Family Favourites Pt. 01

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*Warning; This Family Favourites series involves elements of heavy incestuous activity between family members. It is written to be as sexual and erotically pleasing as possible. If you are not comfortable with this theme, the author advises that you simply do not read on. All characters in this story are strictly over the age of 18. Thank you, and enjoy.*

It was late afternoon and Danny was still in bed, sprawled under the sheets. With his perpetual erection standing tall, out from inside the leg hole of his baggy underwear, he was covered in sweat and the heavy musk of masturbation. Danny was so happy the day he reached eighteen years old, because he could legally watch porn. Two years on, the twenty year old Danny jerked himself as the loud and over acted moans of a blond, pornstar milf, blared through his headphones, while being fucked brutally in two holes at once, with six men surrounding her. The only reason he had chosen this video was because she was getting gang banged while wearing a sombrero.

The parents were away for the weekend, and Danny had planned to do absolutely nothing, aside from laying on his bed, masturbating under the blankets, and watching porn on his phone. Danny was not alone however; to his dismay, he had his annoying, older twenty three year old sister, Beth, to keep him company. He had heard nothing from Beth all morning. He wanted to keep it that way. Danny simply assumed that she was online and chatting with boys or whatever.

Just as Danny was about to cum for what he planned to be the first time of many that weekend, his sister burst into his room. She had been calling out for him and of course, he hadn’t heard her because of the screaming howls of the big titted milf being anally penetrated by two dicks, who was now shaking two maracas instead of jerking the two dicks that wagged in her face.

Danny had to quickly jump and grab his raging, precum covered dick, and ended up slathering his wet tip all over his stomach as he fought to hide the tent in the blanket. He then quickly paused the video, hoping to get back to it after he had gotten rid of Beth, and hid the phone under his pillow. There was silence between them for a moment, when suddenly, Danny realised that his sister might have caught him. A split second later and he saw what she was wearing; the only way to describe it would be – nothing. Save for a small, pink bra and a matching pair of panties, which was also rather small. Both scanty garments were made from thin and structureless fabric. Danny could see the shape of her pointy nipples through the bra and her little cameltoe was obvious through the tightly stretched panties. Her little pussy lips were in serious danger of popping out on both sides of the thin panties. What made it worse, was that he could see the dark stubble of her recently shaved pubic hair peaking just an inch over the waistline of her little panties. He had to cover his eyes as he waved at his older sister, who was smaller than him, to get out.

“For fuck sake. What?!” Danny barked in annoyed urgency, both at seeing too much of her and the fact that he was on the point of cumming.

“I want pancakes!” Came the loud and jesting voice. Beth bounced up and down with a wide and playful grin when without warning, she slammed the door, closing the two of them inside. As she bounced, her little breasts did too and threatened to jump straight out of her tiny bra.

“Beth, what the fuck, get out of my room!” Danny shouted, terrified of seeing her nearly naked.

If the fact that Danny could see every inch of his sisters body didn’t embarrass him enough, as well as seeing her little butterfly tattoo which flitted just over her right hip, and the small ring which pierced her tight naval, Beth sat down on the bed with him, and his twitching cock. Her nipples poked through the sorry excuse for a bra and her small breasts were just big enough to slightly succumb to gravity as she leaned over to him. Danny saw right down between her non existent cleavage and found himself wrestling with the thought that her pale skin looked good.

“Will you make me pancakes Danny?” She flipped her long, wavy and rather messy, brown hair over her pale, bare shoulder and asked in the tone that she always used to get Danny to do what she wanted. Danny rolled his eyes and lifted his knees to hide his cock from his sister who was far too close for comfort.

“Hang on, hang on. Stop. What the fuck are you wearing?” Danny asked, having no place to look now except for out his window.

“What? Mom and Dad are away, so it’s my house, I can do what I want.” The nearly naked brunette stated in a bit of a bitchy but more of a matter of fact tone. All she was missing, aside from all of her clothes, was a finger click and a head bob. What terrified Danny was how horny he was from looking at her body. There was a very, painfully thin line between her being covered, and her being completely naked in front of him.

“Well you can’t just come into my room dressed like that! What if they sakarya escort were here and saw you?” Danny spat his rebuttal after a long pause of looking, red faced, at his sisters body.

