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The subject heading read “BIG NEWS”. Curiously Amanda clicked on the email and went through its contents. She gasped. “Honeeeyyyyy!!! Come look at this please!”

Moments later her boyfriend rushed into the room. “What it is babe, I was in the middle of playing with the kids.” Amanda said nothing and just pointed to the screen. He placed his muscular hand on her and leaned over to read the email.

Dear John & Amanda,

First off, how are you two doing?

Gosh, I guess I’ll get right into it because I really can’t contain the news any more: I’M MOVING BACK TO TORONTO!!! I’ve thought about it long and hard and wasn’t sure whether this was the right thing to do, but I’ve finally decided that things would be better for me if I’m back in the big city! I should be back within the week. I’ll call you guys when I am and we can get together. So excited!!!

Can’t wait,

Erica xoxoxo

John ran his hand through his short black hair. “Wow, Erica’s coming back, eh?” Erica had moved away from the city five years ago to a town somewhere in south-western Ontario. The three of them had been former coworkers and friends so they tried to keep in semi-regular contact with each other. Occasionally Erica sent them messages to update them on her endeavours.

“Yeah, guess she is.” Amanda sat back in her chair. She was quite unsure about it all. “But I don’t get it! Why now?” Although she wouldn’t admit it to John right now, she’d always been weary of the brunette partly because she was so damn stunning. Amanda never felt she could compete with her amazingly fit and curvy body. Amanda, the blonde, was slender and flat-chested while the brunette had a full figure with a very noticeable bust. Amanda’s relationship with Erica was interesting because her current boy, John, was Erica’s ex. While they were together, Erica and John were the perfect couple. He was a handsome, muscular guy with a beautiful, athletic woman on his arm. Everyone knew that they were so good together. But their relationship ended when she left him. A year later she moved away and a romance developed between John and Amanda, alove that produced two children. With that said, despite their relationship ending years ago and John had a new flame, somehow Amanda had always wondered whether it was really over between them, whether a fire was still buried beneath the surface.

“I have no idea babe. I’m sure she has her reasons though and we shouldn’t judge just yet.” He gave his girlfriend a peck on the cheek. Amanda smiled back. She always felt reassured with him. He knew just what to do.

Just then, their two kids, Dylan and Emma, ran into the room. “There you are daddy! Where’d you go?” John picked them up on him shoulders. “You found me! Now how about an airplane ride?!” He laughed as he ran around the room as the kids outstretched their arms like they were flying. Amanda looked on at all their happy faces and laughed herself. She had a good thing here: a loving boyfriend and two amazing kids. She didn’t see that going away anytime soon.

That night she was rewarded with what a loving husband could do. Amanda and John made it a point to have healthy sex drives despite having kids. As he slid himself between her thighs, she moaned in delight at having his powerful abs, chest, and biceps over her. She felt so wanted under the feel of his lustful touch. He showered her neck and face with love pecks. He kissed her pert nipples and breasts. “Mmm, give me more John!” She moaned. Her boyfriend gradually upped his tempo, thrusting into her pussy at greater speeds. As they moved into a moment of pure sexual bliss, the world did not exist outside that bed. While the bed may have rocked and squeaked, for all they cared there’d be no one else to hear it. “Yes, love me lover. Give me your cock baby!” She lustfully cooed as she played with his hair and brought him in for a kiss. She kissed his face and then trailed them all the way down to his own hard chest. He thrusted her pelvis with a pleasurable and pain free rhythm. It was enough to get her going and it really had exploding in elation. Yes, all things were right in the house, she thought.


A few days later Amanda and John had received the call from Erica that she was all settled in and ready to meet up with them. With the kids spending the night with their grandparents, John invited Erica for coffee at their house.

The doorbell rung and the couple anxiously went to answer it. They took a deep breath and opened it up. “Heeeeeeyyyy!!!!” They greeted in unison.

Erica stood smiling back at them as she greeted them back. This being their first look at her in five years, both Amanda and John took a moment to study her appearance. Immediately Amanda noticed that she was still quite shorter than she was: a lower than average 5’3 to her statuesque 5’9. She saw a little bit of a weight gain, but she still kept the full form that everyone lusted over five years ago. Her curly brown hair had grown out a bit. Amanda’s blonde locks had stayed the same. She wore brown flats, a brown skirt that stopped four inches above the knee, and a black jacket that covered some sort of red top that peeked through. Erica nervously laughed porno at the pause. “May I come in or are we going to this out here on your front steps?” The couple individually noted a slight British accent.

