Erik’s Inheritance Ch. 03

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Erik wondered how busy tonight was going to be. He wondered what he should say and who he should say it too. How would the employees take it? Would they accept him? Worry crept into his chest while he sat in his truck staring at his club.

His club. The sense of ownership settled on him and with it a sense of burden as well as pride. He wanted to celebrate but he also knew he had to keep a cool head. Perhaps he should observe how a night in Wild Card went. It was always best to observe and it seemed a good idea to do just that.

The evening had begun but the setting sun still burned in the sky. The beginnings of purple and orange clouds hinted a beautiful sunset he was likely to miss while being inside. At least there would be naked women inside right?

Three other cars were parked in the parking lot. They had been here when he got here which was surprisingly good. Someone else was here and he could possibly talk to them, learn something of the place.

He got out and walked to the door. It was still shut as before, so it was possible they weren’t open yet. He hadn’t been able to find the hours of operation yet, so he guessed those inside wouldn’t throw him out. It was a safe bet he was willing to take at least.

When Erik opened the door this time, low white light met him instead of pitch black. When the door shut behind him he found himself looking at a podium with no one behind it. He hadn’t noticed that before and it stood as if to bar his way, or at least be some kind of check point. Erik guessed this was where the cover charges were collected.

An idea bubbled into his head about how to do cover charges that might boost business a little.

A short thin fellow with a thick mustache and fading hairline came over from the left. “Uh sir? Hey, we aren’t officially open yet.” He took up behind the podium and leaned on it. His head rolled to one side suddenly then back. His eyes fought to focus on Erik while his skull rolled about randomly. It put Erik immediately at unease but not for his sake, he imagined his customers seeing this guy first thing and wondered how that impacted business.

“No problem, I’m sorry. What time do you open?” Erik asked.

The guy looked around, hesitant to answer, “Uh, in like thirty minutes I think,” his eyes found what they were looking for, “Oh shit nevermind we are open. I’m just really far behind.” he scrambled off in a rush, forgetting Erik’s existence.

Confused, Erik waited a couple of minutes, watching to see if the guy came back. He listened for noises but heard nothing then he ran around the bars, shuffling things around like a madman in a fit. Erik shook his head. This was not gonna do. The guy disappeared into the back and reappeared with a bucket of ice a few seconds later.

“Hey, uh, buddy?” Erik called to him, “mind if I just grab a seat?”

Looking up from pouring ice into something behind the bar, the only staff member that could be found said with little confidence, “Uh, yeah I guess that’s okay, but i won’t be ready to get you anything for a little while.”

Erik started towards a seat in the lower area near the stage, “That’s okay, I don’t plan to drink for awhile.”

The twitchy guy didn’t say anything back. He zipped in and out if the bar for the next hour, preparing various things. No other patrons had came in, but what appeared to be a couple of dancers appeared and made a line to the back. Erik just watched in the mirror, between playing on his phone.

Having the internet at his disposal made it easy for him to attempt to look things up. Using a search engine he tried to find out ways and techniques on how to run a strip club, or any sexually oriented businesses. He also tried to find things on how to run a successful bar and how to manage it. He didn’t find much more than a few common sense tips.

His thoughts and ideas felt disorganized in his head. It seemed like a lot of this knowledge was in various clouds, some of it was within reach and some of it wasn’t. Erik realized he was probably overthinking the whole ordeal. There was money in the bank, and the establishment was standing. Obviously it was profitable somehow, but he wasn’t sure exactly how. No one was here. He checked the time on his phone. It was only six. Parties didn’t start until much later, right? Partying wasn’t something he did, so when people went out wasn’t something he was aware of.

The twitchy guy called over from the bar, “Can I get you anything to drink?”

Erik looked up, surprised to hear the man’s voice. “How about a soda? Whatever dark cola you have is fine.”

Erik heard the man pouring ice in a glass and a moment later, a drink fuzzed on the table in front of him. “How much?” Erik asked, “and what’s your name?”

“Don’t worry about it, on the house. Bob,” the twitchy man answered with his head tilting forward and several eye blinks.

“When do girls start coming on?” Erik asked, gesturing to the stage.

“Normally when we have a few people they will start performing, but if you Sakarya Escort want I can send someone out. I tried calling someone in early since you were here, but they haven’t showed yet. She might still come though.”