“Yes I can!” An excruciating awkward silence passed between the two of them as Danny shook his head with building aggravation.

“Oh come on Danny! Haven’t you ever seen underwear before? Haven’t you ever seen a naked woman befo-” The trembling voice cut across her before she could continue.

“That’s not underwear! And you’re not just some naked woman, you’re my sister!”

“Older sister, in charge, so I can do what I want. Make me pancakes!” Her request was starting to sound childish, like a petulant brat, demanding candy. Danny had to keep his eyes off the pink bra which held Beths little titties perfectly.

Meanwhile, the throbbing cock under the blanket was aching at the sight of Beths fine body, regardless of who she was. He looked at her eyes and her messy, brown hair, and smiled. He was too horny not to consider his hands all over her. Especially when he saw her bare feet and how small they were.

“I will do something better for you. I will give you the chance to make them yourself, so you feel like you’ve achieved something today, aside from creeping me out.” Danny gave her that familiar, cheeky and annoying grin that always infuriated her. The one he always gave in defiance of her needy tone that she always used on him.

Without warning, the fuming Beth thumped Dannys shoulder and he reeled back with a chuckle.

“No, I want your pancakes! The ones that you make!” Beth shouted as she crawled further onto the bed with her erect brother and curled up close to him, into his arm and put her own around his hips to hug him. Her arm was dangerously close to his dick. On feeling Beths smooth skin, Danny backed away but couldn’t leave the bed, or his naked sister would see his naked and erect cock.

“Shit, what are you doing?” Danny asked in a shaking voice, all too aware of how good Beth felt beside him, and how horny he was. All he needed to do, at this point, was let his hand rest on the right part of her body, and there would be no going back to simply annoying each other from time to time. Christ what was he thinking?! He could hook his fingertips into her bra and remove it so easily. He could put his hands on her ass cheeks and rub her tight crack. This was, of course, the first time he had ever had a naked woman in his arms.

“I want pancakes, I am not moving until you agree to make them.” Beth keened in a bratty voice. Her hand was so close to his dick, that even his involuntary twitching would make her aware of it. He burst into panic.

“I don’t know how to make them!” He howled, trying to pull her hand off him without touching her gorgeous body. Beth quickly lifted her head up to stare at him. For a moment he was lost in those deep brown eyes and he almost wanted to kiss her. He did want to kiss her. No. No he didn’t. He couldn’t!

“Bullshit, yes you do.” Her shrill voice drilled into Dannys ear, and she knew it. It instantly tore him from his urges to take her. He winced and pulled his head back, to keep himself from looking down between her pretty, little breasts and seeing a little, lightish brown coloured, stray nipple, which was certainly poking out over the thin, pink fabric of her bra. The fabric was being pulled down by the way she lay against him.

“I can bake them, yeah, but I don’t know how to make the mixture!” Danny growled.

Beth suddenly crawled down to rest her head on Dannys stomach, arching her back and sticking her ass in the air, well within perfect reach of Dannys hand. She grunted and grinned as she wiggled to pull at her loosening panties. Needless to say, her face was right beside his concealed dick and he could nearly see her ass from behind as she looked straight up his body at him. Danny fought to keep his hands to himself. A small and fleshy lip just barely stuck out from the side of her panties that were pulled newly tight around her hips, forcing the scarce fabric to press tightly between her labia. This was so wrong. His dick twitched gently and oozed slick precum onto his stomach. Thankfully she didn’t seem to notice.

“So, I will make the mixture and you will bake them for me!” Said the grinning Beth as she wiggled her ass. Danny tried to avert his eyes as he got glimpses of where her tight, little anus was under her panties from the way her perfect butt cheeks dove in before spreading out to accommodate her tiny vulva.

Danny was sweating bullets and his cock was twitching under the blanket beside her face. As he tried to think of a way to be rid of her, she lifted her foot up and pressed it against his face, poking and prodding with her toes. Needless to say, her little toes went into his mouth as he tried to protest.

“Look, you know what? I don’t know how to bake them actually, I can’t help you.” Danny grabbed her leg and dropped it away, only to have her bend her knee and press her toes samsun escort to his face again. Danny crossed his arms and tried to ignore the mouth watering sight of his tight bodied sister on top of him with her ass up and her face down, even if she was annoying the life out of him. How he just wanted to sink down into her tight pussy, in that position, as she grunted at being filled. The fact that her head pressed her miniscule weight into his groin didn’t help.

