Eleanor’s Descent Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 — Disturbed.

On the Tuesday, I picked Eleanor up from where she worked, because her car was being serviced. I expected her to dress for more formally at work because of the status of her job, but no. She came out wearing a short mini skirt, and a neat blue blouse. She climbed in the car and reached across to kiss me.

As we pulled away from the kerb, she waved to a woman on the street. “Goodnight Janet!” she yelled. Janet gave her a thumbs up and blew a kiss. “That was Janet, my assistant” she volunteered. She made herself comfortable beside me, kicking off her shoes and spreading her long legs.

Immediately I noticed the gusset of her white knickers showing from beneath the skirt. Eleanor saw me looking and attempted to widen her legs even more. “I can’t wait to get my bra and knickers off” she said.

I looked at her and said “Well, what’s stopping you?” She gulped and immediately began to UN button her blouse, quick as a flash her bra was dropped between her feet. As she started to re button her blouse, I said “Only the bottom three, Slave” she re adjusted the buttons fastening only the bottom three.

Then she slipped her panties down her legs and over her ankles. She held them up to show me she had removed them, just as a bus pulled up on her side of the car. The Bus driver did a double take as he looked into my car. I realized what had startled him so, from his position, he must have been able to see straight down her blouse, see her bald cunt lips showing from beneath her skirt as well as seeing her holding her knickers and the bra between her feet.

I told Eleanor “Seems you have an audience” she looked up towards the driver ran a finger along her cunt lips and the popped the finger into her mouth before blowing him a kiss. The poor bus driver stalled his vehicle as we pulled away laughing.

The rest of the journey to her flat was pretty much ordinary, or as ordinary as it could be with a woman intent of flashing her cunt to all and sundry. We parked outside the launderette, which was beneath the flat Eleanor, Teresa and Emma shared. Walked to the end of the row of shops (4 units) round the side and then back down the alley to her front door.

As we walked she said “You will meet Teresa today, but don’t worry both she and Emma are off out, George, Teresa’s boyfriend is supposed to be picking her up to go to a party and Emma’s off to see her mum. So we will have the place to ourselves real soon!”

I suddenly remembered I had left my bag in the boot of the car, but thought I can fetch it when we are alone, less likely to cause embarrassment. I said “When they have left, I will fetch my bag from the car!”

“What bag” Eleanor enquired.

“The bag we will need for our evenings fun!” I replied.

Eleanor introduced me to Teresa, although to be honest I thought she thought I should have been scraped off Eleanor’s foot outside. My immediate impression was stuck up bitch.

Just then Emma made an appearance and did not help matters by saying “OH, Hi Ray, I did not recognize you with your clothes on!” I received a cold hard stare from Teresa.

Eleanor dragged me by my hand and led me to her bedroom. She called out “Any chance of a cup of coffee, Emma”.

Emma replied “Yeah, ok. You want one too Ray?”

“Yes please” I replied.

Five minutes later, Emma just waltzed into Eleanor’s bedroom with two coffees. Eleanor never even blushed at the fact she was stark naked. She took her coffee from Emma and promptly gave her a kiss, not on the cheek but full on the mouth. Emma blushed as she handed me my coffee, Eleanor said “Come on Ray, Thank Emma for your coffee!” “I am sure she would love you to stroke her cunt or let her stroke your cock”

Emma started to protest, until I said “Is that right, Emma. How about I tease your nipples, that is till I get to know you better!” Eleanor spun to face me. The look on her face said you dare. I reached behind Emma’s head and pulled her head towards me, I kissed her full on the lips forcing my tongue into her mouth. I also made sure that Eleanor saw me feel Emma’s tits. Emma meekly accepted my groping, before fleeing the bedroom.

Eleanor said “You Bastard!”

I replied “Do not ever tell me to do anything, if you don’t want me to do it!” “Because I would do it in spite of you!” I then told Eleanor, “Be really careful because you don’t know what I have planned and if you upset me you could be made to suffer even more!” She nodded. “Besides I thought we had sorted out, last Saturday that I am your Master not the other way around!” I added.

“Sorry Master” she offered.

Eleanor came up to me, wrapped her arms around me and asked “What have you got planned, Love?”

I laughed and said “You’ll just have to wait and see!”

