First Time with Sir

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Double Penetration

You open the door and slip in quickly. You only have a few minutes to get ready for when I’ll arrive.

We had spent the afternoon together and you accepted my offer to spend the night together. Since we didn’t have much time to talk about specifics we hastily agreed to just keep things lite, mostly vanilla with a few kinky sprinkles. No bondage and even in role playing “no” means no.

Looking around it’s a nice, but typical hotel room. “Wait for me like you think a good girl should”, was all I said when you asked if I wanted you to do anything special. You have an idea of what that should entail.

You check the pocket on my bag and verify that the condoms are present. You aren’t sure if they are a sign of hope or confidence on my part, but you’re happy that they are there.

You go into the bathroom freshen up and give your teeth a quick brush. You also brush your hair. Looking in the mirror one last time you smile at what you see and head back into the main part of the room.

With a final breath you take off your shoes, dress and panties and put them on the desk. Now naked, you kneel on the floor facing the door and wait. Your knees shoulder width apart, you aren’t sure what to do with your hands. After a few moments you settle on gripping your elbows behind your back. It’s submissive and shows off your tits nicely.

Exposed and waiting your heart beats faster as your wait. Thoughts of the day play through your head. Holding hands and a couple of quick kisses was all we’ve done so far. You think to the few times when I put my hand on your waist to guide you before me and your nipples harden to think of my hands on your breasts. Of my hands running over your bottom. Of spanking you.

Even though the room is cool, you feel hot and you hear the door beep to allow someone in. A moments panic make you worry it might not be me, but the door swings wide before you can react.

I look in to see you in your glory and just stand to gaze for a few seconds. Entering the room and closing the door behind me I see you breath out, now that a passerby won’t look in and see you.

“What a wonderful way for my princess to greet me!” I say, a smile on my face and blood rushing to my crotch.

You keep your eyes on mine and whisper, “Thank you, Sir!”

Walking to you, I lower my hand and help you stand. Gently gripping your face in my hands, I reach down and kiss you. My tongue running along the inside of your lips.

As I feel you move your arms to reach up around my neck, I gently push them back down and hold them behind your back with 1 hand. The other moving up your back to cradle your head. Pulling you tightly against my body we continue our kiss.

You feel my hard cock press against your belly through my pants and I feel your hard nipples against my chest.

Breaking the kiss, I lower my hands to both hug you and keep your arms trapped behind you.

“Have you been a good girl today?” I ask playfully.

“Oh, yes, Sir!”

“Really? You think good girls go to strange men’s hotel rooms and wait for them naked?” my face mock serious.


“I think someone needs a smacked bottom,” and I shuffle over and sit on the edge of the bed. “Assume the position.”

You move to the side and bend over my lap. I guide your head and upper body around so that your legs hang free, but your upper body is on the bed.

Tapping the insides of your thighs, you spread your legs a little and the blows start fast and furious. 10 smacks in as many seconds, 5 on each cheek. As I run my hans over your bottom, it feels warm. As I dip a little further down and run my hand up your inner thigh I feel a little wetness.

Smiling, I repeat another 10 smacks followed by a few seconds of rubbing and then a 3rd set.

“Now, lets see if you can behave,” I say. You can’t see my face, but you can hear the smile in my voice.

I roll you onto the bed and get you positioned so that your butt as at the very edge of the bed. I help you get your legs up and put your feet on the edge as well. “Hold onto your ankles and don’t let go.”

Now on your back and spread wide I lean down over you and go back to kissing you. Slowly, I start to work my way down, paying special attention to both your nipples. Slowly I make my way down and I kneel on the floor and drink in the wonderful vision before me.

Starting above your clit, I kiss and lick. At first I spend most of my time on your upper thighs and outer labia. I pull back every so often to check and am happy to see the near white knuckle grip you have on your ankles.

As you climb your peak, I start to zero in on your pussy opening and clit. Alternating and listening to see what will bring you over the edge. As I hear your breathing get more labored I also slip a finger into your pussy and start to finger fuck you.

“Please”, is all I hear.

“Cum for me baby,” my voice a little muffled as I try to talk and lick at the same time.

It only takes a few more moments and I feel you cum. Instead of letting you relax as you come down from your first orgasm, I immediately move back in and see if I can bring you to another orgasm. To see if I can get you to release your grip.

I succeed in bringing you to your second orgasm, but fail to make you release your ankles. I’m going to spank you again, but I’ll have to make another excuse.

I move back up your body, kissing and licking my way up. Once over you I kiss you and say, “Okay My little slut, back on the floor, on your knees.” And I pop up and wait for you. I enjoy watching you struggle a little, your body clearly not recovered from your recent orgasms. But, no one ever said that submission was going to be easy, so I reach down and help you up by grabbing a handful of hair and guiding you off the bed.

You kneel again your back against the bed. Looking up your eyes are still a little glazed and your mouth is slightly open. You look so beautiful.

“Undress me.”

You hear the words and it takes a few moments to both understand the words and the order. I see a smile form on your lips as you realize what I meant and you immediately reach for my belt.