“Oh, come in, come in!” John made way for her. Erica undid the buttons to her jacket and slowly slid it off her back. She wore a sleeveless, low cut little number that was tied at the back of her neck and also exposed her upper back. “Wow,” John complimented as he surveyed that top. “You look amazing Erica. Here I’ll get your coat.”

For Amanda, the shirt was quite the bold move. Very provocative. It showcased her chest nicely though. The two embraced in a hug. “Soo wonderful to see you again Amanda!” The blonde just smiled. She could only feel her big breasts completely overtake her petite babies through her much more conservative sweater.

“Woah, woah, give me some lovin’ too there Erica!” John returned. “Of course!” The brunette exclaimed and broke her embrace with Amanda to go her ex. She was so short compared to him so she had to get up on her toes to make the hug look less awkward. As Amanda watched, she could only think about those breasts pushing against John’s black T-Shirt. Out of instinct she looked down at her own seemingly inferior mounds and wondered if he had been comparing the two right now as he had Erica in his hold.

They all sat down at the living area, John and Amanda on one couch and Erica across. “Wow, you’re back!” John chimed.

“Hahaha, yeah, I guess I am!”

“Why?” Amanda jumped in with the burning question in her mind.

Erica crossed her legs giving them a brief glimpse of her panties. “I just couldn’t be in a small town anymore! I missed Toronto! So much to see here, so much opportunity. The job market is a whole lot better here too.”

“That’s wonderful. It really is great seeing you.” John smiled.

“Where are you staying?” Amanda butted in again with a short question.

She leaned in to speak to them. “Well, for the time being I am with my cousin and her housemates. Rather unstable because there’s so many of us, BUT hopefully it’ll be alright.” She crossed her fingers and smiled.

“Good. I’ll get the coffee.”

“I’ll join you honey. Excuse us, Erica.”

Inside the kitchen John probed his girlfriend. “What’s wrong with you? It’s like you’re interrogating her or something.”

“What? No, of course not.” Sarcasm was in the air.

John gave her the “come on now” look and picked up the tray with the kettle and mugs. Amanda followed with biscuits.

They found her looking over their pictures. “You two have beautiful children. Where are they?”

“They’re actually at their grandmother’s. Sorry you couldn’t meet them!” John replied. Erica put on a bit of a pouty face. “You know what though? We’re gonna do a pool day outside tomorrow for them. You should stop by.”

Amanda was slightly taking back that he invited her just like that. “John…that was our day for the kids…”

John defended his invitation. “Well she can come too. It shouldn’t be an issue.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude.”

“Yeah! It’s no worries, you’re a friend!”

“Great then! So what else have you guys been up to?”

“We’re actually wine enthusiasts now. We made some down in Niagara. Now we have bottles and bottles of red wine!” He laughed. “I’ll get you some.” He left for a moment a brought back a glass and a tall bottle.

He pointed to Amanda. “She just adores the stuff.”

“Really?” Erica laughed again.

Amanda set the record straight. “Not adores. Just really enjoys. You know, a glass every other day.” As she responded John had filled up the cup and handed it to Erica.

The brunette sipped on it and let the taste sit in her mouth. “Mmm, fruity! I see why she likes it. She drank a bit more so it was about half full and offered the rest to Amanda. “Here, finish it off girl!”

The mom took it and downed it in no time. “Love that stuff!” She smiled and laughed. Erica observed how the liquid lit her up as in went down her throat.

The brunette looked to John who was holding the bottle. She leaned forward in to talk with him – again exposing her cleavage. “Can I see the label?” The man obliged and held it out as they both looked at it. She touched her hand on top of his with subtlety.

The night continued with small chit chat until Erica headed out for the night. After they saw her out, John remarked on the night. “Well that was nice. She’s great isn’t she?”

“Yeah, great, whatever.”

The sex that night was more forceful than the previous night. They had been tame before. Tonight there was a new intensity in John. He worshipped her body like a man would the very first time he had the women of his dreams in bed. He pounded his stone cold cock into her. There was pain involved. He ripped through her vaginal walls, while roughly groping his hands on her hips and her breasts. He gripped her hair and forced her face to kiss him. A couple of times Amanda had to tell him to stop or tone it down, but in sex speak that just meant keep it up. Truth is, she thought a bit of roughness added to the experience. She loved to be taken anime porno and to have her man assert his masculinity on her in the most primal act known to humans. And the pain was huge turn on too that only added to her eventual orgasm. Every little nibble on her skin really got her going.

