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During the long break at university I take a job wherever I can find one. My work of preference is out in the country. I like farm work and it keeps me fit. For several years now I’ve spent that break at the Anderson farm. I was considered the handyman. If there was a nasty job to be done it was handy to have me on call to dump it on. I did a little bit of everything while I was there.

The only real drawback to the Anderson place was Deidre, the Anderson’s daughter. She thought she knew it all and I strongly suspected that she knew nothing. She was an attractive little thing that I practically had to beat of with a stick. I understood a couple of the other temporary workers had the same problem.

Oh, yeah – the reason we had to beat her off was her age. One guy had chanced his hand and she’d screamed blue murder, her father coming out with a shotgun to escort the culprit off the place. Like I said, she knew nothing and we weren’t going to teach her.

When I started work this year she was away, which was a relief. I was just as happy having her stay away. It wasn’t to be.

A few days after I started I was shifting hay in the barn when she came up behind me. The first I knew of her return was when she spoke.

“Hullo, Brandon,” came this very sultry voice and I straightened up and turned around.

There was Deidre, leaning against the barn doorway in what she supposed was an alluring pose. She was right, too. She looked sensational. Tall and tanned, with a very nice bust and shapely hips. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and red lips. I could see quite a bit of her, too.

I suspected she had dressed to tease and please. Daisy Duke shorts that would qualify as a belt if they were any smaller. A casual button-up shirt that wasn’t buttoned up but tied in a knot at the bottom. The shirt covered her breasts but her cleavage went all the way down to her navel, giving an excellent view of the gently curved sides of those breasts.

I took one look at her and damn near panicked.

“Deidre,” I said, acknowledging that she was there. “Go away.”

She sauntered into the barn, pulling the tie on her shirt loose as she came, letting the sides swing free. Her breasts were still covered but any sudden movements and they wouldn’t be.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. “Don’t you want to see how I’ve grown?”

“Not really,” I told her, frowning. “Come back when you’re of age.”

“That would three days ago,” she said softly, giving a little shake of her shoulders which did just what I expected, her breasts brushing the open shirt aside and standing proudly forth.

“Three days?” I asked, looking at those luscious young globes. “You’re eighteen?” As far as I was concerned that changed the entire ball game. Eighteen and willing does not get beaten off with a stick but gently encouraged.

“Uh-huh. That’s why I’ve been away. I had a party in town, did some shopping, and got my driver’s licence. I can now drive legally.”

There were other things she could do legally, too, and I wondered if she’d started doing them.

She was now standing quite close to me, her breasts bobbing slightly from her movements. I raised a hand and ran it across them. I didn’t go the grope. I just brushed my hand very lightly across her breasts, barely grazing the nipples, but she felt it. She blushed slightly and her nipples quickened, standing out.

“So if you’ve just turned eighteen I suppose it would be in order for me to give you a birthday kiss?”

“I guess,” she said, tilting her head slightly to receive the kiss.

Reprobate that I am I ignored that invitation. The other invitation was too inviting. I bent my head and dropped a slow kiss on first one nipple and then the other.

Deidre looked as though she didn’t know what to say. Actually, from her silence, she really didn’t know what to say.

“No thank you,” I asked. “Maybe I’d better try harder.”

I bent my head and tried harder, kissing her breasts and sucking lightly on her nipples, catching one between my teeth for a little nip before I withdrew. Now she found her voice.

“I didn’t mean you to kiss me like that,” she gasped.

“Oh, sorry,” I murmured, bent my head and kissed her properly, putting some effort into it. I also cupped both breasts as I kissed her, gently rubbing them.

“What the hell are you doing?” came a voice.

I lifted my head away from a blushing Deidre to see Mike, the other farm hand standing in the doorway, looking very displeased. I stepped güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri back a little, hands dropping away so that he also could see Deidre’s charms on display.

“Mike,” I said affably. “I was just congratulating Deidre on passing her eighteenth birthday.”

“You’re eighteen?” he asked Deidre.

“And three days,” I chimed in while she nodded, blushing slightly but making no effort to cover her breasts. I didn’t think it was just me that she tried it on with.

“You have no objection to me kissing her happy birthday?” he asked me, and I waved my hand in invitation.

He kissed Deidre and it seemed to me that she quite happily returned his kiss. I did notice that, unlike me, he didn’t try to fondle her breasts. No, his hands went down to her bottom, fondling that, and I mean her bottom, as his hands slid under the legs of those skimpy Daisy Dukes, giving him better access.

After a minute or so I tapped him on the shoulder, indicating it was time for him to break off. He did so and I turned Deidre to face me. I gently pressed a nipple with one finger and then started trailing that finger down along her body.

“Tell me,” I said softly, “if I’m going too far or too fast but I really want to see what you look like.”

Finger reaching the waist of her Daisy Dukes I paused to undo the button. Eyes on hers, I slid down the zip. My hands were on her hips sliding shorts and panties down before her nerve started to break.

“You’re just going to look?” she asked. “No touching?”

“Just looking,” I agreed. “Right, Mike?”

