight entrance.

Squirting a large dollop on Demarcus’s ass, I watched as it pooled around his entrance. Dropping my finger, I smeared it around before tentatively prodding his ring. He gasped and I pushed harder, penetrating him.

“Fuck… no, don’t move yet…” he breathed.

Using my thumb, I rubbed his perineum making him groan. After a couple of seconds, I pulled my thumb away and instinctively he pushed back inadvertently driving more of my finger inside his tunnel.

Getting into a rhythm, I began to finger him while awkwardly slathering my cock in lube. Seeing my shaft glisten, I placed it against his asshole and pulling out my finger, leaving it to gape slight, I then gently pushed, making Demarcus groan.

I knew that he wanted me to go slowly so his tight ass could get used to my thickness but after escort bursa his deep throating, I couldn’t wait any longer. With a firm shove, I invaded his asshole.

“Shit, that’s good!” I gasped while Demarcus just whimpered.

With his tunnel getting used to my girth, I slowly pushed harder wanting to spread the lube inside his tunnel, so that when I fucked him, I could fuck him hard. Moving my hands to his hips, I drove forward. His ass eagerly accepted my cock and soon my groin was pressed up against his round cheeks.

“So deep…” He grunted between deep breaths.

Pulling back, I could feel the lube coating my cock allowing my easy access to his clenching tunnel. Slowly, I began to fuck him. The light from the bedroom illuminated us so that I could see his big, light brown cheeks wobble each time I buried myself inside.

“Fuck, you feel so good!” I grunted, picking up the pace.

Already I was close to cumming, even without the amazing blowjob, his ass is enough to make anyone cum within minutes. I looked up to see the spectacular view, it was truly stunning to see the whole town while I was fucking a man the residents cheered for every weekend.

A noise from the golf club made me pause, my cock twitched as I tried to work out what it was and then a loud bang made both Demarcus and me jump.

“Holy shit!” He exclaimed before we both looked up to see fireworks illuminated the nighttime sky.

I laughed, it was like they were celebrating my fucking!

Demarcus’s ass clenched around my shaft as if it was reminding me that he needed to be fucked. Gripping his hips again, I started to pound his peachy ass. His soft cheeks slapped against mine but the noise was drowned out by the continuing fireworks.

“Fuck, this ass needs to be spanked!” I grunted. Pulling my hand back, I slapped his jiggling butt causing the running back to squeal.

The faint sound of cheering wafted over the air and I couldn’t resist teasing Demarcus. Pulling his arms, I forced him towards me.

“Listen to them cheering, do you think they’re celebrating me fucking you? Their best running back, bent over, dressed as a maid and getting his phat ass fucked by a nerd!”

He moaned loudly and I felt his body flutter against mine.

“Not only is he getting fucked, this hero of the team fucking loves a thick cock deep inside his ass!”

Demarcus cried out, his entire body tensed causing his ass to clench around my cock. He slammed into the railings and his dick spurted cum all over the pristine flowerbeds of Jonas’s parents.

“Take it… fuck!” I roared. The added tightness as I pounded him made me unleash a giant load.

Shot after shot filled his quivering tunnel. I collapsed on top of him, my cock still twitching as one of the biggest orgasms I had ever experienced continued to explode inside Demarcus.

“Where the fuck are you fresher?!”

The bellow filled the air followed by two huge footballers in tuxedo’s searching the grounds with their phone’s torches.

Even in our post-climax haze, we both panicked and fell to the floor. My prick slipped from his slimy hole and trembled in the cool air as we waited until they both left.

With nothing to clean up with and neither of us having brought a buttplug, Demarcus used his phone to make sure he had no saliva on his face before rearranging his thong to try and keep my cum inside his ass. Without another word, he scaled down the walls to the floor albeit a bit slower this time.

Completely spent and satisfied, I took my time before I followed him, though a lot less successfully. I had pulled up the ladder so that no one would suspect someone had been up there. Using the drainpipe, I only succeeded in taking a load of wall plants with me and adding numerous scratches on my face and arms.

Sneaking around the side of the house, I was about to leave when I spotted Hunter talking to Demarcus. The larger man bent over and reached behind to pull a butt plug from his ass. I grinned as he gave it to his teammate who easily slid it into his creamy hole.

Those slutty jocks were definitely well trained, I thought before escaping back to campus.

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