Fantasy in the Mountains

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Big Dicks

I see us in the mountains! Its so cold outside, we are cuddling by the fire laying naked on the bearskin rug( not very original but it’ll due), holding hands, looking deep into each others eyes, and conversing. I smile and ask “What are you thinking?”

You reply, “Nothing, except that I’m happy to be here lying next you realizing another one of your fantasies.” I smile at what you said and think back to the days before when we talked about what I wanted for a treat. And how you were so happy to oblige me in giving me what I wanted and how you were so eager to spoil me the way only you do. You asked me what exactly it was that I wanted. I remember telling you in full detail that I wanted you next to me, in the mountains alone near no one. I wanted to be tied up, and spanked, Manisa Escort I wanted to fuck for hour with nothing to interrupt our thoughts except for our own screams and moaning. I wanted you take me next to a roaring fire, I wanted you inside of me. I wanted you to be my first anal. You said you loved it.

Still looking into my eyes you ask me if I want to try it again, I roll over and tell you to fuck me good hard this time, “No being a nice guy, you hear me!”

You laugh and climb on top commenting that that’s not what I said last time. “Whatever, just fuck me, you talkative bitch!”

“Bitch huh? I’ll show you!”

“Good then give me what I need!”

“My pleasure!!!!”

Shoving your skilled tongue into my mouth I moan as Manisa Escort Bayan you start rubbing your hands up and down my body feeling its smoothness, caressing ever single piece. I love it when you make love to me. You break the kiss leaving my mouth empty, I moan as you continue your rough assault on my body. You lick my neck in all the right places. You shift your weight you that your hard cock is near my center, you tease me sliding it up and down my cunt without abandon, though you still don’t slide it into me. “Please” I call out give it to me now. You ignore my wants, continuing you suck my large nipples into your mouth sucking and biting .Im coming closer and closer to orgasm the feeling of your mouth on my breast , your cock rubbing up an Escort Manisa down my cunt hitting my clit with every stroke up is killing me. I start cumming you feel my shaking and thrust your cock deep into my spasming box, bringing me to another orgasm on top of the last one never just down from the last you bring me another screaming orgasm with your cock.

I want more you continue your deep, hard, fast strokes inside of me you kiss my mouth I kiss you back trying to swallow your tongue inside of my mouth, playing tongue wrestling with me you thrust harder and harder, my pussy spasms against your cock, tightening and tightening, you feel me walls contracting you cum inside me with a load groan, I can feel your hot, stick , cum shooting inside me. It feels so good, I want more and more, never wanting you to stop cumming inside of me. We lay there and bask in all of our glory, staying warm by the fire you slide out of me and pull me on top of you as your back hits the rug, I lay on top of you looking into the fire and seeing only you, my man…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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