Finding New Adventures Ch. 04

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Sybil woke up to the phone ringing, her eyes were blurry from wine and a late night. The sun was shining in the windows, it was making it more difficult to see the clock but she could at least make out that it was past nine. She fumbled for the phone and pressed the button, who was calling her at this hour.

“Hello…?” She grumbled as she sunk her face in the pillow again.

“Well good morning sleepy head. What are you still doing in bed?”

Sybil was trying to place the voice, the young woman’s voice sounded familiar but she couldn’t be exactly sure who it was.

“Who is this?” she responded puzzled.

“What one night with me and you forget my name already? Ha-ha!”

Wait, was that really who she thought it was? How did she get her number? “Kit!?”

“Yes Kit! How are you sexy lady?”

Sybil’s head shot up out off of the pillow and she looked around her room stunned and frantic. James was lying in bed next to her and she was sure the boy was up and downstairs.

“Hold on Kit…” She whispered as she scrambled out of the bed.

“Why are you whispering?”

“Oh… um. Well, I was drinking last night with James and…”

“Wait! James as in your ex James?”

“Yup, that would be the one.”

“But I thought the two of you were split up?”

“We were. I mean we are!”

“Oh this one sounds good and juicy! Let’s meet up for coffee. You down? Fifteen minutes at the Starbucks around the corner?”

“Uh, okay?”

“Perfect. See you then.”

Sybil jumped in the shower and rinsed off real quick. She threw her hair up in a clip and grabbed some clothes. The boy was up and she explained that James was up stairs and to tell him that she would be back in a few hours. She got to the coffee shop and Kit was already waiting for her with two drinks and a pack of smokes.

“Alright ya little slut, spill it!”

“Such pretty talk Kit.” She winked at Kit and grabbed the smokes and her drink, preparing herself to tell the story.

“Well, go on Sybil. Let’s hear it!”

“So, have you seen the guy that lives across the way from you?”

“The really hot guy with the motorcycle? Yeah, he’s yummy!”

“Yup! That’s the one!”

“No way! You’re fucking kidding me! Really! THAT is your ex?”

“Yes he is!”

Sybil took a drag from her smoke and tried to bury her face in her coffee cup. She saw the look on Kit’s face and new that that wasn’t going to cut it for her. So she started to explain what happened the morning she left Kit’s house and the day after. Kit would chime in every now and then asking for more details and Sybil would try and dance around it if she could. By the time she was done explaining everything Kit’s mouth was on the floor, her eyes bugged out. Sybil was blushing and a little embarrassed by what she had just told Kit.

“WOW!” Kit exclaimed. “Are you for real? So he is at your place right now, sleeping in your bed!”

“Yes he is and I am terrified about where this is headed. I love him I do but is this healthy for the both of us?”

“Well, it sounds like you have a healthy sex life again. I mean between the two of us we should be able to satisfy your every need.” Kit gave her a naughty look as she took another sip of her coffee.

“I hadn’t thought of it that way. So would I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend? How would that work? How would I explain that to the boy, and how would I explain this to James?”

Kit laughed and gulped down the rest of Maraş Escort her coffee and put out her cigarette. She smiled at Sybil and motioned for her to sit closer. “Well, you tell the boy I am your friend and I act like it when he is around. And you tell James the truth. That I take care of you as well and hopefully he won’t have a problem with it. Who knows, maybe we can take care of you together some times. I can do a man every now and then. Text him and see where he is.”

Sybil pulled out her phone and had a message from James, “Went back to my place. Call me later?” Sybil read it out loud.

“Perfect! I walked here, so we can jump in your car and go see him!” Kit let out an evil chuckle and grabbed Sybil’s hand. Dragging her off to the car. “Let’s go talk to him right now. Surprise him, ambush him! He loves you, and you obviously still love him, so this should work out great. I’m going to play match maker with you two.”

