Family Reunion Blues Ch. 01-02

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Female Ejaculation

Chapter One

“Daddy, we’ll be a little late, but we are on the way,” my youngest daughter, Lindsay, all of nineteen years of age and getting ready for her sophomore year in a decent state university, warned me regarding the annual family reunion.

“Okay, sweetie, just let us know when you’re closer, so we can make sure to set a place for y’all at the table, depending on which meal it is. I mean, hell, if it’s going to be dessert or movie snack time first, definitely give us fair warning of that, so we can plan for it! I mean, you know how your mother is about that kind of thing. She wants to do you justice, well, you and your new boyfriend, what’s his name again?” I half-teased, half-reminded “Linds,” as we called her at times.

“It won’t be that late, Daddy, and his name is Michael, but everyone calls him ‘Mickey.’ Don’t ask me why. He told me that everyone has always called him that and he’s just never had a say in the matter. He’s used to it by now and seems happy enough to be called it. He’s a senior this coming term, so there is a little age gap, but that also means that he can legally drink in this state, which helps at times. Besides, you know me and older guys, right? They’re my Kryptonite, Daddy. Especially when they know how to score some fantastic weed,” Linds hinted at a possible benefit to the whole family from Mickey’s connections to pot dealers and such.

“That’s always a plus in this family, you know that, princess. Nothing wrong with a few shots of the best bourbon, several bottles of a craft brew, and a nice bong hit or joint passed around from a fine dime or quarter bag. They go great with some pizza, fish and chips, or Polish sausage. As for the older guys, I’m almost surprised that you didn’t bring home a professor or dean!” I teased Linds a little more, knowing her love for older men.

“Maybe next time I will!” Linds teased me back as she hung up, “Love you, Daddy.”

“Love you, too, pumpkin,” I told her, just before hearing my wife clear her throat.

“So, is this the year that you’re gonna do it?” Jessica licked her soft, sweet lips and winked at me as she inquired about our fantasy.

“Do what, dear? I haven’t the foggiest notion of what you mean,” I winked back at my wife as I feigned ignorance.

“You know very well what I mean. Linds is sexually active, has been for quite some time. She has a boyfriend and she badly wants to cheat on him with you. It’s the whole thrill of the secret, forbidden love affair. Trust me, she’s been ready for some Daddy dick for a good while now. I, for one, am ready to go as far as it takes to distract the guy while you plow our daughter’s front and back fields. I’ll tease him, give him an accidental kiss to stir him up a bit, fondle him, bend over in front of him, sit on his lap, even fuck and suck him if necessary, though I can’t promise to like the guy.

“She tends to find these guys that she wants to cheat on, I know it for a fact. Designated cuckolds, I call them, guys that she doesn’t mind cheating on at all. It amuses her to get them all hot and bothered while screwing around on them. Sometimes, they’re married, some may have other girlfriends, they’re often at least a little older, as you said, and whatever happens with them, she’ll bounce back pretty fast.

“Cool, fun guys, good in bed, sometimes even exciting, but she mostly wants them to hump her when she’s not with other dudes or even babes. She enjoys cheating on them most of all, not because she dislikes them, just because she can and she likes the extra kick of sneaking around,” Jessica told me with a deep tongue kiss, her hands feeling me up.

“Watch out, he’s bouncing back, you know,” I cautioned the missus with a devilish smile.

“And showing signs of life just half an hour after boning my sister. Impressive, sir. I think that I know of at least one reason why she’s cheated on Dickie so long, so often with you, with my husband. Stamina, quick recovery, the way that your body neglected to give you a normal male refractory period. A porn stud’s ease of coming back and balling us both with a vengeance!

“Not to mention the thick cock…a nice, fat dick that’s meant to stretch a slut and make her know that you’ve been pounding her, make her sore and cause her to walk funny. Miriam needs it, so do I, so don’t you dare break it off with her, mister. Ever! My sister needs the D just like me. Dickie barely whets her appetite, comes in seconds, asks her if she’s fine, she lies to him to get him off her or out from under her, and she rushes to your bed to get her satisfaction.

“That’s why Miriam and I wanted Dickie to move into the family home instead of keeping a different household. Well, that and the fact that you can be around your nieces and nephews who might really be sons and daughters. I just love knowing that you’ve got the horns so firmly planted on him that he’d need surgery to remove them from his head. I never liked him, though I’ve grudge-fucked him now and then, at least partly to lull him into complacency, but tekirdağ escort also to divert him when he might catch you two together.

