Everything I Want in a Mistress

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“Hey can I borrow your calc-,” Kate’s voice cut off as soon as the door was completely opened. There I was on the floor, down on hands and knees, collared, leashed, and sporting a chastity cage around my cock. Buried in my face were the dirty feet of Sarah, my ex-girlfriend, who was tugging on the leash from the couch where she sat, pulling me closer to the dirt I was so eagerly cleaning off her soles a moment ago. We were in the living room of my small one-bedroom apartment. The couch faced the front door, so before turning my head to see Kate grinning from ear to ear I looked up at Sarah’s crimson face to see a look of horror. Before I could say anything, Kate spoke again. “You know what, I’ll come back later,” she said playfully. This girl had no concept of shame or awkwardness, although she wasn’t really the one who had something to be ashamed of here. With that, she twirled around and let the door shut behind her, presumably returning to her apartment down the hall.

The good news was this wasn’t too big of a surprise for Kate. She was the most outgoing and forward person I had ever met, and soon after becoming friends she was prying through my sex life. We discovered kinky sex was a common interest of ours, which led to a number of discussions about our past experiences. Most of Kate’s stories involved traditional bondage; makeshift restraints and some mild choking and spanking. I had always shared stories on the same caliber as hers so that I didn’t come off as a freak, but she was always doubtful that I was sharing everything. Today she got her confirmation of that.

Sarah was too flustered to continue after Kate had walked in on us, and pretty soon she had left and gone home. I was still horny, and the fact that Kate found out about my kinks only made it worse. Deep down I had always wanted her to know, because I knew she would make the perfect domme. Despite her usual friendly, happy-go-lucky demeanor, Kate was extremely demanding, bossy, and spoiled. Everything had to be her way or else she would flip; countless times I recall arguments over the most trivial issues that were blown out of proportion because she was too stubborn to give in. Ironically, this was the reason I refused to date her but craved her sexually.

About an hour had passed, most of which was spent edging to what had just happened, when I decided to go over to Kate’s. I was desperate to hear what she had to say about this, and I didn’t have any other plans for the night. I walked down the hall of my apartment complex to the other end where Kate resided. We were used to unexpected visits from each other since we lived so close to each other, so without knocking I entered her place. I passed her kitchen and approached her living room to find her sitting with her boyfriend Peter on her couch. I wasn’t sure what I’d say now, as the situation from earlier wasn’t exactly something I wanted to bring up around another person, much less her boyfriend. I didn’t need to say anything, however, because Kate turned the laptop they were looking at towards me so I could see the screen.

“Look, it’s you!” Kate said with a huge grin. I guess she had told Peter about what happened already. On the screen was a picture of a man in chastity, down on his hands and knees, looking up at his Mistress who sat on a velvet chair tugging the leash around his neck. The man wasn’t actually me, but we certainly shared some similar fantasies. “We’ve been reading all about that thing you have around your dick, somebody’s a little freaky,” she continued.

“Oh, how lovely,” I replied, trying my best not to sound too embarrassed. I took a seat on the recliner near her couch and put my feet up on the coffee table. I took an extra second to take a glimpse at her feet, which were also propped up on the table. She was wearing ankle socks, and the angle I was sitting provided an incredible view of her perfect arches. It looked as if you could slide a quarter under her arches with her feet flat on the ground, and I wanted nothing more than to go down there and lick every inch of her soles. Usually, a quick glance like that would go unnoticed, but since Kate was very aware of my foot fetish she caught me in the act.

“Oh, you like these?” She wiggled her feet around on the coffee table. I looked back at her feet, and then to her face, which was sporting a devilish grin. “Why don’t you come over here and rub them?”

“Uhh, umm—,” I had no idea what to say. I glanced at Peter quickly, who just seemed to be observing without much emotion.

“Don’t worry about Peter, we talked about this earlier and he thinks it would be funny to tease you with my feet. Plus, I don’t think he’s ever touched my feet before; they’re not much of a prize to him.”

“Umm, alright,” I replied nervously. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Kate and Peter repositioned themselves so that Peter was laying with his back against the arm of the couch, and Kate was resting on his chest. She let her socked feet dangle xhamster porno off the couch and pointed her toes at me as I sat down in front of them. I grabbed her feet and began to run my palms over her soles, taking time to admire her arches once more.