“I’m calling that bluff. Come on!” Beth glared and pounded on Dannys chest.

“Fuck! You are so immature!” Danny backed farther away from the seductive body of his painfully annoying sister, and tried not to touch her as he controlled his loss of balance. He nearly fell off the bed and revealed his solid meat, which was pumping out precum almost profusely.

What turned Danny on more, was that Beth needed to shower and he could smell the faint body odour and it smelled nice. If he didn’t know any better, he thought that his suddenly delicious, bigger sister had been masturbating. Very recently. He would have bet anything that she had jilled off and made herself cum, moments before she came to him for pancakes. The filthy, little thing.

Of course, as Danny tried to get away, Beth crawled after him, inadvertently touching his erection through the blanket, though she didn’t seem to notice. Danny did, and had to fight to keep from ejaculating all over himself. Fuck, if he could just get her to stroke him off, it would all be over. Of course that train of thought brought him to images of mutual masturbation and watching her break into screaming orgasm.

“Ok, fuck it. Seriously, you need to get off the bed!” Danny growled as Beth rested her weight on his dick with her hand. He started to push and shove the suddenly struggling Beth, who tried hard to get as close to him as possible. This was gone beyond annoying. The attractive brunette quickly crawled up to swing her bare leg and straddle over Dannys abs, with her hands leaning her weight onto his chest. The foot of the leg that swung over him, hung over the side of the bed; the siblings were that close to the edge. Her ass was laying right above the tip of his cock, and the back of her vulva was touching it; thankfully through her panties and the God sent blanket. That didn’t make Danny any more comfortable. The fact that her lightish brown coloured nipple was completely out in plain sight and she didn’t seem to realise was also not helping anything. It was so perfect, so soft looking. He had simply but to reach out for it, and feel the smooth, supple skin of her areola. God it wasn’t even hard yet.

“Get off me!” Pushing her back, he tried to get up but Beth wasn’t having it. Her vulva ground against the screaming, bulbous tip of his rigid shaft and for just a split second, Beth stopped with an odd facial expression. She must have felt the hard meat pressing into her. No doubt that his slut sister knew what a cock felt like as she sat on the tip, especially since Dannys could practically slip right into her, had there not been any blanket involved. The involvement of panties, was questionable, as they could just be slipped to the side. The grinding of Beths opening on his tip would have surely gotten it in, had he not been covered, and he didn’t know if he would have the sense or inclination to pull it back out. The silence that occupied the slightly confused look from Beth and the panic from Danny didn’t last long.

“No! Make me pancakes!” She resumed her struggle and swatted his arms away as he tried to grab her to wrestle her down, and she ended up winning, pushing herself down into his chest with the heels of her palms. Her pussy now pressed on the hard meat of Dannys cock, and her wavy hair covering an eye, and her nipple peeking out, as she poked his chest. Danny lost himself for a second and ran his hands up Beths bare thighs, with his thumbs grazing up along the supple, inner skin. Her eyes rolled back ever so slightly before she seemed to exhale into a forced attempt to compose herself. He made her feel something.

“Stop touching me! Make me pancakes!” Beth grabbed his hands and pinned them to his chest. Without warning, Danny moved explosively to sit up and Beth fell back.

“I said no! I am doing somethi- Oh fuck.” Danny shouted, but his jaw slackened when he took in the sight of his sprawled sister, with her legs wide open between his legs. His tenting cock nearly split through the blanket. She was on her back between his legs and her small pussy was almost in plain view, due to the fact that her panties did nothing to cover most of it. Danny stared in awe at the slightly wet, light brownish, fleshy opening that he wanted to push himself into. In an embarrasing attempt to save her embarrassment, Beth quickly crawled back up to straddle him again, but one foot slid off the side of the bed. Eventually, she stumbled, red faced and fuming, back to straddle him, straight back on his dick. This time, she seemed to feel it.

Danny nearly came there urfa escort and then, as Beth started poking him and trying to tickle him, and she moved over his cock gently while her body shook, effectively jerking him off with her grinding vulva. That God given and simultaneously God damned blanket blocked the best of it.

