Five Nights at a Conference Pt. 03

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Note to readers: things start getting a little crazier here. If “crazier” isn’t your thing, please move on to something else that is more your speed. There’s another category that might be a more obvious fit but I don’t want to spoil the twist by putting it in there, so be warned: this is not just vanilla sex.



During the day, I had a few glimpses of Lauren, looking hot but professional. She was dressed a little sexier than she had been during the day up until now: she wore a fairly tight but knee-length blue skirt that hugged her ass, and a snug blazer that mostly covered up her tits, but given the previous views I had, gave me all that I needed to imagine what was underneath.

Once again, I was at her door that night. Today, I had barely been able to focus on anyone’s talks at the conference. I just sat there in the middle of a bunch of my peers, trying to keep my boner from being obvious as I recalled the previous night’s events.

Once again, my cock was hard before I even walked in to her room.

Once again, she seemed a little unsure of something.

Once again she was hot as fuck, with a silk red robe showing off some of her amazing assets, and making clear that her wardrobe during the day had nothing on what she could make sizzling hot at night.

It’s hard to explain exactly how great her tits were. Quite ample in size, with an impressive round shape. When she turned to the side and bent over for a minute, they were almost perfect spheres, cantaloupe-sized and topped with clearly visible and protruding nipples. Reader: Want to have some big tits that you can really grab on to, that look great under clothes as well as naked? These were your tits. Not too big-no crazy porn star size or anything. Just as big as you could want from any normal actual human.

As I was pondering on the beauty of her momentous mammaries, she seemed to make up her mind.

“OK, I’m just going to say this, and you can freak out or not. The reason you can’t fuck me in the pussy, it’s a little different from what I said before. I’m not having my period.” She pulled open her robe, showing me her full naked self for the first time. This included, notably, her significantly long, naked cock.

I stood there for a second, looking at this cute Midwestern woman with huge, shapely tits, a face that I had come on multiple times, and a cock that even semi-flaccid was probably bigger than mine. And I thought, fuck it, if I’m on a sexual adventure far from home, let’s have an adventure.

I walked in and closed the door.

“Lauren,” I said, “you’ve been a bad girl, lying to me like that. You’re going to need to be properly fucked as a punishment.” For a second she looked into my eyes, not sure if she should be scared. I grabbed her and turned her around, pulling off her robe.

“Put your hands on canlı bahis the wall,” I said. She complied.

I pulled open my pants and yanked out my definitely hard cock. It clearly made up its mind before my actual mind about what to do in this encounter. I didn’t have any lube, but my pre-cum was rapidly covering my cock head; I wiped it around, and then spit on my hand, and applied it to my cock to get it even slicker. I slowly pressed my cock into her small butthole, my dick surrounded by her fleshy ass cheeks.

As my cock invaded her insides, I could see her own cock hardening on the other side. It flopped around as I started to really pound into her, smacking into her stomach as she jerked back and forth with the force from my thrusts. I reached around and grabbed it, feeling its length, then started jerking it off. It wasn’t too thick, my hand could wrap around it easily, which made jerking it off work out smoothly. I still hadn’t seen the full length when it was hard due to the angle, but based on how long my hand strokes were, it must be pretty lengthy.

“So this is what you were hiding last night with that unusual position,” I said between grunts.

“Oh my god,” she said, “Yes, yes, you’re right. God that feels good. Feel me up, jerk me off like that stripper jerked you off! Fuck my ass like your bitch!”

My own cock started feeling larger and larger in her asshole. I could feel hers was getting bigger in my hand, too.

I was almost ready. I pulled out of her tight shithole with a pop, and she turned around and got in her knees, like being submissive was her second nature. She had told the truth about herself, and now she was free to be true to herself. I jerked myself only a couple times, then unleashed all over her face, leaving a torrent of cum all over her eyes, nose, and mouth. Then I lowered my aim and shot all over her bountiful tits. I think I came more that time than I had any time before with her.

When some of my cum dripped down from her tits onto her literally vibrating cock, it shot off of its own accord, blasting her tits from below like a lawn sprinkler. That was truly an impressive cumshot of hers, it had to be half a cup of cum. It was pure white and thick, leaving globules that stuck to her body, clinging where they hit, from her nipples to her abdomen and legs. My cum continued to rain down on her tits from above, while her cum shot straight up at the bottom of her tits from below, covering them in a 180-degree shower of sperm. I could see her cock now, although I was focused on other things, and its length meant that her cum didn’t have to shoot very far to hit her tits. In fact, the way she was bent over, the head of her cock occasionally hit the bottom of her own cleavage, and shot right in the tight space between her tits. The more she came, the more I came. Our mingled cum dripped from bahis siteleri her rack in a glorious display of semen. It was like a modern artwork, the two kinds of cum next to each other like two kinds of paint, one dripping down like water, the other glued in place like white mud. Their viscosities stayed somewhat separate, like oil and vinegar salad dressing, and she scooped it up and slurped it down just like it was her favorite topping in the world.

