Email Cuckold Ch. 04

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*** *** *** *** ***

Ken sat in his bed with his laptop on his thighs and a hard on in his hands. It was hard not to jerk off on these girls nights out, knowing that men were flirting with his wife… and more. Visions of men fondling his wife, going down on her… Thinking of her sucking off a guy… it flamed the fires of lust within him.

He had already jacked off once… soon after he had put the kids to bed. He had promised himself to wait for his wife to come home, but here he was, perusing the emails, and stroking his cock. He opened one of his favorites… from a guy named Connor. He had read through the email many times, but it still turned him on.

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

I met your wife at the bar and she was as hot as you had promised. At first, I thought her friends were going to cock block me, but once we all got on the dance floor, they left the two of us alone.

Your wife great, big breasts were pressed against me as we grinded together. She pretended to be shy, but I could see her perky nipples through her dress. She was clearly getting turned on. When my leg went between hers, I could feel the heat radiating from her. She ground her cunt against my leg.

Dude, I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed those melons of hers and kneaded them roughly. She groaned and moved harder against me.

It was more than I hoped when I felt her fingers on my crotch. Her fingers traced the outline of my cock. It sent a tingling and when it twitched, she laughed with delight. She pulled her hand away and I thought that would be it, but then she started tugging down my zipper! Right there on the dance floor!

She kept dancing even as she stroked me! People started to notice but I think that just turned her on more! She stroked me until I came!

Then she turned around and walked off the dance floor. Definitely tell me next time she goes out, I’d love to tap that ass!

Ken looked down at his own sticky mess. That email always made him cum. He cleaned himself off with a nearby tissue. He hadn’t had the guts to email Connor back. He wasn’t sure if he was ready for his wife to actually fuck someone. He looked over at the clock. It was almost 12:30! His wife could be home at any minute.

Quickly he made sure he had cleaned up and then shut down his computer. He liked to pretend to be sleeping when she got home so she could jump his bones. Their love making was always hot. He imagined that she was still thinking of all the men she had teased. How far had she gone?

Ken stared up at the ceiling, his body tingling with anticipation. Was Karen fucking any of these guys? He was pretty sure she wasn’t. He figured that the men would be happy to brag if that happened. Even the guy who claimed she had given him head had seemed a bit bogus.

He heard a car door slam outside. She’s home! He tried to slow his breathing and pretend he was asleep. It was hard though as he heard her move around the house, his anticipation building. Finally she came into the room. He heard her shed her clothes. But this time, instead of climbing directly into bed, she walked into the bathroom and started washing her face and brushing her teeth.

Ken was confused but decided to keep up the façade of him sleeping. She came to the bed but stood a long time before getting in. His heart fell as he thought she was just going to go to sleep. But then Karen climbed on top of him, her shins pinning each of his arms. He felt her warm legs press against his ears a moment before her pussy ground against his lips. Eagerly, he started licking. He loved the fact that she demanded this without asking.

A low moan let him know he was hitting the right spot. She was already wet, but not as messy as some previous nights out. He licked firmly up and down her wet slit. With his arms pinned, he couldn’t use his fingers which meant that it would take her longer to cum. He tried to vary it by moving his tongue side to side against her clit. He was rewarded with her musky taste filling his mouth. He felt her shift forward, grabbing onto the headboard before grinding against his face with renewed passion.

Ken valiantly tried to keep up with the faster pace. His tongue flew along her pussy and he concentrated on making sure his tongue hit her clit each time. He felt her juices begin to run down his face now.

Suddenly, she stopped moving and just sat, letting her entire weight press against his face. Confused, Ken stopped licking her. Growling she grabbed his head and pressed her cunt down.

“Keep going.”

Immediately, Ken obeyed. He plunged his tongue deep, moving it up into her pussy before ending and her clit and then repeating. She ground herself completely against him, moving in small circular movements. She pressed harder and Ken began have trouble breathing through his nose. He tried to keep going, moving free spin his tongue deeper and deeper within her. She ground harder in response. He was getting a little dizzy.

Suddenly he felt her pussy twitch and a wetness poured over his face. Karen gasped ground herself one more time into his face. As soon as she raised her hips, he gasped for breath. He felt his wife move down his body to fuck him. But he could feel that he wasn’t hard yet. Damn! He shouldn’t have wacked off twice!

