For D.

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It is almost the twenty second. The thought of seeing you then, the possibilities it brings, sends a certain electricity through my body. Do you know that feeling when the water is very hot, not hurting you just yet, but nearly. Your body is tense and alert, it’s ready for the pain but it is not coming. I feel like that. My body is excited with the prospect of you, my skin is tinkling and I can faintly feel my heartbeat down in my groins.

On the twenty second you will be in The Hague. It will be a nice, mild Sunday. You will have dinner with the other six members of the council as well as the board of directors. You will gather at the restaurant bar and you will have a few beers at about five. You will share one or two remarkable tales regarding developments in the industry. This is where you are in your element. Here, in an intellectually stimulating crowd, with a beer in your hand.

You will all have dinner here. You will be served five small courses and a cool white wine. A Sauvignon Blanc to start with, building it up to a woody Chardonnay with the main course.

I will catch the train at about seven in the evening, I will not want to wait at home any longer, I will prefer to wait in the hotel room. I will have taken a light meal and a long, hot shower. The ritual of applying body lotion to my smooth skin will be tantalizing to me, like foreplay. I will undoubtedly be tempted to slide my hands down, from my breasts, over my belly, down to my clitoris, but I will not. I know I would not be able to stop until I have finished it and that would be a waste. It would be like eating plain bread before an exquisite meal. But my body will be on fire then. It is already heating up as I am writing this.

I will put on the suspender belt. You told me you found them very sexy, so I will wear it on the twenty second. A black suspender belt, a black bra, no panties. Just as you suggested. With care I will slip my legs into the stockings and attach them, while I will be sitting on the edge of my bath.

I will look into the floor to ceiling mirror and will find that suspender belts are indeed quite sexy. I will turn around, and look over my shoulder to see what the back looks like. Two big round cheeks will look very inviting. I will bend over slightly and think of the old fashioned pin-ups, albeit they would have worn panties, black satin panties.

I will slip into a simple black t-shirt with a V-neck and a black skirt that reaches just above my knees. A wide skirt that dances around my legs as I walk. I will have already dried my hair and will have applied my make up. I will have sprinkled some CK One behind my ears and between my breasts, thinking of how you will cup them and bury your face between them. Your tongue will greedily move from one hard, pink nipple to your left to the one on your right.

I will be ready in the bathroom at about six thirty. I will return to my living room where I will put put on my high heels, the ones with the little strap around my ankle. On my large wooden table I will have laid out the items I will need to bring tonight. Among them will be the silk pouch holding the vibrator Durex Play Inspiration. We have been jokingly referring to it as Mr Inspiration and you mentioned that you are anxious to meet him.

I will need to bring make-up and deodorant as tomorrow I will come back and go straight to work. Will I bring panties and trousers or shall I go to work like this the next morning? Perhaps let my skirt slide up my thigh a little on Monday afternoon? What do you think our colleagues would say? Do you think they would even notice?

I will put on my red leather jacket. The sun will go down soon and the evening will be a bit chilly. I will loosely wrap a blue silk scarf around my neck. I may use it later that night to tie your wrists together when you lay naked on your back and I will ride you like a pony. I like that expression almost as much as the act. Ride you like a pony.

I will look at myself one last time in the mirror over the fireplace and apply some lip balm. The balm will make my lips look moist and slightly pink. They will be even fuller than bahis firmaları normal that evening because they swell with my arousal, just like the lips of my vagina. I will cast one more glance around the house, grab my bag and head for the train station. At the shop at the train station I will buy myself a small bottle of white wine to keep me company while I will be waiting for you.

Walking in evening breeze, sitting in the train and in the taxi, all this time I will be very conscious of the fact that I am not wearing my usual briefs.

I am at the hotel. I walk to the reception desk in the lobby. My heels sound dramatic on the white marble floor.

“There’s an envelope for me here” I say confidently to the young man behind the counter. You have left the small pouch for me with the second key card to your room. The guy rummages around a little before he hands it to me. It says ‘For D.’ You have sent me the room number by text this afternoon.

Will the other male members of the council and the board have a much younger mistress or a call girl waiting for them as well? Surely the women at the table will not, but the men? How many have been put up in a hotel like you? How many will find their manhood stiffening by the thought of returning to their room and the promise of what awaits them there? Look around the table, D. How many will tower over a moaning body later tonight? How many will feel warm breasts heaving with ecstasy? Can you imagine any of them with their lips slightly parted, breathing heavily while they drive their throbbing member into the warm, luscious depth of their companion?

You know you will.