Sybil didn’t have time to respond and before she knew it they were on his doorstep. Sybil knocked quietly and waited a few moments before the door opened. When James opened the door he was surprised to see Sybil and Kit standing there. Kit was standing behind Sybil smiling waiving. James smiled back and invited them in.

“So what brings the two of you here? Sybil I thought you were…” James paused for a moment and looked at the two of them. “Why do I get the feeling this is more than just a social call? Sybil… what is going on?”

Sybil choked and motioned for everyone to go outside on the patio. She was going to need nicotine to explain this one. Once they were all outside, she sat down and took a deep breath, she was actually nervous about explaining this to James. She looked over at Kit who had a huge grin on her face, James had a puzzled but curious look on his face. She lit her cigarette, and positioned herself so that she was facing James.

“Obviously you know about Kit and I, you saw everything that happened that night. She gives me something I have been missing for a long time, and I really enjoy her company. But I really enjoy being with you too. I have no idea how this is going to work, and I am not sure how you are going to handle the situation, but I want to try and work on things with you.” Sybil paused for a moment to study the look on James’ face, to see if she could get a sense of what he was thinking. “What do you think? Is this something that you can deal with?”

“First of all, nice to meet you neighbor, I am James. I think we know a little more about each other than we should, and we seem to share a common interest.” Kit laughed and shook her head in agreement. Sybil just wished she had a deep whole to crawl in to.

“Sybil I would love to try and reconnect with you, but are you trying to connect with the both of us on a romantic level?”

“This may sound horrible, but I am not going to be dating Kit, she is there for the other connection that only a woman can give. Is there a problem with that?”

“No, not necessarily, I just want to make sure that we are all on the same page, and that everyone is in agreement and understands their role in all of this.”

“Well I for one think Sybil is fun, attractive, intelligent, and great at other things. If I gain a friendship out of this and a little fun on the side I am a happy camper.” Kit was hoping that this would ease the tension a little and lighten the mood. “And who knows, maybe we can all join in in a little fun every now and then. Maraş Escort Bayan As long as we all together of course, Sybil and I would play separately.”

Sybil just sat there in silence, this was all new to her and she had no idea where this was going to go. Her phone started to vibrate and it made her jump. It was the boy, texting her and asking if he could stay at a friend’s house. And given the day and how it was going that wasn’t such a bad idea. How was she going to juggle her home life and her now very crazy, not mention, complicated sex life. It was a good thing the summer was almost over. They all sat there in silence until James finally broke it.

“I am famished, why don’t we all go out and get some lunch and we can talk about some of the finer details?’

That sounded like a wonderful plan to Sybil, you could cut the tension with a butter knife. They all piled in to Sybil’s car and headed to lunch. They were there for several hours before finally heading out. Now the question was, where do they go? It was a Sunday afternoon and they all had to work the next day.

“So what now?” Sybil breathed a sigh of relief when James broke the silence.

“Well, I guess I can drop you off to pick up your bike and we can all go back to my place. Kit I know this is a silly question, but do you have a car?”

“Oh yeah, I just walk if it is close. I’ll follow you over to your place?”

With that they all piled into the car and headed to the apartment complex and then to Sybil’s house. She let the dogs out and broke out a bottle of Fireball for James and a bottle of wine for her and Kit. They all sat around the couch to continue their conversation. Sibyl was in the middle of the two and felt like the center of attention. Kit and James had scooted closer to her, and before she knew it they were practically on top of her. The two of them had a very mischievous grin on their face and it worried Sybil a little. She didn’t really expect for any of this to happen, let alone anything that they had discussed today to happen this soon.

James started to run her fingers up Sybil’s arm to her long slender neck, playing with the delicate curves and creases, causing her head to fall back and sigh softly. Meanwhile Kit was rubbing her hands over Sybil’s legs, onto her inner thigh, before letting her hands slip in between her legs brushing against her warm and moistening pussy. Sybil began to coo and squirm as Kit massaged her; Sybil could see the writing on the wall and settled in to enjoy the ride. James started to kiss her neck as Kit began working on removing Sybil’s pants.

