Fast Friends

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Lida sat down on the plush red chair in exasperation. It had been one hell of a day and she wished she had someone to talk to. It was nice having a highly prestigious job and making a lot of money, but the constant traveling left few opportunities for face to face time.

She scanned the room measuring the qualities of the single men in the dimly lit, red velvet bar. She wondered if the designers thought that the elegant, subtlety sexual decor, would illicit romance and perhaps more drinking. Many of the men returned her gaze with obvious interest. Lida’s petite form and nice size breasts, mixed with her elegant chiseled features and cute face guaranteed it. Her brunette hair was cut into a long bob that accented her features and brought out her big, blue, eyes.

Lida soon discovered that there was a nice selection of eligible men in the bar. Then her eyes, and pulse, stopped, when she laid eyes on the backside of a woman talking to the bartender. The woman’s attractive, long lean legs seemed to go on forever. Her black dress and candy red heels were a friendly distraction. She was tall and so very elegant.

Lida was surprised when her pussy filled with juices while looking at the beauty at the bar. She preferred men nine out of ten times. She needed the feel of their hard, penetrating, shafts filling her deep.

Many men often conceded to her request to be their submissive. She wanted them to take over and make her perform for them. Being small allowed them to fuck her in unimaginable positions. Most got off on the power and supplied the wild ride she always craved.

Lida kept looking over, wanting the mysterious stranger to turn. Her eyes followed the length of her long slender torso that culminated into her tight, round buttocks.

George kept looking at Lida, then finally got up the courage to come over.

“Hey, babe. What brings a doll like you to the bar?”

Lida looked up from her ereader. She had just opted for a lesbian story while she waited for the beauty to turn around. Lida didn’t want to be obvious and go over and look.

The man before her was grossly overweight and unkempt.

“I’m just here on business,” Lida replied with a stiff lip.

“So, that’s why you’re here in the bar by yourself,” he said looking at her lustfully.

“I’m not by myself actually. I’m just waiting for my girlfriend to get us a drink,” she said on impulse, in an attempt to discourage George from talking to her any further.

Unfortunately, George didn’t give up that easily and walked over to the babe at the bar and started talking to her.

Lida continued to admire the attractive features on the blonde babe as she talked to George. May Ling looked back at Lida a couple of times and offered a reassuring smile.

Lida was surprised that the beauty before Kartal Öğrenci Escort her boasted petite, attractive, asian features. It wasn’t too often that asian girls wore blonde hair. The look suited her beautifully. After a couple of minutes George walked away smiling. When he sat down her turned his back to the beautiful babes and ate his steak in silence in front of the football game.

The beauty said a few words to the bartender and walked over to her table.

“Hi. I’m May Ling. From what I understand, I’m your very, best friend.”

They both laughed when she said that. Lida couldn’t help but feel stimulated by May Ling’s revealing cleavage in her low cut, knee length, black dress as she leaned forward flicking an imaginary piece of fluff from her dress.

Was she doing that to turn her on Lida wondered? If she was, it was working. She longed to flick May Ling’s nipples with her tongue until they became impossibly hard.

“Please, have a seat. I’ll buy you a drink. That’s the least I can do as a thank you for getting rid of that guy. How did you do it?”

“I just told him that you and I were madly in love and had no interest in threesomes.”

Lida would have laughed at that comment, but she was just too turned on by it. She simply smiled and shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

May Ling flashed Lida a brilliant smile and sat down seductively. Lida couldn’t help but notice how hard May Ling’s nipples were in the dress she was wearing.

May Ling noticed her looking and boldly grazed her hard nipple on the way to reaching for her drink.

Lida inhaled deeply when she did that. She felt another squirt of juice enter her pussy. May Ling was gorgeous. All she wanted to do was lick and suck and nibble on her big, beautiful breasts. She couldn’t stop thinking about them.

They talked and flirted until they both couldn’t stand the sexual tension any longer.

Taking Lida’s hand and gazing her lips with her finger tips May Ling said, “Let’s go to my suite. I have a Jacuzzi in the middle of my bedroom.”

Lida felt dizzy with anticipation as she numbly followed the asian beauty into the elevator. Once inside the empty elevator May Ling pressed into her and pinned her arms up high, kissing Lida wildly. After a couple of minutes the elevator stopped and a man entered. He was tall, like May Ling. Lida briefly had visions of a threesome. Being filled with hard cock was always a turn on. The elevator stopped and the women got off.

The suite was amazing. It had a separate sitting room beside an enormous bedroom with a Jacuzzi.

Once the door closed to the suite, the two women embraced and let their tongues and lips explore.

Lida looked deep into May Ling’s eyes as she slid aside the thin fabric of her to dress to let Kartal Çıtır Escort her breasts free. Then she devoured May Ling’s big breasts with her teeth, tongue and hands.

“Oooo yes,” the asian beauty cried out.

Lida slid her hand down towards May Ling’s pussy. It got intercepted.