“What are you doing then? What are you doing that’s so important?” Beth poked and prodded all over Dannys chest and face as she effectively rode him. She was fucking dry humping him!

“Stop that! I can’t help you!” He grabbed at her bra and momentarily released both of her little tits, as he pulled the startled twenty three year old down sideways across his stomach. Beth gasped and went limp, refusing to move from Dannys stomach and making sure that her tits were covered again. Danny had to keep his hand off her perfect ass which jiggled slightly as Beth began waving her feet. If he could have, he would have slipped his fingers into her visibly wet pussy.

“Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes!” Her tone was becoming more and more immature by the minute and Danny was fighting a mix of lust, irritation and confusion. He wanted to fuck his hot, delicious, naked, older sister.

“Get off!” Danny shouted as he tried to push Beth off him, who just fought his attempts to pry her loose.

“You want me to get off? Do you?” Her eyes seemed so seductive.

“Oh, I want to get you off.” Danny almost died as he inadvertently answered in a very dangerous way. Beth raised an eyebrow.

“Pancakes!” She repeated her relentless mantra and continued her mission to annoy him into getting her way. Danny couldn’t take it any longer. He just had to touch her, so in his overflowing anger and randiness, he spanked Beths tight ass cheek hard, making it wobble beautifully.

“Pancak- Oh! Harder daddy!” Beth yelped, laughing hard and trying to hide her gasp of pain as she purposely wiggled her already reddening ass for him.

“What the fuck?” Danny grinned after a pause, and then laughed. He spanked her again, this time closer to her pussy and she groaned, despite herself. Danny broke the silence between them that was occupied by a tentative stare from Beth, and spanked his sister so hard that the slap made his hand sting.

“Ow! Danny!” Beth roared in sudden pain as she grabbed at her ass to protect it. Danny simply spanked the other cheek, a bit more gently this time, and put his hand on the back of Beths upper thigh, under her reddening cheek. His fingertips had but millimetres to move and they could be on their way to being slipped under Beths panties and right into her warm pussy. He could feel the warmth, he was so close. He could feel the rough stubble on her fleshy lips.

“Hey! Stop that hurts!” She yelped at another spank, and curled away from him, but this time he held her down, a hand pressing her ass cheeks and the other pinning her lower back.

“Hey stop touching me!” Beth shouted as she felt Dannys hand travel deeper between her thighs. Suddenly he stopped.

“You are so annoying! Get off me!” He pushed her ass away and she scrambled to stay put. The two were laughing together, this was truly becoming rather an erotic game, and Beth was starting to enjoy it, despite the sting which bit at her rad, hand printed ass cheek.

“No, I want you to make me pancakes!” Beth glared and tried to be tough, but it was becoming harder to hide her own building arousal.

“Ok, that’s it!” Danny rolled his eyes and touched Beths pussy through her panties. He pressed his fingertip directly into her covered opening. She wasn’t completely wet, but getting there. It was hot. For a moment Beth pressed back to meet his invading finger. Then his trick to get Beth off him had worked, though it suddenly changed the dynamic of their relationship forever, and she jumped up with a scream.

“Hey! Don’t do that! You can’t touch me there!” Beth blurted and sat on her heels to guard herself.

As it happened, her nipples weren’t completely covered after being revealed by Danny earlier. Despite the fact that she seemed to try and cover herself again. Truly, she had been touching herself. She noticed that her tits were out, but didn’t move to cover them, until her hand crossed her chest and barely hid them. She was scarlet and embarrassed. Now she was the one who was trying to hide her arousal. This was becoming a situation where she was unsure about whether she should leave or allow it to continue. She was in charge, after all.

“Oh come on, Beth, I am only messing with you. Now, please, go! I really am busy.”

Beth went into a shaggy huff but suddenly smiled, finally having noticed Dannys dick involuntary twitching. The look on his face was that of instant terror when he caught her waiting to feel it twitching again of it’s own blasted accord.

“What were you doing?” She asked, reigniting her persistence and losing her shame. Her voice came clear and confidently. She poked him with the hand whose arm had been covering her perfect nipples, and didn’t go to cover them again. Danny felt the tension building between them as Beth carefully moved closer to him. If he didn’t know any better, he would say that she was trying to make this go where it shouldn’t have been going, and he hoped that it was just his pervy mind.

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