“This is pretty hot,” I said. “I’m not totally sure about this dick thing, but it is kind of fucking hot to fuck a chick with a dick. I’m not up for you sticking it in me, but I’ll get you off, as long as make me happy the way I want. From now on, you’ll do what I say, got it?”

“Yes…master,” she said. Hell, I didn’t even ask her to say that.

I laid her on her back and placed my semi-soft cock between her generous tits, which were still wet with sperm even after her enthusiastic meal. Even laying down on her back, they still made large mounds, and when she held the sides together around me, they made for a gigantic crevasse whose heat and pressure instantly made my cock hard like a diamond. I started stroking myself in and out of her soft channel, occasionally twisting her large nipples.

She asked, “Master, would you hold my breasts, so I can jerk myself off?”

Shit, I loved it. I was happy to put those tits in my hands, and loved that she double-fisted her cock behind me, jack-hammering it with a fervent need. Her tits were an amazing garden for nurturing my cock, and they soon brought it to fruition. Just as before, my own orgasm triggered hers. When I came on her chin and neck in several large blasts, she came as well, and because of our position, the numerous heavy streams blasted straight on my ass, and in particular several shots flew straight on my asshole. As I said, the tip of her cock, when it was laying down, almost hit her tits, so it was surprising really that it didn’t go right in my asshole itself, the way I was fucking her tits so wildly. The warmth of the blasts puckered my anus open, and some shot inside, the rest dripping from my ass cheeks and crack. I kneeled over her head.

“Just for that, you get extra punishment,” I said, and lowered my now cum-covered asshole over her face. “Suck it!”

She licked her own cum off my asshole, delving deeply inside with her tongue to scoop out every last drop. Oh fuckity fuck that was amazing. She swallowed a pretty huge amount, based on the number of shots I had felt hit my asshole. It had to be ten or twelve giant blasts. Some of that was just dripping from my ass cheeks, and sure she got that too, but a decent amount was sluicing out of my asshole like a canal lock that had just been opened. She swallowed a couple times from the generous amount of it.

“That’s a pretty big dick,” I said, checking bahis şirketleri it out. It had to be at least ten inches long, although as my earlier assessment had figured, it wasn’t as thick as mine. It occurred to me that ladies are known for their flexibility.

“Can you suck your own dick?”

“Yes,” she admitted.

“Let’s see it,” I said. She laid on her back, her tits ballooning off to the sides, and lifted her hips up above her, then shifting so her back was against the wall. This way her legs’ weight pulled her hips and her cock downward, enough so she could get the first few inches past her red lips. It looked so incredibly hot. She sucked away at her head, and I sat next to her, playing with her tits and asshole.

“Nice,” I said, “fuck your tits with it again too.”

She slipped it out of her drooling mouth and I pressed her tits around her cock, and she sawed it back and forth.

“Oh god,’ she said, “it feels so fucking good, no wonder you guys love to fuck tits!”

I was hard again too. I considered trying to get in her butt again, but the angle was bad, especially with her moving her hips back and forth to get her cock in her mouth. So I put my dick next to her lips and told her to suck both cocks. She smiled and started to suck mine for a while, then switched back and forth between mine and hers. Our cocks touched, and rubbed side by side as she switched between them. I told her to try to fit in both, and she opened wide, and after a minute of maneuvering managed to get in a bit of both of our cocks. That was enough for me. I started coming, and she did as well. We both blasted off into her mouth, filling it near-instantly, after which it started pouring outside over her lips and face. Her face and neck were just covered with our two sources of cum, as were both of our cocks. I put it next to her mouth again so she could clean off the wet, warm remains of both of our huge loads, which dripped off my head and shaft. She did so, which was always my favorite part of a blow job. Then she cleaned off her similarly-dripping cock, gasping just as I had when the sensitive head went into her mouth.

I asked her what her husband thought of her cock. She said that he accepted it, but never touched it. She had to jerk herself off while they fucked. He mostly didn’t even want to get near enough to it to fuck that delicious ass of hers, so she had to get him off with blowjobs—which explained her skills in that department. Getting ass fucked was so rare it actually made her cock cum three below her last night. I had realized she had come, but it had never occurred to me that she had three separate secret pools of sperm covering her legs and tits after I was finished.

Hell, I was happy to bring her some well-needed jerking off by a hand not her own. Getting a little cum on my hand was worth it for the pleasure it obviously brought her.

We talked for a while longer, but my cock was exhausted and not up to its triple performance of the night before. I left once again, with all kinds of new fantasies brewing in my mind.

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