Then the second guessing began. Amanda couldn’t help but wonder if Erica was the root of it. She saw all the indecent flashes she threw at John tonight. He was no doubt looking. Was he turned on by it now? No, there’s no way. Still, the thought crossed her mind, even for a split second, who and what was he thinking of right now? Was it merely coincidence that he turned up the heat tonight after going to so long being relatively tame? Did Erica bring out the animal in him? There were so many questions running through her head even while she was cumming out. The post-sex was more awkward. Lying in bed after the excitement, left to her own devices, these weird thoughts and inquiries kept her aware for a substantial amount of time before her body told her it was time to recharge it.


Amanda sat on the pool’s edge in her two piece black bikini. She was soaking in the beautiful weather. The water felt good too. Her two energetic children ran about near her chasing each other with toys, vying for their mom’s attention. John was off filling the air with charcoal fired burgers. Amanda loved it when he was shirtless. ‘Twas always a treat to see his yummy muscles.

Erica shut the screen door and descended the steps. She loosened the string to her track pants and pulled it down her legs. Then she pulled her t-shirt over her head and dropped it on her bottoms. She threw back her brown hair. She donned a two piece lacy red bikini. Her body was perfect for bikini attire. Tanned skin, full thighs, great abs. Amanda watched her from her position and was instantly reminded why she was so envious of her all those years. She worked that outfit. She was perfect for it. Guys didn’t hesitate to look her breasts when they flirted with her and couldn’t resist staring at her pass as she passed by them. She could truly have any man she wanted. Amanda looked down at her own body and identified it as the antithesis of Erica’s. Long, slender, flat-chested, white like she’d been indoors all the time. She felt inferior.

`The two children ran up to Erica and stopped. “Hi!”

She bent down to their levels. “Well, hello! What are your names?”

“Dylan” “Emma”

“Pretty names. What have you got there?” She said referring to their toys.

“Plane. It’s going to fly us anywhere we want. Me, Emma, mommy and daddy.”

“Aww, ain’t that sweet!”

Amanda walked up to them. “Dylan, Emma, go play over there for a minute.” The two children chased each other off.

“Sweet kids, you have there, Amanda. Hard to believe that you popped out two of them. You look good!”

After the comparisons she made about their bodies, Amanda had a hard time believing in her sincerity. She knew she was mocking her.

“Thanks.” She watched her fold her toned arms over her chest.

“Well, I’m gonna enjoy this water now. Bye!” A truly awkward change in Amanda’s mind. There wasn’t even chit chat even of the forced kind.

With that Erica jumped into the pool. She executed some perfect back strokes. Then she just lay in the middle of the water just taking in the sun. As if she needed it, Amanda thought. Watching her, Amanda concocted a rather evil image in her head. She pictured herself trying to drown Erica! Holding her head underwater as her arms flailed for help. All the while Amanda donned a sadistic smile. Of course she’d never act on this, but the dark image comforted her about Erica. She revelled in the idea of her powerful body slow down while it gradually lost air.

Just as that fantasy ended, another began. Erica was lying motionless at poolside. John was trying to revive her. Pounding her torso, making her breasts go up and down. Then giving her the mouth to mouth resuscitation. It was like he was kissing her. Erica coughed awake and saw John above her. She grabbed him and gave him the most passionate kiss in gratitude, and he was kissing back!

Amanda snapped back to reality and wondered what that was all about. She “woke” to Erica already climbing out of the pool. Her hair was dripping wet and little droplets glistened on her amazing body. She walked up behind John who was hard at work at grilling. She tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and the look on his face said it all. Wide eyed, obviously caught off guard. He said something and they both laughed. Amanda couldn’t make out whether he was looking at her face or her chest more. Erica touched his arm as they spoke. She obviously flaunting herself and John was eating it up. In her head she begged her boyfriend to send her away. He gave her a burger, laughed some more, and then motioned her to the patio setting. Amanda was relieved. Seeing her sitting all alone while gnawing on her food, Amanda couldn’t help but think that she was cooking something up in that pretty head of hers.

In bed that night, Amanda and John were foreplaying. John was madly kissing his girlfriend arap porno anywhere he saw skin from the neck up.

“Do you find me attractive?”