“See? I’m still the perfect wife for you, quite eager to distract any man when you want to screw his wife or girlfriend. Hell, if Junior or Jesse ever married and you wanted to hump his wife, I’d ride him in a heartbeat! I know what this family is like. We don’t talk about it, but I love that I married into such a damn close family. I know that you fuck Monica whenever you or she drop by or it’s a reunion and you both want to share that special sibling bond,” my wife declared openly some things that we both already knew.

“So, then, you know that Adam, Eve, and Lilith could be mine, right? I could have bred my sister thrice now, though it’s never been tested. Their fathers could be also be some of those various boyfriends,” I told Jessie, which just made my wife laugh.

“Honey, I’d be somewhat disappointed if they’re not yours, as I love the idea of you knocking women up! Including Linds someday, I hope,” Jessie ran her tongue across her lips to show that she meant business about her voyeuristic desire to know that I’d impregnated other women.

I began easing down her pajama bottoms to expose her white cotton panties that contrasted well with her tanned flesh. Jessica shivered more than a little as she felt me slide those undies down, too, baring her sweet ass to my hands. She moved her neck to turn her head just a little and steal a kiss while I eased into her juicy twat. I began aggressively humping my lovely bride of twenty years, my thrusts in and out of her sweet snatch only slowed down by the desire to do her justice. This was my beloved wife, after all, mother of at least some of my children. I wanted to always do the right thing by her.

“Oh, damn, honey, so…fucking deep!” Jessie exclaimed as I pushed in and out of my sultry wife.

“Well, what else would it be, babe? I’m not exactly small down there, you know. In twenty years, I’d think that you’d realize that,” I teased Jessie a little as we screwed frantically, waiting for some company to arrive.

“Trust me, babe, I know that!” Jessie snickered, taking me as far inside herself as imaginable, he whole body responding as she creamed herself while I bottomed out in her twat from behind.

“Damn, lover, I’m gonna cum soon, just warning you!” I cautioned Jessie, who then rushed to make it happen, giggling the whole time.

I spent myself for probably the millionth time in my life inside Jessica, my saucy bride of two decades, mother of my known children, even as the doorbell rang. She didn’t even hesitate to answer the door, not caring that it could be any of our kith and kin. Then again, our relatives all knew that the spice had never left our marriage, that we were still prone to fucking like bunnies, so the sight of my half-naked, freshly fucked wife smelling of my cum shouldn’t exactly surprise anyone who knew us. Newcomers needed to know that as we hosted this reunion, it would be on our terms, anyway.

“Damn, Jess, there’s no question of what you’ve been doing, is there?” Tina, one of my other sisters, now teased Jessie about her obvious signs of having been fucked just before she answered the door.

“Nope. Well, you know me and what I’m like by now, don’t you?” Jessie teased her back, just as Tina’s husband, Jake, walked inside the house.

“Oh, that I do,” Tina snickered a bit at that comment, being very familiar with Jessie’s wanton nature.

“Me, too. And I know Tina as well. There’s a reason that these things are adults only, isn’t that so? After twenty years of marriage, I should know what Tina loves…and who she loves. We’ve been married about as long as the two of you, haven’t we? It’s cool. I know what I am. I know what Tina is. It took me a little while to understand the truth, to accept the facts, but I’m cool with it now. I like to fish, hunt, golf, ski, and do other outdoors things. I’m a jock and a redneck and I like athletic stuff. Tina’s a slut and loves to get boned and good!” Jake chuckled as he slapped my sister on the butt, making that MILF blush and punch him softly in feigned chagrin.

It was interesting that Jake didn’t specify by whom Tina liked to get rogered, showing that he was clever enough to leave the extent of his knowledge vague and mysterious. It was also revealing that Tina neither denied nor objected in principle to the label of “slut” given to her by her husband and the presumed father of her children. She had three: Frederick, Lou, and Salome, two sons and a daughter. Given how often I fucked Tina, it was quite possible that at least one of them, maybe more, were actually mine.

“That being said, we’ve got the usual rooms set up for you guys,” I told Jake and Tina, showing myself, having gotten my pants back on by now.

“That’s good, though knowing Tina, she’s unlikely to spend too much time there. I can think of other places that she’d love to go,” Jake continued his cryptic remarks, trabzon escort making it more probable than ever that he was onto us.

“Funny, dear…very cute!” Tina playfully slapped Jake, but showed no signs of offense at his insinuations, of course.