I enter the room and look around, drop my bag next to yours. I take off my jacket and hang it over a chair, together with the blue scarf. I take off my shoes. The temperature in the room is perfect. When I use the restroom I wash myself rather than use the toilet paper, thinking of how your tongue can quickly and masterfully bring me to an orgasm every time. Like the very first time you came to my apartment. You had pulled down my pants, they were still around my ankles, my sneakers were still on my feet and you had buried your face in my lap. The tip of your tongue was working on my clitoris and although I wanted to resist you, afraid of all the terrifying consequences this may have on my job and my visa, I couldn’t. I came quickly, hard and unexpectedly. I came without wanting to come, it was truly overwhelming. It is hard to believe it has been more than two years already.

I take out my book and the bottle of wine. Screw cap, naturally. I pour myself a glass, take a big swig and then put it on the night stand. I take Mr Inspiration out of my bag and out of it´s pouch. My fingers trace it´s smooth, velvety surface. I position it on the night stand as well, together with the lubricant I have brought.

When everything is set up, I lay down on the bed. Fully dressed aside from my shoes and my panties. I stretch out and sigh. I am so ready to feel your thick, hard cock deep inside of me, but it will be at least another hour before you will be able to get away. My crotch is screaming to be touched. My lips and clitoris throbbing, I clench my fists. Just.. just a touch. I stick my index- and middle finger in my mouth, lick them and bring them to that pulsing little nob that seems to be the on- and off button to my brain. It feels so good, I close my eyes and let out a grunt. Not yet. Not yet.

I have to practice a lot of self control to take my fingers out of between that warm, wet slit. I turn myself around, lay face down, sigh and take another big sip from my wine. Frustrated, I grab and open my book.

Almost two hours pass. You have felt your dick swelling, and have occasionally touched it briefly under the table. Just fleetingly. You too have considered going to the restroom and masturbate, but you are saving it up. You have so much more self control than I have. The CFO to your right is normally a very engaging woman, but tonight you are just not the complete one hundred percent there.

When dinner is over and coffee has been served, you decline kaçak iddaa the offer for another drink and excuse yourself. The hotel is a five minute walk and you walk it quickly. You quietly stick the key card in the door, your heart is beating fast, from the brisk walk and partly from the excitement. It is silent, I am dozing and do not hear you come in.

I’m still face down, my face is turned away from the door, my head resting on the opened novel. My right leg is pulled up slightly and you can see the clips from my suspenders protrude from under the rim of my skirt. You noiselessly undress while you watch me lying there, available and for the taking.

You stand naked by the side of the bed and finally you wrap your fingers around your club. You have been wanting to do this for hours now. Your erection is solid and you can finally give it the attention it has been asking for all during dinner.

You take the hem of my skirt between the fingers of your other hand and lift it up to my waist. You are savoring the site of my naked ass framed by the suspenders. An image to remember for the next time you find yourself with a hard on, in a hotel room by yourself. The pulled up leg exposes the glistering cleavage of my cunt. You could just penetrate me now, the throbbing head of your cock would part the juicy flesh and find its way to the narrow opening of my cavity. You could simply have your way with me. No foreplay, no questions asked. I would wake up when you are well inside of me, thrusting your member in the wet warmth until you unload deep into this off guard pussy.

Instead you wet the tips of your finger and seek out my clitoris, alternatively dipping your fingers into my tunnel. I moan and squirm under your touch and my ass comes up to meet your fondling. I push the book off the bed and bury my face in the pillow, heaving with the delightful sensations with which you wake me. You always push the right buttons, instantly turning me on like a flashlight.

I’m about to come, having built up this tension for weeks, when you pull your hand away. I turn around with a bewildered grunt. You are still standing by the side of the bed.

“Hello” you say smiling down at me.

“Hello”. I smile back. You bend over and give me a kiss.

Your hefty mast points straight ahead, your hand slowly moving up and down the length of your shaft.

“Touch yourself” you say, and I immediately obey. I bite my lip and watch you standing over me, jerking off while you watch me masturbate. It is intoxicating.

I lick my lips. You lay your other hand on my head, and I eagerly follow the hint. Turning back on my stomach, I lay across the bed and take you into my mouth. I love giving you head, I love to hear you groan like now.

“Oh… this feels good. Hmm.. you do it so well”.

It turns me on. Your dick grows larger still between my lips and I am convinced you are about to ejaculate in my mouth when you tell me to stop and to turn around.

I get on my knees on the bed, quickly turn and longingly position my pelvis in front of yours. I shiver and say what I have been thinking all day “Oh God.. I want you to fuck me so badly”.

