Entertaining the Hot Brothers Pt. 04 – The Gang

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He Tai

So I was having a hot summer. I had been blackmailed, in a friendly way, by a neighbor to become the new plaything of his super hot, supermodel looking 18-year-old brothers. The rule was, when they messaged me and I was available, I had to go over to their house, where they were staying alone for two weeks. I had to take off my clothes and do whatever they told me to do, although within agreed upon boundaries. (I was not into anal sex, and not into extreme pain.)

There were just a few days left in the vacation, but today I got the message to come over at four. The hot thing about these visits was not just the exhibitionist aspect, but the verbal control and humiliation. I loved having to tell a hot 18-year-old just how hot he was, while letting him play with my dick and balls. I loved crawling on the floor and getting spanked. I love licking his feet, and now, sucking his dick.

But today, the exhibitionism was going to an entirely new level. I knocked on the door, and already I had a hard on. The older brother, Kyle, who arranged everything, opened the door and I went into the living room. My two young Masters, Jared and Evan, were reclining on the couch. “Put this on,” said Kyle, “and don’t wear anything else. You can get dressed in the kitchen.”

He handed me a loincloth! It was an elastic band, with a cloth that went down in the front and hung freely. No connection to the back – there was no back on it! So if I had a hard-on, that front would just stick out and I’d be revealed anyway. And there was no way I wouldn’t have a hard-on in that house with those guys.

I went into the kitchen, took off all my clothes, and put on the loincloth. My dick was pushing it out, because I was as hard as a rock. Pretty humiliating, and intensely hot.

“What’s taking so long? Get out here you nude bitch slave.” I went into the living room. As soon as they saw me, the guys cracked up. I must admit, it was funny. The loincloth was billowed out, and my balls were certainly on view. “Look at how fucking horny he is! He really loves his young Masters,” said Jared, as he kicked off his shoes. Here came the usual warm-up exercise. “Get on your hands and knees, crawl over here and lick my feet.”

I did. As I was licking, Jared continued his verbal domination. “Are you grateful that we let you wear anything? Look, you get to wear a whole loincloth. And what do you do? You get such a Boner that we can see everything anyway. Lick your hot Masters feet, you horny slave.” I continued to lick, and as I did so, I felt Evan come around behind me and give my ass a smack. Then he was feeling me, down my thighs, in to my balls and dick. He sat down on my back and continue to grope. Then he got off, and pulling me by my hair, made me stand up.

“Dance for us,” he said as he sat down. With that ridiculous loincloth, this was going to be fun. I danced, facing forward my dick kept pushing the loincloth up, and when I turned around, of course, there was nothing covering me at all. At one point, the loincloth lifted up on top of my cock, and everything was completely exposed. “Are you enjoying this?”

“Yes, Master. You are so gorgeous, that I enjoy being naked and under your control. You can feel me and play with me however you wish.”

“We have a surprise for you,” said Kyle. And just as he said it, the doorbell rang. “Some friends of Evan and Jared heard about you, so we invited them over. You will do for them whatever we tell you. They couldn’t believe that Evan and Jared had a nude man slave, and wanted to see for themselves. Now, go answer the door.”

I wanted to make sure I understood correctly. “Like this, in the loincloth?”

“If you ask again, I’ll make you take that often answer it naked. But that won’t make a difference, because you will be naked soon anyway. Go open the door like you are.” I went, opened the door, and there were three very hot teenagers. Their eyes immediately went down to my crotch, and one said to the other, “Fuck, he really is.” “Come in guys,” said Jared as he came to the door, “I see you met Dave. Yes, he’s our slave. What do you think?”

“That is so hot!” The speaker was the boy on the right, with jet black hair and dark eyes, and fair skin. His name, I gathered, was Daniel. He had a mischievous smile about him. His friend was Jeff, brown haired and athletic, and the third boy, Shane, was another blonde, dark skinned supermodel. As I looked at them, my Boner pushed up the loincloth again. “I think he likes us,” said Daniel, the black haired boy. The other two laughed. Jared led us into the living room.

Now I noticed something interesting about Daniel and Jared. It seemed to me that those two were in a sort of constant competition. Rivals, even. What gave it away was that Jared was clearly feeling superior to Daniel, in that he had his own sex slave to play with as he wished. He made sure to grab my ass, pull up my loincloth and fondle my privates in front of Daniel, in particular.

And Daniel, for his part, seemed istanbul travesti almost a little jealous. I could see it in the way he watched, with open mouth, how Jared manhandled me. And Jared was definitely showing him who’s boss!