“That being said, dinner’s not far off, so go ahead and make yourselves comfortable. Do whatever amuses you. Me casa es su casa, as they say,” Jessie encouraged them, sniffing my neck as she did so, “we’ve only hosted this several family reunion times over now. Well, the adults only reunion. Glad that the youth reunion is separate. Grown-ups need grown-up time, right?”

“Well said, dear. Yes, I’m sure that we’ll be joined by the others soon for supper. It’s gonna be ready soon, in the crockpot, I believe. Jessie’s been roasting that beef all day long. I look forward to tonight and the other nights to come. Good, old-fashioned fun and games, family togetherness, what else?” I grinned, knowing the truth, as did most of us by now.

“Wine, women, and song?” Tina licked her lips and pushed back her sandy hair as she said that, while Jake and I helped get their luggage to their designated bedroom.

“Something like that,” Jessie laughed breathlessly as she ran to the kitchen to check on the pot roast and veggies.

Just then, the doorbell rang again, and I answered it, finding that it was Monica, sure enough, with her most recent boyfriends…yes, two of them, this time! They were somewhat younger than her usual taste, but still very much of age. I guessed them to be in their mid to late twenties at the youngest. One was tall, black, and beefy, with hazel eyes and a shaved head. His bulge showed in his pants and it was bigger than average, but not as freakishly large as the BBC stereotypes and cliches would suggest. He had a goatee, a nice contrast to Jake’s pencil-thin mustache, Dickie’s clean-shaven face, my full beard, and his companion’s mutton chops.

As indicated, Monica’s other beau had long whiskers, sideburns, which then linked to his thick mustache and left his chin smooth. He had piercing green eyes, carrot-red hair, freckles, average build, and very fair skin. To be honest, he looked like an Irish constable in Manhattan or Boston in the Gilded Age or something like that. He could easily be a Civil War reenactor or a Fenian with that look to him. Next to him, Monica, with her deep brown eyes, jet-black hair, and olive complexion, stood out with her earthy beauty all the more. My eldest sister’s tastes in lovers were evidently quite as eclectic as mine.

“Daniel Pagano. Just call me ‘Dan,’ though. My wife, Jessica, is in the kitchen. Quite the woman, pushed out two sets of twins and even a fifth brat who wasn’t a twin, and well, only got sexier in my book. Not that Monica is chopped liver, of course. Quite the looker, in fact. Welcome to the family,” I reached out to shake hands with our newest guests.

“This is Abdel Khalid, and this is Aidan Halloran. Abdel is a personal trainer and has his own health club, in fact. Co-owns it, in fact, with Aidan and I these days. It’s a new investment, if you will. Aidan…well, he’s a venture capitalist, but before that he taught physical education and health at a middle school, coached baseball, too. Quite a change of pace, wouldn’t you say, bro? We’re the silent partners though. Abdel’s the actual manager, you see.

“Abdel, Aidan, this is my big brother, the firstborn of the siblings, Dan. My baby sister, Tina, is probably already settling in, knowing her, along with her husband, Jake. Jake’s the Field and Stream type as I’ve mentioned now and then, so you guys might just hit it off. Tina is a bit of a domestic goddess, not unlike Jessica in many ways, if you think about it. They’re both a bit wilder, though, not your Daddy’s housewife to be sure,” Monica let the erotic overtones ooze out of her mouth like so much cum.

“Not a tomboy like you or a career woman like Erica, of course. Our middle sister, guys, she’s a bit driven, seems like a ballbuster and can be, her husband is a bit of a Mr. Mom, but who knows who is really in charge there. She’s nicer than she lets on once she gets to know you,” I commented with a slight wink at Monica as the guys began bringing in the luggage, “we have a good room for you, Monica, but it might be a little crowded. Just a warning.”

“Oh, I think that we’ll manage. Nice to meet you, Dan. And, no, if you’re wondering, it’s not a triad. It’s a V. We both hump Monica, but we don’t do each other. I’m straight, though Abdel is bi. Not shocked, really. He’s been known to bugger men and women in the gym shower, with their consent, of course. Think it’s tough being a Catholic while shacking up with an older woman and sharing her with another man? I don’t envy Abdel, being a bisexual, black Muslim guy with family ties to the Nation of Islam, though he’s into mainstream Islam himself,” Aidan noted with some good dry humor.

