Eric’s First Time

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“Stand in the centre of the room, Eric. That’s it. Now turn around and face me. Good boy. Don’t be nervous, it’s quite natural at first but it will quickly pass. I’ll just go and sit in this chair in front of you.”

“Now, Eric, just do exactly as I say, no talking, just do it, K? First of all, slip your shirt off. That’s it, just toss it aside. Mmm, nice deep chest and firm abs, can’t wait to get my hands on them. Now undo your pants and let them fall down, that’s it, now step out of them and kick them to one side. Now your boxers, no, don’t hesitate, I can see you’re getting aroused. Drop them for me, good boy, that’s it. Mmmm, nice cock. Long and thick, big helmet. Mmm, getting so wet!”

“Now, that’s not so bad, is it, Eric? At least your cock isn’t nervous, standing at right angles. Now, slowly, turn around for me. That’s it, nice and slow. Mmmm, nice back, wide shoulders tapering to a narrow waist. Nice buttocks, can’t wait to squeeze them, damn, I’m wet. Do you mind if I touch myself, Eric? You can look if you want.”

“Mmm, so wet. See what you’re doing to me? My panties are all soaked. I’ll just rub myself, ahh, so wet. I’m afraid your chair will get wet, I’ll just shuffle my bottom to the edge. That’s much better.”

“Now, Eric, I want you to take hold of your cock in your right hand. That’s it, like that. Now starting from the base, slowly with finger and thumb circling it, rub along to the tip. Perfect, a little slower though, now slowly back to the base. Nice… Again, slowly rub along to the tip and back again. Just like that. Keep doing güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that for me, Eric, while I sit here and watch you.”

“I’ll have to open my legs and touch myself for you’re making me rather horny. Mmm, my panties are really sopping, I’ll have to remove them, you don’t mind, do you, Eric? Ahh, that’s much better, I can slide my fingers along my slit now. Would you like to hold my panties?”

“Wrap your cock in them, feel my warm juices lubricating you. Slow down, Eric! You were going a little too fast then. Just keep a nice slow rhythm going. That’s it, perfect. Is that a bead of precum I see on the end? Mmm, I shall enjoy licking that off shortly. Aaahgg, my clit is so hard, just a little light touch, I think. Aah ohh… Not yet. I’m going to come over to you, Eric. Just continue what you’re doing, K.? I’m not too close, am I? I can come closer.”

“Your cock is pressing on my stomach now, that’s close enough, for now. What I want you to do now, Eric, is leave your cock alone and pull my blouse off over my head. That’s it, now toss it aside. You see how hard my nipples are poking through my bra? You’ve done that, Eric. See the power you have and you’ve not touched me – yet.”

“Now I want you to reach around and unclasp my bra and let it fall. Ahh, that feels much better. See how my nipples get bigger exposed to the air? And the little goose bumps on my areole? I know it’s your first time with a woman but if you would like, you can touch me. Be gentle though.”

“That’s it, stroke my nipples, feel how stiff güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri they are? Lift them, it won’t hurt, feel their weight. Squeeze them, rub your thumbs over my nipples, that’s it, a little harder if you want. Ahhh, ahh, yes, don’t stop, keep doing that. They are so sensitive to your touch, you must be a natural. Would you like to kiss them? You can if you want. I won’t mind. Just your lips at first, suck each nipple and run your tongue around it in your mouth. Mmmm, fuck, gently nip with your teeth. Gently now. Now the other one.”

“That’s it, Eric. Suck them a little harder. Open your mouth a try to suck them deep. Yes, baby, just like that… Ahh fuck me! That feel so good! My nipples are aching, they are so hard. Stand up straight now, Eric. That’s it, put your hands on your head, fingers linked. Whatever I do, don’t move. I’m going to touch your cock, I’ll be gentle. Mmmm, so hard, so veiny.”

” I’m just going to stroke it like you were doing, nice and slowly. It will feel different because it’s not your hand doing it. Feels good, eh? I can tell, it twitched as I touched it. Now I’m going to rub my thumb over the tip, on the sensitive slit, rub your precum around. Ahh, feels so slippery! I wouldn’t normally rush things but I do feel you’re ready.”

“What I’m going to do is bend down and lick your cock. No, don’t pull away, it’ll feel good, believe me. I’ll first lick the tip, tasting your precum, ahh, so sweet. You are pulling back, Eric, I’ll have to hold your buttocks to keep you still. Now I’m going to take güvenilir bahis şirketleri the head into my mouth and run my tongue around it. Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Mmmm, Eric, I do believe you just pushed into me, such quick progress! Let me see how much of your cock I can take, he’s a big boy but I think I can take most of it. Mmmm, nearly managed it all. I could have swallowed you in my throat but that would I think been too much for you, the first time.”

“Now, Eric, I’m going back to the chair. You can take your hands off your head and start to rub yourself again. Use my panties if you want. With your other hand cup your balls, roll them around and squeeze them, slowly, Eric, slowly, that’s it. Ahh, fuck, you look so good standing there rubbing yourself. My pussy is drooling, juices dripping to the floor.”

“I’m going to rub myself as you rub youself. When I rub faster, I want you to rub faster, K? But first of all, come closer, that’s it, that’s close enough. Rubbing faster now, Eric, pay attention, keep up with me. Ahh, fuck, so hot and wet. I’m going to push my fingers into myself now, you, Eric, can rub a little faster. Ooh, shit, fuck me… Faster, Eric faster!”

“Come closer, Eric, stand between my knees. Ahhh, fuck, yes, just there, Eric. Rub faster now, I’m going to rub my clit hard, and I may, yes, I will get noisy, very noisy. But don’t worry, that’s natural. Rub yourself as hard as you can now, keep your eyes on my pussy as I finger fuck myself. Mmmm, so close now, Eric, I’ll try and wait for you but I might not be able toooo… “

“Fuck!,, I’m cumming… ooh! Cum now, Eric, yes, that’s it spray your cum over me, my face, hairs and tits, cover me with your creamy, hot cum. Oh, fuck, still cumming, can’t stop cumming… Aargh…

Eric, baby, kneel down and lick me now, you’re ready, it’s a taste you’re going to come to love.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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