“Emma, can you come here, please” Eleanor called out. When Emma entered the room, Eleanor said “Sorry about earlier, Ray has told me to apologise and ask you if you would like to stay in with us tonight”

I interrupted “Emma, ensest porno that’s not true. I told Eleanor that I would not tell her what was planned for tonight; she now thinks that if you stay in tonight she will escape from my plans!” “You are more than welcome to stay in with us but you may become embarrassed watching Eleanor suffer her punishments” I added.

Emma said “Thanks for the invite, but I am meeting a friend outside the cinema!” With that she turned and walked out of the room.

I turned to Eleanor and said “Nice try, but you’ll have to do much better to get one over on me!” “Now, put on your see through white blouse and a knee length skirt, nothing else and come into the living room when you’re ready!” I added. I then went back to my car and retrieved my bag.

By the time I came back to the flat door, a man I assumed to be George was leaving with Teresa. I introduced myself and shook his hand. Teresa dragged him away. I entered the flat and passed Emma as she was leaving,

“Enjoy your film, Emma” I offered.

“Thanks Ray, you enjoy your evening as well” she replied.

“Oh, I intend too!” I countered. With that Emma left.

I carried my bag into the living room. I moved the dining table to with in 5 feet in front of the TV, squared it up in such a way that when tied to it Eleanor would still be able to see the screen. Eleanor walked into the living room, wearing exactly what I had instructed her to. I laid her across the table, with her head overhanging facing the TV. I then tied each of her arms to a separate table leg and her legs to the remaining two legs. UN doing her blouse I exposed her breasts, and then I raised the hem of her skirt exposing her cunt.

Going to my bag I retrieved a roll of wide packing tape, tore two short lengths about 3 inches in length, I folded over one edge sticky side to sticky side to give me a tab and stuck them across her nipples.

I then lowered my head and blew gently across her cunt lips; she shivered as the cool sensation hit her expose lips. I stood up, walked around to my bag and removed the enema bag, a butcher’s hook and a long length of tubing. I fixed the hook on to a picture rail (for those not aware of the English idea of a picture rail, it’s a wooden moulding fastened to the wall about six inches from the ceiling. In Victorian times it was for hiding the fixings to hang pictures from, hence its name.)

I turned to Eleanor and said “Won’t be long, don’t go anywhere. Will you” I went into the kitchen to prepare a warm soapy enema. When I returned I hung the bag on the hook making sure the valve on the tubing was closed. I turned on the TV and started the Video preloaded before Eleanor’s appearance. The screen spring into life as two large Black males began to bind a single white female. I Suggested that Eleanor would find the film interesting in not erotic.

I ordered her to keep watching the film. Walking once again around the table to between her legs, I slowly traced my tongue from her inner thigh up towards he cunt.

I deliberately stopped just before contacting her cunt lips, then repeated this on her other thigh. I saw her response as her cunt lips unfolded and her clitoris began to peek through. I gently blew on to her clitoris before parting her cunt lips with my fingers. For the next 45 minutes I bathed her cunt in soft penetrating licks, bringing her to several orgasms. At one stage I had to admonish her for her vocal cries were becoming too loud for comfort. It was at this point I eased the enema nozzle gently but firmly into her anal ring, setting the flow to a reasonable rate.

I then removed my clothes, and walked in front of her upturned head, I pushed my hard cock against her mouth. Instinctively she opened her mouth and bathed my cock head in gentle licks. I told her to open her throat as I slowly pushed my seven inches into her mouth; she gagged so I withdrew my prick slightly allowing her to gasp air before returning to slip my prick down her throat. Each time her gag reflex occur I slightly with drew before finally achieving the full insertion of my prick.

I slowly began to fuck her mouth. “Eleanor, I must warn you that if you spill any of the enema fluid from your arse, you will be punished” I warned her.

“Ohhh omhgghtahst” was her reply. I took this to be acceptance as it was hard for her to speak with her mouth full.

I let my hands drop down on to her breasts, gently finding the tabs. Gripping them between my finger and thumb I yanked my left hand upwards, her right breast pulled away from her chest as the sticky tape began to part away from her breast. The last thing to spring back towards her chest was the erect nipple. I instantly felt her throat muscles tighten around my cock. Dropping this tape I felt her newly exposed nipple and lightly twisted it.

It felt hard and rubbery between my fingers. Again Eleanor let out an animalistic unintelligible noise. Reaching further down her body I rubbed her stomach feeling the asyalı porno almost wave like motion of the enema filling her colon.

