Fifty Shades of Brown Pt. 20

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The early years

Many followers of my Fifty Shades of Brown life stories know by now I am a real shit and piss addict. Not just any shit or piss of course. I would NEVER touch male shit and piss. Preferably all of these bodily fluids and excretions come from women I love or at least find very attractive.

When I sometimes day dream watching people pass by I imagine if girls/women walking around would be interesting. That is to shit on me and lick them clean. Most women however are not attractive enough to comply. Although I realize they may be very kinky. But if they don’t have the looks, don’t bother.

My lucky relationship with Mieke is quite the adventure that I always dreamt about.

But how did those dreams start?

I really have to dig down deep to understand what happened to me when I was a young boy. I do remember that I discovered that I liked my own shit when I was around 10. As a kid I was bullied. My self esteem was very low and probably because of that I didn’t stand a chance with the girls. The girls I liked were usually in popular groups that also bullied the weaker kids in school or in the neighborhood. So they resented me as well.

When I first discovered that I liked gooey substances I tried a lot. Custard, whipped cream, chocolate spread etc. I secretly bought some and played with it when my parents weren’t home. I smeared it over my whole body and that gave me some satisfaction but it was not enough. I felt it was not naughty enough. Not disgusting enough maybe? I really wanted to do things bursa escort that would make me feel a very bad boy.

Then I discovered that I liked my own shit. I can’t remember how but all of a sudden I found myself on the toilet playing a little bit with my shit. Not extreme because I would have be to able to clean it with just toilet paper. I didn’t dare to use my poo in the shower because of the smell. My parents would have noticed. I was safe doing it in the toilet because the smell wasn’t strange coming from the toilet right?

Slowly I went on discovering the wonderful feeling and texture of shit and as my age went up so went my libido and found myself jerking off with my dick covered in shit. In my sexual excitement I went further and further which sometimes gave me a hell of a job cleaning up with just toilet paper. But it was worth it.

Then I read a book at school (a book chosen by the teacher and we all had to read it) where in one chapter a Duchess (or so) was feeling remorse for how she treated her personnel. She decided it was time for her to serve her personnel instead of the other way round. Every personnel member went on to “punish” her. Mostly with sex.

The gardener took her to the cow stables, undressed her and told her to lay on a big pile of manure. There he fucked her and when he was done he shat in her face. She didn’t resist at all and she even felt very satisfied. I guess she discovered there that she could be a real sub in a master-slave relationship.

That story accelerated bursa escort bayan my fantasies on the matter. There I knew that someday I would have a girl shit in my face. And maybe even try cow shit to play around in. I really wondered what cow shit would be like. When I drove home on my bike late at night I stopped next to a fence. There were cows at the other side. In the moonlit night I could see a cow patty within reach so I didn’t have to cross the fence. I put my fingers in the patty and smelled and played it with my fingers. Just to get a feeling of how it was like. It really turned me on. It didn’t stink at all. It was more like a earthy and grassy smell. And when I cleaned my fingers on the wet grass it was almost completely gone. Ideal!

There I decided that I would try more if the opportunity presented itself.

Year later, when I was alone with my first wife on a holiday in a trailer park, I decided to go out at night. Took a bucket with me and walked a mile to a meadow. It was easy to step over the gate and looked out for fresh cow patties. I found several and scooped a lot of dung in the bucket.

Then I went back, showed it to my wife, and closed myself in the shower. Smeared my whole body with it and had a fantastic orgasm. Showering afterwards was very easy. It dissolves so easy.

I would do that several times later in my life. Really liked that.

Recently I ordered about 12 liters of fresh cow dung from a farm that exploits a website that promotes porn with cow manure. escort bursa I had a great time playing around with all of it in our bath tub. To be a little more comfortable I put cotton wool in my nose in ears. Then it would be a lot easier to clean. I had put the 12 liters in a large bucket and even submerged my whole head in it. Later covered my whole body and pouring scoops of manure over my head so that it could ooze down slowly over my face. That feels so wonderful. Will do that again soon.

The mentioned website also shows a few girls that are more than happy to completely submerge themselves in the manure channel or taking a specially built manure shower. I did cum a lot watching those flicks.

I mailed the webmaster if I could pay for using the manure channel on my own but haven’t heard back yet. I will send them a reminder.

To get back to “normal” human waste, at first I thought I must be the only one. Later several things happened that convinced me otherwise. There are at least 3 friends I have known that I am pretty sure are scat lovers too. One particular friend once told me he heard that there were prostitutes that would let you shit on them if you pay the enough. Because of earlier remarks I became convinced that he was into scat as well and probably wanted to try a scat threesome with his girlfriend and me.

During my adolescent years my biggest dream was marrying a girl that would have no problems with shitting on me. And preferably in my face. I was convinced that I would like women’s shit and especially of the one I love.

My first wife did do that but, to my regret, crossed her own limits with that and after years of deteriorating relationship we divorced. You know how it all came to pass with my new love Mieke.

And boy, did my fantasies come true!

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