“Yeah, if there is a girl who would like to do a dance for me I’m willing to pay.” Erik said.

Bob’s head rolled to the side and he fought to bring it center, “Okay I’ll let ’em know.” Bob scampered off without hesitation.

Bob seemed calmer now that he had his affairs in order and despite how off putting he could be, Erik thought he was likeable enough. Maybe he could stay but a new doorman was definitely in order. His own morality couldn’t justify firing a guy because of whatever was wrong with him, but there was no way that he should be the first face for customers to see.

Erik continued to look around for a few minutes until motion brought his focus to a girl in a bright lime green string bikini walking out of a doorway to the side of the stage.

Curly dark red hair framed blue eyes and pale skin. The girl smiled while walking towards him with lilting hips accentuated by the tall clear platform heels. She displayed her teeth, showing a gap in the front two incisors. Her eyes tilted down near the center of her face and her nose was slim, giving her a pointed look. Small breasts and narrow hips didn’t help the sharpness of her features but she was attractive with dark blue eyeshadow. When she got close he could see her foundation covered imperfections in her skin. Erik felt overall she was attractive and her smile appeared genuine. “Heeeyy,” she said in a southern bell sort of way.

Erik stood to shake her hand, he felt it only proper to do so despite the circumstances of their meeting. She didn’t offer her hand though, instead she closed in on him with a quick hug.

“Look at you trying to be a gentleman. Bless your heart.” She kept a hand on him and the toothy smile stayed. She leaned in close to his ear and whispered, “you know this is a strip club right? We ain’t used to gentlemen here.”

Erik laughed and immediately felt comfortable. She was extremely likeable. “I don’t figure you do, but doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Just because you’re clothes are off doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get respect. Would you like to sit down?”

Her eyes grew wide, “Yes please, thank you.” She grabbed a chair and rolled it under her, and together they sat. She moved it close enough their knees touched. When she was done, she sat up straight and offered to shake his hand, “I’m Trixie.”

Erik returned the handshake, “I’m Erik, Trixie.”

“Nice to meet you, what brings you in tonight? You’re a bit early don’t you think?”

Erik shrugged, “I like being the early bird.” He felt himself fumbling for where to put his hands, hanging them outside the chair then putting them back in his lap, but not too close to her knees. He didn’t want to be rude and just reach over and lay them on her bare skin.

She didn’t seem to have an compunctions about the matter. She took his hands in hers and put them low on her thighs. He felt himself stir in his pants again.

She smiled, “I promise, I don’t bite unless asked too.” Her wink was flirtier than expected. “You’re pretty cute, are you sure you ain’t a cop, sent in here to come and charm us so we’ll reveal all our dirty secrets?” her eyes turned sly and suspicious but it was an obvious performance.

“Do you have dirty secrets Trixie?” Erik asked in return with his own sly smile.

She laughed, a rolling sound from her throat, “You known I do!” she patted his arm, high on his bicep.

He mentally abraded himself for not going to the gym. This seemed slightly more important, but he would have to make up for it tomorrow he decided. He took a drink of his soda.

He could also see how he was being seduced. She was helping him enjoy his time, but any minute now he expected her to ask him for a lap dance. His glass found his lips and fuzzy sweetness coursed under his pallet.

Erik wasn’t familiar with the interplay of patron and stripper, but he understood sales. Experience in customer service gave him the ability to see a sales pitch coming.

“You’re good at this Trixie,” he complimented.

“At what?” she asked, continuing her coy smile.

“This. You’ve made me feel pretty comfortable.”

“Awe you’re just saying that,” she said, pushing on his arm gently, feigning a blush. No red entered her cheeks but she smiled and blinked her lashes at him anyway. “You’re really cute and that makes it easy.”

“I imagine it is nice to have someone who has showered in the last week come in.”

As if on cue, Erik heard the door open behind him. Glancing up into the mirror on the stage, an obese man lumbered in on wobbly legs. Greasy and thinning hair was pulled back in a sloppy ponytail at the back of his head and a grin hovered above multiple chins. Erik was astounded at the fact the man could walk at all.

Bob dashed over to talk to the man. Erik turned back Sakarya Escort Bayan around to see a look of utter disgust on Trixie. She made a sound and shook her head.

“Case in point,” Erik said.

Trixie met Erik’s eyes, her mouth turned down still, “You have no idea.”

