First Time for Peter

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Peter looked through the gap in the blinds in his bedroom for the fifth time that afternoon.

This time his luck was in, the new neighbour next door was in the garden hanging the washing to dry in the glorious sunshine.

He looked her up and down and devoured the sight before him, her dusky skin glistened in the bright light and the sinews and muscles in her legs shimmered in the heat.

She was wearing tight shorts and a vest top, he could tell from the way she moved that she wasn’t wearing a bra, something within him stirred and he felt himself start to get hard.

He watched as she bent and stretched until he could no longer resist, he pulled his own shorts down to free his rock solid cock and it bounced as it flicked off his pants.

She wiped away a bead of sweat and glanced towards his window, he backed away quickly into the shadow, had she seen him?

Peter stole a quick glance and watched as she wafted her top to try and cool herself, she reached under the vest and stroked her flesh to feel the salty wetness, this stirred his hardness again and he stroked slowly as he watched.

She stretched and pulled back her long dark mane, he could see the outline of her breasts and nipples as she tied back her hair, it wasn’t long before he grunted as he sent streams of hot cum into the kitchen roll that he kept in his top drawer for occasions like this.

A couple of days later Peter came in from college and heard voices in the kitchen, his mum called him through, “this is Beth, she moved in next door last week, we are just having a coffee and chat, come and say hello.”

Beth looked over and smiled warmly, Peter could feel his face glowing red in case she knew what he got up to, a friendly look on her face told him he was in the clear, “Hi, nice to meet you” he stammered.

Beth commented to his mum “yes, you are right, he is a big strong boy, he will do nicely” and she laughed.

Peter’s mum explained that Beth needed help moving some crates that had been unpacked, there were items that also needed putting in the loft, she had volunteered him as she wanted him to do something other than güvenilir bahis stay in his bedroom all night.

Beth left soon after, thanked Peter for agreeing to help and said that she would see him later.

Peter could hardly finish his food, he was nervous and excited at the same time.

He showered and changed and called to his mum that he would see her later.

Beth opened the door to him and the first thing that he noticed was that she had changed out of the clothes that she worn earlier.

She wore a flowery patterned dress that buttoned all the way up the front, he also noted that there were a couple of buttons at the top and bottom that had been left open, the flesh at the top of the inside of her thigh showed as she walked.

Beth smiled at his nervousness and assured Peter that she didn’t bite, she showed him the crates that required moving and he set about stacking them in the garage.

It was still warm and the heavy lifting had made him perspire, Beth offered Peter a drink and they moved into the kitchen with a cold beer.

They sat and talked at the breakfast bar in the kitchen, when she sat on the tall stool it exposed the gap in Beth’s dress and Peter caught a glimpse of her white cotton knickers as he sat opposite, he couldn’t help but feel movement in his crotch and he willed himself not to keep staring at her beautiful mound.

Beth had an easy relaxed way about her, before long Peter felt really comfortable about being in her company, she teased him about being very good looking and quizzed him about all the girls that he must have.

They finished their beer and Beth showed him the boxes that needed moving to the loft, they set up a folding ladder beneath the hatch and Peter climbed up.

As he climbed, the ladder swayed slightly and Beth grabbed his legs to steady him,

Once everything was stowed away in the loft, Beth stood on the bottom rung to steady the ladder, as he came down she wrapped her arms around his waist from behind, Peter stopped frozen to the spot, Beth moved her hands sexily under his

t-shirt stroking his smooth skin, he couldn’t move, türkçe bahis he didn’t want to move, his entire nerve endings were electric to her touch.

She continued to feel her way around his body, she stroked his legs, and ran her fingers slowly, ever so slowly up the inside of his thighs.

She whispered “i’ve seen you looking at me” as she loosened the belt on his pants and opened the zipper, this was crazy, he was still standing on the ladder.

Beth pulled his pants and underwear down past his knees, she then kissed his arse and spread his cheeks so that she could lick at his puckered hole, as she did so, she reached around and felt for his cock.

She gasped, it was like an iron bar and big, so big in fact that she couldn’t close her fingers around the shaft. Peter’s breathing was heavy and he moaned to her touch, she asked if he could turn around safely, but stay at the same level, when she saw him in the flesh she almost screamed, his monster cock bobbed up and down, his eyes were glazed and he had that look in his eyes that was pure sexual lust.

He was young and inexperienced and she figured he would cum in an instant, she slowly stroked him and whispered “is this what you do when you are looking at me?”

He breathed heavily and replied “yes, i’m sorry”, she told him that it was ok as it turned her on to think of him stroking his cock while thinking of her.

She licked the length of him and played the tip with her wet tongue, all too soon Peter tensed and moaned loudly, she stroked faster and watched as thick globules of cum shot in endless streams into the air.

As he softened she took him in her mouth and cleaned every inch of his thick member, as she did so, he started to get hard again.

She led him by the hand into her bedroom.

Beth undressed Peter and laid him back on the bed, she took off the dress that she was wearing and stood before him in a lacy white bra and cotton briefs.

The front of her briefs had become see through due to the wetness from her pussy, she stood and looked hungrily at the size of Peter’s cock standing as proud as a guardsman in front of her.

She güvenilir bahis siteleri got naked and climbed in alongside him.

He immediately climbed on top of her, but she pushed him away and said that it was her turn to be spoilt, she told him not to worry because she was going to show him exactly what to do.

She turned over and lay face down, she asked him to kiss her gently, starting at the nape of her neck and to move slowly down her back and shoulders working towards her ass.

He was a quick learner and eager to please, she moaned softly as he ran the tip of his tongue down her back and over her hips, as he did so, she asked him to run his hand gently up the inside of her thigh.

She bent one knee allowing access to her special place, she was moaning and moving ever so gently now, Peter ran a finger up the inside of her thigh and found a silky wetness, as he did so, he found Beth’s fingers already exploring, he followed her movements and she moaned heavily into her pillow.

Beth wanted more fulfillment now so she put Peter on his back and lowered herself slowly over his engorged manhood, she told him not to move as she would have to do this inch by inch.

She held him and rubbed the tip slowly over her wetness easing the head into her, she rocked back and forth slowly and gently impaled herself on his rampant rock hard cock, she could feel her insides stretching and molding to his shape as she slid lower and lower coating his throbbing member with her oily juices.

Soon she was able to take him all the way and she moved back and forth sliding onto him like a piston on a well oiled machine.

She had orgasmed quickly and heavily twice in a short space of time, she had to tell him not to cum a couple of times but he was now struggling to hold onto his load.

She lay back and he put her legs over the fold in his arms and lifted her slightly off the bed, she guided him quickly into her soaking pussy and told him to fuck her hard, he followed his instructions to the letter until they both exploded into an exchange of each others copious juices.

They lay there afterwards breathing heavily and only moved when Peter’s cock slipped out of Beth’s sopping pussy, the cum oozed slowly between her legs.

This was Peter’s first time but not his last, it’s amazing how many jobs that he needs to help with at Beth’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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