Emma Cums to London Ch. 02

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Emma sat down in front of her computer and tried to think clearly about what she was going to write to Adam.

Hi Adam

Great to hear from you and it’s great that you can put us up. Three months should be long enough even for a boy to tidy up before we get there lol. We are training four hours every single day at the moment and more at weekends. Our coach won’t be able to come because his mother is going into hospital that week but I told him you would look after us and that we would be able to train at the circus school you go to. We have got you a pass for the competition already. I have put a CD in the post with a video of our performance on it. My email company wouldn’t let it go through because the file is too large.

I felt so embarrassed when I realised that I had sent all the pictures in that folder to you! I took them, I guess to try and learn a bit more about myself. Strange, now that I have had a bit of time to think and have looked at them a few times I don’t really mind you seeing them. You can keep them on your computer if you want and I know I can trust you not to show them around.

Actually I am feeling quite excited now thinking about you looking at my naked body. Have you masturbated yet looking at me Adam? I can’t believe I just wrote that! In for a penny … I am imagining you playing with yourself while you look at me, do you find my body hot? Do you want to touch my tits? Do you want to suck them. Do you want to make love to me? I am imagining your cock pushing it’s way into my virgin vagina. I wonder how much it would stretch me, I have only used my fingers so far. Afterwards I could suck bahis firmaları you and taste our combined juices.

I am really going to have to go and play with myself now I am so wet.

I will write again soon, we are going to book the tickets tomorrow.

Love Emma.


By the time he had finished reading the email Adam was rock hard and leaking large amounts of pre-cum. He opened up the password protected folder where he had stored the photos and quickly chose one from the thumbnails on the screen. The picture he had chosen was a full frontal one with Emma’s labia spread wide open by her fingers.

On a sudden impulse he switched on the second monitor on his computer. Using the digital camera he had bought to take pictures of the martins in the nesting boxes above and to the right of his computer room window set it up so he could just press a button and the computer would capture the image.

Emma felt some anxiety as she started to read Adam’s reply. Would he think she was being a slut? Her own parents certainly would if they ever read the email she had sent! Feeling a pang of guilt which she quickly suppressed as irrational Emma went to her sent items box and deleted the email with the photographs in as well as the later email before switching again to what Adam had written.

Hi Emma,

I love your body. When I got your last email I just had to jack off again, looking at you. I was imagining running my hands through your hair and over your face. Gently touching every part of your amazing body. I had stroked your back and then moved on to your breasts which I then kissed and licked kaçak iddaa around your erect nipples. I didn’t last very long, In my mind I was just stroking the inside of your thighs but hadn’t touched your delicious sex when I found myself exploding. My plan had been to imagine myself deep inside you with your orgasm matching mine but I guess I spent too long thinking about stroking every inch of your body first.

I hope you don’t think it is gross but I have included a couple of shots of myself masturbating.

Emma scrolled down to the end of the email to look at the attachments. In the first one Adam looked as if he had just started to stroke his erect member. From her limited experience and reading she guessed it was average or just above in size. She also knew from her reading that despite what is written in many places there are other things far more important than size.

Emma looked at the rest of Adam’s body. He was lean with not an ounce of spare fat. His upper body was well muscled with an abdomen that looked like it was harder than his cock if that were possible. Shoulders not quite as wide as some of the professional gymnasts she knew but she would be more than happy to have his body wrapped around hers.

In the second picture the flash had caught a jet of sperm just as it was leaving Adam’s cock. She liked the fact that he had wanted to stroke her first and not just go straight to fucking her. That made her feel far more turned on. She did however fancy getting hold of that penis. Slipping one hand down inside her shorts she continued to read.

Seriously, I really care about you and even if it is not kaçak bahis possible for us to be together after your visit to London I would be honoured to be the one to take your virginity.

I will have to take some photos of my house so you will believe that a man can keep a home tidy! You know I look at the pictures you sent me every single day. They are just wonderful.

When we go to the circus school can we try a three high? I reckon I could base you with Ellie on top.

I look forward to seeing you in the flesh!



The three months dragged for both Emma and Adam. Emma did her best not to let Ellie and their coach see how impatient she was. Ellie did notice one difference however. That was Emma seemed far more confident. Not in the gym. There she had always been confident about her ability. No, it was the way she addressed people. Where once she had come across as shy that had gone completely.

Ellie was not entirely sure she liked the change. She had been used to being the centre of attention among the male gymnasts. They were all in the gym to train sure, but they didn’t work very hard to avoid looking at her slim legs which guided the eye to the v of her crotch and they certainly didn’t mind looking at her chest with her small breasts with nipples that always seemed to poke out against whatever she was wearing.

Now it was as if they had noticed Emma for the first time. Suddenly they were interested in her as well. If it wasn’t for the fact that there was no way Emma could have made time for it between work and training she would have sworn she had a Boyfriend.

Despite her own numerous adventures with the opposite sex, few of which had lasted more than a month past the getting into bed stage. Ellie would have been shocked had she known that Emma was planning on losing her virginity to Adam.

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