“Mmm, good boy,” she cooed. I diverted my attention to one foot and began giving her an actual massage. For the next few minutes I massaged her feet while she snuggled up against Peter. I didn’t I could be any hornier, but Kate would soon prove me wrong.

“Are you a cuckold, too?” She asked, seemingly out of nowhere.

“W-what?” I stammered back. I was not expecting that at all.

“When I was looking up those cock cages I also found a bunch of stuff about cuckolding. I’m assuming you know what that is and considKateg what I’ve seen from you today, I’m assuming you’re probably into it. Right?”

Well, there wasn’t much point in lying now. With a sigh, I confirmed her suspicion, “Yes, the thought of cuckolding turns me on. Anything else you’d like to ask?”

Instead of responding, Kate wrapped her arms around Peter’s neck and pulled his lips towards hers. After a long, deep kiss she got a little sloppier and started exploring his mouth with her tongue. As this was happening she slid her hand down to his pants where she began to play with his bulge. I was truly in heaven now. Even though we had no sexual history, the jealousy pangs of watching a long-time friend fooling around with someone else made my cock unbearably hard, despite having the cage taken off after Sarah left.

At this point my cock was in complete control of my actions, and I had forgotten that I was only supposed to be massaging her feet. I tore off her socks and dug my face into her soles. Kate giggled as she stopped kissing Peter for a moment to point towards me and whisper “look at him.” Of course I could hear it, but in the few moments I had been here I had lost all sense of dignity, so I embraced her words and let them drive my worship of her feet.

A moment later, Kate paused again. “You see, Peter has some dirty fantasies too. He’s always wanted to tie me up and fuck me in front of an audience. Seeing how he’s an exhibitionist and you’re a cuckold, this seemed like the perfect way for us to get some practice while you can indulge your kinks too. Speaking of, how’s that cock cage treating you?”

Oh shit, I wonder if she thought I still had it on. “Um, I took it off when Sarah left earlier, we generally only used it when she was there.”

Kate sat up, looking displeased. “Now why would I let someone use my body to get their rocks off when I’ve got a boyfriend? This is over until you’re in that cage and I have the key.”

“Yes, Mistress, I’ll be right back.” Shit, I didn’t mean to call her Mistress. This was the best fantasy I’ve actually experienced, so it was hard to believe that Kate wasn’t my Mistress yet. I didn’t wait around for her to reply as I quickly went back to my apartment to put on my cage. It took around 15 minutes for me to get the cage back on. I grabbed the keys, and after a moment of hesitation, decided not to keep the spare just in case. With everything I needed, I ran back down the hall to Kate’s.

When I entered her place, Kate and Peter both stood up from the couch. “Drop ’em,” Kate commanded. “Peter was supposed to leave a while ago, so we need to do this quickly.” I complied, showing the couple my locked cock.

“While you were gone we talked about this a little. Since you’re a little too eager to lick my feet and call me Mistress, Peter is a little skeptical of us continuing this while he’s not here. He doesn’t want you out of that cage while you’re with me, and since he can’t be here to make sure of it you’re going to have to give him the key if you want this arrangement to work out. Either hand him the key and you can keep worshipping my feet, or we forget this ever happened. If you do hand him the key, you will not touch anything but my feet, and you will stay in your cage at all times for as long as Peter and I are dating. Now make your choice, Peter has to go.”

Wow. This was really happening. My brain was shooting red flags all over the place about staying in chastity indefinitely, and I knew it would be something I regretted pretty quickly. However, it’s hard to describe just how much my cock was in control of me, and within a couple seconds I walked over to Peter and handed him the keys. “There’s a spare there with it.”

“Well this is going to be a lot of fun,” Kate said, breaking the silence that followed after handing Peter the keys. She took his arm and walked him to the front door. “You wait here,” she instructed, looking back at me.

About five minutes passed. I was sitting on a bar stool by the kitchen when she came in. With my pants still down, she came back and grabbed me by my cock cage and led me to the couch, instructing me to sit against the arm while she went and sat at the other yaşlı porno end. She then placed her feet on my thighs and began to move them towards my cage. I guess she was allowed to touch me even though I wasn’t allowed to touch her. I was more than okay with this.

