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“I have a challenge for you, Diana,” Mike said one night after a particularly great session of lovemaking.

“What is that? You want me to get you hard again?” I answered slyly.

He laughed.

“No, no…there is this guy at work who was telling me about his wife. I guess she’s kind of a slut, but she wants to take it to another level.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked, intrigued.

“Yeah, he says she loves to fuck him all the time, but she wants to be treated like a slut by other people. Just for a couple of days.”

“Hmmm…interesting. I suppose you told him about me?”

“Yep,” he said, grinning.


“He agreed that it would be good if it made her stop driving him crazy.”

I laughed.

“Well, does he want to participate?”

“He said only at the end. What we do with her before that is totally up to us.”

I was definitely intrigued and up for that challenge.

“What is her name?” I asked.


“And does she know about this?”

“He was going to speak to her if we agreed. I guess we’re agreeing?”

“Oh sure. Have you met this Ellen?”

“Yeah, just once. She’s a real knockout. I know we would both enjoy her.”

“Hmmm…I bet,” looking down at his cock, which was beginning to get a life of its own.

“Well tell Ellen’s husband we would love to accommodate his wife,” I said leaning down to get a closer look at Mike’s cock.

“Oh, I will- Diana!”

My mouth had engulfed him and for a little while he forgot about this ‘Ellen’.

A week later, I was preparing for Ellen’s visit with us. I was dying to see this woman and ‘take her to the next level’, so to speak. Mike seemed very eager as well and I knew he couldn’t wait to fuck her. Well, he’d get his chance, but as always, I had first crack at her. And what a day I had planned!

Ellen arrived promptly that morning. I opened the door to find a gorgeous woman about 35 years old. She was about average height, but very trim and fit. Her large D-cups strained against her sweater and her hips were very shapely. I smiled at her pretty face framed by long, red hair. Mike knew I liked redheads and I wasn’t disappointed.

“Ellen…so nice to meet you, I’m Diana. Please come in.”

She smiled at me a bit nervously and stepped inside. I think she was a little disappointed at how ordinary my house was. It was if she was expecting a full torture chamber.

I noticed the bag she was carrying.

“Did you bring everything?”

“Yes. I hope you like the clothes.”

“Well, if not we can always get you new ones. Come into the kitchen, I have coffee on.”

She followed me into the kitchen and sat down. I smiled in approval of her shapely legs as she crossed them. Her skirt rode up just a little bit showing me her nice, tanned thighs.

I poured the coffee and sat down across from her and began to explain the rules.

“Ok, Ellen. There are some things I need to know about you. Then I will tell you what the rules are.”

She nodded.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

She cleared her throat before starting.

“Well, I have always, uh, wanted to be dominated by someone. You know, made to serve.”


“So I guess your boyfriend and my husband talked and he told me about you-“

“Yes, yes, I know. But what do you hope to accomplish by being with Mike and I?”

“I-I want to act out my fantasies…I want to be the true slut I know I am!”

I looked at her. She was definitely serious.

“Ellen, I know you are a slut. While you are here, you are to do whatever Mike and I tell you. You will perform for us plus whomever else we decide should use you. You are to call me Mistress from now on. Understand?”


I raised my eyebrow and she hastily added “Mistress.”

“Good. Now you are here on your own free will. You may leave at any time if you feel uncomfortable. Although you may experience some pain, we are not here to hurt you. You are here for our pleasure as much as your own, but our pleasure comes before yours. You with me so far?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“While you are in our house, you must be naked at all times. If and when we go out, you will of course be allowed to wear clothes, but only what I want you to wear. You must obey us at all times. If you do, things will go well for you. If you don’t you will be disciplined. However, I may discipline you regardless. Any questions?”

“Just one – will my husband be participating?”

“Yes, at some point he will – when and where is up to Mike and I.” I took one last sip of my coffee and leaned back. “Is your pussy shaved?”

“Yes, Mistress,” she said lowering her eyes.

“Good. Let me see it.”

She looked up at me with wide eyes.

“Go ahead. Raise your skirt and take your panties off. Might as well start now.”

She hesitated slightly before pulling her skirt up to expose smooth thighs. She had on tiny lace panties and I licked my lips anticipating seeing her bare mound underneath.

“Just pull them aside for now.”

She pushed the material aside and I could see that she was very bare. I smiled in satisfaction.

“Very altyazı porno nice. You can lower your skirt now.”