“Dave is our nude sex toy. He has to do whatever we want. I have total control over him, he has no dignity or modesty. Now, I may just let you guys enjoy him a little. You can feel him up if you wish, but you can only do what I allow you to do, ok?”

“Let the guys understand just what they can do,” chimed in Kyle. “Right,” answered Jared. “Observe,” he said to the guys. He turned me around, so my naked ass was clearly visible. “Bend over, slave.” I bent over. Jared gave me three smacks on my ass. It felt so good.

“Now you guys, feel free.”

“Really?” said the Jeff, the brown haired hunk.

“Yes, you can spank him. We will let you put your hands anywhere on his body that you want. Enjoy yourselves.” And with that, he spanked me. After about five or six, I felt his hands going down my legs, and coming inside under my crotch. With his fingers, he was touching my balls. Then he stopped, and Daniel, who was actually my favorite, stepped up and gave me a good smack in the ass. Then Shane, the blonde haired kid, and the pain was deep pleasure.

“You guys want to see him dance?” asked Evan.

“Sure, but how about exercise? Can we see him do jumping jacks?” Daniel, again. I guess everybody thinks that naked jumping jacks is sexy.

“Slave man, turn around and look at the boys. Now take off your loincloth and show us your cock and privates,” commanded Jared.

I stood up and looked at the boys. They all looked at me with gleaming eyes. I smiled a little embarrassed, and slid the loincloth down to my feet, and stepped out of it. Here I was completely nude, my dick sticking out, and these guys owning me.

“Guys, feel free.” Daniel seemed to want a nude slave of his own, both for the fun, and for the competition with Jared, who won this round. So he walked right over and grabbed my dick. He looked me right in the eye and said, “Nice to meet you.” I was a little out of breath from the tingling sensation of his fingers stroking my cock, and I gasped back, “Yes, nice to meet you too.” He smiled, gave my dick a squeeze, and then reached down to feel my balls. He took my breath away, and then sat back down.

Then blond Shane took his turn, and not only felt my balls and my dick, he felt my whole torso and played with my nipples. And then, finally, athletic Jeff walked over and started slapping my dick from left to right. It just bounced all around. “We want to see you exercise,” he commanded, “do 100 jumping jacks.” Jared nodded his approval.

I started. I felt very, very nude. My dick and balls were jumping all over the place. It was extremely hot, and I was extremely horny. I love this kind of exhibitionism. And the boys knew it. “Keep going but turn around,” said black haired boy. Now they saw my buns jiggling, as I continued to do jumping jacks. Everything was bouncing all over the place, and the guys were smiling and laughing at my humiliation. They’d call out encouragement, “Higher, not enough bounce!” and “Your horny secret is out, you love us, hard-on bitch.”

I finished the hundred, and stopped.

“What would you boys like him to do now?” asked Jared. “Do you like having a man you can touch wherever the fuck you want? Do you like ordering him around and having him do whatever you wish?” The boys did. “Well, Dave is my slave toy, but I’m willing to let you play with him. Dave, stand in front of Daniel (rubbing it in, I felt), spread your legs and put your hands on your head.” I did. “Okay, Dan, make him do whatever you want.”

Daniel had that superior smirk as I stood in front of him completely nude, hard as a rock, legs spread and hands on my head. I was clearly the inferior slave to this gorgeous 18 year old boy. The boys laughed at my humiliation. Daniel walked to my side, and started spanking my ass. After a few good swats, he ordered me onto my hands and knees. “Hey, guys, let’s take a ride.” One by one, they took turns sitting on my back. As soon as I felt the smack on my ass, I had to crawl around the room. And almost immediately, each of them reached under and played with my privates.

And then I noticed something about Jared that was even more interesting. It seemed to me that he was angling to get another slave. And it seemed that the slave he wanted was.. Daniel! And I was about to be proven right. How did it happen?

Well, Jared had an idea for some fun: a game! But he wanted it to be a contest. “Hey, would any of you guys like Dave here to give you a blowjob?” The boys hesitated, but then Daniel took the bait. “Sure,” he said, and winked at me. I coyly licked my lips, and he saw it, giving a smirk. Jared had an air of victory about him.

“So you’ll have to earn it. Dave gives good blowjobs now, after Evan trained him.” Evan nodded at this. “It’s istanbul travestileri true, he’s got going-down down,” he laughed.

