Dwelling in Desire Ch. 03

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Notes from the author:

Hello again my lovelies. First thing to note is that if you have not yet read my series “See Through Me”, now might be a good time. However, if you prefer the Star Wars approach, that might work too. I won’t be formatting my story to cater to that though. Second thing is that this chapter will feature characters from my first series, and the kink that applies, which is hard-core BDSM, edging, sadism, masochism, along with degradation. I hope you like! 😉



Chapter 3

Holy cow. I’d barely made it out of there without fainting like a horny drunken teenager. The look in his eyes. It was unmistakable, even for someone as inexperienced as me. It didn’t matter how old Curt was. That look only meant one thing. He wanted me. And he had been merciful.

My presentation of the “durable” four-poster bed was not without consequences. He had seen my dirty thoughts, clouded and vague though they were, the split second he looked into my eyes. What had possessed me?

Perhaps I wanted to impress him. Wanted to prove that I was not some inexperienced, naïve, young thing. That I was in tune with his…needs, and wanted only to help him sate those needs. However indirectly.

I was certain now that he would make good use of that bed. It didn’t take a woman with several notches on her lipstick case to figure that out. God, how I wished it could be me. But it never could be. This project was too important to my career as a whole. Even if he was interested in me at all, which was an amusing thought, I was a professional, and had to resist the temptation. My reputation was dependent on it.

Still, I had to admit it had been exhilarating, toying with him. Never before had I thought I had the power to test the control of someone so strong, mature, and hunky as Curt. It was a heady feeling that definitely rivaled my passion for my work. My panties were soaked through. I reddened when I realized that I could actually smell myself.

I wanted Curt. Badly. I wanted to spread my legs for him. Anywhere. Anytime. And even though I knew it would hurt, I would happily let him thrust between my legs without preamble. Without protection even. He was that dreamy.

Every woman has that one fantasy man that she would deny nothing. Nothing at all.

I think Curt was mine.

The key now was focus. There was certainly a ton of stuff to do to set things in motion. Not the least of which was to start researching upholstered goods. As I headed towards the city to the design center, I contemplated the rich leathers and velvets that I could incorporate. Curt…Mr. Donovan, would love it.

I wanted to give him the best. Show him that I could. To show him that, at least when it came to decorating, he would never have a need for anyone but me.

“Joe, thanks for taking my call,” I greeted brusquely.

“No problem. So, you miss me already huh? Trouble holding the fort old man?” Joe teased.

“Yes, dammit. Hell, I’m not even in the mood to deny it. Otherwise why the fuck would I call?” I grumbled. “So what the hell Joe? I get this brief email saying you’re taking another week off. And that’s it. What the hell is going on?”

I ground my teeth as I heard Joe sigh in what sounded like boredom. I heard some shuffling, and the creak of a door, and then Joe spoke.

“Look man, I don’t know quite how to put this. I met someone. A woman, obviously. We…things have gotten…”

I just sat and listened, on the edge of my seat with curiosity.

“Serious,” Joe finished, clearing his throat.

I didn’t know what to say. But all of the sudden, I found myself laughing. Hard.

I laughed so hard I could barely hear what was going on on the other end of the line. When I finally calmed down a bit, and took some deep breaths, I heard Joe growl, “Are you done?”

“No,” I chuckled. “But I am intrigued. You? You’re telling me you’ve been ensnared by a woman? In all of a week.”

“It didn’t take a week, Curt. It took barely a second.”

That sobered me. I frowned.

“Curt, why don’t you come over for drinks this evening? I honestly didn’t want to have to look at you or anything work related for the rest of the week, but Jesus, you will only understand if you see her. And then maybe we can talk about the issues you’re having…whatever it was that made you interrupt my vacation.”

“Next time, I will be the one vacationing,” I declared gruffly. “And to be frank, I don’t know that I would take your call, especially if I had a woman as ravishing as this one must be,” I laughed.

“Make jokes,” Joe sneered. “You’ll have your stinky foot in your mouth tonight. Be here at eight, or leave me the fuck alone until Monday.”

I was about to respond, when the call disconnected.

“Fucker,” I cursed as I looked at my bed, which was now stripped entirely bare.

I felt myself redden in frustration. Who the hell was I to judge Joe? Look at me. I was fucking smitten. Smitten, in the most carnal olgun porno sense. And as with him, it had barely taken a second. Unfortunately for me, this was not a cruise through the Bahamas. Bethany and I had a strictly professional relationship.