My right hand whizzed upwards repeating the effects on her left breast, again her throat muscles contracted. I then continued to fuck her mouth whilst gently rubbing her stomach. I knew I was not going to last much longer and wanting to save my load to fill her arse,

I withdrew my prick from her mouth. “Oh Master, what are you doing to me, I feel so wonderfully bloated and as horny as hell” she murmured.

Just then I heard someone clapping, I looked up and saw George and Teresa standing by the living room door. I tried to cover my prick. Teresa walked past me and stood looking at the TV, by now the white woman had on black cock up her arse and the second pumping into her cunt.

“I haven’t seen this one, you must lend it to me!” she said. Then turning to George she said “George get into my bedroom and remove all your clothes, put on the items I have laid out for you and return here at once!”

As George turned and left the room Teresa said “George is such a sweetie but weak as dish water, don’t worry about covering up, I am well aware of this bitch’s sexual likes and dislikes. Aren’t I slut?”

“Yes Mistress” was Eleanor’s response.

I think it dawned on me just then the resentment that Teresa had shown was borne of a Mistress losing her Slave with out consent. I turned to Teresa and said “She was your slave, before mine”

She replied “Oh no nothing like that, just occasionally she would do as she was told where George was concerned, you could say she helped me humiliate George enough to reach my current position with him.”

She added “May be I will look forward to the challenge of subligating you!” I told her she had no chance.

“I now see the challenge to put you in your rightful place at the feet of a master!” I added. With that I grabbed her wrists and pulled her over to the settee. Sitting down I forced her across my knee and raised her Skirt. She was wearing powder blue knickers with matching self supporting stockings. In one fell swoop her knickers were around her knees and the first hard slap careered down on the white plump ass cheeks.

“Ouch, you’ll pay for that” she yelled. A further three just as hard slaps brought a rosy pink flush to her arse and suddenly she stopped struggling. “Stop, Stop please stop” she begged. I noticed the defiance in her voice was now gone. I paused my assault on her arse. Her free hand came round and gently rubbed her reddening cheeks.

I pushed her on to the floor and told her “On your knees bitch, my cock wants to feel the inside of your throat” She looked at me with anger in her eyes. Like a queen that had just been toppled from her throne. Slowly she climbed on to her knees and approached me, she reached out towards my prick but I tapped her hands away. “Did I say you could touch my prick?” I said. I thought this was probably a ploy of hers to try to turn the tables. She apologized and opened her mouth to accept my prick. Warily I allowed her to take my prick head into her mouth after warning her “Don’t even think of biting my prick, or I warn you that your cunt would need major surgery before you would be able to use it to even piss through”

I know it was an idle threat but it seemed to work as she gently lapped at the head of my prick.

Suddenly Eleanor moaned “Master, I can’t hold on much longer my belly hurts!”

I suddenly remembered that the enema was still flowing in to her. I pushed Teresa away and stopped the flow. I rubbed Eleanor’s now bloated belly and said “Hold it in for another five minutes and then my new bitch here will take you to the toilet.

I turned to Teresa and said “Strip now and make an erotic one for my pleasure!”

“Fuck you!” she replied.

I grabbed her hair and said “What was that bitch!” I forced her head down raising her arse as my free hand swung through the air and crashed into her red arse cheeks.

“Ouch” she cried. “Sorry master, I will do anything you tell me to but don’t smack me again” she begged.

I let her go and she raised herself up on to her feet and began dancing to some imaginary music as she removed her clothing. Just then George walked into the room, Red faced and dressed as a French maid including stockings.

Teresa stopped her dancing and stared at George. “Who told you to stop” I called to her.

She immediately recommenced her gyrations and said “George, Sweetie, I want you to meet our new master.” George gulped as he looked at me. I instructed George to untie Eleanor and take her to the toilet, but only allow her to stand in the bath and I want a full report of what she does. He nodded and set about undoing the ropes binding Eleanor. Meanwhile I gently removed the Enema nozzle.

By the time George and Eleanor returned, Teresa was stark naked and I was inspecting her. “Tits too flabby, nipples ok though. Do you like them pinched, twisted gizli çekim porno or simply pulled?” I commented.

“Pinched, Master” she replied.

“What have we here?” I said as I gently tugged on her pubic hair.

“Ouch, master” she responded.

