Falling For Baby Ch. 02

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*Thank you for all your feedback on Chapter 1. I reads all the comments left whether good or bad and it does help me improve on future submissions. I know I been promising Chapter 2, but life dealt me a lot on my plate in both January and February, but here’s Chapter 2 as promise. Feedback is a must. I love my readers, so please keep the love coming. – Caprifreak*

It’s been a long night, indeed. The rays of sunlight peeking through the blinds wakes me from my sleep. We made love three times before retiring to bed last night. I opens my eyes to find myself alone. Alone and VERY hungry.

I wipes the cold from my eyes and start making my way to the shower. As the water cascade down to my body, all the images from last night flooded back. Not only did I fuck my baby sister, I told her I was in love with her. There’s no guilt in how I feel or what we did, but there is an anxiety inside questioning how we going continue this love affair when our mom returns next week.

I finished showering, put on a tank top and shorts before heading downstairs for breakfast. There was a note left on the table.

Morning love. I hope you slept well. I know I did. You looked so cute and content, I didn’t want to wake you.Tracy came this morning and we headed to the mall. Be back soon.

Love ya,

Your Baby


Meanwhile, Tracy and Bree is in the mall going from store to srore taking their pick from the latest fashions. Tracy notice a difference in Baby.

“What or who done got into you girl?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Don’t play coy with me bitch. You know exactly what I mean. There’s a glow about you today.”

“Ok. You got me. I can’t say much, but when the time is right, I promise to tell you everything. mardin escort All I’m going to say that I’m in love and it’s someone you know.”

“Who? Girl, you gotta tell me.”

“I promise in time I tell you everything, but not now.”

“Lucky bitch. You ain’t shit.” Tracy said playfully hitting Baby’s arm.

They paid for the clothes they picked and headed out the mall. In the car, Tracy continued the investigation, curious about the mystery guy, but Bree was determined not give anything away. Happiness and pride overcame her. Relieved that she finally got her wish and don’t have to settle for the dogs she came across at school. No longer dealing with guys who looking for quick fuck, using girls as a notch on their reputation. She couldn’t wait to get home to Mike.


“Hey Bro.”

“Hey Baby. What’s up?”

“On my way home. Just picked up a few things. You sleep well sleepyhead?”

“Best night sleep since we used to sleep together as kids.”

“You better. You gonna need all your energy for when I get there.”

“Oh. Is that so? Then, in that case, I’m gonna hold you to that and see you when you get here.”

“Ok Mike.

“Alright Baby.”

I got off the phone with a major boner in anticipation of the havoc me and my newfound love was going to set. I been working in the yard for the duration of Baby’s absence. I needed a shower. In the shower, my erection became almost intolerable, but I had to hold the urge until Baby gets back.

I dried off and headed to my bedroom to get dressed. I got as far as putting on a pair of boxers and a tank top when I was surprised from behind by my sis. I didn’t even hear her come in the door. She walked up and nevşehir escort grabbed my crotch from behind.

“It looks like someone really missed me.”

“If you keep doing that, I’m gonna show you how much I really missed you.” I replied.

“Oh really? Well, I’m having second thoughts. So, maybe I should just leave.”

She reached for the door knob, but I grabbed her wrist from behind. I started grinding my pelvis into her round ass and kissed her on the neck.

“Still having second thoughts?”

“You going have to do more than that to change my mind or maybe I should call Mom right now and tell her how bad of a brother you been, that her only son is a sister fucker.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Try Me Michael.”

I wrestled her to the bed, pulled her shirt over her head, and sucked her on her firm tits. Her nipples were already hard before I pulled her shirt off, poking through the material like a couple bullets that landed in the middle of the bullseye at the firing range. I took a nipple in my mouth and then the other. I could tell from the moans escaping her mouth, that I had her close without even touching her pussy.

“Oh Mike, please stop teasing me. Fuck me now. I need you in me RIGHT NOW!”

With that, Bree started writhing under me as she exploded into her first orgasm. As she came down from her orgasmic bliss, I took the opertunity to free my cock from the restraints of my shorts. I stripped her of her skirt and pulled her black thong to the side as I entered her in one swift thrust from behind.

“Fuck me. Fuck your baby sister hard.”

I grabbed her hips and gave her the drilling of a lifetime. Then, I just got the idea of being rough with her, which only spurred her on even more. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK SMACK.

“Oh niğde escort shit. Spank my ass. Spank your slutty sister. Oh yeeeeaaa. Fuck your slutty incestious baby sister. Make me cum.”

At that moment, I could feel the cum boiling up from my balls to the point of no return. Her pussy clamped down on my dick as she started her orgasm, triggering mine. Five thick shots of semen filled her cunt as I collapsed on top of her.

“Damn, I love you so much Baby. We could stay like this forever.”

“That would be great.”

What they didn’t know was Tracy was standing in the doorway and had seen quite a show. Tracy had returned to the house to drop off one of the bags Tracy left in her car. She knocked on the door for a good five minute before realizing the door was unlocked. She went upstairs and walked in on the pair.


They turned around and found Tracy standing in the doorway. Tracy ran out and headed for the front door. Baby threw on Mike’s t-shirt and made a beeline downstairs.

“Trace wait.”

“What? There’s nothing to say really. I just would’ve never guessed that my so-called friend would be fucking her own brother. My God Bree, did you ever stop and think about how this looks.”

“I know Trace, but you don’t get it and I hope that you’ll eventually understand that I love him. I don’t mean like how a sister should love a brother. I mean I’m so in love with him.”

“Let me get this straight, you two are in love with each other. You are so fucked up in the head. I can’t even talk to you right now. I’m outta here.”

Stream of tears roll down Baby’s eyes as the door slammed shut. Unanswered is whether or not her best friend will ever speak to her or will she expose their incestious affair to everyone they know. She couldn’t even find the strength to go back upstairs to Mike. She wanted to die at that moment, haunted by the memories of the past couple of seconds, which felt like hours. She curled herself on the couch and sobbed into the seat cushion.

To Be Continued.

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