“The two of you are evil. This is wrong on so many levels. But it feels so good. Take me, make me cum and scream.” That was all they needed to hear, and with that James and Kit got to work.

“Are you going to cum for me my love?”


“I’m going to suck your clit and eat your pussy until you scream and cum all over my face.” Kit removed the rest of Sybil’s clothing, spread her soft milky legs and buried her face in her wet, wanting, pussy.

“That’s a good girl Kit, make her cum all over you, I want her pussy nice and wet for my dick.”

“James, I want you to kiss me all over. Be as gentle or as rough as you like, a little of both even. When you are done with me I want to look like I have been fucked and ravished.”

“As you wish.”

James could hear Kit slurping up the warm juices while Sybil ran her hands through Kit’s hair, Escort Maraş grabbing her head and pressing her pussy to her face. He took off his clothes and unclasped her bra, exposing her soft, pale, and very tender tits. Her nipples where still soft, he took one of them in his strong hands and began rolling it between his fingers while he sucked good and hard on the other, giving it a little love bite every now and then. He remembered how Sybil would always tell him that it was okay for him to leaves marks on her, and he rarely ever did. She never could understand why but didn’t really press the subject.

“Oh Jimmy, that’s how I like it. Kitty, make me cum for you, I want to soak your face and this couch with my cum.”

Sibyl had no idea if Kit liked to be called Kitty or if anyone had even called her that before, but she didn’t seem to mind, she went right work on her little button and worked it hard with her tongue. She flicked, sucked and licked her driving her crazy and moaning deeply. James kissed her long and deep, letting her scream and moan into his mouth. He loved that, it was what he used to do to muffle her sounds so the boy wouldn’t hear it. When she was done he moved his attention back to her neck; he kissed her sweet spots, nibbling and sucking them until she was writhing on the couch, screaming in ecstasy. He let his sucking get a little more intense and concentrated in one spot, making sure to leave was Sybil referred to as love marks.

Kit brought her head up from Sybil’s pussy, kissing her way up her body, stopping along the way to pay attention to special areas. James was still on one side of her neck and Kit concentrated on the other for a bit. Together they worked her, finding those little sweet spots and making her scream. James began to move down her smooth body until her reached her pussy, stopping for a bit to taste her, bathing his stubbled face in her warm juices. He massage her hidden, tender little rosebud with his finger while working her clit with his tongue. He brought both hands down to her ass and lifted her up in the air a bit so that he had better access to her. He trailed his tongue from her clit down to her pussy, penetrating her with his tongue before moving on to her taint and eventually her puckered rosebud. He let his tongue gently glide over her, tickling her slightly before letting his tongue probe her ass.

Sybil moaned as Kit sucked on her tits and James licked her ass. She had a hand on each of them, pressing them against her. James licked her ass while he worked her clit with his fingers, he could feel her swelling beneath him, and when he looked up he could see her pussy winking at him and her lips twitching. Sybil’s legs began to shake and she latched on to him, digging her nails into him. She began to buck against him so Kit climbed on top of her and straddled her in a sixty-nine. Sybil latched on to her pussy and began drinking the juices that were dripping from her pussy while Kit took over for James on her clit. She matched the intensity that James was using and help on while they sent her into the throws of her first orgasm.

Sybil’s sounds were muffled by Kit’s pussy, but James could still hear her. It made his dick rock hard, he propped himself on his knees and started rubbing himself while he and Kit continued their assault on her. Sybil’s orgasm hit her like a wave of pleasure, she grabbed Kit’s hips and buried her face deep into her pussy and honed in on her clit, sucking hard and with a direct purpose. She screamed into Kit’s pussy and released her cum everywhere. Her cum went all over James’ face and splashed onto Kit’s. James left her ass and placed his mouth around her pussy, her cum was gushing from her like a busted well, James was drinking from her with immense pleasure.

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