“Here’s the deal. Let’s play ‘Ball Bowling,’ where Dave here sits open legged across the room, and we have to roll a tennis ball and hit his balls. Not hard, because if he winces too much, the roll is disqualified. Kyle will be the judge. I guess that Dan and I play first, since you guys didn’t opt in. But here’s the deal, to make it exciting. If Dan gets more than me, he gets a blowjob from Dave. But if I get more than Dan, he has to strip and be naked too. Deal?”

Daniel had to think this one over. I mean, being nude in front of his rival,Jared, AND his friends, was probably as humiliating as you get. Did he want my blowjob that much? Almost certainly not.

But Jared was testing something else.. whether Daniel secretly had a thing for him. And in this, it seemed he was correct! “OK, let’s do it, but the terms aren’t really fair. So if I win, I just get a blowjob from Dave? And if I lose, I have to strip? Why don’t you have to strip if you lose?”

Jared knew he had him. “Because I’m the master here, those are my rules, and Dave does whatever the fuck I tell him. If you don’t want to play, that’s fine. You can go home, and I’ll have a hot time with my slave bitch.” As he said that, he kicked off his shoe and pushed me to the floor. I knew what he wanted, and began licking his foot again for effect.

The effect of this on Daniel was profound. It looked like he was suppressing a drool! I, of course, couldn’t hide how horny this whole drama was making me.

“Ok,” said Daniel, and Jared lifted me up by the hair. “Go and sit over there,” he said as he pointed to the far corner. “First to get 10 wins.” He got out the tennis balls, and they began. Daniel’s first roll hit the target, my balls. So did Jared’s, but a bit on the hard side. I did whimper, and Kyle disqualified the shot. I didn’t know who I was rooting for! I would be happy to suck Daniel’s cock, but would also love to see Jared with a young nude slave added to his collection. I was hoping we’d, um, work together.

They settled into a rhythm, trading points, until it was Jared with 8, and Daniel with 9. I had a feeling, though, that the game would end differently. Indeed, Daniel, on his next turn, missed badly, hitting my knee. Jarred taunted him, “I think you want to get nude for us, you homo. You’re going to lose on purpose!”

Daniel didn’t say anything, just an uncomfortable smile, as Jared scored on my balls, tying the score. Now in the case of a tie, they would keep going until someone won. But that didn’t happen. Daniel missed again, and Jared scored.

He was not a gracious winner! He walked right up to Daniel and said to his face, “I own you now. Take it off, take it all off, you horny shit.”

Daniel wavered. He clearly wanted to, but Jared was being a little much for him. “Hey, the deal was I strip, not that you own me.” Jared deftly pivoted. “I know, just having some fun. You don’t have to if you don’t want to and you can go, of course, but if you want to stay here, you do have to, hehe.” Daniel wanted to.

Jared led me (by my dick) to the couch, where I sat between him and Evan. Shane and Jeff were on chairs, and were getting rowdy. “Woo-hoo, Daniel’s getting dirty for us. Take it off! Take it off!” Kyle put on some music, and Daniel got started. His shirt came off first, revealing a beautiful, slim, pale and smooth torso. As I watched and enjoyed, Evan’s hand came up my thighs and played with my balls.

Daniel continued, getting into it. The guys kept taunting, and he took down his pants. Yes, there was a boner in his underwear, and I caught a smirk on Jared’s face. He whispered to me, “He loves me too. I think you’ll have a brother slave soon.” With that, he pinched my nipples, as Evan was now playing with my rock-solid dick. Then, he grabbed my hair, opened his zipper and his cock popped out. He pulled me down, and forced me to suck him right there. I did it, enjoying Evan’s meat in my mouth, while looking sideways at the Daniel show.

As I pleasured Evan, Daniel was teasingly lowering the elastic on his briefs. “Take it off! Take it off!,” teased his friends. “Yeah, Daniel dear, show us your penis and testicles please,” added Jared in a schoolish taunt. Daniel looked right at him, now with a small smile.

“Well, you homo Jared, I see you really like me after all.” Touche’! And then he pulled down his underwear, revealing a chiselled piece. It was gorgeous, bigger than average, and perfectly shaped. I sucked Evan a little harder.

“Well I like having nude slaves to serve me, and you obviously want to be my nude slave, despite what you said before. Keep dancing, horny Dan, turn around and show us your ass and your moves.” Daniel’s boner was full-on, so he gave up fighting for his dignity. This just felt too good. He decided to play the game as I had.

“Oh, you’re right Master Jared. You have defeated travesti istanbul me, I will be your nude slave. How would you like me to please you?” Jared walked straight up to him. Instead of just feeling him, he went to his side, and gave him a real smack on his ass. “I’m your master, boy, your fucking body is my toy. Do you like that?” And again he spanked him standing. Daniel had a slight smile on, as he was really horned by this. “Yes, Master.”