“No, do it right. Shoes, shirt, then pants, greedy slut!” I playfully scold.

You bend over and untie my shoes and slip them off as well as my socks. Tossing them to the side you start with my shirt. I don’t stop you, but make a mental note that you will need instruction on proper protocol later.

You untuck the shirt and undo the buttons. I help a little and shrug my shoulders out of the sleeves so you can take it off while still on your knees.

With only my jeans still on, you go back to undoing my belt. I watch your face carefully but you don’t see me, your eyes focused on the task in front of you.

You move quickly, but clumsily. Your body still not fully recovered from your orgasms. You pull down my jeans and underwear down to my knees, my cock bouncing free and smacking you in the cheek. As we both chuckle you reach up and take my cock in your hand. It’s not fully hard, but it feels warm in your hand.

“No!” my voice startles your and your hand drops from me. “I said undress me, not indulge your inner slut.” My voice isn’t harsh and as you look up at the surprising command, you see the gleam in my eyes. Playtime is just starting.

You finish getting my pants off, your eyes staying glued to my cock the whole time. Once I’ve joined you in being naked you look up and wait for me.

“Hands behind your back and just look at my cock.” Your gaze returns to my crotch as you place your hands behind you. As you sit on your heels, my cock is a bit higher than eye level.

I step in closer to your face and you open your mouth in anticipation of the order. Instead, I stay just a couple of inches away. “Just look at it, focus on it, and think about it.”

You’re surprised and glance up for a moment, but then refocus on the organ in front of you. Not huge, but not small either. Balls are shaved and the pubic hair around the base is trimmed short. A little precum is glistening on the end.

You think about it in your mouth, your tongue caressing it. You think about it in your pussy, pumping in and out. You realize that both your pussy and mouth are in danger of dripping and at least close your mouth and swallow to avoid that embarrassment.

“Would you like to kiss my cock and balls?”

“Yes, Sir,” you whisper.


You lean forward, open your mouth and just as you start to take the head into your mouth, you feel my hand pushing your head back.

You lick your lips and taste the slightly sweet taste of my precum.

“Don’t be bad! I said you can kiss it, don’t be greedy now!”

Chastised again, you lean in and start to kiss my cock. Starting with the head you kiss all over and when you get to my balls you continue kissing, but occasionally slip your tongue out a little as well. You feel my hand on your head guiding you from cock to ball to other ball and back to cock.

In seconds I’m fully hard. “Okay, baby doll, you can suck on me. Start with my balls and show me what you can do! Use one hand if you like, play with yourself with the other.”

You don’t need to be told twice. One hand reaches up to work on my cock and balls and the other slips between your thighs.

I let you play for a few minutes and I realize that if I don’t want my part to finish too soon, I’d best slow you down.

“That’s nice,” I say, pulling my cock from your mouth. You pout at the loss and look up, wondering if you’ve done something wrong.

“Good girls get fed their cum, but you weren’t a good girl, were you? You were greedy and tried to touch and suck without permission! I think you know what happens to greedy girls, don’t you?”

I move and sit in the armless desk chair. You smile as I pat my lap and you resume the position. This time, I not only rub your bottom but reach in and play with your clit and finger fuck you in between spanking sets.

You try to keep count, but having my cock trapped between your ribs and my body as well as the attention I give your pussy, you are simply too distracted to count.

Still, it doesn’t take long for you to reach another orgasm. You’re feeling pretty wiped out as I lead you back to the bed and lay you down. I join you and hold you for several minutes as you recover, gently stroking you hair, face and breasts.

“We have some unfinished business, don’t we?” I ask. You look up at my face, and follow my gaze back down to my now much softer cock. The gentle pressure as I push you down all the encouragement you need to slip down between my legs and to resume your cocksucking.

I’m hard again quickly and after a few minutes of enjoying your mouth I reach over and grab a condom off the night stand. You open it up and slide it over me.

I pull you up to my level on the bed and roll you onto your back. Holding your hands above your head with one hand I guide myself into you. You’re soaking wet and while you’ve had several orgasms today, only this will satisfy you.

I start fucking in earnest, pleased to see the look of ecstasy on your face as you give into the fucking.

It’s a struggle, but I manage to hold off on my orgasm until yours begins. As I feel your pussy clench down on me I lose control and cum hard, letting myself collapse on top of you and kissing you as we come down together.


Is the sex really done just because we are no longer having orgasms? You lay in my arms, our fingers gently running along any skin we find. Wordlessly, you get up. I hear water running in the bathroom and a few minutes later you come back and lead me to the bath be the hand. I sit and then you join me, sitting between my legs. I wrap my arms around your waist and hug you tightly to me as we soak in the warm water.


Is the sex really done just because we are no longer awake? Dry again, we’re under the sheets. Face to face, our bodies entwined, your head resting on my shoulder. We watched TV and talked until we were both half asleep. Now, in the darkness Sir holds his slut and she holds her Sir. We sleep.

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