“Tell me everything, I want to hear all of your fantasies.” At this point I was more than happy to oblige. And I did.

Over the next hour I told Kate everything. I told her that I wanted to be a slave who gave up all control. How I wanted a Mistress who would control my finances, my activities, my orgasms, and every other aspect of my life. Someone who put their own feelings over mine every time. I told her how Sarah was into my fantasies, but as a self-conscious person she could never make it seem real, like I was always topping from the bottom. I told Kate that I wanted someone like her; a naturally dominant, bossy, and stubborn woman who would and could be unnecessarily cruel to me. I told Kate how I wanted to regret relinquishing so much control to her, and that there were no limits to how she could use it against me. Around this point, Kate had begun to play with her clit while she listened intently and massaged my caged cock with her feet. I continued opening up, telling her that submitting to her also meant submitting to Peter, or anyone else she was seeing. Kate let out a moan as she pictured me servicing her boyfriend’s cock while I told her about my forced bi fantasies. I also informed her of how, like every guy, my fantasies will disappear when, no if, I am allowed to cum. And for that reason, the thought of eating my cum after every orgasm was a perfectly humiliating way to keep me submissive afterwards. By now I had revealed plenty to her, and was ready to wrap it up.

“Most of all, I want you to get what you want out of this,” I concluded. “Like I said with Sarah, she would only do things that we had discussed and it just seemed scripted, which didn’t really do anything for me. She was too scared of doing something I didn’t want to really satisfy my fantasies, so if you take anything from this, know that I want you to do what you want, when you want. And hopefully I’ll be rewarded for serving you, but that’s 100% up to you.”

Kate scooted closer to me on the couch so that her feet were now in my face. “Clean them,” she instructed, as she focused on bringing herself to climax. I worshipped her feet intently until her back arched and the sounds of her orgasm could be heard all throughout the apartment. She then sat up and faced me. “So you want me by slave and you want me to make you regret it, huh?”

“Yes, Mistress. I would do anything you want.”

“Okay, I want to switch TVs, go bring yours in here.” Oh god, was she serious? I knew Kate could embrace this role, but I was not expecting it so soon. Two weeks ago I had spent over a grand on one a 60 inch, curved 4K TV, and ever since I had been completely in love with it. Kate, on the other hand had an ancient, 32 inch TV that was pretty much worthless.

“R-really? You really want me to switch them right now Mistress?”

“Look, you just ranted about me using you and I don’t want to waste any time finding out if you’re full of shit. Plus, this is a lot for Peter to be on board with, so it might help to convince him if there’s something in it he can benefit from.”

She wanted my brand new TV that I had wanted for months. It wasn’t sexual, she just wanted my TV. And yet, the unsexual nature of it was exactly what I craved, and exactly what made my cock strain even harder against my cage. This was going to suck, but that only made my cock more eager to comply.

“Yes, Mistress. You deserve it more than me and I’d be happy to switch with you.” I scrambled to get my clothes on and went down the hall to get my TV, catching a ‘good boy’ as Kate’s apartment door shut behind me.

I struggled to open her door as I returned with the huge TV. I saw her face light up as I shimmied in sideways with the TV in my arms. “Oh my! I didn’t think you’d actually go through with it! I think I could get used to this.”

“Like I said, Mistress, you get what you want, and I will obey you unconditionally.” As bummed as I was about the TV, my new arrangement with Kate seemed worth it.

As I set down the TV, Kate approached me and wrapped her arms around my neck. She stared at me like she wanted to kiss me, but wanted me to initiate. I did, and our lips moved towards each other until they were just millimeters apart, and that’s when she slapped me. Hard.

“You remember I have a boyfriend, right? And do you remember that the only part of my you’re going to touch for as long as we’re together is my feet?” Damn, I actually had forgotten about that.

“Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry, Mistress.” I felt her push down on my shoulders and push her heel against the back of my knee, signaling me to kneel at her feet.

“If it makes you feel any better, I wanted that kiss aldatma porno as much as you.” That did, in fact, make me feel pretty good. “But as much as I’d love to show you how good I can make you feel, I’m not going to do that to Peter. Besides, I would love to deny you the pleasure of anything but my feet. I mean, you can’t an even kiss me, let alone fuck me. I have a hard time believing that you can live like that indefinitely.”