Karen grasped his manhood and began stroking it. He felt it respond, but only barely.

“What’s the matter honey?” She whispered.

“I kind of got horny… and I took care of business.” He said sheepishly.

“Awww… Not waiting for me?” She laughed. “That’s a naughty boy.” To Ken’s surprise, she didn’t stop stroking him. Instead, she increased the pace. “Do you want to hear how a guy… another young guy! He kept hitting on me. He’d dance up against me and I could feel his hard cock.” Ken felt a stirring in his cock. “I’d move away and he’d dance closer. Until one time, he was holding my hand while he danced and guided it to his cock!”

Ken was hard now and he expected Karen to climb onto his cock, but she just kept jacking him off.

“He even whispered to me that I should suck him!” Excitement ran through Ken. Watching his wife jack him off, he imagined those sexy lips wrapped around a strange cock. “Should I have sucked his cock Ken? Should I have swallowed his cum?”

Ken’s cock throbbed and he spurted!

Karen cooed. “Good job baby.”

Ken felt his wife’s hand scoop up his cum. It was great that she still took care of him even when he had trouble getting it up.

Surprise knifed through him as he felt something on his lips. It was Karen’s finger!

“What, Karen?” He pushed her hand away. “What are you doing?”

“You didn’t mind sucking your cum out of my pussy.” She smiled at him. “Besides you didn’t cum much…”

He felt her fingers on his lips again. Tentatively, he opened his mouth and her fingers slid in. He tasted… it was slightly salty, but there really wasn’t much taste at all. If it turned on his wife…

“Good job baby.”

He cleaned off her fingers and her fingers slid out. He felt them slide along his stomach and return to his mouth. He cleaned off her fingers and she repeated the process until finally, he finished.

“Good night honey.”

His wife gave him a quick peck and went to bed.

The next day, Karen took the kids to the zoo. Ken stayed behind to take care of some paperwork. He tried to stay away from his secret email, but his work just got jumbled in his mind. Finally, he decided he needed to take a break.

He opened his email and saw that there was a new message. Eagerly he opened it up.

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

a promise is a promise! you let me know about your hot wife so I thought I should let you know how last night went.

she was so hot for it! I saw her across the bar immediately (her rack is spectacular! sometime soon i want to go tit diving). we started dancing. her ass was right up against my cock. i could tell she was hot for it. i grabbed those tremendous tits and she just smiled and kissed me. so i danced her to where the walls kind of join together. she sucked my cock less than 5 feet away from where people were dancing!

her mouth was awesome. i’ve never had anyone take me as deep as she did. then she swallowed it all without missing a drop. but the kinkiest, hottest thing was that she didn’t stop sucking my cock until i pulled her off of it. what a nympho!

i don’t know what type of kinky shit relationship you and your wife have, but I’d bang her anytime. just let me know when n where.

Ken’s cock spurted as he finished reading the email. As he was cleaning himself up, he remembered last night. His wife had talked about a young guy wanting a bj! Had she really sucked a guy off? Was his wife really slutting it up? He realized he was unconsciously licking his hand free of the last remains of his cum.

Quickly he wiped it off with a paper towel.

How far was he willing to go with this?

*** *** *** *** *** ***

It had only been a week since the last girls’ night when the phone rang.

Karen put aside the bowl she had been stirring. “Hello?”

“Oh good, you’re home!” Jill’s peppy voice was on the other line.

“Yeah, putting together cup cakes for Jane’s birthday party.”

“I’m just a few streets away. I’ll be over in a few!” The line clicked dead.

Karen shook her head. Her friend was so flighty sometimes.

“Who was that?” Ken’s voice floated in from the living room.

“Jill, she’s coming over!”


“I don’t know.”

Karen heard her husband’s noncommittal grunt, but ignored it. She had just filled the last cupcake holder when the door bell rang. She hurriedly wiped her hands clean and went to the front door.

“Hello!” Jill held up multiple shopping bags. “I bought some clothes bonus veren siteler and need a second opinion.”

Karen gave her friend a quick hug.

Ken passed them on his way to the kitchen. He took one look at the shopping bags and ruefully said. “You women and shopping.”

“Don’t worry honey, we’ll take it upstairs.”

Ken raised his mug in the air. “Just give me coffee and the TV and I’ll be happy.”

The two women ran up the stairs with Jill giving Karen a detailed account of her shopping.