I stood up and put the coffee cups in the sink and stood before her.

“Have you ever had sex with a woman, slut?”

“No…no…I haven’t, Mistress.”

“But you want to, right?”

“Yes, Mistress…I do.”

“You will come to enjoy the taste of another woman’s pussy. I guarantee it. Now let’s go downstairs and get started.”

My basement was a perfect place to play with my sluts. It was quiet and no one could hear anything from within. It was small and cozy with a pull out couch and plenty of hooks and places to restrain. It didn’t look evil, though. It was merely a place to play.

When we got downstairs, I made Ellen strip and stand before me naked. I admired her lush body with her narrow waist and full breasts.

“Spread your legs, slut.”

She obediently spread her legs and I walked around her admiring her firm ass. I got a small ass vibe and lubed it up and teased her tight puckered hole. She jumped and tried to move away. I grabbed her around the waist and rammed it in and turned it on low.

“Go sit in that chair,” I said, pointing to a hard wooden chair.

She gingerly moved over to it and sat down. I heard her moan slightly as the ass vibe was pushed further inside her.

All my toys were laid out near her and I proceeded to restrain her. First her arms were pulled back and cuffed at the wrists then lashed to the chair. This caused her big breasts to stick out nicely. I already noticed the nipples were becoming erect. Next, I looped a rope tightly around the tops of her breasts, pushing them down and out. Another rope went snuggly around her waist as I pulled it tightly so her back was against the chair. I spread her legs wide and tied her calves to the legs of the chair, making sure I wound the rope down the entire length to her ankles. Her pussy was open to me now. Lastly, I gagged her with a cloth, tied tightly behind her head.

I stood back and lubed up another vibrator, but wondered if I actually needed to. I placed it at the entrance to her pussy and began to thrust it inside. She moaned against her gag as I turned it on low and inserted it deep in her snatch.

“Alright, slut. I am going upstairs to shower and change. You will not be able to cum with the vibes set as low as they are. However, if that vibrator shoved in your cunt is not there when I return, I will punish you. Understand?”

She nodded and I left her.

While I showered, I started to think about the day I had planned for her and smiled…

My slut was waiting for me downstairs with fear in her eyes. The vibrator had left her pussy.

I took off her gag.

“Did you cum?” I asked.

“No…Mistress…it just slipped out.”

“Didn’t I tell you to keep in there?”

“Yes, Mistress, but it slid out…I-“

Her words were cut off by a slap to the face.

“No excuses!” I picked up the vibrator and saw that it was very wet. Although I knew that would happen, I didn’t tell her that.

“I am going to have to discipline you now, slut. First suck this.”

I shoved the vibrator into her mouth and made her lick the cum from it. Then I untied her from the chair, leaving the cuffs on and pushed her face down on the bed.

“Raise your ass to me.”

She pushed her knees up under her and raised her ass up. I took my paddle and landed it on her ass with a loud SMACK.

“Owww,” she cried out.

I brought the paddle down on the other cheek hard. She cried louder and I saw that some redness was beginning to appear. I gave her several more swats until I was satisfied she was disciplined enough without being sore for the rest of the day. We had things to do.

I uncuffed her hands and pulled her up to her feet.

“I want to you to dress – we are going out.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I went through her bag and found exactly the clothes I wanted her to wear. I sat down and watched her nervously get dressed.

First she slid on long, black stockings that attached to a garter belt. She was not allowed panties. Over that was a tight, leather mini that barely covered her ass. I watched her smooth it over her ass, trying to pull it down a bit. Next, she put on tight, white sweater. No bra was allowed and her tits strained against the material and her nipples were visible. She looked like a perfect little slut. I let her were modest heels as we probably would be doing some walking.

I told her to go into the bathroom and put on some more makeup. Dark red lipstick and plenty of eyeshadow. When she came out, she looked great.

“Ok, let’s go,” I said leading the way upstairs.

We got in the car and I drove us to the mall.

It was a pretty busy day at the mall with lots of people shopping for the impending holidays. Ellen and I entered a store and immediately she got looks from people. Some of them good, some of them bad. As we walked her tits jiggled underneath her sweater and her hard nipples poked through. I just smiled at passersby, but she was clearly self-conscious amatör porno about her looks.

I paraded her about looking for someone for her to serve. I thought some good, anonymous sex would be just the thing for her. Several men had given her openly lewd looks so I knew it wouldn’t take long.

