Flying First Class

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As the plane accelerated on the runway, she closed her eyes and let her mind drift, the plane ride wasn’t going to be long, in fact, since it was so early in the morning, the sun only barely peeking over the horizon, she would land before noon at her destination. The first class seats were designed with comfort in mind and so, when the plane finally reached it’s cruising altitude and speed, she rose carefully and slipped off her blazer and settled it in the overhead compartment before kicking off her shoes and tucking her long legs beneath her back in her seat. Reclining the chair back a little, she covered her lap with the small airline blanket provided to her by the cabin attendant and once again, let her lashes tumble closed over her blue eyes. She wasn’t a morning person, in fact, she was barely an afternoon person and the early hour had strained her good sense of humor to its limits so now, she was going to take a nap, she knew that if she didn’t sleep in the air, she wasn’t going to get another chance until very late in the evening.

With a fist tucked under her chin and her long dark locks tumbling over her features, one might have mistaken her for a child, until at least, they let their gaze drift down to her curves, which marked her in no uncertain terms as a full grown woman. Her sleep was deep and sound, and the slight rocking motion of the jet as it passed through a pocket of turbulence did nothing to disturb that. It was during this time of rest that she began to dream, her mind drifted to the man who had held not only her intrigue but her genuine interest, he was tall, with auburn hair and a ready smile. She never could quite tell what color his eyes were, she always became a little bit lost in the gleam of devilment there, though in truth, they were an incredible shade of blue, rimmed with a smoky black that only intensified the color.

Her body stirred with a quiver of excitement as her mind produced an image of him to study, his lips curved in a smile that belied the laughter rumbling from his throat, his short dark locks giving a hint of unruliness that would be very obvious were he to not keep them tamed in that short style. His tall frame was lean and solid, she estimated that he probably weighed around 160 lb., but since she was terrible at that sort of estimation, should could be off by a great deal. His hands canlı bahis were large and had a strong look to them, as if, were she to be in his grasp, she would feel completely secure, or were his fingers to slip inside her tight wet heat, she would feel full and so hungry that she would lose control of her senses immediately.

In her dream filled mind, she was able to study each fine detail with deliberate slowness, she could pause and look and even reach out to trail her fingers over him as if he were an exquisite piece of art, and so it began. One of her hands moved under the light blanket and fisted into the material of her skirt, pulling it up along silk covered thighs as she envisioned in her mind all the delightful things she wanted to do to this man, each image lent itself to the story of the dream, she would tug his sweater over his head and his hair would fall across his eyes, she would slip his glasses off over the soft protest that now he couldn’t see her as he wanted to, her lips would brush over his lips to silence the protest, promising that touching was far more fun anyway. As she peeled away his clothes in her mind, her imagination took over, his chest would be covered with hair, enough so that she could drag her nails through it and tease his nipples, her mouth would follow along over his flesh and capture each nipple in its turn and suckle until it was hard and erect, his hands would capture hers as she played with the buckle of his belt, the hungry look in his eyes letting her know that he didn’t want her to stop, but he wanted to participate more fully in this game she had begun.

A faint mewling sound slipped from the parted lips of this sleeping lady on plane as the images began to blend into a scene filled with romance, her fingers slipped between her thighs as her skin warmed with desire. Her dream was vivid and the young lady’s tongue darted out to skim over her full lower lip, it was as if she was tasting his skin, for in her mind, her tongue had brushed lightly over his navel, dipping inside and teasing playfully as she stared up at him from her place on her knees before him, she allowed him to help her stand and to gently strip her of her blouse and skirt before she finally undid his belt, her fingers moved to the snap on his pants and then to the zipper, lowering it slowly to reveal a pair of boxers bahis siteleri beneath, when her hands slid along his waistband and tugged, she not only slid his pants off, but his boxers as well, sending them falling to the floor, leaving him to stand bare before her.

Her fingertips brushed lightly over his inner thigh and while sleeping on the plane, they touched her own body, it was as if reality was mimicking her unconscious mind, her fingers caught at the silky material of her panties and tugged them aside as in her dream, she caught the underside of his hardening flesh with two fingers and lifted it just a little, her thumb caressing over him with light strokes, in turn, his hands caught the front snap of her bra and tugged it open, her luscious breasts spilling from the confines of the satin, her nipples poking out in invitation for his mouth. She arched up unconsciously in sleep and consciously in her dream, offering herself to this man whose touch she craved, a pleasured sigh slides from parted lips, in dream and reality, her lips formed a delicate *O* as her fingers dipped between the moist petals of her sex, and as, in the dream, she lowered her mouth to the tip of his nearly fully erect shaft, her tongue flickered over him in quick motions, tasting and teasing until he pushed his fingers into her hair and tugged impatiently, his blue eyes glazed over with need and lust, she moved with his hands, and stood once more before him, his strong arms reaching to scoop her up and carry her to the bed nearby.

In reality, her fingers had dipped inside her body and had began to rock in and out with lazy hunger, the action hidden by the blanket that still lay across her lap, the tiny sounds she made were kitten like and muffled as her hair covered her face, as she was lain upon the bed in her dream, she shifted slightly on the chair, pulling her knees up a little. She lay back against the pillows, and reached for him, he shook his head teasingly and moved to the end of the bed, crawling up and pushing her legs apart, his head falling forward until his mouth brushed over the damp silk of her panties between her thighs, his teeth sank into her flesh lightly, it didn’t hurt, but it drew a cry from her throat and in her chair, she bit her lip, her fingers began to plunge into her body as passion overrode everything else.

His hands bahis şirketleri grasped the edge of her panties and tugged them down over her long legs, baring her smooth shaven body to his view, when the silk was at mid thigh, he leaned in once more and dragged the flat of his tongue over her fully, her body bucked up in shock and wild pleasure, her head tossed from side to side on the pillow, splaying her dark locks over the pure white of the linens. He finally pulled her panties down over her legs and tossed them aside, still on his hands and knees between her thighs, before he moved over her body, he pressed his mouth to her heat once more, thrusting his tongue as deep within her as he could and taking her higher and higher, in reality she was pushing her fingers deeper and harder into her tender flesh, thrusting and grinding, her thumb raked over the tiny bud that would send her crashing over the edge, and as that happened, in her dream, he moved above her and thrust himself into her depths, pulling back and driving into her body repeatedly.

She was gasping out quietly within her sleep and squirming about as she dreamed, her hips rocked in time with her fingers and in her mind, he pounded mercilessly into her body, his mouth ravaged hers in a kiss that stole her breath and made her moan against him, she began to whimper and beg softly for him to move harder, faster, to help her, she was blindingly lustful in her movements, and her fingers finally stilled deep in her body as, unable to help herself, she lost control, her hips bucked up hard once in both reality and her dream and she shattered, as she would have cried out sharply, her eyes popped open, staring around her in shock as she discovered how she was behaving, and even while she was awake, the image in her mind played out, she watched as his body bowed back and he thrust hard, crying out in an echo in her mind, taking and giving the pleasure she had begged for only moments ago.

Her eyes went hugely wide as she squirmed a little more in her chair, trying to remove her fingers without anyone noticing, how no one had noticed to now was beyond her, she slid her fingers from her body and delicately adjusts her skirt and then found her shoes, suckling her fingers as clean as she could without being caught, she stood on shaking legs and dashed into the bathroom to fix herself, when she stared into the mirror it was into desire filled eyes, hastily cleaning herself up and then making her way to her seat once more, she sat down just as the *seatbelt* light popped on, indicating the end of the flight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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