“Just looking,” he said. “You know we wouldn’t touch without permission.”

The shorts slid down very easily and Deidre stepped out of them, looking slightly nervous but also rather smug. We were looking at her and she was enjoying it. She was damned well worth looking at, too.

Once again I placed my finger on a nipple. I rolled it around for a moment and then the finger trailed down, stopping when it was resting on her mons. Sighing, I took my hand away, and Deidre started breathing again.

“Brandon, it’s not really fair for us to look at Deidre without giving her a chance to look at us,” Mike announced. “You’d agree with that, wouldn’t you, Deidre?”

“Ah, what do you mean?”

“I think he’s saying that we should show you our equipment,” I said, “but don’t worry about it. We won’t if it’s going to make you nervous.”

“I’m not nervous,” she said quickly. “Ah, go ahead if you want to.”

It was a race to see which of us could unzip and whip it out the fastest, hampered by the fact that neither of us wanted to seem eager. The result was that Deidre found herself within reaching distance of two erections.

“You’re allowed to touch them,” I told her, admiring her faint blush. “You have two hands and there are two cocks on display. Convenient, isn’t it.”

She must have found it so as she took possession of both treasures immediately, running her hands up and down our shafts. Talk about sweet torture. I could see that Mike was going to speak so I got in first.

“Deidre, it’s not really fair for you to go touching us without having a chance to be stroked intimately by us. Why don’t we have Mike lie on the hay while you kneel next to him and play and I’ll sit next to you and stroke you a little?”

I got a killing look from Mike and tentative agreement from Deidre. It only took a minute or so to have the little tableau set up the way I wanted it. Mike was lying on his back while Deidre was on all fours next to him. Well, she was on all threes, the fourth being totally occupied in stroking Mike’s member. I, meanwhile, was taking up a position behind and to the side of Deidre.

I ran my hand over her bottom before sliding it between her legs and cupping her pussy. My hand closed over it firmly and I rubbed. This action was greeted by a gasp from Deidre and a small yip from Mike. I suspect her hand clenched slightly when I first touched her.

“Now remember, Deidre,” I cautioned her. “If you find you don’t like being touched just let me know and I’ll stop. You’ll find the same with Mike. If he wants you to stop he’ll tell you.” (And they’d be skating in hell before the word stop left Mike’s lips.)

Poor Deidre was rather torn. Part of her wanted to concentrate on playing with her lovely new toy, relishing the way Mike was reacting. The other part was acutely aware of what I was doing to her private parts. She just didn’t know where she wanted güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to concentrate.

I took full advantage of her dithering, rubbing her mound, reaching around and teasing her breasts, returning to her pussy and exploring. Both she and Mike gasped when I slipped a finger inside her. Deidre squirmed a little while I probed and Mike called me a rude name. I wondered how often Deidre would suddenly clamp her hand down on Mike’s cock and what would happen if she kept doing it. Come to think of it, I had a damn good idea of what would happen.

It wasn’t all that long and Deidre was ready for me. Perhaps I should say her body was ready, hot and wet and squirming with need. Her mental state was something else. Whatever, it was her body that I was going to take advantage of. I moved around behind her, kneeling between her parted thighs. Gently easing her lips apart I eased my cock into position.

She was a little slow in realising what was happening. I gave a firm push and I was sliding in, finding out that she was indeed a virgin and then ensuring that she wasn’t. Her head jerked up with a squeal of pain, fortunately releasing Mike when she did so.

“You, you, , ,” she stuttered. “How could you. That hurt. Take it out.”

“Ok, love, ok, calm down, I’ll take it out, just relax.”

She did calm down a little and I pushed in a little deeper.

“What are you doing? You said you’d take it out. Take it out now. I didn’t want you to do this.”

“Hey, hey, calm down. I’ll take it out, I promise. It’s just that I can’t pull straight back out or it will hurt again. You’ll find that if you just let it sink in properly it will ease the pain and then I’ll be able to withdraw more easily. Ask Mike. He’ll tell you.”

He’ll tell her if he wanted to continue living.

“He’s right, Deidre,” Mike said, boldly backing me up. “The feel of him sliding in kills of any pain and then everything feels different. Just relax and let him go ahead.”

I don’t know about relaxing but she let me proceed without any more protests, and proceed I did. I didn’t rush it, just advancing steadily into her, letting her adjust and get accustomed to me. Besides, the longer I took taking her the more time she had to forget about that shaft of pain.

Finally I was in place. As you can imagine having got this far I was reluctant to withdraw. As a matter of fact I had no fucking intention of withdrawing unless someone parted my hair with a crowbar and dragged me off her. However, it would be ungentlemanly to resort to rape.

“There you are,” I murmured. “Safely in place and I’ll bet you find the pain has gone now.” (If she wasn’t more aware of my cock than she was of the pain I’d eat the damned hay we were lying on.) “Now I’m going to withdraw but before I do I’m just going to massage you a little to soothe away any lingering pangs. OK?”