“Eleanor get over here!” I commanded. “Look at this, what is wrong with this?” I asked as I pointed towards her pubes.

“Master, you insist all your slaves are properly shaved and it looks so untidy like that!” she replied.

“Correct, my little slut. How do you suggest we remedy this situation?” I enquired.

“I could take her away and shave her Master!” replied Eleanor. “Or I think I have some Hair removal wax, somewhere!” she offered.

Teresa said “I don’t mind being shaved, but not the wax, please” I said

“Do you remember your reaction to me, earlier tonight! You thought I was not fit to be in the same room as you! Well now its time to pay for that attitude!” I said. “Eleanor find me the wax, George get me some hot water!” I ordered.

When the pair of them left the room, Teresa came up to me and whispered “I will be a good girl and shave this off for you, I promise but please not the wax, it will hurt terribly!”

“Yes, I know it will, but think of this, If it was George who was to be done, and you were in charge which would you use. Shaving or Wax?” I asked.

Teresa’s eyes looked downwards to the floor and she never answered. “I thought so. You have just answered your own question as to why it has to be the wax!” I said.

“Teresa get on the table, on your back! NOW!” I demanded. Meekly she climbed on the table just as Eleanor and George returned. “George, Tie Teresa’s hands down like Eleanor’s were earlier! Eleanor you tie her legs down just as yours were!” I ordered. Taking a longer strip of the broad tape, again creating a tab on I pressed it over Teresa’s closed mouth.

“George, Teresa has always led you a dog’s life, has she not?” I enquired.

“Yes Ray” he replied. I immediately slapped his face. “Sorry Sir I meant to say Yes, Master” he repeated.

“That’s better” I warned him. “Despite your lack of respect for me, I still think its justice for you to do the honours of using the wax to remove her pubic hair” I said. Teresa’s eyes shot wide open and she began shaking her head, trying to say no! Whilst George performed his tasks on Teresa, I had Eleanor prepare two of the lengths of broad tape similar to the ones I had used on her Tits. And told her to apply them over Teresa’s nipples, but only after sucking the nipples to their full erect state. “Don’t forget to dry her nipples before applying the tape!” I reminded Eleanor.

I in the mean time walked behind George and lifted the hem of his maid’s uniform. It became clear now why it had taken so long to get ready, He was wearing stockings, suspender belt and a pair of bright red crutch less knickers. His already hard and swollen prick sticking straight out.

George coated the molten wax over the area of her pubes, and stood waiting for it to solidify. He was almost drooling as he watched Eleanor teasing Teresa’s nipples. I asked him “Were you ever allowed to suck her nipples, George?”

“Never, not even before I became her slave” he replied.

“What else were you stopped from doing to her?” I asked.

“I was only allowed to fuck her missionary style, and then only when she said so. I was allowed to lick her arse but only after she had visited the toilet. I was never permitted to put anything in her arse at all” he ventured. “She would never ever suck me off!” he added.

“And would you like her to suck you off, or fuck her up the arse, or even suck her tits?” I asked.

“Oh yes, master many a time I longed to take her up the arse or even fuck her between her tits, while she sucked the head of my prick!” he offered. Teresa’s eyes shot him a look of hatred.

“Well tonight you are going to be sucked off but you will be punished if you cum in her mouth, you will have to shoot over her face. You see its humiliating for a bitch like her to become a cum slut” I told him.

“Oh thank you master” he replied. I think I almost felt sorry for George, knowing as I did that what ever I told him to do he would pay for when in private with Teresa.

By now the wax had hardened, Eleanor had finished applying the sticky tape across Teresa’s tits. I leaned towards Teresa and said “Is my slut bitch ready to be de flowered of her pubic hair?” She violently shook her head and with pleading eyes begged to be let off. “Proceed, George!” I commanded. As he pulled the first strip of wax from her body, I murmured to Eleanor “When he gets close to pulling the hairs from her cunt lips, I want you to rip off one of the sticky tapes” She nodded.

As George pulled the first strip from Teresa’s pubic region she arched her back going with the pull. But to no avail, she could not raise herself high enough to prevent the wax soaked hairs being ripped from her body. I went to my bag and produce a long length of soft silk rope and secured Teresa’s waist firmly to the table. Then I looked at George’s handiwork, there was a bright pink strip complete void of hair where only seconds ago there had been a thick forest of jet black hair. “Carry on, George” I said, whilst nodding at Eleanor.

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