“Guys like him must be what keep this place afloat,” Erik mused out loud. He was hoping to figure out the secrets of his new club without directly asking.

“You know, he is one of the worst ones that come in regularly. He’s a nice enough guy but there’s no amount of money that could make me do more than dance for him.”

“He’s a regular?” Erik asked.

“Yeah,” Trixie said, “there are a bunch of ’em that come in pretty regularly. That guy is only about once a month but he always spends five hundred bucks or more, so a desperate girl can make a decent night out of just him.”

Erik chuckled a little, “I would think she would have to be pretty desperate.”

“Yeah, but they’re here. That’s why guys like him come here.”

“What brings you here Trixie? You are definitely pretty and have a rockin’ body, and this place looks like a dive compared to where you should be at.”

She winked at him. “Do you know where I think I should be at?” she asked, dodging the question.

Erik took on a smug knowing grin, “Where?”

That coy smile came back and she said, “In the back, on top of you,” her eyebrows went up then came back down in an obvious hinting way.

“Hmmm,” Erik said, pursing his lips and making a show of thinking. She had made her play for a dance and he felt like it was a slick way of doing it. She had complimented him, talked to him, and then suggested a dance in a lucrative way. She was good and would likely be worth keeping around. “Sure, let’s do it.”

“Yay!” she exclaimed. Excited as she was, it was still a muted sound so it didn’t carry in the empty club. “I’ll get Bob to turn on the music for us.”

She stood and Erik did a second later. Taking his hand and giving him a smile before turning, Trixie went towards the bar where Bob’s head could be seen as he bent over, doing something. She pulled Erik’s arm around her stomach, bringing his body up close being hers. “Erik here wants a dance, do you mind turning on my playlist?”

Bob stood up, listened a moment then nodded in a swift motion. “Sure just a second.”

“Thanks Bobby,” she said and without waiting, led Erik to a corner of the room.

A metal spiral staircase loomed in the shadows that he hadn’t seen before. They began climbing, Trixie still held his hand to her body, but had let it slip to her hips. The cheeks of her ass rippled with each step she took and he wasn’t sure if she was going slow just for his benefit or not, but he didn’t bother hiding the fact that he was staring. Looking up at one point, he caught her looking over her shoulder at him. She giggled.

“Like what you see?” she asked.

“I do,” he confirmed.

Trixie paused at the top of the stairs and gave her hips a bounce. Erik enjoyed the show.

Erik’s view opened up as he finished climbing the stairs and found an open lounge area. Broke down couches circled the room, dimly lit with black lights. The middle of the space was open and covered with thin carpet that offered no padding. There was also no privacy. He didn’t mind that right now but wondered to himself if that wasn’t something that could be changed or improved on.

“Are there any private rooms available? This is really open.” Erik asked.

Trixie stopped and turned around. She pulled him close, their bodies pressing together,her lips curling up at the edges. She pitched her voice low and seductive, “Are you looking for some vip treatment Erik?” she asked.

He grinned back at her. “Well, kind of. Depends on what it is.”

Erik wasn’t looking for sex. He had already had two unexpected events today, and a business dropped in his lap. While his cock immediately jumped at the idea of more attention, he wasn’t wanting to get laid specifically. Erik just wanted to fully explore his club and partake in what it had to offer.

Trixie was a treasure, but she seemed to be the cream of the crop. No, that was a wrong assumption, she may very well be the bottom of the barrel, he had only seen one dancer so far. He realized then that the only way to see everything was to talk to all of them.

“For you, I’ll give you the early bird special,” Trixie winked at him, “for three hundred I’ll take you to the vip room,” she leaned into his ear and whispered, “and you can have anything you want.”

Erik hesitated, schooling his face to stillness, trying to hide his emotion. He was stunned, but not overwhelmed. He hadn’t expected her to just offer herself up like that. He couldn’t deny it though, he was intrigued. She was watching him for his reaction, her face also frozen, waiting.

What the hell was wrong with him? He was considering taking her up on her offer, but he had divulged himself twice today, and thoroughly. Escort Sakarya

“For how long?” he asked, hoping to distract her. He gave her what he hoped was a winning smile.

She gave him a melting smile back, “How long would you like sweetie?” she asked. Her hand reached down and rubbed his cock through his pants. It was hard but bunched up the wrong way in his jeans so it made it uncomfortable.