Karen shut the door as Jill arranged the shopping bags.

“Things at home look normal.” Jill observed. “I guess you didn’t confront Ken on his emails?”

Karen shook her head. “I’m still not sure what to do with that. It has made girls night out fun, but I almost feel like he’s been pimping me out. So every night this week – ” The brunette wife blushed and broke off what she was about to say.

Jill look at her friend in surprise. “What?”

“Oh, no, nothing.”

Jill went over to Karen and poked her in the ribs. “I know you… it’s not nothing. What have you been doing every night?”

“Well…” Karen looked down in embarrassment. “I’ve sat on his face every night and haven’t fucked him or gone down on him.”

Jill covered her mouth with surprise. “Well that’s certainly an interesting punishment!”

As Karen just gave a nervous laugh and came over to look at what her friend had brought, but Jill shook her head.

“That was just an excuse.” She hopped on the bed and raised her skirt, revealing no underwear and her shaved pussy. “The past few days have been crazy, stressful. I need you to help me.”

Karen looked at her friend in surprise. “What?! No! That’s just for girls night!”

Jill grabbed her friend’s hand. “Please? I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t need it so badly.”

“But Ken…”

“He will stay away from anything to do with shopping.” Jill pulled her friend onto the bed. “And I need this…”

Karen pulled away and Jill’s face fell with disappointment. But Karen just ran over to the door and locked it. With an expression of shame and excitement, she got back on the bed. Jill spread her legs wider. On her hands and knees, Karen crawled closer to her friend and tenderly dipped two fingers into her friend’s wet slit. With a smile on her face, Karen moved her fingers in and out.

“No…” Jill whispered with longing.

Karen felt hands on the back of her head, pulling her closer. She fought briefly, but then let herself be pulled down. She inhaled deeply, the sexy smell filled her. The brunette woman felt her own body respond as she let her tongue run along the edge of the slightly puffy lips of Jill’s labia. Jill’s hips twitched upwards and Karen let her tongue slide into her pussy.

Keeping it deep inside, she moved from the bottom all the way up. When she hit the clit, she moved her tongue in a circular motion. She closed her lips and began to suckle. Jill’s lips were pulled up and Karen swirled it with her tongue.

“Oh yes…” Jill coaxed. “I’ve been thinking about the other night. Your tongue was magical.”

Karen’s body tingled at the compliment and was spurred to even greater effort. She released the clit, after giving Jill a playful nip. She looked up at her friend. Jill’s eyes were closed with a look of bliss. Her right hand absently rubbed a nipple through her shirt. Karen easily dipped in two fingers. Curling her fingers up, she moved it along the top, feeling the bump of pleasure.

She lowered her head, tongue eagerly extended. Her tongue ran against the clit. She remembered something girls had laughed at in college. Guys going down on a girl spelled out the alphabet with their tongue. Karen kept her fingers moving and decided to give it a try.

A, B, C, D…

Karen felt wetness begin to leak out and increased the pace of her fingers.

H, I, J, K…

“Oh… yeah!” Jill whispered with urgent passion.

Q, R, S…

Jill’s hips bucked against her mouth, but she kept going.

X, Y, Z

“Yes!” Jill yelled and her pussy quivered violently as she came.

“Shhh…” Karen giggled. She listened intently for voices downstairs, but didn’t hear anything. “You have to be quiet!” She rested her head on Jill’s inner thigh, her fingers gently moving in and out as her friend came down from her orgasm.

“Sorry Karen, I didn’t mean to be so loud.”

Jill opened her eyes and ran her finger’s through Karen’s hair. “It was just sooo good.”

Karen blushed. After a minute or two, she rolled off and sat next to Jill. Excitement thrummed through her body. Silently, she waited for Jill’s fingers to bring her to orgasm as well. Confusion roiled through her stomach though when Jill stood up and held her hand out to Karen.

“Stand up.” Karen allowed her to be pulled to her feet. She felt Jill’s fingers curl over the waistband of her shorts and underwear a second before the petite blonde pulled them both down in one fell swoop. “Hey lazy bones, get your top and bra deneme bonusu veren siteler off.”

Karen followed orders with a quizzical look at her friend. She stood there, wondering how and where Jill was going to touch her. But Jill merely bent over her bags before pulling out something metallic silver.

Jill said brightly. “Alright! Arms up!”