“You have no idea how bad I want to kiss you right now, how much I want to fuck your brains out. But I also want to be a slave, and I want to be trained to not think of my pleasure. And I truly think that you’re the perfect Mistress, and I’d rather have only the feet of the perfect Mistress than the whole package of anybody else.”

Kate was both flattered and stunned at how awestruck I was at her. “Aww, that’s so sweet, yet so perverted. I’ll tell you what, since me being cruel to you makes you love me so much, why don’t you set up my old TV in my room? You’ll have to buy yourself a new one if you really want one.”

Wow, I could see this getting out of hand very quickly, but this was everything I had ever wanted and it sent chills through my body. “Yes, Mistress. I love that you put yourself before me.”

I got off my knees to pick her old TV up when Kate stopped me. “Not so fast, slave. From now on, you’re going to be naked when you’re in my apartment. Now get those clothes off. Oh, and it’ll cost like $10 a month for an extra cable box. I’ll send you the bills for it when they come.”

“Yes, Mistress.” My clothes were off seconds later, and resumed bringing her TV to her resume as sinstructed. When I returned to the living room Kate was digging around in the coat closet, where she pulled out a pink dog collar attached to a chain leash. I walked over to her, and without speaking she attached it to my neck. It was an old collar of her dog Annie, whose name was inscribed on the collar. The collar barely fit around my neck, but of course the mild choking sensation I experienced only made me hornier.

“Aww, you look like an Annie,” Kate said with a giggle while she squeezed my cheeks playfully. “Now I seem to recall something you’re not too fond of,” she continued, “let’s see if I can push you a little more.” With that, she tugged on the leash and led me back over to the couch, where she instructed me to kneel in front of her. She then pulled out her phone and looked me dead in the eyes with an evil grin while she hit the record button on her camera.

You see, back when Sarah and I had dated, Kate and I had talked about pictures and videos for, with, or from our significant others. That’s when I explained that I was very paranoid about that stuff and refused to let pictures or videos of me be saved. “I’m not sure I’m comfortable wi-,” I was cut off.

“For every time you try to get me not to record you I’m going to show another person this, you’re already at one so far, so I suggest you just obey.”

During our friendship, Kate had shown me plenty of illicit things from her past boyfriends, so I didn’t doubt she was bluffing for a moment. On top of that, the blackmail aspect of what was happening was just another check on my list of fantasies. “Y-yes, Mistress.” I replied, hesitantly.

“Good boy, now come here and suck my toes for the camera.” I obeyed, and started sucking each toe individually. I realized this was very reminiscent of the position I was in with Sarah when Kate had walked in on us only a few hours ago. It seemed like it had been much longer than that.

I was only sucking on her toes for about 30 seconds when Kate had a change of plans. “If you stop sucking on my toes before I tell you to I promise I will make you regret it, slave.” Immediately after, I heard an unsettling sound. Kate was video calling someone. When she finally connected I heard an “oh my god” from Renee, who was watching me worship Kate’s feet from her phone.

Renee was Kate’s best friend. They knew each other’s sex lives as much as their own, and apparently Kate couldn’t wait to tell Renee about this. I wanted desperately to stop the humiliation, but I knew Kate truly had the power to make me regret my decision, so I kept sucking on her toes.

Over the next 15 minutes Kate had summarized what had happened to Renee, and allowed me the pleasure of explaining that I am only allowed to touch Kate’s feet, and will receive no release from my cage while Kate is in a relationship. Renee, having dabbled in some kinky things herself, found it more amusing than shocking.

“Hey, I’ve been meaning to get a pedicure for the last couple weeks, maybe your new foot boy could pay for it!” I was fairly sure she was joking, but Kate loved the idea.

“Of course he would, and he’d thank you for the opportunity to let him pay for it too. Wouldn’t you, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“What do you say we both go this weekend?” Kate asked, “I’ll take my new slave’s credit card and maybe we could go shopping afterwards?”

“I’d love that! Maybe we could bring him along if he’s good,” Renee replied with a snicker. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but I was ecstatic about it. Kate and Renee wrapped up their conversation and soon it was just Kate and I again.

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