“Is that so..?” you say while you slowly penetrate me. I let the air out in a deeply satisfied sigh, as a heroine junky who just put the needle in. My muscles can finally relax, I close my eyes while you slowly move in and out, your hands comfortably on my ass cheeks. Holding me in position while you thrust, lazily but very deeply inside of me.

“Just do this all night long” I sigh, drunk with pleasure.

“Lay down” you tell me after a while. I am dazed. In a state where you can do absolutely anything with me. I am enslaved with rapture. You have noticed the purple and white vibrator on the night stand.

“Mr Inspiration I presume?” you say jokingly. I just smile and nod as I rosily look up to you. You turn it around in your hand. “Hm.”

Operating your new found friend is easy. Left and right for intensity of vibration, up an down for different intervals. You push the buttons and have figured it out in seconds.

“Hm” you express again.

I kaçak bahis have taken the opportunity to take off my shirt and bra. Throw them in a corner.

You’re holding the vibrator up in your right hand when your eyes turn to me again and you smile devilishly. I actually blush. I am on my back, wearing only the suspender belt, stockings and the skirt pulled up around my waist. You take some of the lubricant and apply it to the head of the purple joystick. You rest one hand on my knee and I longingly part me legs. You push the button for medium intense vibes and bring it down to my pussy. I gasp for air as you move the vibrating rod up and down between my swollen lips and circle the head around my clitoris. I arch my back, I am breathing heavily. Fascinated you watch my expressions as you probe me with this tool.

I clench my fists in ecstasy.

“Is that good?” You breathe into my ear.

I can only moan affirmatively. “Oh yes” I managed to formulate.

“Yeah? You like that? Hm?” You sound so extremely turned on as well. “It’s like watching another man fuck you. Ravaging you.” You whisper.

I seek out your lips and kiss you, my tongue hungrily finding yours. I am so unbelievably horny.

“And when he’s done..” you continue “it’s my turn to have my way with you”.

My dam breaks. That thought, that slight threat in your voice, just puts me over the edge. I grasp your wrist firmly as my entire body tenses in a violent climax. When the waves subsides I fall limb. You gently pull out the vibrator and turn it off. I kiss you once more.

“That was amazing” I sigh, beaming gratefully.

“I would say Mr Inspiration and I are getting along quite well” you reply smiling and fall back on the pillow, I turn on my side, my head on your shoulder. My fingers run through your chest hair. I adore your wide, hairy chest. It’s so sexy.

I lift up my torso, your hand is on my back, while my hand finds its was down your belly, slides down left thigh and comes up to cup your balls, then your dick. I bend over and engulf your member with my mouth again. With one hand behind your head, the other resting in my neck you lay back and indulge wholeheartedly in this delight. You close your eyes. My tongue plays around with the tip, my lips massage your shaft, my fingers are wrapped around the base.

I could suck on your dick all night, but when you are absolutely rock hard and so thick, I cannot resist but to mount you. I throw one leg over you, hold your club while I impale myself on it. You take advantage by cupping my breast, take my nipples in your mouth. After a little while you tell me to turn around again, to sit on you with my back facing you. You pull off my skirt, over my head, and slap my ass. I like a bit of spanking. I moan.

Instead of moving up and down, I move my hips around, like I am slowly dancing with your pulsing cock inside of me. This is my idea of pole dancing. There is no question you are enjoying it, your hands on my hips, the occasional slap on my ass, the deep groans behind me. This feels so good. My passage is extra sensitive after the orgasm, I feel your hot rod burning inside of me. I can easily come again.

You are getting close too, I can feel it, the way your cock throbs just a bit harder and gets just a little fatter. A particular pat is enough for me to understand I should get off. You come to your knees as well, get behind me and bend me over. One hand pushing me forward, the other pulling my hips toward you. Now you will fuck me hard, I know it, I love it. You penetrate me none too gentle this time and indeed fuck me hard and deep. You take me in the most literal sense. Like an animal, with no regard for my pleasure, now you just want to come deep inside of me. Unload, ejaculate, spew, erupt, release.

I lean on one elbow to reach down to my clitoris, rubbing it feverishly while you pound me hard. Thrust deep. Your fingers are digging into my hips. I grunt into the pillow as I come again, on your thick, hard cock this time. My muscles contract uncontrollably. You must feel the spasm as you let out a deep, deep “Oohhhh” and erupt forcefully.

“Ohh.. yes..” you breathe.

I can feel your warm cum spread deep inside of me. We drop to the bed, panting, limp with this incredible release.

It is almost the twenty second, D…


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