John kissed his girlfriend’s neck. “Mmm, what?”

“What do you like about me?”

John broke his fixation on her body to address her. “What do you mean what do I like about you? You’re the mother of my children?”

“So that’s all? I’m a baby making machine to you?”

“I meant that, it’s not an easy decision to want to make a kid. You were hot and wonderful enough for me to want that.”

Amanda paused. “Do you find her attractive?”



John gave out a nervous laugh. This was a death trap question and he knew it. “What? No!”

Amanda glanced at him after his uneasiness. “I saw you gawking at her today.”

“Ok fine. She’s a very beautiful girl. After so many years she looks amazing. I admit that. But that’s all there is. She’s the past.”

Amanda thought about pursuing it further, but didn’t. Instead she smiled largely and nuzzled herself in his face again. He rolled on top of her and inserted him. She locked her legs around his hips and kissed his body. She exhaled passionately.

With thoughts of Erica’s body from earlier today, for the second night in a row she thought of her during their love making session. She revisited the image of her displaying her wet and delicious body to him. He was really happy when she did that. Erica was blocking Amanda’s view but she thought of the bulge in John’s shorts while he spoke to her. She wondered if he thought about that too afterwards. Or even worse, if he was thinking of her now. She could only wonder if all this passion for her was actually directed for Erica. For all she knew it could have been a powerful fit body under him, instead of her thin frame.

When John took her from behind, her paranoia climaxed. Not being to see his face fuelled her suspicions. While his powerful cock filled her with his seed, she thought of him mouthing or even quietly moaning the name “Erica.” Like last night John’s animalistic instincts had taken over. He humped and pounder her like he was making up for all the time he didn’t have her in this position. He held her hips hard and steady. She lay on her forearms in able to emit any other sounds but moans and the occasional yelp whenever John spanked her bottom. He left his hand print on her reddened ass when he did that. And again, Amanda wondered whose ass he was seeing. Erica always had firm buns. A simple pair of jeans was enough to hypnotize most men. As he pounded her into the night, these thoughts filled her. She was insecure and she knew it. Yet somehow, she liked it.


“Don’t run too far kids! Stay close!”

Amanda and John took a stroll with their children around their neighbourhood. Emma and Dylan ran around in front of the couple as they casually walked in enjoyment of the noon sun and summer breeze. It was a nice feeling for Amanda. Her hands gripping her boyfriend’s, taking in her surroundings. So at ease. A true family moment.

Amanda’s nice thoughts were interrupted by a young woman approaching them in the opposite direction. She was roughly 5’3, blue jeans, white tank. Big sunglasses, rosy cheeks, slightly tanned skin, her brown hair pulled back in a pony tie. Perhaps it was everything that transpired yesterday and last night because Amanda instinctively thought of Erica. This stranger reminded her of the returning girl. Maybe if the sunglasses were off it’d be a different story but for now she couldn’t help but pick out the similarities. Pretty girl. Very pretty in fact. Nice body, beautiful tits, a little bit of cleavage on display. Everything Amanda always wished she had.

She looked up at John to see that he had been looking at her too. More insecure thoughts crept into her mind. She wondered if this was the kind of body he longed for. Better yet, was he making the same connections concerning Erica that she was. She clutched his bicep slightly tighter and inched closer to his body. John thought none of it, but to Amanda it was a call for him to never leave her. As she walked by them, they looked at her behind. To be fair, they weren’t staring at her. It was just passerbyers taking in each other. But in Amanda’s mind it seemed so much more than that. She knew Erica absolutely had to cross his mind. That witch just had to. Yesterday she gave him a lot to look at and think about and it was playing out now.

That night, with the kids asleep, the couple settle on the couch to watch some television. With a glass of wine in front of her and her body resting on John’s torso, Amanda felt safe and calm even with the sounds of heavy rain and howling wind outside their windows. Just because she felt like doing it, she reached up and gave him a peck on the cheek and smiled. He smiled and kissed her back. She lay flat on the cushions just inviting John to get her. He positioned himself on top of her and began to kiss her lips. Amanda undid her own pants as well as John’s. He kissed a road own to her chest unthreading a button at a time as he moved down. She felt his cock arise from the action and decide to let it loose from the confines of his underwear. She moved her panties from her pussy lips in preparation too. He had her shirt half open, kissing her naked breasts. Small as they were, he didn’t skip over them. He moved to insert himself in her. Amanda was breathing hard now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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