“Three hundred should be like three hours.”

She frowned at his reply, “I think I could wear you out in less than that.”

Erik laughed to himself, thinking about the other two girls he had already been inside today. He wasn’t entirely sure she was wrong, but if his cock still wanted attention, part of himself didn’t want to deny it.

He prepared to say something but he stopped, frowning. A voice came from deep in his mind that pressed upon him something. Sleeping with your employees, under any circumstances, is bad business.

“What’s wrong baby?” she asked, seeing the change come over him.

Erik looked to the side, then led her to a couch. They sat, Erik pulling her down. Trixie’s confusion was all over her face with her eyebrows scrunched up in the middle and her mouth in an oh shape, half prepared to speak.

He said, “You know, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“What’s wrong?” concern dotted her face. It grew into worry and she looked to the side and he watched her start to panic, “you’re a cop aren’t you?”

“I’m not a cop, I promise. I’m the new owner.” Erik said in a rush.

She snapped back to face him and slid backwards on the couch a little, “What? Huh?” Her hand went up, palms up at her sides, “What the fuck happened to David?”

Erik wasn’t sure how she was going to take the news. He had no idea how his relationship with any of the girls, or other employees, stood. Erik decided to just lay it all out. “David died and left me, well,” he gestured around them, “pretty much everything.”

“Oh fuck,” she said. Her face tilted down and her posture changed, taking the news in. Panic creeper back into her face, “What are you going to do?”

“I’m trying to decide honestly.” Suddenly he felt the need to just talk it all out with her. She wasn’t the most ideal person to share with, he didn’t know her at all and she had just tried to prostitute herself to him, but he realized in that moment that he couldn’t make this decision on his own. “I’m trying to figure out if this place will make enough money to support me as a legitimate businesses or if I should close up shop and cut losses.”

Trixie’s eyes grew round in her face, showing her panic. The black light made the whites of her eyes an erie purple, “Oh fuck.”

“I want to keep this place open if I can. I mean, I’m a guy, it would be awesome to have naked ladies walk around me all day long, but this…” Erik flicked his hand around the room then gestured to the downstairs, “does not look real good.”

Trixie continued to sit silent and panic. He assumed she was trying not to panic. Suddenly her eyes narrowed, “Wait. Are you trying to scam me or something? How do I know you’re telling the truth?”

Erik laughed. “I guess it all does sound kind of outrageous. I’ve got his death certificate in the truck, and his will, and I think the deed to this place as well.”

She narrowed her eyes looking for a hint that he was lying, but Erik knew she wouldn’t find one. “Okay so if you’re the owner, why are you here? Why didn’t you tell me first?”

“I was trying to scope out the place. I still want to do that, but I wasn’t about to pay you for sex and then surprise I’m your new boss, that felt a little shitty to do.”

Her eyes softened when she laughed. “Yeah that would be weird.”

“Don’t get me wrong. If i wasn’t your employer, I would totally have taken you up on your offer,” he gestured to her, “you’re pretty fucking sexy.”

Trixie struck a sitting pose by turning her shoulders and putting her chin on one, her eyelids fluttering, “Your flattery is appreciated boss.”

He chuckled. “Do you want this place to stay open?”

“Me? Definitely.” Her reply was quick.

“Why? Other than it’s a job. You could get naked anywhere.”

“Not everywhere is as,” she paused a moment, “private as this place can be.” Erik raised an eyebrow in question. “Let me show you.”

Trixie stood and pulled on one of Erik’s hands. He stood and she led him to another room across from the stairs. A plywood wall and fashioned doors met him. Five doors in total waited, all of them open. It was evident that the doors were made from the same sheet of plywood because the grain patterns matched up with each one. It looked homemade.

“This is the VIP area. Customers can know about this, but officially it doesn’t exist.”

“This is where we would have…” he trailed off.

Trixie nodded. “Yeah. I’ve worked in most of the clubs in town and none have this. I don’t know if this is technically illegal, but what goes on in these rooms probably is.”

So his strip club was actually a whore house. Great. He sighed, and thought, Fuck. “How many of the girls actually do what you do?”

She looked at him like he was dumb, “I’ve only known a few strippers who wouldn’t also fuck for money. The few that don’t, don’t last or don’t stay.”

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