Should I tell Joe? Nah. He’d laugh and poke fun, just as I had. Only unlike Joe, I wouldn’t have the luxury of turning around and tempering my frustrations between my woman’s thighs. The lucky bastard.

I had stopped at the hardware store to pick up a thirty-five foot Stanley tape measure for Bethany. Professional relationship or not, I wanted her to have the tools she needed, and this seemed like a harmless enough gesture.

As I stood waiting in line at the register, I saw a cluster of fresh floral bouquets marked $19.99. What the hell, I thought. If this woman was beautiful and talented enough to incapacitate my best friend, she deserved at least a twenty-dollar bouquet of flowers. I smirked as I paid for the items, before jogging out to my black sportscar. I loved the thing. Yes, fuck it, it was a status thing mostly. But I loved the thick purr of the motor as I sped down the highway. It was as innocent a way to feel powerful as I had ever known. And it helped to distract.

After giving my key to the valet, I greeted George at the front door to Joe’s building.

“Dude, who the flowers for? You boys get in a fight, en need to kiss and make up?” George laughed, his crooked teeth showing.

George was an excellent security guard, and he loved to build relationships with the tenants of the building. Joe barely gave him the time of day, but I appreciated his drive. His apparent determination to live every day to the fullest.

So his job didn’t pay much. He never complained. He wore his badge with honor, and I respected him for it.

“I take it then that you were off duty when Joe brought her home,” I smirked.

Had George been smoking a cigarette, it would have fallen out of his mouth.

“Shut the fuck up brother! Joe got a woman? Hoohooo!” George laughed, as he stomped his feet, doubled over. “Shut up man.”

I simply raised my eyebrows.

“Shut up man, you playin! Well, shit! That’s awesome.”

“We’ll see,” I chuckled. “We’ll see.”

It was practically déjà vu when a stunning strawberry blonde goddess opened the door to Joe’s apartment.

“Hi! You must be Curt,” she grinned, her cheeks as rosy and merry as I had ever seen.

“Yes,” I stuttered, handing her the flowers.

“Aaww, thanks! They’re lovely,” she blushed as Joe stepped into view.

“Curt,” he greeted as he extended his hand, his eyes filled with a look I could only relate to a triumphant day in court.

“Hey man, good to see you,” I mumbled, still taken with this girl. The prophetic stinky foot was indeed in my mouth.

“This is Kate.”

I swallowed.

“Nice to meet you Kate. I hate to admit it, but Joe, you were right. Hell, you were right. Enjoy it while it lasts, because you will not hear it from me again.”

Joe grinned.

“Oh I’m sure you’ll be saying it again, just give it time. A few days maybe,” he smirked.

“Ah, so you’re the source of all his snarky banter. Well thank you very much!” Kate teased. “I’m gonna go put these in water. Can I get you some wine?”

“Nah,” I declined, “Just some water will be fine. Thanks.”

I couldn’t help but look at Joe in confusion. He was grinning like a fucking fox. I shook my head. It made me uneasy seeing him this out of character. This vulnerable. To a woman. Admittedly a hot woman, but nevertheless.

“So Joe tells me you met on the cruise?” I queried, redirecting my attention to Kate.

There was silence for a bit, and I frowned.

“Uh, yeah,” she affirmed. “It’s a little complicated, but yeah.” She looked over at Joe nervously.

I looked inquisitively at Joe, and saw his eyes soften, his expression now somber.

I could tell I had hit a nerve, though how I had no idea. Regardless, I refused to be the source of discomfort for this lovely girl.

“I see,” I mused, even though I did not understand. Next topic.

“So I take it then, Kate, that you are a local, here in Chicago? Or did Joe here kidnap you?” I laughed.

I could have shot myself from the look on her face. She paled, and her eyes flew to Joe’s.

And suddenly, my blood ran cold. It couldn’t be. I didn’t even want to look at Joe, lest my accidental suspicions be confirmed.

But I didn’t have to turn my head at all. Joe walked briskly past me, over to Kate, and drew her to him. He kissed the top of her head, and muttered softly, “Why don’t you get dessert ready, Darling? Curt and I have a few matters to discuss.”

My stomach turned as I saw him smile at her tenderly, before fingering her necklace a moment. That necklace…

“Curt,” Joe prompted, leading me from the kitchen out to the living area. But he did not stop. He led me into the study, and shut the porno door.