Karen complied. She felt Jill behind her a moment before she was encircled by cloth. Jill tugged it down.

“I’m not used to shopping for a body with such curves. But I think I got it right.”

Karen’s nipples hardened as she felt Jill’s hands all over her body. “Got what right?”

Jill grabbed her by the shoulder and turned her around. “Take a look!”

Karen looked at her reflection. It was a strapless metallic silver dress. Tight, it stretched over her large D cup breasts and hips. She jumped slightly as Jill grabbed her boobs.

“See? The dress has the support sewn into the dress.” She smiled mischievously over Karen’s shoulder and gave both breasts a hard squeeze. She whispered. “I can feel your perky nipples right through the material.” Her hands moved down, tugging at the dress. “It is a little shorter than I thought it would be.” She pulled at the hem that went mere inches past her crotch. She turned Karen. “But look at your ass in this! It looks great!”

Karen blushed. “I can’t wear something like this!”

Jill gave her ass a spank. “Of course you can. You look great.” Her hand followed the curve. “With your body, this dress is perfect. No underwear though.” Her hand stretched the material briefly. “I think even with a thong, you’ll get lines.”

“What’s all this for?” Karen asked, eyeing her figure and very glad she had been hitting the gym.

“Next week is Tracy’s birthday.” Jill gave her ass one last squeeze before going back to her bags. “We were talking about going to a wine bar and getting a hotel room so we don’t have to worry about driving back to the burbs. You’re in, right?”

Karen gave a hesitant nod. Her hands unconsciously traveled up and down her body.

“Great! I should get going.”

Karen looked at her friend. “But… what about my turn?”

Jill gave Karen a sympathetic look. “Oh honey, I would, but I really do have to go. I’m running late. Besides, it sounds like you are getting some every night from Ken.” She grabbed her bags and headed for the door.

Dazed, Karen walked her friend out. She hesitated, conflicting thoughts and emotions warring through her.

Finally she decided. “Ken!”

“What baby?”

“Come upstairs.”

“Why? I’m on the computer.”

“Just get up here!”

“Just a sec.”

Karen hurried upstairs. She jumped onto the bed and smoothed out her dress. Ken walked into the bedroom with an annoyed look on his face. Shock registered on his face as he saw his wife on the bed in the sexy silver dress.

“Like the dress?” She smiled coyly. “Close the door and get over here.”

Without a comment, Ken obeyed. He crawled between her thighs where, moments before, Karen had been eating out her best friend. She lifted her ass so he could pull up the hem of the dress and began licking her. Karen looked down at his nose nuzzled with her neatly trimmed bush. She felt his tongue getting to work.

“Oh, Tracy’s birthday is next Saturday.” He started to lift his head, but she grabbed it and pulled him back to work. “So we’ll be staying in the city that night. So you’ll… ah yes!” She ground her hips as his tongue began to move across her clit.

Karen, already wet, felt Ken’s fingers slide easily into her. He responded to her urgency, no teasing or foreplay. She pulled his face closer to her crotch. His tongue felt so good! Delving the entire length of her pussy before pressing against her clit. She didn’t know if it was her state of mind or Ken was developing a mastery in pussy licking.

Her hands ran over her breasts. The slightly textured material felt delightful against her distended nipples. His tongue reached deep and hit just the right spot!


The orgasm crashed through her body. Karen held Ken’s head in place though by now he knew not to stop licking until she told him to. Her breaths were ragged and pleasure flushed through her body.

She pulled Ken back for a moment, her clit too sensitive to take any more direct stimulation. But she had come so fast! She felt vaguely unsatisfied.

She knew she had been keyed up from Jill’s visit, but it was something more. It was about being in control. How is it that she could control her own husband but not her best friend? Suddenly, she had an idea.

She scissored her right leg over Ken’s head and then flipped over on her stomach.

“What are you doing?” Ken asked.

“I want you to rim me.”


“Lick my ass.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Yes you can, baby.” She got up to her hands and knees. “I took a shower not more than a half hour ago. Not get licking.”

She wiggled her ass slightly, but otherwise she stayed still, not looking back. The silence seemed to drag on forever. But Karen felt if she looked back, it would break the spell of her dominance. She felt the weight on the bed shift. Would he do it? She couldn’t tell if he was moving forward or back in the bed. Still she just looked forward, her ass in the air.

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