We strolled into a record store that was somewhat empty for a busy day. It was dark and there was lots of loud music playing. Perfect.

We caught the attention of nice looking guy with long, black hair. He was about 25 with a big smile showing lots of white teeth. He noticed Ellen right away and she looked away, embarrassed. She never asked me what we were going to do, but I knew she had guessed.

I told her to wait where she was while I spoke to the guy. It was easy to engage him in conversation about Ellen. He told me his name was Eric and I told him about Ellen. I explained to him that she was an eager little slut and she wanted to be used by many different people and he was the first.

We decided to go the back of the store behind a large display of CDs. I brought Ellen and presented her to Eric.

I looked at her.

“Ok, slut, I think this man needs his cock sucked.”

She looked at me wide-eyed but got down on her knees. Eric was already bulging out of his pants and he lost no time unzipping himself to free his throbbing cock.

Ellen brought her red lips to his cockhead and took him into her mouth and began to suck and lick. Eric brought his hands to her head and began to push her mouth down to engulf him. I stood slightly off to the side to make sure no one interrupted us. What we were doing was pretty risky.

She sucked his cock expertly – licking and sucking it to full hardness. Eric began moaning loudly and I was thankful for the booming music that filled the store. He clutched her head and began to hump her slut mouth, making her take him deep. She let him have his way with her mouth as he increased his speed and I knew it wouldn’t take too long.

Sure enough, he began to groan and spurt his cum in her mouth. My slut drank it all down, not letting a drop escape her mouth. When Eric pulled out of her mouth, she licked his cock clean before he pushed it back in his pants.

“Wow,” he said looking at me. “What a good cock-sucker she is.”

“Yes, she is,” I said, smiling down at Ellen.

I helped her to her feet and said good-bye. She was trying to fix her lipstick, which had smeared somewhat from her cock sucking.

We left the store quickly and began to walk down to a lingerie store that I frequented. I knew the owner and she knew about me.

We entered and I told Ellen to find something really sexy while I spoke to my friend, June. She was a slim blond woman around 40 who was also a Domme like myself. We frequently shared our slaves with each other as well as some good stories. I pointed Ellen out to her as we talked.

“Wow, Diana. She is hot!”

“Yeah, she just sucked this guy’s cock in the record store,” I said, grinning.

“No way! You are so bad.”

I just laughed.

“Are you going to do something here?” she asked mischievously.

“Only with your permission,” I said, winking.

“Well, by all means. Let’s go in back.”

“Ok, let me get her something sexy to wear.”

I knew June had a certain weakness for ladies in sexy lingerie and I wondered how she was able to work there without constantly orgasming.

I found Ellen looking at a sheer black teddy.

“That would look lovely on you. Would you like to try it on?”

She nodded.

“Follow me. I know just the place.”

We made our way to June’s private office in the back. Ellen looked at me nervously as we entered it – not sure what was going to happen this time.

“Ellen, this is June. She owns the store and would like to see you try this particular item on.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she said shyly.

June winked and smiled at me.

Ellen removed her clothes and June whistled at her body when it was fully naked.

“Nice breasts, Ellen.”

“Thank you.”

“Let’s see how you look in that teddy.”

Ellen slid it on and stood there in her heels looking at us. The sheer black material covered her body, but we could see everything underneath. Her large tits were practically bursting through the thin material and her nipples were smooth and flat against it. The bottom was pushing into her pussy lips.

“Turn around,” June said quietly.

Ellen turned around and showed us her firm ass barely covered by the black lace.

“Very nice indeed,” she whispered. “You’re lucky, Diana. I don’t know how you find these.”

I laughed and sat up on June’s desk.

“Would you like to play with her?”

“Oh yes…”

“Then go right ahead. The slut hasn’t been with a woman yet.”


“Yes, why don’t you break her in a little?”

June swallowed.

“Has she cum today?”

“Nope, but I think she needs to very badly. Right, slut?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Ellen looked at us with desire in her eyes.

“Come over here, then, slut,” June ordered.

Ellen amatör porno stood before June, her large breasts heaving. June placed her small hands on Ellen’s breasts and began to tweak the nipples lightly. Ellen closed her eyes and sighed softly. I watched as June ran her thumbs around the large areola of one nipple making it hard and firm under her touch. When it was hard, she leaned her head down and began to suck it through the material.