“Wooooo!!” all the guys said. This was fire! And then Jared stood in front of Daniel and grabbed his dick. “I sure hope you really love me,” he said, “because I’m playing with your cock and balls. It’s be pretty embarrassing if you don’t! So tell me, do you?”

“Yes, Jared, I do.”

“Do what?”

“Love you. I love you playing with my body, you hot master you.”

“Yesss!” the guys jeered.

“Fuck that is hot,” exclaimed Shane. “Jared, can we check him out?” Jared was really the conqueror here, as the other guys were asking HIM permission to feel up Daniel. Daniel was now his property, as was I. (As this happened, Evan pulled me off his dick and put it back in, as he was now enjoying the show totally.)

“Lap dances,” came the reply, “now. You too, Dave. Get up and serve my guests, bitch slaves.” Each of the guys sat on the couch and Dan and I chose guys to dance for. I started off with Jeff, the athlete. I shook it, I twerked, I rubbed up against him frontally and with my backside. His hands were all over me. My job was to entertain these teenagers with my naked body, showing them that they could touch me and feel me wherever they wanted. And they did.

Daniel had lost all his shame, and actually so did all the guys. They were all totally turned on by this. Jared watched satisfied as Daniel became Shane’s plaything. Daniel fair skin and black eyes, his thin build and tight body were very attractive. Who knows if and how much these guys had fantasized about him, but now it was real. Shane explored every inch of Daniel’s body before gently cupping his balls, and then wrapping his fingers around Daniel’s naked dick. Daniel twerked and moved his groin in and out in rhythm with Shane’s groping.

Then we traded boys, and I enjoyed Shane’s beautiful hands, which went straight for my cock. Jeff was now pulling Daniel down to sit on his lap, facing him. As he sat, legs spread wide open for Jeff’s pleasure, Jeff felt his torso sensuously, and then started flicking his dick right and left. Jared had a good laugh about that, and taunted some more, “Nude horny Daniel loves pleasing his master friends. Guys, I think we can expect more than just today from him, right Daniel? Whenever I want, you will come over here and serve me, your god-like master. Right?”

Daniel just smiled, but Jared wanted an answer. “What’s your answer, boy?” Kyle then became helpful again. “I got your show on video, Dan. I’m sure you’ll come back when my brother wants, because..” He stopped. He was apparently about to try some blackmail, but as he saw Daniel’s face almost turn, he realized it wasn’t necessary, so he changed course. “Because I have an idea for a video that will be very hot for us all to make!” Daniel’s face was still a little serious, as Kyle’s switch wasn’t enough. “I’d rather not have any videos involved, thanks,” he said.

“Oh, that’s ok, sure. So when you come back, no video, and I’ll delete this.”

“Thanks,” said Daniel, “and yes, I’ll come.” Big smiles from all at that point. You know, I felt that Jared and Daniel, for the first time, really became friends at that moment. And Jared confirmed it right away, with a grand gesture. “Dave, I want you to give Daniel a blowjob anyway, since he’s such a good sport, and he really is gorgeous. I know you want to. Tell him!”

“Thank you Master Jared, thank you. Daniel, I can’t hide how you turn me on, too. I’m completely nude and hard, and looking at your gorgeous body just makes me harder. May I pleasure you with my mouth?”

“Go right ahead, slave. On your knees!” He could be a good master too! I went down and began licking his perfect cock. It was so smooth, and the pre-cum was delicious. I slowly took it in to my mouth, gently moving it in and out. Deeper, and shallower, and deeper again. I got into a great rhythm, getting faster and faster. My hands went around and grabbed his ass as I sucked him. The crowd was cheering, “Go Dave go! Go Dave go!” It just kept heating up. “I’m coming,” he finally gasped, and before I could do anything other than pull off, I felt his hot juice all over my face.

“Good job, Dave, now it’s your turn to come. Show us all your stuff.

I took a couple of steps back, spread my legs again, and looked at those gorgeous boys enjoying me. I expected that he wanted me to jerk off for them, but he had a different idea. Jared took some kind of oil and rubbed it on my dick. “I don’t want you to pleasure yourself. I want you to tell me which of these boys you want to jerk you off.”

Oh my! That meant I needed to tell them who I liked more. It gave him more power, and made me more humble. And it was an easy choice. When you’re naked and horny as fuck, and you have to choose the guy you want to jerk you off, well you are very humiliated. There’s no hiding your attraction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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