“To the extent one can be a good Muslim and also share a girlfriend…and like to have butt sex with men sivas escort and women alike. I guess that it’s cognitive dissonance, but if so, it’s my cognitive dissonance and I will handle it as I please. I’m bi, I’m black, I’m Muslim, and I’m poly, you see? I prefer to be mystical about it and also give Allah the benefit of the doubt that he might view things a little differently these days. Perhaps not, but I will deal with that issue if and when it becomes a problem. If a Boston Irish Catholic can share a woman, so can I,” Abdel picked back at Aidan, his metamour, in a friendly enough fashion as we filled up the bedroom with all of the luggage needed.

“At least neither of you has to wear a condom, since we’re fluid-bonding and all that jazz. Not that I’d make Dan use one, either. That’s right, Dan, both men know about us. They’re well aware that I plan to jump your bones, bareback, soon enough. No sense in keeping it a secret, is it, babe? I always fuck Dan whenever I come to visit, not to mention when he calls on me. Jessica knows about us, doesn’t she?” Monica licked her lips as she smooched both of the men that she loved, followed by me.

“Does Tina know?” Jessica asked, coming back from the kitchen, “by the way, the pot roast is ready, guys.”

“Do I know what?” Tina announced herself now.

“Do you know about Dan…and me? I know about him and you, of course. I’m not blind. All three of us sisters have been sleeping with Dan for years,” Monica coolly observed.

“I knew it!” Jake exclaimed from behind us, grinning from ear to ear.

“So…it’s true, dear. You caught me. I’m a cheating slut of a wife and have been for years. Apparently, you’ve suspected for a good while, haven’t you? How long, Jake? How long ago did you suspect, dear? How long have you known about Dan and me?” Tina nervously asked her husband.

“Oh, that? I’ve known for ages. I didn’t do anything about it, because, frankly, why should I? I have a great, sexy wife who doesn’t cut me off, doesn’t constantly nag me for stupid stuff or act insanely jealous, doesn’t badger me about where I’ve been when I’m gone for whatever reason, who can cook like nobody’s business, who’s willing to love me as I am, so why should I reject her and not love her for who and what she is?

“So what if you’re a slut wife? I love my slut wife and see no sense in dropping her just because she fools around with her own brother. I hinted at that earlier for precisely the reason that I wanted to get things out in the open at last and be done with it after this game of cat and mouse for the past two decades. I’m tired of this hiding and evasion, of keeping secrets, of lies of omission. About the only thing that I will miss will be the times that Jessica fucks me to keep me distracted. Other than that, well, it’s gonna be great getting this out into the open,” Jake stated with unusual candor and a very wide grin.

“I don’t see a reason to stop doing that, if you want to keep it up. I don’t think that Dan will object, will you, dear?” Jessica smiled and winked at Jake and me both.

“No skin off my back. You’ve been fucking men for years to keep them from catching me. That’s a colossal favor, so why would I mind you screwing a man who’s just shown a lot of common sense by not making a pointless stink about me regularly bonking his wife? The way that I see it, you’re entitled to strange ass, too, are you not?” I answered my delightful wife, who responded with a deep tongue kiss in front of everyone present.

“Now, that’s what I call a rock solid marriage!” Monica spoke up, pleased that at least two couples understood the need for accepting each other as was and not trying to change each other.

At that moment, the doorbell rang once more, and Jessica ran to answer it, finding Linds and Mickey at last. The new beau seemed a bit scruffy, with a neckbeard that wasn’t half as neat as mine, but then again, he had facial hair, and knowing Linds, that was big plus in his column. Linds would at most tolerate a clean-shaven fellow, but definitely liked her men on the hairy side. I chuckled as I shook Mickey’s hand and welcomed him to the family home.

“So, this is the famous boyfriend that made my daughter late, eh? Just kidding, boyo! Welcome to our humble abode,” I greeted the young man, who had to be at least a little nervous meeting his girlfriend’s old man at last.

“Humble, Daddy says, but it’s been here in this part of Colorado for ages!” Linds commented, winking at both of us and at her mother.

“And it’s like a fucking castle, at least to me. Massive motherfucker of a place. Don’t let Dan’s gift for understatement fool you, Mickey. Vast, sprawling estate, even if most of it is wide open land and much of the actual structure is subterranean. That’s right, huge bits of it are actually underground, a labyrinth of rooms and corridors intended at least in part to encourage and conceal lots of debauchery and depravity, but you didn’t hear that from me, of course. That’s another benefit of living in this heavily mountainous state, of course, right smack dab in the middle of the great Rocky Mountains,” Jessica interjected with a gentle laugh and a wicked gleam in her eye, already thinking of how to distract Mickey with her body while I screwed our daughter.

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