“Oh, baby that feels so good. Lay down on the bed and let me eat you. I want to taste your pussy,” whispered May Ling in passion.

“I want to taste you too May Ling. Let’s 69.”

“Later babes. Right now it’s all about you.”

May Ling started to indulge in Lida’s sweet, soft, pink folds. She licked Lida up and down, then sucked and nibbled, responding to every outburst of intense pleasure.

“See how you taste sugar,” said May Ling as she moved upward to kiss Lida. Lida tasted herself on May Ling’s tongue and savoured the flavour.

May Ling repeated the gesture over and over again.

“Do you like the flavour of your own cum sweetheart,” she asked as she bestowed a wet kiss on Lida’s full lips.

“Yes. I taste delicious. Let me lick you now,” begged Lida.

“Go in the Jacuzzi and wait for me,” replied May Ling.

Once Lida was in the Jacuzzi with her back to her, May Ling removed the cock that was tucked between her legs and let it loom forward. It would be a surprise, but hopefully the passion of the moment would override any other feelings.

“Close your eyes. I have a surprise for you.”

“What are you talking about. What is it?”

When Lida opened her eyes, her beautiful soon to be lover was sitting on the opposite side of the Jacuzzi. Her big, perfectly formed breasts were floating above the water, just like her own. The girls moved a little closer together as they teased and toyed with one another. Their kisses alternated between teasing and tentative, to wildly erotic.

May Ling reached into the wet water and started massaging Lida’s clit. As Lida’s hand reached to do the same, May Ling stopped it and said, “Not yet beautiful one.”

She continued to rub Lida’s clit round and round.

“Ah, aaa, ahhhh, ooooooo, ahhhhhhh, ahh, yes, yes, ooooooo yes, ahhhhhhhhhh, fuck yes,” called out Lida as she released again.

She kissed May Ling deeply in appreciation and quickly moved her hand toward her pussy. But she didn’t find a pussy. She found a very, hard, stiff erection.

“What the hell?” asked Lida.

“Is that one of those new, true to life, strap ons?” she asked, “Is that my surprise?”

Lida was tingly all over and happy that she was going to be able to enjoy the feel of a big hard cock. She wondered if May Ling would consider fucking her ass too. She loved it so much.

“You tell me baby. But no hands. Just your mouth. Close your eyes while you suck me and tell me how real I feel.”

She Kartal Elit Escort took a cloth and wiped the chlorine from her big, hard on, then sat down at the side of the Jacuzzi. Lida happily started licking, and sucking and inhaling May Ling’s hard cock. She devoured it like a vixen with her hands clasped behind her back.

“You feel and taste so real,” she said while continuing to enjoy May Ling’s pulsing movements deep in her mouth.

She went faster and faster. When a familiar warm, wet, salty mixture entered her mouth, Lida was in shock. Then she was extremely turned on. She swallowed every single drop, then kissed May Ling passionately, letting her taste her fluids on her tongue.

“Fuck that’s hot. I’ve never been so turned on in my life,” Lida called out.

“I want you to fuck me with your big hard cock while I suck on your tits,” Lida said getting right into it.

It didn’t take long for May Ling to get hard again, based on the look on Lida’s face, and her obvious level of heightened excitement.

“Get on all fours and hold on babe,” May Ling said.

Her big hard cock loomed in front of her as she held on tight to Lida’s petite little cheeks amidst the swirling water.

May Ling was going to double fuck Lida. She had plenty of towels at the side of the Jacuzzi to prevent any bacterial exchange.

“Ohhh baby, yes, yes, yes.”

May Ling let her tits fall against Lida’s back as she penetrated her pussy with her big cock. After fucking her for a while like that, she toweled off and approached her tight, tiny little hole.

May Ling pressed against Lida’s opening slightly, whispering, “May I?”

“Please!” was the heated reply.

May Ling pressed into Lida’s tight hole slowly. She listened to Lida struggle to take in her girth as she pushed in so very slowly, going deeper and deeper every stroke.

“You can do it baby,” she cooed.

May Ling worked it and worked it, then suddenly in she popped.

“Oh fuck Lida, you do it for me gorgeous. Fuck me back with that sexy ass of yours. That’s it. Do a booty dance on my cock. Fuck my cock with your ass. Fuck it harder. Wilder. Do me right baby. Do me.”

They fucked like that for a long time. May Ling kept alternating between Lida’s pussy and ass, over and over again, driving Lida insane with sexual gratification.

They showered off together and fucked again in the shower. May Ling pinned Lida against the wall and kissed her. Then she nibbled on Lida from head to toe before giving her hard cock once again.

When they got into the bed Lida had an overwhelming desire to lick and suck May Ling’s impressive package, again. Her cock was smooth and big and exactly what she needed. May Ling’s tits bouncing beautifully while Lida gave her another impressive and energetic blow job.

Yes, life was good. May Ling was confident their friendship would last for a very long time and that it did. From that day forward, whenever they could, they got together and enjoyed each other’s orgasmic pleasure and enjoyable conversation. May Ling and Lida became fast friends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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