Still he did not look at me, but strode over to the credenza to pour a glass of scotch. Joe didn’t make a habit of drinking in front of me, so when he did succumb, I never took it lightly.

“What the hell happened Joe?” I asked sternly.

After tossing back his drink, he eased into his leather chair, and gestured for me to sit. I obliged. It was probably for the best, if my instincts were correct.

“I raped her,” Joe stated softly.

“Pardon?” I growled.

“You fucking heard me,” Joe cursed. “I raped her. She was drunk, and I took advantage of the situation.”

I shook my head and glared at him.

“So what the hell is she doing here? Is this some fucked up pre-lawsuit party?”

“She came home with me willingly. I know it’s fucked up, but we…” Joe grimaced and shook his head. “We fell in love. God help me, I don’t know how else to put it. I love her. I want to marry her.”

I was too stunned to laugh.

“You’re saying that you raped her, and she fell in love with you?” I scoffed.

“Jesus it wasn’t as simple as that,” Joe blurted. “I took her that first night, and then she left. I went after her, brought her back to my room, and kept her. And we developed feelings for each other. I’ll spare you the details.”

“Well considering that she has not yet filed suit, I will grant you that,” I snapped.

I shook my head. “I don’t know how the hell you managed to pull this off, but I hope you realize you are skating on very thin ice. She went through a traumatic experience for God’s sake! Do you honestly think that her feelings for you are legitimate?”

“Yes,” Joe answered gruffly.

I raised my eyebrows in challenge.

“She’s a submissive Curt. We share the same…tastes. Exactly the same. It’s uncanny. Again, I’ll spare you the details, but my experience with Kate was…ah hell, it was fucking meant to be!”

“Well that has to be the most fucked up psychotic fairytale I’ve ever heard,” I sneered. I shook my head, disgusted now with my best friend. “I’ll grant you, she’s fucking gorgeous. She’s a goddess. A beauty beyond compare.”

I swallowed as I thought of Bethany, the only beauty that truly rivaled Kate’s. Surpassed it, if I was honest with myself.

“But you can’t fucking take her like a doll. You know better than that. Why do you think we have never taken any rape cases? Because it is beyond the line.”

“I didn’t force her to come with me Curt. I offered to let her leave…”

“Oh, how generous of you! Was that after five rounds, or six?”

“Don’t fucking test me Curt! Kate is mine!” Joe spat.

“Okay then, she’s yours,” I agreed, condescendingly. “Let’s assume that things are as fine and dandy as you seem to believe. Then you won’t mind at all if I ask her a few questions. And offer her an opportunity to leave without you seething like a rabid beast.”

Joe was silent. But he looked like the very rabid beast I described. Were it not for the decades we had known each other, I might have feared for my life. There was only one person who could get away with pushing Joe this hard. And that was I.

“Fine,” Joe sighed, defeated.

“Good,” I muttered. “But first, dare I say it, have another drink. If she thinks you’re seconds away from murder, it may impact her testimony.”

Joe nodded, pouring himself another scotch. “You will not make her uncomfortable, do you understand me? You will be respectful.”

“Fine words,” I chided. “I get it Joe. Unlike you, I am thinking only of Kate.”

Joe glared at me, but nodded. And after downing his drink, and stretching his neck, he donned that infamous poker face.

We emerged seconds later and entered the living room, only to find Kate sitting on the carpet, poised with a fork at the coffee table, about to dig into what looked like pumpkin pie.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know how long you’d be, so I cut you both some slices of pie, and was just going to eat mine and go to bed,” she explained, looking guilty.

“Not at all baby doll,” I soothed. “I’m glad we caught you.” I grinned as I strode over to join her.

“Did you make this yourself?” I asked, kneeling on the floor and picking up a fork.

“Yes, as a matter of fact,” Kate beamed. “I love cooking and baking, but never get the time. So I’m making up for it now.”

“She’s quite the chef Curt. Delicious,” Joe purred.

I cast him a sharp look as he sat down to eat with us around the coffee table.

“Mmmm,” I groaned. “Wow, this is good!” I exclaimed through a mouthful of pie.

Joe smirked as he too dug into the pie.

I looked over to Kate, who was nearly finished with hers, and glowing from the continuous fountain of praise. She obviously loved to please people. To serve.

“Not even my ma makes pie this good. You’ve a gift baby doll,” I winked.

And Kate blushed. She liked my pet name for her. I dared not look at Joe. Porno izle

“Mmmm, uuhh, that was good. Are there seconds?” I asked.