“Ohhhhh…” Ellen cried softly as June’s mouth took her nipple in. “That…feels…wonderful.”

June sucked harder and bit down gently on the hard flesh. Ellen jumped a little but otherwise didn’t move. June did the same to the other breast, bringing both nipples to a firm erectness. She looked great standing there with her huge tits pushing out.

“Sit down in that chair,” June ordered. “And spread those legs wide.”

Ellen sat down and opened her legs, but it wasn’t enough.

“Hook them over the arms of the chair,” I suggested.

She did as she was told and her gorgeous pussy came into view. June knelt next to Ellen.

“Now play with yourself. Show us how a slut cums.”

Ellen looked at me and I nodded. Then she brought her fingers down to her pussy lips and moved the material aside. Her fingers began to softly stroke her slit before opening it up to show us the pink flesh inside.

“Ohhh…nice,” June whispered and went back to teasing Ellen’s nipples.

I leaned back on the desk and watched my slut get hotter by the minute. In fact, I was getting hotter by the minute, but I was going to wait. It was always worth it to wait.

June sucked and tweaked Ellen’s nipples harder and I watched my slut raise her hips up to meet her own fingers. Her eyes were shut tight as she plunged her hot cunt with her fingers and pulled on her clit. June’s own hand closed over hers and helped her fuck herself.

“Yeah, that’s it, slut, harder. Fuck that tight little pussy of yours,” June breathed.

“Ohhhh…god, I’m…I’m gonna cum…” Ellen moaned.

“Good – cum for us, you sweet little slut. Cum all over those fingers.”

That was it. Ellen leaned her head back and let out a long moan.

“Fuck!!! I’m CUMMMINNNG!!!!”

She humped her hand hard and thrashed about on the chair. I hoped no one had heard her, but it was June’s shop so…

June helped Ellen along with her orgasm as I watched the two of them. It went on for sometime before June took her hand away and sucked the juices off her fingers. Ellen slumped in the chair and her face was flush.

“Wow – that was great,” June said, her own face red.

I laughed and stood up.

“I’ll pay for that teddy – we’ll definitely take it.”

“Oh no, no,” June protested. “It’s on the house. After a show like that…”

I thanked her let told Ellen to take it off and get dressed. She got up on shaky legs and pulled her clothes on as June put the teddy in a bag.

As she showed us out, she made me promise to tell her about the rest of the day’s adventures. I smiled and told her I would.

We were both hungry after that so we ducked into a cozy little pub in the corner of the mall. Ellen thanked me several times for letting her fulfill some fantasies thus far. I told her it wasn’t over yet.

As we ate, I scoped out the place for a possible scene. There were a few couples about, but nothing promising. Then I noticed two construction workers. Perfect. I told Ellen I had to use the ladies room and told her to stay put.

I walked up to the construction workers and engaged them in a brief conversation about Ellen. They both glanced her way and immediately saw what they liked. They couldn’t believe what I offered to them, but they certainly didn’t refuse. However, they were a little disappointed when I told them that I wasn’t part of the deal.

I told them to go into the men’s room in about 10 minutes while I paid the bill and I would have Ellen meet them there.

I returned to my seat and took out my credit card.

“Ok, Ellen, your next test will be with two men. They are over there at the bar.”

She glanced over at them and her eyes went wide.

“Now you can walk away and we’ll be done. Do you want to continue?”

“Yes, Mistress. I very much want to do this.”

“Ok, we will go into the men’s room and you will let them do whatever they like. I will be there and they will not hurt you, understand?”

“Yes…Mistress,” she said and I saw the hunger in her eyes.

After the bill was paid, we slipped into the men’s room and found our friends there. I was glad it was a single occupant room as I locked the door and introduced Ellen to the men. They were both well-built with deep tans and sandy colored hair. I noticed they kind of looked the same.

“Are you brothers or something?” I asked.

“Yes,” one of them said. “I’m Steve and this is Ryan.”

“Oh cool,” I giggled and stepped to one side. “Ellen…please show Steve and Ryan a good time.”

“Yes, Mistress,” she said as she got down on her knees.

I smiled at my good little slut and leaned against the wall as Steve undid his fly to take out his semi-hard cock. Without encouragement, she immediately took him in her hands and began to suck his cock. Again, she expertly sucked and licked his cock like she had to Eric earlier. Within no time, he was hard and groaning. He pushed her head away and slapped her face with his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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