She didn’t actually say ok but she did give a little nod and didn’t protest when I started moving. I didn’t give her any advice about what she should do, trusting in her natural lust (which I’m sure she had in plenty) to start her moving. I just pulled slowly back and returned, moving nice and easy. I was right about her natural talents. After a few gentle thrusts she was moving with me, her bottom rising to greet me as she pushed back against my thrust.

I gradually picked up the pace and fairly soon we were coming together at a much more interesting speed, my thrusting into her nice and hard with her working hard to match my thrusts.

“Remember,” I told her leaning over her and cupping her breasts, “just tell me when you’ve had enough and we’ll stop.”

“Not yet,” she gasped. “Soon, but not yet.”

Yes, I’ll bet soon. She was totally hooked and wouldn’t stop until she had been satisfied. I set to, fully intending to meet her expectations. Hands on her breasts, rubbing them, teasing them, while all the time my cock was driving into her, building on her arousal, increasing her excitement, her passion, her lust.

Mike was sitting back watching, an amused look on his face, a lecherously amused look, at that. He was fully intending to take a turn when I finished. I threw him a wink and returned my attention to Deidre, giving my all just as lustily as I could.

Deidre was gasping and giving excited little cries, the cries becoming shriller as her excitement rose. I hung on as long as I could, listening to her, hearing a little note of desperation creeping into her voice. Thank güvenilir bahis şirketleri god for that, too, as I’d almost run my race. I started in on her harder than ever, pushing now to lift her over the line, knowing I was going to fall across it at any moment.

We both climaxed at nearly the same time. Deidre turned out to be a screamer and I was fortunate that Mike was there. He slapped a hand over her mouth before she sounded off and alerted the whole farm as to what was taking place.

Afterwards Deidre sort of collapsed onto the hay, face down, breathing heavily. I rolled her over onto her back, using a handful of softer hay to wipe her down a little. Mike was all set to jump her but I waved him back, wanting him to bide his time for a little longer.

Deidre finally focussed on me, smiling tentatively.

“That was marvellous,” I told her, “but I feel a little guilty.”

“Why? You were going to stop if I told you to.” Actually, she had and I hadn’t, but I wouldn’t point that out to her.

“Oh, not for doing it,” I assured her. “You were wonderful and I wouldn’t have missed the experience for the world. No, I was feeling guilty because first of all I hurt you a little and then you couldn’t see what was happening while I took you. Both things that need to be redressed.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, we need to show you that it won’t hurt in future when you make love. You should also have a chance to observe what happens when a man takes you. Fortunately, we have a second chance.”

“Ah, you mean you want to do it again?”

“Damn right I do, but not right now. However, if you look at Mike. . .”

My voice trailed off as she turned to observe Mike who was sitting next to her, erection thrust towards the sky. I saw her eyes drop to look at his erection and she blushed slightly as she turned to face me.

“What we’ll do,” I told her, “is to have you lie back, but propped up on your elbows. Mike will take you and you’ll be able to see him enter you and move within you. Don’t worry. If you find you don’t like the way he does it just tell him to stop.”

Which I’m sure he would do.

Mike was pushing her legs further apart and kneeling between them before she had a chance to say yay, nay, or maybe. Seeing it was going to happen she swallowed any protest that she might have been about to make and stretched her neck, trying to see what he was doing.

He took advantage of the fact that she was already, ah, acclimatised to a cock in the current circumstance, fitting himself to her and driving fully onto her with one rapid stroke. I was watching her more than Mike, and her eyes opened wide with shock as she saw him disappear into her, feeling him rising within her.

Mike, in my opinion, was a rather impatient lover. He didn’t give Deidre time to adjust, just starting in full bore, thumping away at a great rate. Fortunately, due no doubt to the superb skills I’d shown in initiating her, Deidre started to move with him and was very quickly up to speed, humping her hips energetically has she stayed with him.

She was also, I noticed, watching his cock as it plunged back and forth, seeming fascinated by its movements.

It was highly possible that all the loving care that Deidre had been offering Mike’s cock in her gentle explorations had him over excited. He certainly acted as though he wanted to come in the shortest time possible. Deidre, of course, was still high from her previous climax, and the way she was reacting she was getting back up to the same heights with a great deal of speed.

I could tell the point where Mike went into his end run (Far too early, in my opinion. Didn’t he have any stamina?), and he started belting away with increased vigour. Deidre was too highly strung up to be able to control herself and she climaxed almost as soon as Mike started the end game, with him following shortly after.

All I could think was that it was a waste of an opportunity for a good long fuck. I don’t know. Rush, rush, rush, seems to be a philosophy for some people.

Not that Deidre was complaining. After all, she had had a second climax. Still, I’ll bet if she was a bit more experienced she’d have been most critical of Mike’s performance. It made me realise that I’d have to take care next time to outdo today’s effort.

I spent the next few minutes sweet talking Deidre, telling her what a wonderful girl she was and what a wonderful experience it had been, being with her. The first time, but not the last, I managed to put across, letting her know she was free to bother me whenever she liked. She finally got dressed and went skipping away, all smiles. She would, I was sure, visit me again the next day. I’d have to see if I could organise it so that Mike was nowhere around me. I’m greedy. I didn’t want to share.

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