“Of course!” Kate replied happily as she collected my plate to get me another slice.

She was nothing if not genuine. That much was clear. I smiled after her.

“Baby doll?” Joe whispered to me, careful to keep his voice down so Kate didn’t overhear. “You are seriously giving my woman pet names? You have got some balls on you.”

“Hey, if she wants to stay with you, it won’t matter anyway will it? She needs to know that she has a friend, willing to help her if ever there’s a need. And since George downstairs has apparently not been introduced, I will have to suffice.”

Joe grunted in disapproval just before Kate arrived back with more pie.

“There you are,” she cooed as she set the fresh slice before me.

I expected she might have gotten some more for herself as well, but she just sat there, obviously delighted by my enjoyment of her cooking.

She was a true submissive. I could sense it. It was clear now that Joe was not deluded about that little detail. Submissive or not though, rape was rape, and he had preyed upon her weakness. Exploited it, quite possibly.

“What do you do Kate? I can only assume you own the finest pie shop in Chicago?” I laughed.

“I have always dreamt of having my own restaurant or bakery actually,” she blushed again.

“But no, I’m the head of AR at Weisman Pharmaceuticals.”

“Wow, that’s quite a switcheroo, isn’t it?” I asked, shocked. “How the heck did a cutie like you get into a dry business like that?”

Kate laughed.

“I know right? Well, I guess it all goes back to late in high school. I was always pushed to get good grades and stay focused on my studies, but I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. So when the time came to pick a major, I picked something basic, something useful. Economics. It seems stupid now. I make decent enough money, which is nice, but it’s stressful, and I…” she trailed off, looking sad all of the sudden.

“I really don’t like my job. I never liked my job. I had the degree, there was an opening, and the money was better than most other opportunities right out of college. I do the job. I’m good at it, but I don’t love it.”

Joe and I shared a glance then. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I sure as hell hadn’t expected to relate to this woman.

“Well that is a shame,” I replied. “A lovely thing like you deserves only to be deliriously happy, every day, every hour. I trust Joe has been seeing to that?”

Kate smiled then, her eyes moving to meet Joe’s. I could see the affection she had for him, the trust in him, however misplaced it was.

“Yes, Joe is taking very good care of me,” she agreed. “He has asked me to stay with him, and I’ve accepted.”

“Whoa, big step isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it’s fast,” Kate blushed, falling silent.

I looked between them, puzzled at their seemingly unanimous decision. Wasn’t this girl traumatized? Could this be a level of trauma so deep that Kate was unaware of herself? Was she now living in terror of Joe, and what he might do if she tried to leave? Was this her way of appeasing him?

But looking at Kate’s beautiful face, in her beautiful eyes, I struggled to find any trace of true discontent.

“Well, now that you are with Joe, I doubt he will allow you to go back to a job you don’t like,” I teased. “You will be taking care of her, won’t you Joe?”

“To the best of my ability. I’ve told her she can keep her job if she wants, but from the sound of it, that may not be to her liking at all,” he grinned.

“Great,” I smirked. “So I’ll probably have a fat pig to work with now, what with her filling you up with pies on a regular basis.”

That made Kate laugh.

“Don’t worry, I’ll see that he has a steady supply of salads to accompany said pies. As for my job, I will miss Michael, but Joe says I can see my friends whenever I want, so I guess we’ll just see each other when he’s off work.”


“Yes, he’s just a friend,” she replied reassuringly.

I looked over to Joe, who I knew was just as possessive as I, if not more so. But he seemed at ease. What the hell was going on here?

“I’m sorry Kate, I guess I’m just a bit shocked,” I shook my head.

“Why? You’ve never heard of two people falling in love?” she laughed.

“Well yeah, in fairytales,” I laughed. “I’ve known Joe here for over twenty years, and he has never been prone to flights of romantic fancy. This is uncharted territory.”

“Believe me, I get it,” she smirked. “Neither of us was quite prepared for this. It just happened. I guess when something is right, it just is. It took me a little while to accept it, but Joe and I…” she trailed off, frowning, as if choosing her words wisely.

“I feel that we belong together,” she finished.

“As do I,” Joe interjected. “Now, if you are through with this interrogation Mr. Donovan, I’d like to resume our evening.” There was an edge to his voice, and I realized he was irritated that I was pushing Kate, understandably so. Had she been my woman, I would likely have shown him the door by now. But my goal had been to protect her, not make her uncomfortable.

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